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#brigittegate, the Pressibus 2022 file, citizen inquiry journal
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From Jean-Michel to Brigitte Trogneux,
lies at the Elysée

Overall summary
  1. Introduction: this is not a rumor but a solid case
  2. The genealogist's intimate conviction
  3. The Trogneux line: chocolate makers in Amiens
  4. The "legend" of Brigitte Trogneux married to Emmanuel Macron
  5. Two investigative journalists: Xavier Poussard and Natacha Rey
  6. The family where Jean-Michel Trogneux grew up
  7. Brigitte before 1990, according to "legend"
  8. From Jean-Michel to Brigitte, their resemblance
  9. André-Louis Auzière, Brigitte's ghost husband
  10. The biological mother of the three Auzière children, first hypothesis
  11. The two families of Jean-Michel Trogneux
  12. Brigitte Macron, born Jean-Michel Trogneux, turns 77 in 2022...
  13. She has the bone structure of a man...
  14. 1977-1990, Jean-Michel Trogneux and Pastor Joseph Doucé
  15. 1991-1992, Brigitte in Amiens, her meeting with Emmanuel
  16. 1993-2007, the beginnings of the Brigitte-Emmanuel couple
  17. The family where Emmanuel Macron grew up
  18. Emmanuel Macron and homosexuality
  19. A dangerous psychopath runs France
  20. A "legend" riddled with lies for diligent media
  21. Macron the pain in the ass sets up an apartheid in France
  22. The accusatory inversions of the Elysée's perverted couple
  23. Interrogations on Emmanuel Macron, his childhood and his lies
  24. Could Joseph Doucé be the biological father of Emmanuel Macron ?
  25. Jean-Michel Trogneux and Jean-Louis Auzière, great buddies in Algiers ?
  26. From Algiers to Truchtersheim, the other buddy, Jean-Marc Uhrweiller
  27. The magic trick of the two Brigitte Auzière
  28. Brigitte, Jean-Michel's younger sister, reportedly died in 1961
  29. Brigitte Macron did not marry in 1974
  30. Jean-Bri-Bri's two marriages, in 1980 and 2007
  31. Conclusion: family secrets, intertwined lives and pacts of silence
  32. Linkage Tree, Role Play, Biographical Charts
  33. Hypothesis summary table, index
  34. Appendices A: Supplementary Documents and Data / Summary
  35. Appendices B: Supplementary Comparisons / Summary
  36. Appendix C: Macron and Covid / Summary
  37. Appendix D: Developments, the #brigittegate / Summary


The volume this file occupies should not distract the visitor from the essentials. Here, in a few questions and answers, is a short summary, also existing as a pdf document of one page in A4 format (to print and distribute...). You also have a pdf document biographical double A4 page showing how Jean-Michel became Brigitte. The conclusion of chapter 31 is more detailed, with links to the other chapters and to the appendices.

The Pressibus Brief in short answers to 10 frequently asked questions
Five months of citizen inquiry littered with red herrings and hesitations lead to a new understanding.
Here are the answers that we believe are best in the state of our knowledge at the end of August 2022.
  1. Are we sure Brigitte Macron was born and raised a man?
    Yes. In 1977, a transgender woman calling herself Veronique was interviewed on television. The audio comparison of her voice with that of a recent interview with Brigitte Macron proves that it is the same person. Without going as far as this scientific proof, everyone can see this by listening to the juxtaposition of the two voices : the proof is here in a 1mn 27 video, in Chapter 14.

  2. Is Brigitte Trogneux married Macron the same person as her brother Jean-Michel?
    Yes. Jean-Michel Trogneux, born in 1945, did have a sister born in 1953, but she died young, in early 1961. They are therefore two different people. The wife of Emmanuel Macron is not this Brigitte. She is Jean-Michel who usurped (reincarnated) the identity of his sister, whose death had not been declared, or had been erased. It was from about 1984 onwards that Jean-Michel used his missing sister's identity, thus having her birth certificate, her identity card, her social security number, etc. (Chapter 28)

  3. Is Jean-Michel Trogneux the father or mother of the three Auzière children?
    The father. Since he was born a man. After the birth of his youngest daughter Tiphaine around 1984, after taking the identity of his sister Brigitte, he pretended to be their mother.

  4. What about Brigitte Macron's first marriage to André-Louis Auzière in 1974?
    It is both real and fictional. Fictional because the bride was deceased and the groom was imaginary. Real because it was registered in the civil registry, without verification of identities. We have proof (here) in Chapter 30, by handwriting comparison, that the 1974 bride was not Brigitte Macron. We know who played the roles of the groom and the bride.

  5. Who is the mother of the three Auzière children?
    Brigitte Auzière. In 1975, 1977, January 1984, the birth dates of the three children Sébastien, Laurence and Tiphaine Auzière, Jean-Michel has not yet assumed the role of their mother. He is not married to her either. In 1980, he even got married with another woman, from whom he had two children, born in 1982 and February 1984.

  6. What happened to the mother of the three children?
    We don't know. The secret is well kept. After January 1984, it seems that Brigitte née Auzière lived in Croix or Lille, under another name. We have of her, at this time, three signatures, her wedding photo and her citation at the 1980 wedding.

  7. Who imagined such a scenario?
    Jean-Louis Auzière. This uncle of Brigitte Auzière, friend of Jean-Michel, had a father and a brother in the secret service. He often uses his middle name, André, to duplicate himself, which led him to invent André Louis Auzière, fictitious husband of the deceased Brigitte.

  8. Is the Trogneux family complicit?
    Yes. Parents, brothers and sisters were all affected by Brigitte's death in 1961. They were understanding when one of them, tormented by "gender dysphoria," reincarnated her. A pact of silence was established. The three Auzière children also adhered to it.

  9. Is the Trogneux family photo from the 1950s doctored?
    No, except perhaps incidental retouching. It shows the parents and their six children in the fall of 1954. Jean-Michel, 9 1/2, is on the left, Brigitte, 1 1/2, on her mother's lap.

  10. Is any of this legal?
    No. It is against the law to impersonate a deceased person, whether or not their death has been declared.

  Summary of Appendices
Appendices A: Supplementary Documents
  1. Emmanuel Macron at college in 1990
  2. The Trogneux family in 1991
  3. The Elysee Palace in Macron fashion
  4. Freedom, equality, fraternity...
  5. Brigittology: fake news from Alsace...
  6. February 11, off his calendar, it's his birthday!
  7. Moadab and Blanrue's "counter-investigation"
  8. Jean-Michel Trogneux's Amiens "home"
  9. The retouched 1974 wedding photo
  10. When did Brigitte and Emmanuel meet?
  11. The family photo and the mystery of the niece who died young
  12. The three Auzière children with Emmanuel in June 1993
  13. Uncle Jean-Michel Noguès in 1980
  14. Manette, a strange and dark grandmother...
  15. Emmanuel Macron's family photos
  16. Brigitte and her absurd Auzière family
  17. The Gabrielle Russier alibi and the accusatory inversion of harassment
  18. The brothers Jean-Louis and Louis Auzière, their nephew André Louis
  19. Brigitte when she was Veronique the transsexual
  20. The Gallice jewelry store and the Elysian disinformation
  21. Emmanuel Macron's big sister, stillborn
  22. Alger 1963
  23. The Obama precedent
  24. Possible link between Emmanuel Macron and J.-J. Trogneux
  25. The birthplaces and homes of the Auzière children
  26. Jean-Michel Trogneux in the US in 1969
  27. Jean-Michel Trogneux and the Adam Meyer Music Hall
  28. The Trogneux family, tennis, Le Touquet and Algeria
  29. Emmanuel Macron and elementary school and 6th grade
  30. What role did Jean-Louis André Auzière  play?
  31. Father Auzière was an intelligence officer in Tunisia
  32. 1991, did Brigitte Macron get her CAPES in Strasbourg?
  33. 1973-1984, Jean-Michel Trogneux manager of Picardie Métal
  34. In 1988, Jean-Michel had already become Brigitte...
  35. Jean-Bri-Bri: one person, three identities!
  36. The Real News from Alsace and the 1989 tract
  37. The NBI file, its strengths and weaknesses
  38. Jean-Michel Trogneux in Beauvais
  39. 2007, Jean-Michel signs Brigitte Trogneux: a blunder?
  40. Emmanuel Macron's mother: mostly false leads...
  41. Interrogations about the three Auzière children
  42. Honfleur, meeting place of the Auzière and Macron couples?
  43. Fictions and realities of the 1974 marriage, part 1 of 2
  44. The logic of the present Jean-Michel - Brigitte scenario
  45. The fluctuating defense of the Elysée in the face of stubborn realities
  46. 1974-1984 Interrogations on the Auzière-Trogneux Family
  47. In 1983, Jean-Michel Trogneux lived in La Neuville-sur-Oudeuil
  48. Fictions and realities of the 1974 marriage, part 2 of 2
  49. The five Brigitte Trogneux and Auzière: one then four
  50. Politics: from Deprez to Macron via the Trogneux
  51. When Brigitte buys with Jean-Michel's money...
  Appendices B: additional comparisons
  1. Jean-Michel Trogneux and Brigitte Trogneux, Macron bride
  2. Brigitte's childhood photos and photos of her daughters
  3. Brigitte and her children
  4. Françoise Noguès (Emmanuel's mother) and her mother Manette 7
  5. Veronique the transsexual and Brigitte
  6. André-Louis and Jean-Louis Auzière
  7. Rejected likenesses
  1. Jean-Michel Macron , Emmanuel Macron and Joseph Doucé
  2. Dossette and diastema (Joseph Doucé and Emmanuel Macron)
  3. Backstage
  4. Sexual Pirouettes
  5. Brigitte, her close shave and other masculinities
  6. Grapefruits, oranges and lemons
  7. And the little bird ?
  8. Brigitte Macron as seen by Olivier Probst
  9. MeToo: Peter Abelard versus Jean-Michel Trogneux
  Appendix C: Macron and Covid
  1. Vaxxination, the perfect crime
  2. Ode to Macron Mephisto
  3. Omicron less dangerous than vaxxin among youth
  4. Luc Montagnier, a Nobel Prize-winning whistleblower
  5. The end of the vaxxinal pass: a hard-fought victory
  6. Emmanuel Macron's hatred of the non-vaxxed
  7. Refusal to treat and willingness to risk poisoning
  8. Alexandra Henrion-Caude's suppressed revelations
  9. Fighting the techno-sanitary monster
  10. Socrates, Plato, and Proctor versus the Covid Sophists
  11. Wikipedia conspiratorial and conspiratorial
  12. Vaxxins Covid and variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
  13. The McKinsey boy Macron facing McKinseyGate
  14. Misinformation right to the booksellers, chaos erased
  15. Workers, lawyers, public subjected to state terrorism
  16. Consequences of Covid "vaccines": the dead and disabled
  17. An epidemic of coincidences
  18. A very large-scale Milgram experiment
  19. Masks for all made the health crisis worse
  20. Early treatment and the involvement of the Elysian couple
  21. Are the provaxes of 2022 becoming denialist?
  Appendixes D: developments, the #brigittegate
  1. Media and transphobia.
  2. Emmanuel Macron in withdrawal mode
  3. Always the journalistic flabbergast and omerta
  4. Craignos, the yellow wigs!
  5. Freedom Convoys and Young Global Leaders
  6. Brigolades, Putin Knows about Jean-Michel....
  7. Jean-Michel and Brigitte Trogneux's complaint together...
  8. Brigittegate has become an open secret
  9. From one election campaign to another...
  10. André-Louis Auzière: is talking about him making him exist?
  11. Brigolade: song "He had just turned 14"
  12. Emmanuel present at the deliveries, what a family!
  13. Jean-Michel Trogneux conquering the world
  14. The notion of truth is fundamentally foreign to him
  15. The hairpiece to Macron
  16. Tweets, brigolades, malice and hypocrisy...
  17. Was brigittologist Isabelle Ferreira drowned ?
  18. Jean-Louis Auzière's complaint against Natacha Rey
  19. Le Canard Enchaîné and Le Monde, two ways to disinform
  20. Macron, beyond the lies, the cynicism
  21. For immediate reinstatement of suspended caregivers
  22. Defeating the far center is possible
  23. Against any return to a QR-Code apartheid
  24. A fateful march to five years of quips
  25. On the back of accusatory reversals, more Elysian harassment
  26. A fabricated life, flaunted to the public: considered private !
  27. From September to November 2022, diary of #brigitetgate

  1. Introduction: this is not a rumor but a solid case

      The present page started from the remarks I made about Brigitte Macron last month, in December 2021,on the neighboring page devoted to the Covid crisis. After having read the whole file at that date, it seemed relevant to me to treat the subject under its main angles by privileging the genealogical approach because it allows more effectively to understand what happened, because I have experience in the matter and because, incidentally, I am a distant cousin by marriage of the Trogneux family.

      How did this matter come to me? It had been a while since I had heard some astonishing comments about Brigitte Macron née Trogneux, wife of the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron. As for many people, it was difficult for me to really understand the allusions... In hindsight, I realize that many people knew, as, for Mitterrand, many knew before the revelation of the existence of a hidden daughter.

      On December 18, 2021, I first heard in a article by Eric Verhaeghe about the fact that : "the rumor is running with strange vivacity, claiming that Brigitte Macron is actually a man, or transgender. This assertion originally appeared in Faits & Documents in October 2021 had hardly aroused any passion. One wonders why, all of a sudden, it has become a scoop on social networks. Again, it smells like a campaign stink bomb" and "In this chapter, we'll pour the perfidious words uttered by Gérald Darmanin, evoking Emmanuel Macron's husband and explaining that, given the violence of the personal attacks, the President was not yet sure to run" (>>>video>>> of 18 seconds). I didn't really click, since it was billed as a "rumor." Just another rumor...

      That same December 18, shortly thereafter, I found an argumentative article by Lionel Labosse that was based on the dossier in issue # 501 of the journal "Facts & Documents" (here in pdf), published in early October 2021. The thesis was daring, was it supported?

      As of this date and without waiting, I was thus able to read and directly analyze the essence of the file at the origin of this "rumor" advancing the hypothesis that Brigitte Macron would be according to the current vocabulary a "transgender man", a male individual who would have taken the social appearance of a woman. This is a long investigation by Xavier Poussard, an investigative journalist, as there are too few nowadays. I found it well structured, asking pertinent questions and putting forward common sense hypotheses. As a genealogy enthusiast, I am used to conducting such investigations to find the parents of an ancestor, weighing each hypothesis... The search for archival, administrative, or biographical documents is well conducted by the author. He notes their absence in great number, which appears to him very quickly suspicious. And the same is true of certain inconsistencies that seem to be deliberate, probably to confuse the issue.

      After this first study of the file and before undertaking a more in-depth analysis of its contents, I wanted to know the counter-arguments. What was my surprise! While this revelation had been making the headlines on social networks (in which I do not participate) for five days, I could not find anything serious in the official press to stop the rumor. It was however very easy, it was enough for example that Brigitte and Jean-Michel appear together in front of a media. Why didn't they do it already?

      Right, anti-sanitation pass protest on August 21, 2021, in Paris [photo Stephane Lagoutte, Myop].

      In the current context, this void is a sign of great embarrassment, because, as we know, the "fake news" are very quickly denied. The newspaper Libération mobilized in the front line to save the respectability of the presidential couple, did present a "checknews", which was taken up, for lack of a better word, in some other newspapers. I read it carefully, it was completely vacuous on the facts and only made one ad personam attack after another to discredit the investigator Natacha Rey, the one who uncovered the hardest points to find in this affair, despite the fact that the Elysee's services sprinkled her with false leads.

      Despite the enormity of the attack, the contrast between the seriousness of the prosecution's case and the factual vacuity of Libération's journalistic pleadings gave me the intimate conviction that Xavier Poussard and Natacha Rey are telling the truth: Emmanuel Macron, born in 1977, married Jean-Michel Trogneux in 2007, born in 1945, who then became his fictitious sister Brigitte born in 1953. The transformation would have been made in the late 1970s. Before Brigitte did not exist or was "fabricated" a posteriori, after Jean-Michel disappeared [P.-S. of September 15, 2022: I leave this vision of the affair that I had in January  we know, since then, that it is not rigorously accurate]. From being the father of his three children, he would have become their mother. On this basis, I proceeded as I do in genealogy: I adopted the hypothesis, and then looked for the facts that would allow me to clarify it. Should I give a large place to this (state) affair on my page dedicated to Covid? I quickly answered yes for reasons that will be presented later and I was one of the first to blog about it. The threat of a complaint waved by the Elysée and reported by Libération seemed to me very fake in front of the reality of the facts.

      This page is started on January 14, 2022, almost a month after my discovery of this Brigitte affair that I call "the brigittegate". I realize it because, obviously the media and politicians (including my deputy, we will see) have decided, for lack of anything better, to marginalize the affair and treat it with contempt as a rumor and a tissue of lies. It is therefore necessary to try to convince the Internet users of the validity of the questions and of the hypothesis retained. I will try to do this by means of a division into chapters which, I hope, will allow the reader to orient himself towards his points of interest.

      As Xavier Poussard writes "The difficulty of this investigation is to disentangle the true from the false". It is not easy, I am trying but it is possible that on a few points, which I think are secondary, this recognition of the true or false is questionable. Knowing this, I will make corrections. I add that, by myself, I do not bring anything new except my link of cousinhood and a dating of photo in 1953/1954, I only take again information already existing elsewhere.

      I invite each reader to make up his or her own mind by confronting the hypothesis presented here with the legend told by the mainstream media, based on the verisimilitude and consistency of the facts.

      Alain Beyrand (alain [at]
      with the help of Lionel Labosse (site), Hortense Fuschia, Jean Doux and about fifteen anonymous contributors.
      File started January 13, 2022, made public January 17 with the first 15 chapters,
      first finalized (version 1.0) on January 24 with 22 chapters.
      Photo top and bottom Stephane Lemouton, Closer.
      Clicking on the thick-bordered illustrations will enlarge them.

      Postscript of April 13 and 30, 2022: as time went by, contacts with correspondents bringing their clues and remarks multiplied, a real citizen's investigation was set up, which I coordinated. The initial hypotheses have evolved. Some of them, and not the least, have been put forward here for the first time. So, contrary to what I wrote on January 13, this page brings something new. It reports on the progress of the investigation, including its rejected hypotheses, which are kept, but discarded in boxes on a red-striped background. There have been some adjustments (such as this Postscript) but virtually nothing has been deleted. This file is both a diary of the investigation and a status report on its progress.

    I don't like this word "conspiracy", I prefer "resistance", but since those who I could call "collabos" designate us thus :
    I am thinking - I am informed
    I am interested - I research
    I analyze - I distrust the media
    I doubt - I learn - I think
    I compare - I am independent
    I step back - I am rational
    I discern - I examine - I check
    I question - I trie to be impartial
    I am uncontrollable - I sort
    I am self-taught - I dig deep
    I am not manipulable

    I am a COMPLOTIST!
    History is full of conspiracies. There are still some and there always will be. They hide behind lies erected as truths. I have known two huge lies of this kind, both originating from the United States : the "weapons of mass destruction in Iraq", in 2003, and "the only solution to COVID is vaxxination for all" with its French slogan "Tous vaccinés, tous protégés". In the first case, France had been dignified in denouncing the lie. In the second case, Macronian France has been fully complicit in a crime against humanity. And the French provaxx have their share of responsibility: those who wanted everyone to be vaxxed, and those who used the QR Code in places they could have boycotted, to denounce the discriminations. Also those who forced others, even children, to wear a mask...

  2. The genealogist's intimate conviction

      Several reasons led me to carry out this study and to present it on my site. To denounce heavy lies at the highest level of the State, joining the lies held on Covid-19, as if it were usual to present false realities to the French. To denounce and help to pierce the omerta of the Elysian presidency and the media, whose denial is based on wind.

      But the original impetus is more anecdotal, it is genealogical. I had already studied the Trogneux family and positioned them in my genealogy. Indeed, my wife and our children are cousins with the Trogneux, as this family tree shows.

      Clicking on this image takes you to my tree on geneanet with all its links.
      On the left, due to the usual 100 year confidentiality, the branch stops at Jean Trogneux, Jean-Michel's grandfather.
      The common ancestor Jeanne des Essarts, sister of a mayor of Rouen, had as her brother-in-law the famous Etienne Marcel (1315-1358) (page Wikipedia and his equestrian statue in the vicinity of the Paris City Hall).

      Christian Settipani is a renowned genealogist-historian. I am inspired by his method described in this page : "Research is an intimate conviction! I read critics who say "it's not safe because we don't have enough clues". In reality, when you do nothing else for decades, when you are confronted with academic research, you manage to obtain an intimate conviction, even if it will never replace a proof. An intimate conviction is not synonymous with precision either, it more often concerns a kinship rather than a precise filiation." I use the same notion of intimate conviction in my genealogy, especially for ancestors named XXX (there are some in the tree above).

      I have been expanding my genealogy (my associated site) for several decades now and conducting real investigations to try to get out of certain dead ends, when no written document validates a parentage, or when a biological parent must be found. Comparing photos, trying to find similarities, trying to distinguish between what is legendary and what is real, finding kinship links hidden behind strong cooperation, etc. So I treated this Trogneux file with this experience. After amassing the clues and trying to find coherences or inconsistencies, when I finally arrive at the intimate conviction of having found the solution, it is rare that I am wrong. This is what gives me the confidence to publish this page.

      Sometimes, however, a new element has challenged my conclusions. I then correct them and usually it is not too far from my first conclusion. Here, it's the same, I am in good faith and I only ask to see documents. If there are documents that contradict the hypothesis, for example, Brigitte's first marriage certificate or the birth certificates of her children or photos of her with her young children, let them be shown to me, I will change my mind, while trying to understand why documents that are so easy to show have been hidden for so long. [P.-S. of September 10: on these examples, I changed my mind about Brigitte Macron's first marriage that I considered false because it was invented; now I consider that it existed but that Brigitte Macron was not the bride. I was wrong but not that wrong...]

      I tried to have one or more complementary elements allowing to strengthen or shake my conviction about Jean-Michel and Brigitte. I did so through the official channel, by sending the following email on December 26 to my MP, Philippe Chalumeau, of the presidential majority (LREM) :

      I have studied the file of my distant cousin by marriage Brigitte Macron as I study other genealogical files. I have come to an intimate conviction which I expressed on a page of my blog at
      Obviously, I am interested in any new factual evidence, even if it might change my mind. Perhaps you can pass some on to me?
      A bit earlier on this page (, I give an update on the current Covid situation. I end with this: "Everyone has a choice: be an accomplice or a whistleblower to the conspirators."
      Hoping that you will now be in the second category, I wish you, Congressman, the best for 2022.

      I didn't get any response. Is this to be surprised? So far, I have found no evidence that weakens my conviction, while there are many that strengthen it. Late June addition: this member, who voted for apartheid in 2021, was not re-elected in 2022.

  3. The Trogneux lineage: chocolate makers in Amiens

      Extract from the site of the Trogneux chocolate factory in Amiens: "The first Jean-Baptiste Trogneux was a pastry baker. He settled in 1872 in downtown Amiens, in the Gambetta-Delambre-Duméril district (where the current confectionery is located) he made soufflés and entremets. Later, he will also propose the famous "macaroons of Amiens" which made the family famous. The second generation continued the work of the founder and expanded the store. The third generation, that of Jean, the second of the name, knew war and destruction. After the 4th generation, comes the turn of Jean-Alexandre Trogneux. Jean-Baptiste arrives in 2019."

      This article from the Courrier Picard of 1993 shows the place of the family in the society of Amiens:.

      Already a family lie... On the left Jean-Michel's great-grandfather was not named Jean-Baptiste but Marc (tree on the Roglo base, his birth certificate). Marc's great-grandfather Trogneux was named Jean-Baptiste, so one can assume that the desire to show a lineage of Jean caused the two names to be reversed. This is not insignificant, it is the origin of the store. Jean, born in 1881, Jean-Michel's grandfather, Jean his father, Jean-Claude his older brother and Jean Alexandre his nephew follow.

      Stores in Amiens, Arras, Saint Quentin, Lille and Le Touquet (link)

  4. The "legend" of Brigitte Trogneux married to Emmanuel Macron

      Officially and mass-mediated, the wife of President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, elected in 2017, is presented according to a largely fabricated and deceptive narrative that we will call the "legend." She is presented to us thus in her Wikipedia page (of January 14, 2022) :

      Contested are: his gender, date of birth, first marriage and spouse, and divorce. He would not be the mother of his three children but their father (see below). On the right, a teacher or a teacher ?

      Contested are: her high honors in the baccalaureate, her master's degree in literature, her dissertation, her role as a press agent in the early 1980s, obtaining the CAPES (Appendix A 32), The Alsatian episode, although subject to dispute (Appendix A 5) appears to be generally accurate (Appendix A 36).

      November 2017
      There, that's about right. However the paucity of bibliographic evidence regarding Emmanuel's childhood questions the possibility that they knew each other before 1992 and Emmanuel's 15th birthday.

      February 2022. A 16-year-old student, Emmanuel was 15, according to Wikipedia. Brigitte Macron is untouchable. She says "Love has swept everything in its path" (link), the head of the boarding school says the same thing in her words. Double standards...

      She met Emmanuel Macron while she was his high school teacher

      French teacher with a passion for literature, Brigitte Trogneux was teaching at the high school "La Providence" in Amiens when she had Emmanuel Macron as her Première student. She was then 36 years old and he 17. Fascinated by the intelligence of the young man, she passed on to him her passion for the French language but also for theater since she animated a club within the establishment. "In class, she was always quoting him as an example," recalls a classmate for "Le Parisien. She was totally transfixed by his writing skills. [...] He wrote poems all the time and she read them in front of everyone." Today "L'Express" reveals that she teaches in "a renowned religious institution in the capital".
      In 2015, the "legend" of the Emmanuel-Brigitte meeting was significantly different. Here, the cover of "VSD" of March 5, 2015 and an excerpt from article of "L'Express" of June 25, 2015. Brigitte was then Emmanuel's French teacher, their age gap was only 19, he was 17, not 15, yet she did not have him as a student (other than in drama club) and the age gap, readjusted to 24, is actually 32. There is no evidence that Emmanuel had any writing talent. From 2015 to 2022, the "legend" of Brigitte has thus been readjusted as various revelations.

      Based on the celebrity press (which Wikipedia takes into account), which relied on Brigitte's lies, the French were thus led to believe that the romantic love of a hyper-talented 17-year-old high school student would have subjugated his teacher, when in fact it was a 47-year-old teacher who hijacked a 15-year-old teenager from his school (cf. Appendix A 10). Wikipedia rightly points out that this is a serious offense under French law. Such would be the perverted couple that has been installed since 2017 in the Elysée Palace, at the head of France.

      April 24. In an aside, I stated this at the beginning of this chapter  "there is also a Wikipedia page on the Trogneux family and another page on the Jean Trogneux company." The first of these two pages has disappeared, without explanation. It is archived here.

  5. Two investigative journalists: Xavier Poussard and Natacha Rey

      To get out of the lies of this "legend", it took the persistence of two journalists, Xavier Poussard and Natacha Rey, who have long silently conducted the investigation.

      According to the mainstream media. They would be of extreme droute, conspiracy, anti-vaxx, even sexist, transphobic, anti-Semitic... Everything goes through it as in this article from the site numerama. And to repeat that these are only vile "fake news" conveyed by the vile social networks, the dregs of the Internet etc.

      What to take away from all this? Not much. In any case, when reading the investigations of the two journalists there is nothing that is not sexist, transphobic, anti-Semitic. Saying that someone has changed sex does not automatically imply that he or she is to blame. In this case, in this (state) affair, the blame lies elsewhere, in the fact that he lies on a large scale by claiming the opposite. For the rest, it is better to be reactive to experimental injections than to want to force everybody to be vaxxed, it is better to be a denouncer of conspiracies than an accomplice of these. There are still links with the extreme right, but nothing that is contrary to the law and how would this invalidate the facts revealed?

      Xavier Poussard is editor of the magazine "Facts & Documents". His page Wikipedia presents it in a dismissive  way: "relaying many conspiracy theories with a far-right anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist tropism". A little further on, the "editorial line" is described as "unconfessed anti-Semitic and anti-Masonic". I have only read the six issues on brigittegate, there is occasional mention of the Rothschild bank (of course, Macron worked there...) and Masonic lodge (of course, some of his supporters are Freemasons), but I did not recognize anything anti-Semitic or anti-Masonic. In my opinion that depends on the reader more than the writer. And even if it were, it wouldn't mean that one should a priori not read. We also see written "About the content of the magazine, the press speaks of "fake news" [18,19], of "disinformation [20]"" with in notes 18, 19 and 20 the example of the Brigitte case. On the contrary, should we deduce that before this affair, the magazine had not made any misinformation ?

      And that is indeed the case, because this magazine also has a very good reputation, that of not losing its trials, like Le Canard Enchaîné and Médiapart. It is based on carefully verified information. Its title is in fact characteristic of its content. Emmanuel Ratier was its first editor from 1996 to 2015, Arnaud Be the second, Xavier Poussard is the third, since 2017. More than 500 issues, distributed by subscription, with monthly periodicity, have been published to date.

      From what is written in Wikipedia and elsewhere, it should mostly be understood that this review is very disruptive to the establishment.

      The six issues 497 through 501 and 503, 12 pages each, cover the case.
      I recommend reading them for those who want to go deeper into what is presented here.
      With issue 504 since added, they are available on the journal's website for 56 euros.

      In pdf format, you can find here is an overview of the Poussard file with the first pages of each issue and the entire issue 501, the one that in its last two pages reveals the true identity of Brigitte Trogneux, wife Macron.

      On October 3, 2021, in a lengthy audio interview of 1 hour and 41 minutes (reprinted in part in article), Xavier Poussard shows mechanisms that may underlie the current Covid crisis, with the Epstein case (article on the recent ruling) and its French ramifications, a Mega group, the Great reset. He ends with Macron, the sale of Alstom, a "corruption pact" that cripples his political opponents and a "minor corruption" that allows him to be manipulated.

      Natacha Rey gave an essential helping hand to Xavier Poussard at the end of #501 to show that Jean-Michel is surely the father of the children attributed to Brigitte, we'll come back to that. Apart from this collaboration, Natacha worked in parallel with Xavier. It is a third journalist, Richard Boutry, who brought them to work briefly together.
      Photo released by Natacha Rey and Emmanuel Ratier, creator of F&D

      Natacha Rey is not at all the same kind of journalist as Xavier Poussard. He is very orderly, methodically linking facts together, quite discreet, building files and publishing them with regularity. She appears scrambling, exuberant, going off in different directions, sometimes clumsy (notably in January 2022 with regard to Xavier Poussard), hardly relying on writings but on video interviews where she shows a wearying logorrhea. And yet, she has essential qualities that allow her to investigate beyond what appears possible: she has solid common sense, she has nerve and above all she has intuition. And she manages to confirm (or deny) her intuitions. It took the combination of the Poussard rock and the Rey spur to succeed in piercing a crucial point of the Brigitte Macron mystery.

      So, if Natacha Rey does not have the official title of journalist (she is only self-proclaimed), she has qualities that are lacking in far too many journalists who nevertheless have their accreditation card. Here are her available videos of interviews :
      • >>>video 1>>> of 4:35 (link lost) with Amandine Roy, Dec. 10,
      • >>>video 2>>> of 1 hour and 53 minutes (lost link) with Mike Borowski (also on the previous link), on December 14. This video is the most interesting to follow,
      • >>>video 3>>> of 3:47 with Chloe Frammery and Hayssam Hoballah, Jan. 8,
      • >>>video 4>>> of 2:11 with Mike Borowski, January 21.
      • The rest is hard to follow. See this page from April 6.

      July 24, 2022: In this page Natacha Rey launches a subscription for support and book publication.

      August 1. The Elysée is not without reaction to the arguments of Natacha Rey and Xavier Poussard. In this country that claims to be very attached to press freedom, Natacha Rey is the subject of two complaints (Appendix D 7 and Appendix D 18), while Xavier Poussard is the subject of a complaint (about a 5-year-old publication, the Dar Olfa affair) and his bank accounts have been closed. He talks about it in the just published issue 507 of F&D, opposite. This "undoubtedly originated in our unassailable investigation of Brigitte Macron." We look forward to a future issue featuring new revelations about brigittegate...

  6. The family where Jean-Michel Trogneux grew up

      Généanet is the most popular genealogy site in France, everyone can post their tree or that of their neighbor. As a result, one can find everything and its opposite there, it is not really a reference site. However, there is generally a consensus. I do not present contemporary individuals on my personal tree, but many genealogists do so for famous people, usually without specifying dates. Here is a classic family tree of Jean (Georges) Trogneux and Simone Pujol, both born in Amiens in 1909 and 1913 respectively, as found in December 2021 (as of January 14, 2022, 14 genealogies show a roughly similar tree on geneanet):

      This is the tree corresponding to the "legend" of Brigitte Trogneux, married Macron. We will see later that there are important corrections to be made on Jean-Michel and Brigitte, with two additional grandchildren for Jean and Simone.

      Let's provide some generally accepted facts about the children of Jean Trogneux and Simone Pujol, all born in Amiens:
      1. Anne-Marie Gisèle Marguerite (Annie), born July 9, 1932, married in 1955 to Gérard Boulogne (1929-2022)  three children Christine born in 1957, married in 1983 to Benoît Haquin, Sylvie and Thierry,
      2. Jean-Claude Marie Joseph, born August 14, 1933, first married to Danièle Courbot in 1960 with three children including the current successor of the chocolate factory, Jean Alexandre Trogneux born in 1961 ; remarried in 1990 with Brigitte Poillon, commonly known as Brigitte Trogneux, which is a source of confusion (example)  he died in 2018,
      3. Maryvonne, born January 17, 1937, died with her husband Paul Farcy of a car accident on February 24, 1960; their daughter Nathalie, born September 23, 1959 and thus 5 months old at the death of her parents, married Richard Bataille (1954-2015) and had two daughters in the Lille area.
      4. Monique, born August 7, 1941, married in 1963 to Jean-Claude Gueudet (born 1940), France's first automobile distributor (presentation Wikipedia) ; three children,
      5. Jean-Michel Henri, born February 11, 1945, about whom we will return at length,
      6. Brigitte Claude, born April 13, 1953, married to André-Louis Auzière and then Emmanuel Macron.

      Brigitte would thus be the youngest of a large family, born eight years after her brother Jean-Michel, when her mother was 40 years old. According to the "legend", she would have married in 1974, at 21 years old, with André(-Louis) Auzière, 23 years old, she would have given birth to three children, Sébastien, Laurence and Tiphaine Auzière, born respectively on September 1st, 1975, April 26th, 1977 and January 30th, 1984 (without knowing the birth certificates), when she was 22, 24 and 31 years old. Everything seems usual, a classic life of a young French woman, not enough to attract attention...

      The following beautiful photo of a large, happy family was broadcast, without caption, on June 13, 2018, on France 3, in the documentary "Brigitte Macron, a French Novel" recounting the Brigitte legend (>>video>> of 1 hour and 27 minutes) (>>trailer>> of 3 minutes and 20 seconds), "Their couple intrigued France before fascinating the world. How can a 40-year-old woman, married with three children, leave everything for a 16-year-old student ?". "An unbelievable but true story," um...

      This photo is the only one where everyone agrees to accredit the presence of Jean-Michel Trogneux : the boy on the left. We can estimate that he would be 8 or 9 years old. It is also the only photo where, according to the "legend", one sees the whole family, including Brigitte on her mother's lap. We will see in the next chapter that there are two other photos of Brigitte as a child and that would be it, before she was more than thirty years old. What other person in France who grew up in a close-knit family would have so few photos of her childhood? Or why would she want to hide them?

      The photo appears authentic, there are the two parents, sitting, surrounded by their children. Standing, from left to right, are Jean-Michel, Maryvonne, Jean-Claude, Annie and Monique. But is the "legend" true? Rather than the last child, Brigitte, could the little girl be the first grandchild ?

      In a first time, in early March, we concluded that this little girl could be a niece who died young, mentioned by Brigitte Macron, about which we did not know much. The mystery of this dead niece continued. On May 12, the new light of the Chapter 28 allowed us to consider that she was Brigitte Trogneux, sister in the civil status of Jean-Michel, born in 1953, and perhaps biological niece. She would have died in 1961. Jean-Michel would have been very marked by the early death of this niece-sister and will want, later, to make her reincarnate by transforming himself into a woman and by adopting the name and the date of birth of the girl. This will will be understood and partly shared by his parents, brother and sisters who have lived the same drama. This explains their acceptance of the gender change.

      Let's go back to the photo. Given what has just been said (especially the girl's birth date of April 13, 1953), and Jean-Michel's winter shirt, it would be dated fall 1954 or winter 1954/1955. Perhaps Christmas 1954? Or January 1st, 1955? Anne-Marie is then 22 years old, Jean-Claude 21 years old, Maryvonne 17 years and a half, Monique 13 years old, Jean-Michel 9 years and a half, Brigitte one year and a half.

      [Getty Images]

  7. Brigitte before 1990, according to "legend"

      Let's start with the birth on April 13, 1953. Here it is presented on this extract of page of a base of the genealogical site Généanet :

      Généanet should not be an illusion since, as already said, anyone can create a database (even under a pseudo) and invent a birth certificate n°640 etc. This is not verifiable, only very close family members have access to contemporary civil status (over about a century). The base to which this page belongs is run under the name "" with Freemasonic resonances (see page Wikipedia). The page devoted to Brigitte (with the above excerpt) is a very long and impressive hagiography. The "first lady" (it says 45 times) is even compared to Josephine de Beauharnais, and guess who would be her Napoleon... The subject of this file is, in July 2022, reduced to the minimum : "These days, a fake news has inflamed Facebook: she would lie about her date of birth..." She is tired of being talked about her age, she is saturated," says an intimate."

      Let's linger on the revelation of the date of birth. Xavier Poussard speaks of it in this way, implying that it could have been set after the 2007 wedding [F&D500p10] :

      It is strange that the date of birth of "Brigitte" was only made public in May 2016 with the publication, in the short-lived magazine "Pop Story", of a long investigation by Sylvie Bommel entitled "And Brigitte created Macron".In the Macronian gesture, "April 13" corresponds to the death of Manette [Emmanuel's maternal grandmother] that occurred three years before "Brigitte's" birth date was given. In the story, April 13, 1953 is the date of the launch of MK-Ultra, the infamous CIA mind control program.

      The "caption" attributes only three photos to Brigitte as a child:

      Illustration of a tweet with a sensible question...

      We saw the first of these three photos in the previous chapter. The second would be that of Tiphaine Auzière, the third that of Laurence Auzière, the two daughters of Jean-Michel / Brigitte, which explains a certain resemblance [F&D500p5]. For the last two pictures, a technical analysis shows that the central picture was originally in colors and was much reworked to bring it back to the 1950s, while the right picture, remained in its original juice is dated from the mid-1980s [F&D503p6], while the future first lady of the start-up nation should be in this decade a woman of more than 20 years!

      With her two daughters, Tiphaine on the left, Laurence on the right. Then the two sisters with their brother Sebastien. 2017.

      Hungry for images, forced to add illustrations that can create an illusion, the documentary "Brigitte Macon, a French novel" also shows a short video sequence of a granddaughter dancing, and a photo of the Trogneux parents with a small child very much after the 1950s :

      There are certainly some accounts of Brigitte's life before 1990, but they remain vague, and in this case the artistic vagueness hardly seems convincing even for a national novel [F&D500p6]. Xavier Poussard points out that several journalists have tried to find friends or friends of Brigitte's youth, in vain [F&D500p8]...

      However, there was a biographical twist in 2017  we learned that Brigitte had become involved in politics in 1989  Emmanuel was only 12 years old.... Finally, something concrete, a woman in the flesh committed to action... "It's a document that was sleeping, tucked away in the drawers of a Truchtersheim family and that is now a collector's item: the electoral leaflet of the "Truchtersheim Tomorrow" list, and its 15 candidates, among whom a certain Brigitte Auzière. Brigitte Macron, married at the time to the banker André-Louis Auziere, lives in Truchtersheim with her husband and 3 children. She is a teacher of literature at the Protestant college- high school Lucie-Berger in Strasbourg" [article from 2017 from France 3 Grand Est]. It is about the municipal elections of March 12, 1989, here is this document :

      See also the end of the
      Chapter 9 and
      the Appendix A 36

      At first, the investigation failed to cross-reference information, despite some testimony (article). Factual elements were missing, in general for the stay in Alsace. The face of this leaflet, worked automatically with a restoration software (above right), did not appear blatantly to be that of Brigitte. Eventually it did, it would be her, as shown in Appendix A 36, in agreement with other Alsatian information discovered.

      In conclusion of this chapter and the previous one, the biographical and iconographic record of a young girl from the wealthy middle class is quite thin. In the absence of other more consistent documents (why hide them?), nothing proves that a Brigitte Trogneux, daughter of Jean and Simone Pujol, born in 1953, would have existed before 1984 and her 31st birthday. We will see later that we went back to 1985 approximately, having before only a birth certificate and a family photo from the end of 1954. It is very thin.

  8. From Jean-Michel to Brigitte, their likeness

      "Jean-Michel Trogneux was concealed for a very long time and remains very largely a mystery, a "ghost" character. His existence was first confined to a document emanating from a company of the Trogneux family, the minutes of the extraordinary general meeting of the company of Exploitation des Etablissements Arrasse organized on May 25, 2007". He is "shareholder and scrutineer alongside his brother Jean-Claude and his nephew Jean-Alexandre". But it's quick, since he is no longer in the bylaws "on October 17, 2007, that is, three days before the wedding between Brigitte and Emmanuel" [F&D501p2].

      In 2018, at 73 years old, he is present on the death announcement of his brother Jean-Claude [F&D501p3]. It is also in 2018, in the TV movie of FR 3, that appears the family photo with Jean-Michel, without caption. But the boy revealed to the world by this photo will be named only in 2019 with the book of Sylvie Bommel [F&D501p3]. It is thus very recently that Jean-Michel Trogneux entered the official Macronian legend. Until 2019, this character stood in the shadows and one had to search for information on his account with one's teeth.

      Other elements appeared during the investigation, including his marriage in 1980, but after 1984 it remains a life in dotted line, on paper, without photo or physical public presence. In short before 1984 we have a Jean-Michel present and a Brigitte absent, after 1984 a Brigitte very present and a Jean-Michel almost erased : as if Jean-Michel had become Brigitte...

      At this point and without yet addressing the thorny issue of Brigitte's first husband and their three children, a first question arises, since their strange life itinerary suggests  is it physically possible that Jean-Michel has become Brigitte ?

      At the end of his investigation, strong also of other elements that will be presented later, Xavier Poussard in "Facts & Documents" n°501, page 10 comes to ask the question about Brigitte: "What if it was a man ". Could she be Jean-Michel ? He relies on Natacha Rey's parallel research on her Facebook page (private) and this comparison of photos :

      After the broadcast of "Brigitte Macron, a French novel" which incidentally revealed the physical existence of Jean-Michel Trogneux, Natacha Rey posted, on the same platform, this more than disturbing assemblage putting side by side the current "Brigitte" and "Jean-Michel" at the dawn of adolescence.
      Right, facial resemblance by Megvii software: normal probability that it is the same person

      Resemblance by comparison Betaface: between 71 and 67%.

      Later, Xavier Poussard will use the facial recognition software of the Chinese company Megvii which will establish a good probability that these two faces chronologically very spaced belong to the same individual. Natacha Rey will do the same and everyone can compare photos:

      Other details in Brigitte's earlier life support this hypothesis. For example, in her third video, Natacha Rey reports that Brigitte recalled living alone in the United States during Neil Armstrong's moon landing in 1969 (link). She would have been 16 at the time, what was she doing there alone at that age ? Jean-Michel, on the other hand, was 24 years old and this stay then appears much more likely ('Appendix A 26).

      Other questions deserve to be asked. In particular these, raised by associated investigative internet users :
      1. Is it possible that a Brigitte Trogneux was born in Amiens in 1953, who would have died shortly after ? Her brother Jean-Michel would then have somehow reincarnated her sister... May 25: this hypothesis, now favored, was issued here as early as the end of January 2022.
      2. Jean-Michel had a niece who died young (Appendix A 11), who could be the girl in this family photo.

      It remains that the legend presents Brigitte as having had a first husband, André-Louis Auzière, and three children. How is this compatible with the hypothesis that has just been formulated?

  9. André-Louis Auzière, Brigitte's ghost husband

      Following the caption listed in the Geneanet file, the life of Brigitte Macron's first husband, later remarried Macron, appears thus :

      On close inspection, the blurring is widespread  :
      • Depending on the documents, his first name varies, André, André Louis, André-Louis, Jean-Louis. In fact it would be André for the first name, Louis for the second and André-Louis would be a passing mistake of Sylvie Bommel, often repeated later. For Jean-Louis, it is his uncle: we will come back to it several times, and at length. Starting, anecdotally, with the article of Figaro Madame in illustration below.
      • Her birthplace, Eséka in Cameroon, only became a commune in 1954; why would a young European girl have given birth in such a remote place? There is no chance of finding a civil status there.... The presence of the parents at that time in Eséka seems to be proven, however (Appendix A 18). The remaining vagueness will lead to the question of who was really born there (Chapter 27).
      • It would be first a banker at the Crédit du Nord, then "sub-director of the regional delegation of the Banque Française du Commerce Extérieur" in Strasbourg, but there is no record of it in the banking sector [F&D501p7] .
      • Isn't it strange that he quietly leaves the marital home when his wife falls in love with a teenager, leaving him with custody of the three children aged 17, 15 and 8 ?
      • The date of the divorce, in 2006, appears strangely late, when it's been about fifteen years since the spouses have been living together and their youngest daughter is 22.
      • The three photos that have been published of him, below, are of someone else who could be identified..
      • "Death Certificate #3888": is this usually known information? Even the time "6:35 PM" !
      • Why did it take the celebrity press a year to report the death of the first husband (and father of her children) of the "first lady" ?
      • Tiphaine, the youngest daughter, announced, "my father died, I buried him on December 24." This is contradictory with a death on December 24 and a cremation on the 28th.

      The 2018 France 3 TV movie "Brigitte Macron, un roman français" shows this photo featuring Brigitte and her first husband André-Louis. This is actually Claude Hugot, a fellow teacher. Then there was a fake tweet the same year, using this photo, reuniting husband, wife and lover (Emmanuel at 12) (article). And a fake interview with Andre-Louis, actually a hoax (article)... And in 2020, Brigitte mourns her first husband (opposite, link)...

      Anne Fulda, author of the book "Emmanuel Macron, a young man so perfect", had written this when talking about Brigitte Macron: "She mentions little André-Louis Auzière, her banker ex-husband. By modesty, discretion. Because there are things she does not want, can not say?" In 2017, during the presidential election, international journalists had tried to interview André Louis Auzière, in vain. In an article in Gala magazine entitled "As if he had never existed !", we can read a passage by the author Sylvie Bommel: "passioned by this enigmatic man, the English journalists searched everywhere, without finding anything." (link)
      The journalist who investigated André-Louis Auzière the most is undoubtedly Sylvie Bommel. Charged with laying down the "official legend" in her river article "Et Brigitte créa Macron" published in Pop Story in May 2016, she wrote that after Emmanuel's arrival in "Brigitte's" life, "he was not seen again in Amiens, he was assumed to have gone to Paris, but in truth no one knew anything about it. Wiped out, erased. As if he had not existed. To the point of not wanting to meet his ex-family-in-law at his mother's funeral". She will launch in spite of everything in his search, a game of track which will constitute the essential of "He had just been 17 years old", his second investigation published in 2019. In vain... [F&D501p9]

      Since the man could not be found, the focus was on an almost homonymous man, a certain Jean-Louis André Auzière. There is even a confusion between the two on this document, as pointed out by Xavier Poussard [F&D501p9]:

      The confusion between Jean-Louis and André-Louis made by Salomé Garganne on in May 2017 (extract, link).

      This photo of André-Louis as a young man is the one from his wedding, below. The idea then comes to compare it with a recent photo of Jean-Louis. There is a resemblance, confirmed by the Betaface comparison software (71%, Appendix B 6). It was believed that the bride and groom would come from a wedding photo of the bride and groom Jean-Louis Auzière and Susan Spray, where the bride's fake parents were embedded on the right, to make it look like a photo from a first wedding of Brigitte Macron. Indeed, the bride, below right automatically retouched by software, does not look like Brigitte.

      A thorough analysis of this wedding photo can be found in Appendix A 9. At right, enhanced images of the bride.

      Those close to Brigitte's first husband describe him as very self-effacing, "so neutral." Tiphaine says her father "prefers to remain in complete anonymity." Perhaps, but from there to leave no trace... No information could be obtained from his close family. In 2019, Paris Match lent him some words, but it was "bidon" (opposite, link).

      According to Geneanet, including this tree, Jean-Louis Auzière, born in 1943, would be an uncle of André-Louis, born in 1951. Jean-Louis married Susan Spray the first time and they had two children, Pascal, born November 18, 1966, and Marc, born October 26, 1974. Then he remarried to Catherine Audoy born in 1944, the couple had no children. Recall that the Geneanet data may not be reliable, these appear accurate. Complements on the Auzières in Appendices A 18, A 30, A 31, A 42, in the following chapter and elsewhere again...

      The France 3 documentary shows a fake André Louis Auzière [and fake Jean-Louis] mowing his lawn.
      In fact, this would be Jean-Paul Debes, present on the Truchtersheim municipal election leaflet seen in Chapter 7.
      One day, André [the real Jean-Louis] caught his fingers in the lawnmower. He had to be taken to the emergency room for
      stitches. And Sylvie Bommel comments, "This is probably one of the few times he was noticed." (article)

    "This is a man who does not want to be found after what happened. It was a terrible shock to him to have his wife leave him for someone so young," a source said. He then reportedly cut ties with everyone except his children. He reportedly hasn't given any more life signs (link)

  10. The biological mother of the three Auzière children, first hypothesis

      This chapter deals with the biological parents of the three Auzière children, Sebastien, Laurence and Tiphaine, born in 1975, 1977 and 1984. We now know that Jean-Michel / Brigitte Macron is not their mother but their biological father. The hypothesis on the identity of the biological mother has changed during the present investigation. We will stay, in this chapter, only on the first of these hypotheses, revealed in mid-October 2021, popularized in mid-December. In retrospect, it was a necessary step to know, on April 12, 2022 (probably, becoming, on May 25, an intimate conviction) the mother we retain in this case, which will be presented in Chapter 27.

      It was while analyzing the information about André Louis and Jean-Louis Auzière that Natacha Rey had the intuition that this Jean-Louis, so close to André, could be the one who passed on his Auzière surname to Brigitte's three children. She then had the idea to contact his second wife, Catherine Audoy. Xavier Poussard tells the rest in "Faits & Documents" n°501, it is an anthology moment, the key to the enigma was about to be revealed :

      Having become our correspondent for this investigation, Natacha Rey contacted, last June 22 [2021], Catherine Audoy (from the professional contact given by the interested party on the Internet) in order to present her with the multiple inconsistencies nestled in Brigitte's "green years".
      If the answer never came, the result was immediate since in the wake, on July 13, 2021, Natacha Rey saw the gendarmerie bursting into her home. She was taken into custody (without being summoned) on the pretext of a complaint filed by Catherine Audoy with the public prosecutor of Lisieux (where Jean-Louis Auzière officiates as a legal conciliator). Our correspondent was released after five hours of tough interrogation, with a moral lesson, humiliations and threats of all kinds. She was asked for the list of journalists with whom she had been in contact (we were not the only ones) and her phone was seized.
      Had Natacha Rey touched the sensitive nerve by simply exposing the physical similarity between Jean-Michel Trogneux and the current "first lady" and by demonstrating the impossibility that Jean-Louis Auzière was the cousin of an unlikely André-Louis Auzière first husband of "Brigitte" ?

      Obviously the police, with their unfriendly methods, had a message to send to the journalist. If until now the investigation on the biographical track of Brigitte advanced by the research and the laborious study of documents difficult to find, the surprise irruption of the pandores in the residence of Natacha signaled that this last was on the good track. In any case, one can say that such a disproportionate reaction of the police to a banal contact is indicative of something that should not happen in the public place. The hypothesis below, known as "Catherine Audoy mother", formulated in mid-October 2021, was going to impose itself on brigittologists for six months before another one rejected it and took its place in this file, where the rejection of this starting hypothesis is now acted :

      All this leads to believe that Catherine Audoy could really be the mother of Brigitte's three children, that's what Natacha Rey, Xavier Poussard and their readers, including myself, have deduced. It was only later that another explanation was given (Chapter 27).
      Catherine Audoy is a painter and designer. "In particular, she paints children's faces whose resemblance to "Brigitte's" grandchildren is unsettling, to say the least, as if they were the models..." [F&D501p10].
      To the left, illustrations (from Catherine Audoy's old facebook account) and comments found on the internet

      It is then possible to build a scenario where Jean-Michel would be the biological father of his three children Sebastien, Laurence, Tiphaine Auzière, the biological mother being Catherine Audoy married Auzière. On his side, Jean-Louis Auzière can then be considered as an adoptive father, even official from the administrative point of view. A striking resemblance of features between Catherine and Laurence goes in this direction. Xavier Poussard goes further by estimating that the resemblance is strong with the three children [F&D501p10]. However, the Betaface comparison is more mixed, 63% to 60%, between the three Auzière children and Catherine Audoy 

      This explained the custody of Natacha Rey, an extraordinary custody for which no other explanation could be found at the time. Another oddity, just after this episode, Natacha Rey tells of having been contacted by other people (link). After the revealing act of the gendarmes, tongues were loosened to come spontaneously to help the investigation and thus try to guide it :

      Strangely these last few days, I was contacted by several people, whose either math teacher neighbor in Amiens, or daughter or son knew Brigitte Macron well from the time when " she " was a teacher. Some people, incredulous, tried to defend her and accused me, without even having read the investigation, of spreading rumors or false information and of trying to harm her. However, it turns out that ALL of them, without exception, spoke to me about a Madame Trogneux and not a Madame Auzière, even though she is supposed to have taught under only two names: Madame Auzière until 2006 and Madame Macron from 2007.

      Refer to the first issues of Faits & Documents devoted to the "Mystère Brigitte Macron", where this name problem is mentioned [F&D503p3], since journalists who interviewed witnesses at the time also called her Madame Trogneux "at the time of the scandal caused by her affair with the young student Emmanuel. Without knowing it, these people did me a favor by bringing water to my mill, confirming, if it were needed, the credibility of my thesis.

      How were the parents of the three Auzière children declared at their births in 1975, 1977, 1984? We don't know. Everything seems to have been carefully looped, as with the life of André-Louis Auzière. Similarly, we do not know under what conditions Jean-Michel became Brigitte and how he managed to be recognized as the mother of his children.

      From left to right, Tiphaine, Laurence and Sebastien Auzière with Emmanuel and Brigitte (photo Gala).
      Emmanuel Macron at his wedding: "I wanted to thank Brigitte's children.
      If there are any for whom it might not have been very easy, it was for them.
      And it had, thanks to them, the force of evidence.
      " (link).

      The hypothesis thus constructed seemed to be the only one able to assemble in a coherent way the pieces emerging from the Brigitte puzzle. It corresponded to positive answers to the following questions asked by Xavier Poussard [F&D501p10] (adding links to Wikipedia):

      Would Jean-Michel Trogneux have started a family with Catherine Audoy? Did Jean-Michel Trogneux suffer from the psychiatric disorder known as gender dysphoria ? Would he have resorted, late in life, to a GRS (Gender Reassignment Surgery) MTF (Male-to-Female)  operation? After his "gender reassignment", would he have chosen Brigitte as his first name ? "Brigitte" and Jean-Michel Trogneux are they one and the same person ? To what "vital choice" does "Brigitte" refer in "Elle" (August 18, 2017) ? It is indeed hard to believe that it is a "simple" divorce when you read :"I know I hurt my children, and that is the thing I blame myself for most. But I couldn't not do it, there are times in your life when you make vital choices. And for me, it was."

      The scenario could look like this:
      • Catherine Audoy has three children, Sébastien, Laurence, Tiphaine, whose biological father is Jean-Michel Trogneux. Jean-Louis Auzière (duplicated as André-Louis Auzière in the legend) recognizes them. They therefore bear his Auzière surname.
      • At the time of the births, Jean-Louis Auzière has for wife, Susan Spray. He thus has two homes, one with his wife and their two children, the other with Catherine Audoy and her three children of whom he has become the adoptive father.
      • 20 years after the births, he divorces and marries Catherine Audoy..
      • Administratively, the mother of the three children remains Catherine Audoy and it is hidden from the general public.
      Variations are possible. The hypothesis that Susan Spray is five times mother is not to be ruled out.

      This scenario is now replaced by another, presented in Chapter 27, which also positively answers Xavier Poussard's questions.

  11. The two families of Jean-Michel Trogneux

      Now that we are approaching reality, we can admire the way the Brigitte legend was built. The manufacture of her first husband André-Louis Auzière is particularly clever, allowing to keep the patronymic Auzière leaving in the shade the one who can sometimes be considered the adoptive father, Jean-Louis Auzière. Transforming, later, Jean-Michel from the father of his children to the mother was clever and was masterfully interpreted by the family. Having practiced acting classes proves effective....

      However, the reality is even more complex, since it appears that, according to the diagram below, Jean-Michel is the father of two other children, Jean-Jacques and Valerie. This tree has lost its relevance since we know that the three Auzière children are not the children of Catherine Audoy. The reader's attention will be drawn to the right-hand side of the tree, which is correct, showing another relationship of Jean-Michel Trogneux, this one official with another woman, Véronique Dreux, from whom two other children, Jean-Jacques and Valérie, were born.
      Tree version 1, Catherine Audoy mother
      Tree made up from two trees found on the Web (1 2), keeping only what fits the hypothesis presented here. This tree has since been rejected.
      This tree, false as far as Catherine Audoy is concerned, has been replaced by the version 2, which will also be rejected and replaced.

      Xavier Poussard explains how he discovered the couple's first child [F&D503p4] :
      A Trogneux has so far gone completely under the radar (no mention in the press and on genealogical sites), Jean-Jacques Trogneux was born in November 1982. A birth announcement is available in the archives of the Courrier Picard of the BNF (with the problems that this source poses as we have shown). On the date of November 15, 1982 is announced the birth of Jean-Jacques Trogneux, son of Jean-Michel Trogneux and Madame, née Véronique Dreux.
      On the right, the wedding was celebrated, very discreetly, on a Monday...

      Similarly was born then a sister of Jean-Jacques, Valerie Anne-Catherine Trogneux on February 20, 1984 in Amiens. She married Frank Limpens on June 21, 2008 in Amiens [F&D503p5]. Jean-Jacques Trogneux was present at the Elysée Palace during the inauguration of Emmanuel Macron in 2017. His sister was not there. Their mother, Véronique Dreux, born in 1952 in Amiens, remarried on January 30, 1998 in Toulon to Alain de la Simone (L'Eleu de la Simone), born in 1935 in Paris (having for nephew the singer Albin de la Simone) [F&D503p5].

      Jean-Jacques Trogneux sporting, apparently portrayed by Catherine Audoy, and in front of the Elysee Palace in 2017.

      Thus, contrary to the family tree of the legend, presented in the first chapters, Jean-Michel Trogneux would not have remained single without children, he would have had five children with two wives and, after change of sex, he would have become Brigitte, would have married Emmanuel Macron, reaching the unofficial title of "first lady of France". Extraordinary journey skillfully camouflaged ... to the point that it is difficult to imagine ... It is so much more comfortable to believe in an idyllic legend carefully romanticized by communicators, diligently spread by magazines and media. Once again, we have the illustration that the bigger the lie, the better it goes... until we realize that, behind the actors of the play, reality exceeds fiction.

      As Njama points out in a comment from Agoravox :

      If the hypothesis of the genealogy of Jean-Michel Trogneux in the 70s / 80s may seem complex, it could be explained by a simple double life (he would not be the first), favored most often by compatible professional activities (commercial kind) ... before his gender dysphoria which, we can easily understand, would have exploded in full flight his conjugal liaisons

      Brigitte's biography is clearly false... she can't get 2150 € of retirement pension (source L'Obs in 2017 tax declaration of the Macrons, 17.200 € received between January and August 2016) for an incomplete career, knowing that in the private sector it is calculated on the 25 best years and represents at best 65% of the net salary, or a teacher who moreover is not certified couldn't have an average income of 3.000 € / month for 25 years. With only 31 years of professional activities in her biography even adding 4 quarters per child (3 children or 5?), the discount is severe... [details, article]

      Indeed these retirement amounts are further proof of the vast web of lies on which the Brigitte Macron "legend" is based. This could be a new line of inquiry for an investigating judge who would give himself the means to conduct a serious investigation.

      Astoning remarks of all kinds from 2020 and July 2022: "After McKinsey, Rothschild and Alstom, among many other deals
      sensitive, here come the "UberFiles." A new political-economic scandal whose facts date back to 2015
      " (link).

  12. Brigitte Macron, born Jean-Michel Trogneux, turns 77 in 2022...

      Does the hypothesis of Jean-Michel becoming Brigitte lead to inconsistencies? The one that seemed strongest to me is relative to the age of the character. With this biographical merger, Brigitte gets eight extra pigs. This old age gives her 77 years in 2022. Does this correspond to the canon of beauty that magazines show us? Xavier Poussard gives the following answer [F&D503p6] :

      2017, Brigitte Macron (72 years old) moved into the Elysée Palace. Some among our subscribers, wonder about the difference in age of eight years that induces the transsexual hypothesis and its implication on the physique of "Brigitte". Without even addressing the difference in skin aging between men and women and without detailing what currently allows cosmetic surgery, a simple comparison with Amanda Lear (born Alain Tapp probably in 1939) or with the singer and trans woman Marie-France (born February 9, 1946) can sweep away the objection on the physical / age relationship.

      Amanda Lear at 71 (2010), 80 (2019), 81 (2020) (link). Even at 5 years younger, this is still amazing...
      Marie-France in her youth (link), at 67 (in 2013) (Fabien MacRa, same link) and at 73 (link).

      So in this world of appearance there are illustrious antecedents in show business and Brigitte is not an exception.

      However all the photos are not to his advantage. On some pictures the outrage of time and the hours of flight in the jet set are visible and betray his true biological age, to bring it in line with that of Jean-Michel...

      Center photo: original version (1 2) from 2019, photoshopped version from France Dimanche July 3, 2022, tweets (1 2).

      Comparing the photos, we see that, like any senior citizen, her height as a teacher at La Providence has diminished, she is shrinking. And videos show that at 72 years old on 12 cm heels, it is difficult to gambol, her unassertive gait is problematic when she walks on stilts...

      Similar wigs, some might think the singer Iggy Pop, shown here, born in 1947, 75 in 2022, would be his younger brother (or sister ?).

      "It all started with Natacha Rey who, as soon as she saw her appear, had the evidence that Brizitte was a transsexual and investigated for three years... Some only obsessed about her wig and blue-plastic contact lenses... already bizarre. To deny the wearing of a wig, the Élysée used a procedure that will go down in history. The palace had a job offer published looking for a hairdresser capable of applying extensions [article of January 11, 2018]. Unheard of! Never does the Presidency post a job for such a position. It's a bit technical, though, extensions [page Wikipedia] only lengthen a head of hair... and countless close-ups of Brizitte's head corroborate that she only wears wigs. Which are all the more noticeable because they are too large...unless she has a male-like cranial volume...".

      Article from January 18, 2022 also featuring short videos showing that in the way she moves and is, Brigitte is not very feminine...

      "Thanks to the wind! Here you can clearly see the little bit of hair attached to the front on the tiny shaved hair and another floor with the hairpiece, I used to be a hairdresser and I know how it's messed up !" [tweet]

      "Hands say a lot about a person's age" [tweet]

      The arms too...

      So Brigitte would be 77 years old on Friday, February 11, 2022. Will we remember to wish her a happy birthday ? Yes, see the Appendix A 6.

      And from a March 11 tweet, four photos betraying age  : 1 2 3 4.

  13. She has the bone structure of a man...

      A woman can have a look (bone structure) close to a man, she can have a short neck, long feet, flat buttocks. It is probably very rare for her to have all of these characteristics together. Also, as indicated on this photo of tweet, it is usual for men to have the knee out, women the knee in, again Brigitte is in the first category. And also for her overdeveloped lower face (photo), for the relative length of the fingers (Manning's index, photo), even the hairiness (photo). These elements are repeated and expanded upon in the Appendix B 12. Yes, it is very rare for a woman to have so many generally masculine characteristics...

      Variants of the photo on the left : 1 2 3 [Bestimage Agency], avenue Montaigne, Paris, June 21, 2018.

      "Brigitte Macron, is she a transsexual? The question that the french are asking
      themselves at the moment...
      " (instagram: @facial.cupping)

      "The neck of a nymph, graceful, light, delicate, sleek, supposed to be that of a Lady of the High.
      Reproduced without trickery by Natacha Rey.

      These illustrations and comments were collected from the web.

      In her manner, Brigitte can also have masculine ways. Such is the case for the way she sits with her legs spread (manspreading) in a video from the France 3 documentary "La Stratégie du Méteore," available on Youtube under the title "Macron's diabolical strategy to win the presidential elections" (>>>video>>> 1:21).

      Here's this >>>video>>> 29-second clip showing a very masculine way of sitting.
      // copy and paste pdf : //

      Nevertheless, often dressed by renowned couturiers, Brigitte was able to create an illusion (excerpts from this page of Gala magazine):

      According to another page in Gala, Brigitte Macron has "a hot look" and "a real star figure."
      with "an Olympic shape." Her "5 beauty assets" are her sylphid line, her rocky eyes, her sunny disposition,
      her endless legs ("Julia Roberts better watch out") and her California blonde.

  14. 1977-1990, Jean-Michel Trogneux and Pastor Joseph Doucé

      Three times, in this month of January 2022, the Brigitte Macron affair has brought us back to the year 1977, which appears to be the year when Jean-Michel Trogneux begins to become a woman.

      1. 1977, the interview of the transsexual Veronique.

        While her reaction should have been immediate, to quell the rumor as soon as possible, Brigitte Macron opposed a long silence to the revelations about her transsexuality. These had however inflamed the social networks, from mid-December 2021. Apart from the censorship and the outraged and unargued denials of the complacent media, the Elysée avoided the subject and was even very discreet. It is only in mid-January that Mrs. Macron brings the first answers, in two media interventions. That of January 12 is brief  "Of course it's a lie, but hey... Once I said that, I did not say anything ...", also vaguely speaking of complaint.

        The second time, on RTL radio, on January 14, she spoke at greater length on the subject. She spouts her nonsense with aplomb, in a natural way (she has so much experience...), of course without the slightest proof, birth certificate, marriage certificate, photos or other documents, in short the classic tools of the genealogist... She enters as if she were at home in any big media and she talks in front of journalists who do not know how to study a file and who swallow any bluff ("rumor", "transphobic"...). The one who assaulted a teenager, the one who, through her husband, assaulted all French citizens, even dares to present herself as a defender of teenage harassment (see also the Appendices A 17 and D 25). How long will this grotesque play  last? When will we get back to reality and the documents and facts (not to say Facts & Documents...) that testify to it ? Since its formation, this couple has set up the lie as a way of life. Its way of governing is likewise based on lies, seasoning it with demagogy, bluffing, accusatory inversions, as we will see later, and other artifices. Here is the transcript of this >>>video RTL>>> of 1 mn 21, Brigitte Macron (BM) answering questions from journalist Alba Ventura (AV)  :

        AV - Have you been a victim of social networking too? Recently, you were called a man on social media. First it hurt you, that?
        BM - At first I looked at it from a little bit far, I heard about it and then well... And then at a certain point, I realized that they were upsetting my genealogy.
        AV - How's that?

        BM - That is, they had changed my family tree. That is to say, three quarters of the family was fine and then all of a sudden we get to my brother. I am my brother. And there, we touch the genealogy of my parents and there it is impossible.
        AV - When you say "they," who are these people?

        AV - Exactly. But you, you have, dare I say, the means to defend yourself.
        BM - Totally.
        AV - Finally, a 13-year-old or a 13-year-old who continues to suffer in silence.... I think it took you five-six days to get some information out...

        BM - I took five and a half days...
        AV - Five-six days, you?
        BM - Yeah, five and a half days, I think, yeah. So you can imagine... With a lawyer who is experienced in the practice...

        She doesn't say "I would be my brother..." or "They claim that..."
        Brigitte Macron admits, "I am my brother"
        She proves us right even in her denial!

        This interview from 2022 is going to be valuable to us for the comparison it allows with another interview, from 1977 :

        The first proof (here the second, in Chapter 30)

        January 23, 2022: while in the process of first finalizing this page, I learn of the discovery of a >>>INA video>>> of 1 min 47, dated September 27, 1977 (it has disappeared from the page INA around February 10, I replaced it with a saved version, 15 MB). It features an interview with "Véronique and Martine, transsexuals in the 70s", Martine with her face uncovered and Véronique with her contours in the dark. On the television channel "Antenne 2", they answer the journalist François Desplats with the comment (typing errors included) :"Veronique and Martine, who became women after an operation, bring a testimony on their transsexuality. With her face hidden, Veronique talks about her operation. For her, it is not a transformation because she has always felt like a woman. Martine evokes her difficulties in the working world. Since her operation, she had to change jobs because the environment in which she worked would not have accepted her gender change". This video is incomplete. The rest of the dialogue between Veronique and François Desplat is transcribed in Appendix A 19, but the essence is already here.

        This Veronique's voice and Brigitte Macron's voice are practically the same. Also, Veronique has the same "That is" speech tic as in the above RTL video from January 14, 2022, from 1:21.

        Listen the comparison is striking :
        >>>video>>> of 1 min 27
        // copy and paste pdf: //

        The silhouette in the INA video looks very similar to Brigitte's. And the same body language...

        This comparison of voices allows us to affirm that Brigitte and the transsexual Veronique are the same person, therefore that Brigitte Macron was born male. Certainly the expert is self-proclaimed, but his statement appears accurate, no contradictory analysis was presented and especially everyone can see with the video above that the voices are the same...

        From there we can affirm that Brigitte Macron born Brigitte Trogneux is a fictitious character, invented, well not completely invented, we will see it later. The proof that Brigitte would have been born and would have grown up under the name of Jean-Michel Trogneux is not, however, established. However, the number of clues accumulated in this sense leaves little doubt.

        Jean-Michel Trogneux would have become a woman around September 1977, if we are to believe the qualification of "transsexual", implying operated, given to the two interviewees. A change of sex does not take place in three months (Xavier Poussard indicates 3 years), it is possible that the interview was conducted at the beginning of the process. However, this is prior to the birth of three of Jean-Michel's five children (out of his two "families") : Tiphaine (1984), Jean-Jacques (1982) and Valerie (1984), which could create an impossibility. We notice then that to the question of the journalist seeking to know if she was operated, Véronique shuts up... It is thus later that she was operated, supposing that she was really operated. Or she was only operated on her face, her voice and her neck, possibly her breasts... There are still questions, but the darkness begins to be d

      2. 1977, the meeting with Pastor Joseph Doucé

        On January 8, 2022, at the end of her 3rd video, Natacha Rey opened a new lead. She presented the first photo below pointing, in the foreground, to a young man, looking pensive, leaning on his knees, cigarette in his mouth (on the right he is compared with an image from the video of the previous chapter) :

        In the photo on the left, from left, probably Pastor Doucé and Jean-Michel Trogneux
        On the right montage, Jean-Michel in 1977 and Brigitte in 2017 : same way of sitting, also on this photo of tweet in 2021

        Natacha Rey insists that it would be Jean-Michel Trogneux. There would be formal evidence that would be presented in a few weeks, in February 2022. Why wait? However, no proof was brought in the following months, there is only a physical resemblance and a certain logic that is explained in what follows. It is therefore appropriate to be cautious about the presence of Jean-Michel Trogneux on this document. The photo is taken from the television program "Faites entrer l'accusé", broadcast in 2005, devoted to the assassination of Pastor Doucé (>>>video>>> of 1 hr. 09 min.)

        Joseph Doucé was a Belgian Baptist pastor, excommunicated, graduated in psychology-sexology from the Protestant University of Amsterdam, naturalized French in 1982. He disappeared at the age of 45 on July 19, 1990, his body reportedly found in the forest of Rambouillet on October 24, 1990. He had founded the Center of Christ the Liberator (CCL) in Paris in 1976. According to the profession of faith of this group, it was to provide a space of welcome and speech for believers belonging to sexual and gender minorities: homosexuals, transgender, sado-masochists and also for other sexual perverts including pedophiles, a criminal group in terms of the law. Declaring himself "homosexual practicing [his sexuality]" as much as a pastor (believer practicing his faith), he welcomed in various meetings or in his bookstore, under the good auspices of Christ, young people in suffering encountering difficulties in affirming and living socially their specific sexuality considered as marginal, deviant or psychopathological.

        Pastor Doucé, his store, his meetings, two of his books and a headline about his passing.

        For young people, changing sex at the time almost obliged them to go through prostitution. For the older people, who had become parents and integrated into society, and who were ill at ease with their own skin, listening to the pastor, his meetings and his networks, which made it possible to be operated on discreetly, constituted a relatively accessible step. It is therefore probable that Jean-Michel Trogneux followed this path. Xavier Poussard brings details (we find the Fraternelle already mentioned on a Généanet site) [F&D503p6] :

        Mid-1980s. Jean-Michel Trogneux (40 years), although a family man, becomes aware of the "gender dysphoria" that he has buried for so long and is about to perform his "reassignment". It must be said that the times strongly encourage such steps. [...] The law is beginning to evolve. if it is still legally and medically forbidden to change one's sex by surgery in France, a public care pathway was defined in 1979 based on a two-year psychiatric follow-up before being able to access hormonal treatment and then surgeries (it takes three years) that are quite costly and generally performed abroad, mainly in the Netherlands and Great Britain.
        Under the influence of Pastor Joseph Doucé's Center of Christ the Liberator, which welcomes, connects and files (on whose behalf ?) members of "sexual minorities" (homosexuals, lesbians, sadomasochists, transvestites, transsexuals, pedophiles, etc.), from Dr. Léon Pérel, who operates openly at the Saint François clinic in Paris, and from Henri Caillavet (Masonic dignitary of the Parliamentary Fraternity), the media are giving ever greater prominence to the subject.

        On Pastor Doucé, there is a page on Tom Reucher's Transidentity site and, on the BoyWiki site, another page of introduction and, in full, his book "Pedophilia in Question". In it, we learn that Joseph Doucé was a member of the Senate Committee on Freedoms. On September 12, 1989, he had the European Parliament vote on a "Resolution on discrimination against transsexuals" and on September 29 of the same year on a "Recommendation on the condition of transsexuals". The pastor also speaks in this >>>INA video>>> of 3:39.

        Because of his militancy and his very wide eclecticism in the sexual sphere, but especially because of his unrestricted tolerance of pedophilia associated with his relations, sometimes high placed, Joseph Doucé has quickly acquired a sulfurous reputation, including in institutional homosexual circles, to the point of becoming unfriendly. Is it for all that, as some say or imply, that there would be suspicions of pedophilia (in the usual sense, with an immature child) in the support that Jean-Michel Trogneux found with the pastor? Nothing really goes in this direction at this stage of our knowledge.

        The evidence that Natacha Rey did not bring could call into question the link uniting Jean-Michel Trogneux and Joseph Doucé. This meeting however leaves little doubt. Because of the pivotal role of the pastor to change sex at the time. Moreover, the interview of Véronique the transsexual in 1977 is a confirmation. A TV producer wanting to capture such testimonies could only turn to the pastor. Let us recall that the CCL of the pastor was founded in 1976, one year before the interview. Moreover, the photo opposite, of unknown origin, appears to bring together the pastor and Véronique, thus Jean-Michel.

      3. 1977, the false trail of mock gay pride

        As of January 22, this chapter has been augmented by the addition of a photo where Jean-Michel Trogneux had been thought to be recognized, according to the box below. On February 15, we learned from a reliable source that it is another person [in confirmation of F&D504p12], which leads us to consider this photo as a false lead abandoned. Moreover, it is actually dated March 5, 1977, and not June 25, on the sidelines of a demonstration by MLF lesbians.

        As an introduction to this chapter, after it was written and before it was finalized, I add, on January 22, 2022, a discovery of this day, from twitter : a new photo of Jean-Michel Trogneux ! The context in which it is taken, under a banner of the Groupe de Libération Homosexuelle, and the blatant resemblance with other photos (see below), even more than the one with Pastor Doucé, leaves little doubt.

        Here is this photo present here on the website of the magazine "Têtu", in a slideshow of "12 archival photos of the first Parisian prides". It is dated June 25, 1977, Jean-Michel was 32 years old :

        (P.-S. of February 3: another photo with the banner and the two people on the right)

        Hypothesis rejected (the figure in the top hat not being Jean-Michel Trogneux after all)

        In the center photos, you can see the same incisors spread out...

        The militancy of the transsexual cause that Jean-Michel / Veronique conveyed in the 1977 interview made us believe in other public expressions of this cause, or the homosexual one often associated. We revived this type of hypothesis for the first gay pride in New York (Appendix A 26) or for an Alsatian Music Hall (Appendix A 27), but it seems that Jean-Michel remained discreet after 1977...

  15. 1991-1992, Brigitte in Amiens, her meeting with Emmanuel

      Jean-Michel's first appearance as Brigitte in Amiens corresponds to the start of the 1991-1992 school year at the private high school "La Providence" as a French teacher. For Xavier Poussard : "Jean-Michel Trogneux begins a new life at La Providence high school in Amiens. Under the name Brigitte, he joined the teaching profession like many "reassigned" men, the famous transgender showgirl Bambi (born Jean-Pierre Pruvot) being the most famous example" [F&D503p7].

      It was at the beginning of the following school year 1992-1993 that Brigitte and Emmanuel are said to have met (Appendix A 10). After several variations, over the course of articles and books, it appears that we can settle on this version written by Sylvie Bommel in her book "He had just turned seventeen" in 2019 :

      He is in second grade. He starts a romance with his theater teacher, a married woman 24 years older than him. [...] Winter 1992-1993, the high school drama club had been in decline for several years. Brigitte Auzière did not hesitate to revive it. A dozen high school students are enrolled, including this boy she had seen at the ceremony of internship reports, Emmanuel Macron, who is in second grade like her daughter Laurence.

      Books from 2017, 2018, 1018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. The narrative of the Brigid legend is then stabilized.
      The authors of these books tried to pierce the opacity of the past life of the first lady, in vain.

      A real legend of prince and princess was embroidered by the communicators of the Elysee and disseminated on a large scale in the national press. In such a factory of lies one does not skimp on the exceptional, providential or emotional biographical details of the kind "She is 39 years old, he goes on his 15 years. She, a teacher admired by her students, spontaneous, direct, solar. He, gifted who knows everything about everything, looks like a poet. A few months of dating at the theater workshop, and the complicity turns into an idyll" [article from L'Obs, 23 May 2017].

      But the chronological and biological reality borders on the sordid. No Sleeping Beauty... In September 1992, the date of the declared beginning of their meeting, Emmanuel, born on December 21, 1977, was 14 years old, Jean-Michel, born on February 11, 1945, was 47 years old (they are 32 years and 10 months apart). Thus the princess of the Elysian farce approaches the half-century, with the outrages of time, contrary to the Sleeping Beauty that Prince Charming woke up from her sleep in her frail youth. For the sad Elysian idyll, it is clear that with such an advanced age of the princess, it will no longer be possible to ensure a numerous progeny in the service of the start-up nation.

      In 2017, Caroline Derrien and Candice Nedelec imagine: "Emmanuel is perfectly serious when he dares to undress his heart to his teacher". Can we believe that the teenager would have seduced the adult and would have declared his love for her?

      The private Jesuit high school La Providence in Amiens. In 1993, Emmanuel Macron played the scarecrow in the play "La comédie du langage" by Jean Tardieu (a premonitory title for a manipulator of lies and a premonitory role to which was added that of a puppet...). Brigitte Auzière, future Macron, French teacher, in class with another student and in front of her pupils. At this time in Amiens, there is no photo, nor video, where Emmanuel and Brigitte are on the same picture.

      There are quite a few photos on the Internet of Brigitte at the high school "La Providence", with other teachers or with students, often from the France 3 documentary "Brigitte Macron, un roman français". It is difficult to date them, as Brigitte practiced in this high school from 1991 to 2007. Xavier Poussard [F&D499p5] and Natacha Rey believe that during a certain period, Brigitte systematically wore a scarf around her neck, as if she were hiding the traces of an operation (Adam's apple...). See also this photo of tweet (or over-interpretation of restoration software ?).

      On the left 1st L class in 2000/2001. The photo on the right is obtained from the previous one by clearing the hair around the ears. In the photos from that time, Brigitte had a much smaller chest than in her post-2015 photos.

      Gaël Tchakaloff, author of the 2021 book "Tant qui'on est tous les deux" gives us a glimpse of Brigitte's character when we try to approach her secrets in a revealing article titled "Brigitte Macron very upset : she loses control in front of a journalist". Presentation of the author by a correspondent then extracts :

      The journalist Gaël Tchakaloff, born Lucile Gaël Buffet (1971) is a close friend of Brigitte Macron (dixit: calls her when she is not well. "she is a regular at the Élysée, wanders through the corridors, the offices, enters the madame wing (the private part) like a mill." She also wrote a book about her "duality" "Vacarme" (duality man-woman ?) (links : 1 2). Gaël is her middle name at the civil status, a mixed name, which is never neutral, because her mother wanted her to have "the freedom to be a girl or a boy, like George Sand". Strange to find this reference as Brigitte / Véronique does when talking in 1977 about Sand and Chopin who would be transexual.
      "When I told Brigitte Macron, by phone, of my desire to tell the relationship that the first lady has with the head of state, she reacted very badly," the journalist confided. She then added: "It hurt me. To the point of crying, sobbing, hiccuping." [...]
      In his book, Gaël Tchakaloff explains that the couple can not stand that we touch his intimacy and that this is the only subject that can truly upset Brigitte Macron. As recounted in the book, the latter had moreover indicated: "I do not want anyone to talk about us, I do not want our couple to be exposed". Writing this book was therefore no easy task.
      The author explained that she spent more time fighting for access to the presidential couple rather than writing. "As soon as it became known that I was writing a book, politics everywhere replaced friendship," she revealed before indicating  "I was constantly in the conflict of loyalty between friendship and writing."

      [photo Gwendoline Le Goff - BestImage]

  16. 1993-2007, the beginnings of the Brigitte-Emmanuel couple

      In May 2016, in the pages of Pop Story, according to the confidences of a close [F&D497p6] (what is the part of legend ?, the episode of the pool is also told when Emmanuel is studying in Paris) :

      At the Trogneux household, one is a thousand leagues away from imagining the vaudeville that was being played out in the family home where the couple met. Emmanuel took advantage of Jean-Claude Trogneux's [his older brother] absences to sneak up on Brigitte, who was basking by the family pool. And would run off into the bushes with his towel, as soon as he reappeared.

      [...] The confrontation will come, however, when the oldest sibling stumbles upon the couple in the garden. It is the starting point of many quarrels. [...] She will not manage to convince them of a necessity : the first lady can well ensure to have always perceived Emmanuel Macron as a contemporary, his relatives, them, measure at the time each of the twenty-four years that separate them

      In April 2017, Closer magazine gave Emmanuel Macron's mother a voice with this feature (link):

      Brigitte is the woman of his life, the one Emmanuel Macron met on the benches of high school. He was a student, she was his drama teacher. A transgressive love that will lead many years later to a marriage. But before reaching that point, the lovers had to face the wrath of Emmanuel Macron's parents, who did not look kindly on his romance with an older woman. Worried about the future of their beloved son, Mr. and Mrs. Macron even decided to abruptly remove him from his school in Amiens to "exile" in Paris. If since then, water has flowed under the bridge, Françoise Noguès, the mother of the former Minister of the Economy, has not forgotten the wounds of the past. She even decided to tell them to the journalist Anne Fulda in the book Emmanuel Macron, "Un jeune homme si parfait". In it, the mother of the family talks about the one who overshadowed her in the heart of her own son: the omnipresent Brigitte. In its new issue, on newsstands Friday, April 6, Closer explains why the relationship between the two women has not always been in the pink, far from it!

      In 2019, Sylvie Bommel, in her already quoted book "He had just turned seventeen", writes:

      On Rue Saint Simon, a neighbor of the Auzières, hiding behind her curtain, counts Emmanuel's comings and goings and decides that it is her duty to inform the management of La Providence. At least they sign the letter with his name. [...] During the presidential campaign, when it was indeed necessary to deliver some details on the circumstances of their meeting, the Macron couple did everything to ensure that the three fatal words "détournement de mineur" were never uttered.

      Renaud Dely and Marie Huret in their book "Les Macron du Touquet-Élysée-plage", published in 2020, talk about the reaction of the great-brother Jean-Claude Trogneux  "He especially dreads that Brigitte's affair with his student will splash the reputation of the Trogneux and will reflect on their business. He blames his sister, makes her feel guilty. He thinks he is her father". And that of the bishop of Amiens, Jacques Noyer, a close confidant of the family, remembering the hullabaloo that this relationship had caused in the city  "The petty bourgeoisie has said so much bad about Brigitte ! The Trogneux took a lot of it !" [article]. In January 2021, Hervé Algalarrondo published with Grasset (link) the book "Deux jeunesses françaises", of which here is, in part, the presentation and an extract :

      In the heart of Picardy, between Amiens and Vimeu, grow up two young boys that everything opposes. A few years apart, they do not attend the same schools, not the same streets, not the same parties. One has a neurologist father, and a wonderful French teacher, his grandmother known as "Manette". The other lives in a damaged house, far from everything, and dreams in words. Both will flee to the capital to fulfill their personal destiny, and make a name for themselves. Eddy Bellegueule becomes Edouard Louis, a famous novelist, translated all over the world, gay, very committed to the left, close to the sociologist Didier Eribon. Emmanuel Macron, Manu for his friends in Amiens, will be President of the Republic.

      "His French teacher Jeanne Verdier admitted to finding out that Emmanuel had exfiltrated to Paris in September and that his parents were close to filing a complaint."

      Once again, Xavier Poussard provides details [F&D497p9] :

      On April 26, 2017, an investigation by the "Daily Mail" [link] recounts the episode  "Jean-Michel Macron personally contacted the management of Henri IV to ask if they would accept his son with the guarantee that he would be separated from Madame Trogneux. The principal kept the family secret." In the same article, Patrice Benoît Delespierre, a journalist at the "Courrier Picard" recounts that "it was a huge scandal. In all honesty, they don't really like to talk about it. The whole thing embarrassed them enormously. His father Jean [Trogneux] was furious." And Christian Monjou, Emmanuel Macron's English teacher at Henri IV, explains that "his father had put him there to keep him away from this woman."

      Thus, when he reached his 17th birthday, Emmanuel was "exfiltrated" from Amiens where his relationship was deemed scandalous, to become a student at the prestigious Lycée Henri IV in Paris. These facts took time to be recognized. Thus, the newspaper Le Monde, self-proclaimed fighter of "fake news" or "infox" (including December 20, 2021 for the brigittegate, link), declared on October 28, 2012  "He married in 2007 a woman 20 years older than him, a French teacher and mother. He had met her in Amiens when he was in first grade, during a theater course". And also, a different version, on August 27, 2014  "Emmanuel Macron married Brigitte Trogneux, twenty years his senior, met when she was his French teacher in first grade at the Lycée Henri IV" [F&D497p4]. At the time, the legend minimized the age gap, 20 years instead of 24 (without being able to suspect yet 32) and aged Emmanuel's age at their first meeting, 17 years instead of 14, here in the class of première when it was in class of seconde. And Brigitte did not teach at Henri IV and was never Emmanuel's French teacher.

      Brigitte refused to reveal when the unlikely couple first became intimate, saying it was "our secret." [...] But Macron's parents, both doctors, are not impressed. They decided, however, not to file a complaint for "corruption of a minor" with the police. His mother Françoise confronted Brigitte and begged her to leave her son alone, at least until he turned 18. Brigitte told her she couldn't promise him anything. [article from the Daily Mail on April 27, 2017]

      Emmanuel high school student at Henri IV then student in an amphitheater. On the right Brigitte, perhaps at the Franklin high school
      (it is difficult to find a photo of her in this high school...)

      What happens next, him being in Paris, her in Amiens? In 2017, in a article in Gala dedicated to him, Tiphaine Auzière, explains :

      This is how Emmanuel Macron found himself in Paris at the age of 17 to complete his Terminale at the Lycée Henri-IV. In the evening, he returned alone to his maid's room, complaining about his parents' decision to keep him away from his girlfriend. Fortunately, during the weekend returns to Picardy, there are moments stolen from the world during which he clandestinely joins Brigitte Auzière in one of the properties of the Trogneux family in Amiens. So many moments when, despite the love of his parents, he breathes away from them, sometimes considering their decision to send him to Paris as a cruel injustice. A fact, added to the divorce of his parents, that one could suppose to be at the origin of the need for family blooming that Emmanuel Macron has since cultivated and that he has been able to set in motion with his bride. This is in short what Tiphaine Auzière, Brigitte Macron's youngest daughter, recalled to the microphone of Europe 1: "Even if we do not have many years apart, he has always made sure to pay attention to me, to the children.(...) He is my father-in-law, it is his place and as such is also a head of family. The family is something important to him, that's why he wanted to get married."

      First known photo of Brigitte and Emmanuel together, in 2006, at the wedding of a couple of friends [Paris Match 3547].

      The wedding on October 20, 2007 was preceded by Brigitte's divorce from André-Louis Auzière on January 26, 2006 and Brigitte's move to Paris for the 2007/2008 school year. She left La Providence in Amiens to become a French teacher at the very prestigious Lycée Saint Louis de Gonzague, also called Franklin. She would remain there until 2014/2015, teaching "de la haute" students, including children of Bernard Arnault, Renaud Dutreuil, Jacques Attali, who would later become strong supporters of Emmanuel Macron. As for the wedding, in Touquet-Paris-Plage, this is how Xavier Poussard tells it [F&D497p8] :

      Everything is strange in the images of the wedding broadcast in "La stratégie du météore" [France 3 documentary, November 21, 2016, five days after the declaration of candidacy for the presidential election], from this sleeveless and particularly short dress worn by "Brigitte", to Emmanuel Macron's pink tie, not to mention the wedding cake evoking the horns of a Baphomet. If Emmanuel Macron's witnesses are well known, his fellow student at Science-Po Paris Marc Ferracci and his patron Henry Hermand, the wedding witnesses of "Brigitte", presented simply as childhood friends, remain unknown. Strangely, this marriage does not appear in "Les Echos du Touquet" which only mention a baptism as an activity of the town hall this October 20, 2007...

      Image excerpted from a >>>video>>> 2 min 13 min marriage
      broadcast on FR3 (the one just above is from that too).

      In 2007 gay marriage was banned and sex change was highly restricted. These issues are taken up later, in Chapter 30 part 3. However, it is not only Jean-Michel's sex change that should invalidate this union. For him, it is a remarriage. His first marriage, with Veronique Dreux, dates from 1980 (divorce in 1987). But, if a first marriage is evoked at the ceremony, it is another, that of 1974 (divorce in 2006), where he was the witness of the bride. Unlike 1974, there are no photos with the parents, who seem to be absent, as in 1980). Are they only mentioned on the announcement (they were in 1980)? Did they refuse to participate in an illegal act? Diabolical, even ?

      Baphomet is a "transgender creature, transformed into a liberator of women," link.
      On the Internet, Jean-Michel/Brigitte is sometimes referred to as "Baphomet" (by Webcraft at the end of Appendix A 18).

  17. The family where Emmanuel Macron grew up

      Emmanuel Macron is the son of Jean-Michel Macron, born in 1951 in Vouël, Aisne, a doctor and professor of neurology at the CHU in Amiens, and Françoise Noguès, born in 1950 in Poix-de-Picardie, a doctor of medicine, a medical adviser to the Social Security. They were married around 1976 and divorced around 2010.

      Genealogical record of Emmanuel's father, according to Généanet (l'arbre and another tree whose information
      are more complete on the descendants), with the addition of an overlay of the photo of Emmanuel's parents in 2017 at the investiture
      at the Elysee Palace. Below is the fiche of Françoise Noguès on the  Geneanet database:

      Not counting a possible stillborn older sister (see Appendix A 21), Emmanuel thus has a brother Laurent and a sister Estelle apparently born in 1979 and 1984. As he became famous, Laurent didn't want to hear about him, saying he was a "vague cousin," before making some contact (link). Estelle could be even more distant, because of this anecdote told by Xavier Poussard [F&D500p2] :

      While investigating the "green years" of Emmanuel Macron, as part of his investigation "Two French youths", the journalist Hervé Algalarrondo came up empty at every step  "That's when I think I have "the right idea, address Brigitte. [...] She is the one who manages relations with the Macron family. A Bigourdan elected official told me his surprise, during a visit of the president to Bagnères. Out of kindness, he had asked her about her sister, Estelle, who lives not far away. Emmanuel Macron turned to Brigitte to know what to answer."

      According to the official biography, it was at his grandmother's house, Germaine Noguès born Arribet in 1916 in Tarbes, then living in Amiens a few blocks from his parents' house, that Emmanuel Macron would have spent most of his childhood. Here, on Généanet, the fiche of Manette in the state of January 2022, except for the photo added since then, with important new comments to the glory of Emmanuel Macron (example : the paragraph titled "At Bagnères, all praise indeed his simplicity, his naturalness, but also his values)  :

      The birth certificate of Marie Louise Germaine Arribet, usually called Germaine or Manette, on October 5, 1916, confirms her death in Amiens on April 13, 2013, and reports her marriage on January 10, 1939, in Amiens to Jean Gabriel Noguès. The latter was born on March 15, 1914 in Florensac in the Hérault (act). He died on December 14, 2002 in Amiens (fiche). Complements on Manette in Appendix A 14.

      But, as with Brigitte's legendary biography, digging deeper, the reality looks different. Xavier Poussard [F&D500p2] :

      The "Manette" character has several uses. First, it essentially helps explain the absence of photos and memories of Emmanuel Macron  "So I spent my childhood in books, a little out of the world. It was a still life" (Revolution). Although he never officially lived in her house, Emmanuel Macron sows doubt [...]. This account of a "grandmother whose background is like a perfect Epinal image in order to illustrate the republican rise of a daughter of the people" ("A young man so perfect", Anne Fulda, Plon 2017) served, at first, to reassure François Hollande and the Socialists that "Emmanuel is of the left". Did the "Maman Ninie" of the Mitterrandian gesture inspire communicators to the role assigned to "Manette" ?

      [...]Anne Fulda briefly touched on the possibility that Emmanuel Macron "nearly got adopted by his grandmother," "goddess of his enchanted world," "Queen of his childhood and even of his adult life.

      Emmanuel's father "assures us that contact between him and his son is kept to a very strict minimum. Barely three or four phone calls a year. And then that's it. Jean-Michel Macron assures that these minimum links, as well as those very limited with his mother, brother and sister sadden them" (link). Xavier Poussard [F&D500p4]:

      At first glance, the real mystery remains the near absence of shots of Emmanuel during his childhood. A childhood that takes place, however, in the 1980s and 1990s, a time of massive democratization of photography and family film, the golden age of the Polaroid, the camcorder, endless slide sessions and voluminous photo albums.

      [...] Emmanuel Macron is said to have insisted on being baptized at the age of 12 in the chapel of La Providence High School [link]. [...] In any case, it is surprising, to say the least, that the first shots of Emmanuel Macron's "official legend" are these three photos taken in the school (and not family) setting, a series dated from his 5th grade year, that is, from the year 1989-1990, that is to say, twelve years after his birth.

      The first photos of Emmanuel Macron's "legend" (link). On the left, in 1990, the baptism (noted "confirmation of communion").
      Center, excerpt from a trombinoscope of the fifth grade class in 1990. At right, in the same class.

      The obscurity of the childhood of the very luminous President of the Republic alerted Xavier Poussard and led him to wonder about his family. Some of his early questions have since lost their value. In January 2022, I quoted him [F&D500p5] and commented thus :

      If he exaggerates, in my opinion, to consider that Jean-Michel Macron, the father, is a ghost (even if he has opacities), Xavier Poussard puts his finger on a new character who could be fictional : Jean-Michel Noguès. However, he exists, above, on the genealogical file of Manette. He is the brother of Françoise Noguès, Emmanuel's mother, and married to "Lucette N". He is especially supposed to be very close to the twelve-year-old baptized, since he is his godfather (the godmother is Manette's grandmother). Before questioning his existence, Xavier Poussard found some other available information : "Born in 1940 and died in 2006, Jean-Michel Noguès would have become "only" a general practitioner "because of a troubled youth" (Deux jeunesses françaises). A little light for an uncle to whom Emmanuel would have given enough importance to make him his late godfather..." [F&D500p5]. Whether Emmanuel got his middle name from his father or his godfather is incidental, the question is about the existence of the godfather so presented. And this induces another question  "Could this godfather Jean-Michel be Jean-Michel Trogneux ?". At this stage of our knowledge, nothing confirms it, nothing invalidates it.
      Doubts invalidated

      In early March, the existence of Jean-Michel Noguès was confirmed, as explained in Appendix A 13. Born in 1940, he was, as mentioned above, a doctor, died in 2006, he had married Lucette Duponchel, with whom he had two children, Isabel and Florence, in 1969 and 1971.

  18. Emmanuel Macron and homosexuality

    Issue 499 of "Facts & Documents" has a chapter entitled "Macron and Homosexuality", a topic covered in two pages with the first of those below as an illustration. Xavier Poussard begins by revealing the background of a rumor that, at the time, had a fairly widespread media echo, while the brigittegate more than a month after its revelation still remains hushed up. This shows that the media knows how to relay fabricated rumors and to keep quiet carefully constructed files. The rumor will run from mid-2016, Macron is still Minister of Economy, until early 2017, when he is a candidate for President of the Republic. From then on, the press puts the mute on this below-the-belt subject, or more precisely the big press bosses sound the call to bring the journalistic troops back into line to unanimously ensure the moral respectability of the candidate of their choice. In contrast, Francois Fillon the most threatening rival candidate has served as an outlet to satisfy the stipendiary journalists' need for free speech.

    In fact, it is essentially from the receptions organized at Bercy by the Macrons that the Mathieu Gallet [CEO of Radio-France, with whom he is said to have a romantic relationship] rumor has been spread. [...] This is probably the most blatant known example of the assumed perversity of this couple operating as a well-honed acting duo  "Every dinner at Bercy is an opportunity for Emmanuel and Brigitte to address the issue in front of their guests. "You know, they say that Emmanuel is homosexual... but it's totally false!" says Brigitte Macron who seems particularly affected. [...] For his part, when he receives editorialists or press bosses in private to prepare for his flight, Macron never forgets to mention "the rumor" in these political conciliabula. It is stronger than he : he is obliged to talk about it. [...] This obsession with denial, in a private setting, ends up being counterproductive, because it revives the rumor even more.

    [...] A former member of the Macron campaign would later confide  "we knowingly relayed the story about Mathieu Gallet" (quoted by Marc Endeweld in "Le grand manipulateur", Stock 2019). A counter-fire in short.

    The buzz during the election campaign, February 2017, Closer (link) and France-Dimanche.
    After the election, in September 2017, a photo montage on the cover of Garçon Magazine (link).

    In hindsight, this provoked rumor had a numbing effect on the media, which considered it a true rumor based on a false reality. When, five years later, they are told that a new rumor turns Brigitte into a man, the effect of repetition prevails and does not invite to consider that it is a solid case...

    Let's return to Xavier Poussard's chapter. He emphasizes that, for his entourage, Emmanuel has "a sexual side". Jean-Baptiste de Froment, his fellow student at the Lycée Henri IV, assures us that he "didn't give the feeling of being interested in girls". And, for a socialist elected official, "he doesn't look more at men". Only the love of Brigitte seems to count. It also reveals that "Alexis du Réau de la Gaignonnière told in several videos posted on Youtube openly, how in 2013, during one of these private swingers parties prized by the "zealots" (politicians, lawyers, businessmen, show business, etc.) to which he was invited as an actor of pornographic films, he would have "sodomized" Emmanuel Macron."

    A >>>video>>> reuniting three sequences in 4:30 minutes was released in early January 2021. It turns out to be amazing. Even supposing that Alexis is affabulating for the sake of gallivanting, the fact remains that he has a formidable talent for guessing in 2017, to make Nostradamus jealous. He had discovered (alone or with others...) the true nature of Emmanuel. Here is the full transcript (so in spoken language) of this video:

    [sequence 1, in a stationary car, early 2017, before the election]
    The one we absolutely must not let pass is Emmanuel Macron. He's the candidate of finance, a former Rothschild banker so it still reeks of conflict of interest. Frankly, I wouldn't vote for a guy like that. Besides, people leave his meetings in the middle of them because it's really crap. On top of that, he puts black curtains to hide the empty seats. The guy, he's good at selling wind, and frankly... I knew him, it was in 2013, it was when I was in the porn industry and I was invited to private parties, private orgies, and I had the opportunity, so I know that this guy is bi... So I had the opportunity to sleep with him and, uh, it was a threesome, but that's not the point actually. The point is that when you see him in private, when you've talked to him, you realize that he's a real scumbag. You really realize how much contempt this guy has for people, it's really... but... phenomenal. Afterwards, I can tell you that I had the chance, I'm one... maybe not the only one, but one of the Frenchmen who had the privilege to put him in the ass, ah yes, and that is priceless. There are some things you can't buy.

    [sequence 2, in a garden, a half empty bottle in hand, just after the 2nd round of the election, May 7, 2017]
    Hello everyone, it's Alexis, well hey I drowned my sorrows in alcohol. That's it, today, I can say it  I fucked the president. Yes, Macron... Well, no, joking aside, those of you who voted for Macron, you're really idiots, because now you're going to have him up your ass for five years. I, at least, have the merit of having fucked him in the swingers' parties. It doesn't matter, we're still going to get it in the ass... It's not for lack of warning, I can tell you that in the months and years to come... Don't come and complain, it's not worth it, frankly, I'm telling you this very sincerely, from the heart. If I voted Marine Le Pen, it was precisely to counter this guy. You will realize in the months to come that this guy is crazy. You're going to have a lot of demonstrations, that's it, too bad for you. It's too bad for you. And those who are going to lose their jobs and who voted for Macron, I won't come to pity you either. And there you will regret and say "Well shit, if we had known...". You followed the media propaganda, that's it.... But I think most people are sheep and apparently that's not going to change. That, you have to digest, I'm going to finish my bottle, bye...

    [sequence 3, earlier or later, in the same car, driving]
    I met an actress who frequented private libertine parties. They weren't parties where you pay, you go in, they were parties with rich people.... there are lawyers, businessmen, showbiz people, who come to these kinds of parties. There are some who pay for this kind of party, I was invited. It was this actress who let me in because she knew the owners. And so she introduced me to this kind of environment. You have to know that in this kind of place, I have seen some famous people, even ministers, people in the assembly, from the right and the left and I can tell you that politics is a joke because they make believe on TV that they are fighting, that they hate each other, that they don't agree and all that, but in reality you see them fucking together. So they're fucking together and they're talking business together, so it's a little bit contradictory.

    Above, Alexis du Réau in each of the three sequences from 2017. Defense Council at the Elysee [drawing diverted from "The Duck Year 2021"]. He also directed a >>>video>> of 27 min 19 "Brigitte Macron live" with a yellow wig (opposite), where he states (at 21 min 55) : "Did you know that Brigitte is a trans?".

    Under the copyright "Réau Alexis/SIPA", we find Alexis photographer in a report of "L'Obs" (link) on the party organized by Brigitte at La Rotonde, a famous Parisian brewery, on the evening of the 1st round, Sunday, April 23, 2017. He makes photos 3, 4, 5, 8 of a 14 photo slideshow. Here three extracts.

    After their wedding cake in the shape of a giant phallus with devil horns, the Elysian couple has repeatedly had amazing attitudes, including hosting DJ Kiddy Smile's tranny and trans group at the Elysée (link). Aunt Yvonne must have been turning in her grave... Less surprising is the long friendship between the Amiens-based Brigitte and Michou, born Michel Catty in 1931 in Amiens, openly homosexual, died in 2020, famous director of a theater in Paris (link).

  19. Dangerous psycho runs France

      Below is a transcript from (link) of a >>>video>>> 9 min. talk by Professor Adriano Segatori, an Italian psychiatrist and psychotherapist, dated May 3, 2017. Like Alexis du Réau, he shows there beautiful qualities of diviner... I also had indirect knowledge of a French psychologist who has similar conclusions. Here is how Emmanuel Macron is a "particularly dangerous psychopath" :

      My analysis of Emmanuel Macron comes from both the images I have in my possession and the biography the candidate claims to have. The young Emmanuel Macron at the age of 15 suffered a serious sexual assault via his teacher who at the time was 39 years old. Instead of the rosy vision of this union that could be defined as a repairing marriage (to repair the rape), I see in it rather the fact that Emmanuel Macron's development was prematurely blocked in the middle of his adolescence because of a seduction operation both psychic and physical. What happened was to go beyond a taboo and to go beyond a limit at the same time. The limit even that prescribes the taboo. So the first passage was the conviction that everything was allowed.

      Naturally this feeling of omnipotence took place within the good bourgeois society of Amiens in the North of France. If this union had taken place in a proletarian social environment, this environment that Emmanuel Macron deeply despises, well Emmanuel Macron would have been destroyed and would be followed by the social services and Brigitte Macron would be in jail. This is the sad truth. We are facing a pedophile type problem.

      Once the limits of the taboo were exceeded, it happened that the idea of omnipotence proper to each child was subsequently encouraged. Until exceeding an own overlap of the reality that, reinforced by intellectual advantages, make him extrapolate his own personal limits. The paradox is that it seems pathologically normal, but we are in the middle of narcissism. Since his youth, Macron has nourished an extraordinary ambition. He needs the gaze and admiration of others to compensate for his inferiority complex. So we are faced with 3 paradigms that define a certain type of personality :
      • The idea that there are no limits.
      • A sense of omnipotence from childhood but even more present in adulthood.
      • A narcissism that it is not forbidden to define as malicious.

      What do these 3 paradigms structure? It structures what we call a psychopathy because we are confronted with an individual, Emmanuel Macron, who as a psychic organization is perfectly definable as a psychopath.

      The word " psychopath " is not an insult. A great American analyst, Nancy Mac Williams, explains verbatim that a psychopath can reach the highest levels of the American administration. So the psychopath can of course be a deviant but if he is well organized from a cultural, social, etc. point of view, he can also reach the top of the elite in the fields of politics, finance, which is the case in the profile studied.

      The psychopathic personality is characterized by an infinite number of items, let's say reference points for example:
      • A fascination with the superficial.
      • The capacity for attraction.
      • The discomfort in confrontation.

      What we see well in Macron's fits of hysteria at the moment when admiration pales and highlights the weaknesses of his identity. This hysteria is characterized by his interest in theatrical stagings that do not fail to recall, disturbing coincidence, his personal history with his teacher who taught theater. The psychopath is not trustworthy but succeeds in convincing his interlocutor through the fascination he exerts. He has no remorse. When Macron talks about the poor or insults the proletarians of the North by reducing them to smokers and alcoholics, when Macron denigrates women by reducing them to the rank of ignoramuses we return to the discourse perfectly explained by Jacques Lacan. For he believes in what he says and cannot help but express it.

      So Macron defends himself by changing the meaning of his statements but without ever expressing remorse because he never feels guilt. So what is the problem from a psychiatric point of view? How dangerous is the character? I answer that there is no doubt about it: Emmanuel Macron, like all psychopaths is particularly dangerous.

      A specialized American intellectual, let's call it "well-integrated disturbances" among notables said verbatim : " serial killers destroy families while psychopaths in office at the top of politics and economy ruin societies. " Why is Macron dangerous? He is dangerous because :
      • Like all psychopaths Macron has a high opinion of himself.
      • Macron does not love France and does not fight for the people of France.
      • Macron loves himself immensely and is struggling to maintain the fragile identity.

      The conflict with Marine Le Pen is not for him a conflict only of political level. He can not accept that a woman, the Marianne, the representative of France is his antagonism. He needs a nurturing mother. Any other relationship with a woman becomes difficult to assume. So this fragility is very dangerous because like all psychopaths who work only for themselves and who consider others for his own greatness underlines in this case to which point of danger is currently a country like France facing a candidate of this kind.

      "Jupiter's" sense of omnipotence upon taking office, in front of the Louvre pyramid on May 7, 2017 (link). In hindsight, the slogan "Ensemble la France" is revealing of a character with an asserted psychopathological profile, who has not hesitated, in a crisis situation, to impose segregationist measures hitting millions of French people in their daily lives, even assuming that he wants to fuck them up to the end !

      Nothing surprising that, throughout the Macronian quinquennium, this pathological character is noted and denounced forcefully by many people. Thus, in August 2018, Guy Millière, on a page of : "There are in Emmanuel Macron the dimensions of a being ready to do anything to achieve his ends[...]Living in full view of everyone with his drama teacher and knowing that he will have no children and no future (no future, the punks used to say) can make him a modern-day Nero. Where will France be in four years? I leave the question open. I prefer not to give him an answer". September 19, 2019, comedian Christophe Alévêque  "Macron inspires me enormously. I summarize this man in one sentence : "what's the point of being so brilliant if it's to light up your ass ?" For me, this guy is unbalanced. I say it on stage. [He's a psychopath. We are led by a big sick man" (link). And Eudoxe de France, on the site "Le libre penseur", on January 5, 2022 (link), draws up a very partial, but so revealing assessment of the mental state of the President of the Republic, with the title "A psychopath at the Elysée" and with for illustration the one taken up below, to close the quinquennium in the opposite way of its opening :

      "The unvaccinated, I really want to fuck with them. And so we're going to keep doing it, all the way. That's the strategy". Signed Emmanuel Macron. The most fanatical Macronist defenders will cry that this is fake news. Well no, it comes from the Parisien dated January 4, 2022 taken up by the AFP, then in all newspapers and is running at full speed on social networks. The new year starts well. Yes, by this statement Emmanuel Macron, has insulted millions of French people by annoying them. This has not failed to cause a general outcry, whether from political parties or well on the internet.

      We have never seen a president of the Republic who has so divided, fractured the people, treating them with a rare contempt. We remember his invective about "those who are nothing", "the illiterate", "the lazy", and "the Gauls resistant to change". But even more seriously, we are concerned about the mental health of the President of the Republic. For to hurl such insults, especially when one is head of state and has responsibility for nearly 68 million French people, one must be totally politically suicidal, or suffering from a serious pathology.

      This is why many Internet users are seriously asking the question: is Emmanuel Macron suffering from psychosis? The hashtag #Macronisunpsychopathe has also appeared on Twitter after these statements. If he is not, he has many of the characteristics. Psychosis is defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychiatry (DSM) 4 and 5 as an antisocial personality disorder that relies on antisocial behaviors resulting in "a pattern of disregard and transgression of the rights of others that occurs since the age of 15 years" that can be associated with at least 3 manifestations below :
      • Inability to conform to laws and social norms.
      • Tendency to deceive for profit or pleasure
      • Impulsivity or inability to plan ahead
      • Irritability or aggressiveness
      • Unthinking disregard for one's own safety or the safety of others
      • Persistent irresponsibility
      • Absence of remorse.

      Furthermore, the profile of the psychopath is presented as "an arrogant, manipulative, insensitive, seductive, dominant and fearless person". Our national pimple fits that definition well. What are the deputies and senators waiting for to start the impeachment procedure immediately? What are the police doing? He must leave as soon as possible, this man and his government are a danger, a disturbance of the public order that the French will not support 5 more years. It remains to be seen how Macron's supporters, the Marcheurs (hey guys Winter is coming!), as well as the staunch covidists, will come up with ideas to continue defending the indefensible. Good luck with that. Our solution is a psychiatric diagnosis and probably a straitjacket.

      April 29. Professor Adriano Segatori recorded a second >>video>>> of 11:27 minutes in 2022. France-Soir published an article on April 28, with excerpts, which ends  below:

      In his second video, Adriano Segatori repeats that "Macron has no morals", that he is a "predator" who must successfully immobilize a prey. Symbolically, this can be France, or the French... which he is rightly warning. According to him, a being endowed with reason should be afraid when a president declares, "We will limit access to social life for the non-vaccinated." Those who do not go in "the direction of good", in other words the Yellow Vests, the non-vaccinated or even the anti-sanitary passes, seem to be his adversaries, his prey. Emmanuel Macron pursues a goal without bothering with moral and ethical considerations and crushes those who do not adhere to his policy.

      A France 3 news report picked up this sign with the word "degree" erased (photos, link).

      July 4. In a speech delivered in Saintes on June 23, Jean-Dominique Michel elaborates on Emmanuel Macron's psychopathy and sociopathy. "A successful lie is worth the truth," "If it allows the other person to believe it and if it allows me to crush him, it will have served its purpose." >>>Video>>> of 14:39.

      September 5. Covid is forgotten in the population. Who remembers that a year ago, we were in the middle of apartheid, the masks on the nose, the media, then as much psychopaths as Macron, preparing us to face the next terrible wave ? Yet there were fewer hospitalized Covid than now (graph).

      Photographs by Liewig Christian (Abaca), Christophe Archambault (AFP), Cyril Dodergny and Ludovic Marin (AFP).

  20. A "legend" riddled with lies for diligent media

      When he begins the first of his six issues of the Brigitte Macron dossier (the first five will come out in a flurry in October 2021), Xavier Poussard knows that he is setting out into the unknown, "in a breathless thriller." He knows that "the Macronian gesture slips away, events cancel each other out, and in doing so, leave unknown areas populated by enigmas and ghostly characters". We saw that in the fifth of his six issues, with the help of Natacha Rey, he finds the key that allows the transformation of the father of the family Jean-Michel into the mother of the family Brigitte thanks to the discovery of the biological mother of the three children, then probable, since questioned (Chapter 10). The puzzle then takes shape and the continuation of the investigation will strengthen the overall vision, even if there are still many missing pieces.

      The date of birth of "Brigitte"
      Remember that before being given precisely in May 2016, the date of birth of "Brigitte", was commonly located at "the late 1950s". We reported the birth of a Brigitte Trogneux in the civil status of the "Courrier Picard" of April 14, 1953 (not April 13, 1953, the generally accepted date), a civil status published in the April 15, 1953 edition of this local daily newspaper in which there was also a birth announcement for Brigitte Trogneux (reproduced in F&D #500).
      It had escaped us that a first announcement had been published in the previous day's edition (April 14, 1953), but that this birth was not mentioned in the civil status of April 13, 1953. Strangely, this first announcement omits one of Brigitte's sisters, Monique Trogneux.
      If it is surprising to say the least that a birth can give rise to two different announcements, let us stress that these documents are subject to caution. Indeed, if on an extremely reduced set of documents (in this case the one attesting the existence of a Brigitte Trogneux born on April 13, 1953), we already find a significant number of forgeries (false testimonies, false wedding announcements, false pictures of "Brigitte" child, etc.. ), doubting the authenticity of the rest of the documents in the file becomes a methodological imperative, which is indeed the difficulty of this investigation where it is a matter of disentangling the true from the false and not of "believing" or "not believing".
      Facts & Documents No. 503 of January 2022. On this birth and the other announcement, see also Chapter 28.

      I have not enumerated the successive known lies of the two legends, that of Brigitte and that of Emmanuel. Two legends that are only one, that of the couple, so much there is concordance. Surprisingly, both of them become clearer around 1992 with what is presented to us as their first meeting. Xavier Poussard [F&D497p4] :
      Constituting one of the most explosive episodes in the biography of Emmanuel Macron, his meeting with "Brigitte" was placed at the center of the Macronian gesture by the "spin doctors". A way to take the lead and control this narrative to make it gradually swallow the French. Declination of the fable of the frog [in a water bath] to modern propaganda techniques, this strategy involved changing the story by small touches and therefore lying by playing as often on the chronology of the facts.

      Although it has since been identified, this large-scale media manipulation left behind a foggy layer in the minds of the general public, allowing for the subliminal acceptance of a story that could never have been accepted if it had been made clear from the start.

      Before 1992, there are no photos of each of them, no factual elements to support the legendary story we are told, this correspondence is troubling. If the darkness is so strong before, isn't it to hide what happened there?

      Before 2017, the lies and concealments were rather cobbled together, oral in scope, like the CAPES in French that Brigitte would not have had or the master's degree on Machiavelli that Emmanuel did not obtain. Parallel lies. Parallel coups de piston too, like Brigitte being propelled as a teacher at the prestigious Franklin high school even though she doesn't have the required diplomas and like Emmanuel being exempted from the mandatory procedure of being placed on leave from the civil service when he joins the Rothschild bank, "unprecedented." Who is behind them ? Who supported this couple in their conquest of the Elysée ? We know some French names like Bernard Arnault, but there are others, also abroad. Those who knew what makes both the strength and the fragility of this couple, they were more or less aware of their hidden history, they had a very strong means of pressure to transform the duo into puppets.

      The Macron puppet as seen by Lutte Ouvrière (link), the site "Les moutons rebelles" (link) and JERC (link).

      This impression of a puppet Macron, executing decisions made outside of France, harming France, was felt on several occasions. Notably for the sale of Alstom (link), the sale of Alcatel (link), the submission to Big Pharma in the Covid crisis (we come back to this in the next chapter) and the appalling digging of the debt ("unprecedented", link). And, in retrospect, certain behaviors can find an explanation, such as Alexandre Benalla's confidence in believing in his impunity. And of course the McKinsey affair (Appendix C 13).

      After 2017, the couple benefited from the resources of the French state. False documents may have been outright fabricated, some contradictory to cover their tracks. And we don't know everything that was erased... We do not know the extent, it is possible that it is not important, only "surgical"...

      Everyone imagines the puppet showers, there are suspicions (above center, Patrick Drahi, Jacob Rothschild, Jacques Attali)... Isn't the first manipulator Brigitte? So, according to a phenomenon of transitivity, who manipulates Jean-Brigitte? First of all, those who know his heavy past and helped him to climb the ladder...

      The media ensure the staging and support the official version of the Elysian characters, but, of course, they are not the string-pullers, the ones who decide, as described in the image opposite [from, with regard to the words of psychologist Adriano Segatori presented in the previous chapter, link]. The media have owners, here presented, and, as a result, journalists also flail around with a status of television puppets. The press bosses are the real machinists behind the scenes. However the image is correct, the Invisible Hand is indeed that of capital, the French billionaires with their media empire. Thus in the hierarchy Macron is effectively the Pinocchio of the political farce through the distorting mirror of the press. No one is fooled, in other words, the major French media are in the hands of very few large groups, which facilitates manipulation and silencing. A few details: SFR for Patrick Drahi, LVMH for Bernard Arnault, whose son-in-law is Xavier Niel, co-owner of the newspaper "Le Monde", who declared in 2011 "When journalists piss me off, I take a stake in their duck and afterwards they leave me alone" (link).

      For the title of this chapter, I hesitated in the qualifier to attribute to the media  diligent, indigent, servile, complicit... There are all of these. Serge Halimi spoke of "reverent journalism".

      Brigittegate illustrates their herd behavior. First complete silence from mid-October to mid-December 2021. Then a few denials, including one from Liberation on December 15 (link). And then, on December 20 it's an avalanche of articles, Le Monde ("The episode reveals the media world's dread that the presidential election could be parasitized by infamous conspiracy theories"), there wasn't so much precaution in 2017 for the case, however less serious, of François Fillon), Le Figaro, all start denouncing the odious rumor, which results in clogging up the search engines, which, at the top of the references, present plenty of articles that say the same thing. Since then, we have returned to the omerta. As for the Canard Enchaîné and Médiapart, they stick their heads in the sand, see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing... They don't even ask a few questions, like "Where is Jean-Michel ?, Let's get it over with...") They too now seem manipulated (Médiapart even publishes AFP dispatches...). Will it be necessary for the information to break through abroad first ?

      On the left, a case of the lie factory, and its denunciation. Macron has increased the pressure on the hospital and weakened it with the non-renewal of strategic stocks of masks, with budget cuts and bed cuts, even during the health crisis of 2020, with the exclusion of staff in July 2021 (vaccine obligation). He is therefore the first responsible for the hospital crisis of late 2021 and he blamed the non-vaccinated !

      Right, a case of covering up the lie, and exposing it. The lies follow one another, but, discreetly, Macron tries to erase some of them to better persevere in his flight forward.

  21. Macron the pain in the ass sets up an apartheid in France

      What lies, what cover-ups, what propaganda in this international crisis of the Covid-19  coronavirus! It is a context in which the Macron couple could only move with ease... France was indeed one of the most active elements with the United States, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Australia and some other so-called rich countries. Beginning in early 2019, what is considered a pandemic has disrupted the lives of some countries, including those just mentioned. However, others have hardly been affected, they are even numerous in Africa and Asia, in so-called poor countries that are supposed to have less health protection. What a paradox... Let's stick to the official figures and consider the graph below (from the site presenting the cumulative number of deaths from Covid reduced to one million inhabitants so that it is independent of the total population of each country :

      The situation in mid-January 2022 is confirmed, as an inset graph, by the situation in late April 2022
      (article), with an additional graph showing the ineffectiveness of sanitary passes (article).

      At close examination, this graph, a record of two years of Covid, reveals things that are essential to understanding what has happened. In contrast to the political/media statements, it shows :
      • the success of early treatment, whether for countries that have used it since the beginning, Madagascar with artemisia, Senegal with hydroxychloroquine/azithromycin advocated by Prof Didier Raoult or with ivermectin starting in September 2021 for India (except for a few states), Japan, Bangladesh and Indonesia. Which major media in France announced this essential information? None. Almost two billion people in these last four countries have been rid of Covid in one or two months because they have adopted the ivermectin treatment and almost nobody knows about it in France. Since the beginning of the Covid crisis, few parliamentarians have denounced the senseless accumulation of lies and unspoken words (Martine Wonner, Alain Houppert...). For each of the countries just mentioned (except the few states in India that have not adopted ivermectin), there are currently zero Covid deaths.
      • the failure of vaxxins (I don't write vaccines, since their definition has changed to include messenger RNA and adenovirus injections, one can be anti-vaxxin and pro-vaccine, by the way, last July I had my tetanus vaccine booster etc.). Indeed, now look at the other countries, not only did they all have many more deaths, but, see on the far right the profile of each curve, it is rising, they still have, in January 2022 deaths every day.
      • the failure of containments, masks, curfews, sanitary passes and other constraints. The example of Sweden shows this on this graph and it could be observed on other countries. We can estimate that constraints or not, the virus acts, so we might as well do like Sweden rather than piss off the citizens as Macron likes to do.

      Since the lethality of the virus depends on the territories and the application, or not, of early treatments, it can be estimated that this pandemic is not one. It was largely manufactured by the banning of these treatments, the evidence is beginning to mount (link). There has similarly been a global manipulation of PCR testing causing "epidemics of positive cases" with a large proportion of people not sick at all or with some mild cold symptoms. This has cost, as of the end of 2021, nearly 16 billion euros to French social security (article). The paranoia of rich countries across the planet has brought us into a kind of third world war of a new, orwellian type. I describe it on this Covid page nearby, I also show the danger of vaxxins passed over in silence by the media but the seriousness of which is clear from pharmacovilance and the increase in some deaths in young people, especially by heart attack.

      I come to the apartheid declared by the Macron couple on July 12, 2021 and introduced in a progressive manner. In this month of January 2022, the "health pass" becomes "vaccine pass". It's a bit technical : before a non-vaxxed, hated as antivax, could go to a restaurant or movie or travel far away showing a negative Covid test, now he can't. And I'm not talking about the other constraints, wearing a mask that serves almost no purpose inside (except for the caregivers) and no purpose at all outside (link), having to wait in line outside to enter a store etc. The worst was for the nursing staff forced as early as July to be vaxxed while it was in this profession that there was the best awareness of the danger of piquouzes. The Larousse defines apartheid, a word of French origin ("apartheid" for the Huguenots, link), thus : "Discrimination, or even exclusion, of a part of the population, which does not have the same rights, places of residence or jobs as the rest of the community" (link). This hadn't happened in France since 1942 for the Jews (enforcement measures) under Philippe Pétain and since 1685, the revocation of the Edict of Nantes for Huguenot Protestants under Louis XIV. I never thought I would live through this...

      Faced with this kind of historic event, everyone reacts in their own way. From March 2020 to July 2021, I had experienced the Covid crisis passively, like everyone else, a bit lost for the first four weeks of confinement, then well aware of what was happening after that. Also, in late April 2020, someone very close to me had caught Covid (in its most severe variant) and had done very well being treated with the early treatment of ivermectin combined with azithromycin. Luckily, her doctor had caught Covid a little earlier, studied it and found a solution. As Dr Raoult had found another one which could have been applied in France in the same way as it was in Senegal, and for a low cost, without fattening Big Pharma. In that month of July, I also knew the dangers of vaxxin. Two people around me had had serious side effects, whereas I only knew of two Covid patients with serious effects (in all cases without hospitalization). Anyway, on July 26 I answered the call of the July 22 collective Reinfocovid and Doctor Louis Fouché. I did what I know how to do, I opened on my site the neighboring page titled "Covid-19 Paranoia Diary" which I feed every day or so. And one thing led to another and here I am.

      (table expanded on this next page)
      The figures of the Resistance, as seen from France with a few people outside the hexagon. I gather them here after browsing my page Covid nearby where they are quoted in link with articles or videos or tweets. Here they are in alphabetical order with a link to an article dedicated to them, it's a way to travel in this endless Covid crisis that we could have lived, in another time (or another country), like the Hong Kong flu (1968/1970), but we are now ruled by psychopaths wanting to control the population... I could have listed Pierre Barnérias, but I haven't seen his films "Hold-up and "Hold-on" (of which I have seen the trailer)... As for the opposing plotters, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and others, they are not forgotten on my Covid page, here I don't want to go off topic, but I wanted to pay tribute to these fighters, thank you to these brave ones, regretting of course to have missed many others... (including Lionel Labosse who had it all figured out on July 24, 2021 with his "10 point cheat sheet to inform the conspiracy skeptics about the " health crisis "", article, pdf)

      We are millions to have a parallel path, to be excluded, sometimes harassed, and to find ourselves, more or less often, in the Saturday afternoon demonstrations across France, started on July 24, 2021. They have become "the last living room where we talk", to the sound of slogans "Freedom ! Resistance !". And from all sides, from the far left, the far right, the center, the right, the left, Gaullists, ecologists (I am one of them, but not those who refuse GMOs by accepting the unknown risks of mRNA), never-voters, we found ourselves exchanging our ideas and building a common front, hoping for better days, the end of Macron, the end of this Republic without checks and balances, etc. A situation that reminds me of 1942 with an amorphous people, media under control, radio London news castigated, collabos more and more ferocious, a Resistance that was taking shape...

      Saturday afternoon demonstrations, here on 4 September and on the right on 31 July 2021 (in Rennes, photo Ouest-France).
      1: Eyes in the eyes "The health pass will never be a right of access that differentiates the French. It cannot be mandatory to access everyday places, such as restaurants, theaters and cinemas, or to go to friends Emmanuel Macron, source Le Parisien of 29/04/2021. The word of this government is worth nothing !" 2: Billions for the hospital. Not for the multinationals. Let us eradicate the macronavirus. 3: I am a trader, not a health policeman

      As shown in the last photo above, the Macronian perversity (brigittienne ?) has gone so far as to force some citizens, here merchants, to become collaborators of the regime to impose its constraints. And, with a few exceptions like this one with his sign, the shopkeepers, but also the librarians, the sports and cultural managers and others, submitted themselves to the vaxxinal doxa of the government of Castex, Véran, Bachelot and other ministers. Certainly, they were under respiratory assistance of the subsidies of the State (to compensate the loss of earnings, the partial unemployment etc.), but they submitted, as the trade unions which preferred the sanitary overbidding, even when the variants had become kinds of cold. How could the mask be submitted to young (and older) children who were in no danger? And the whole teaching staff complied! And it was the same (but less vicious) in many rich countries, including Israel, which had already experienced the horrors of discrimination, and worse, in the 20th century. Camp survivor Velma Sharav recalled that "the Holocaust happened because people looked away" (>>>video>>> of 36 min. and transcript + speech from August 20, 2022), other survivors joined her in writing that "This is a medical experiment to which the Nuremberg Code must be applied" (link). How could the lessons of history  have been forgotten to such an extent?

  22. The accusatory inversions of the perverted Elysée couple

      1: With Macron everything is wrong! This is not a Brigitte, it is a Jean-Michel  This is not a vaccine, it is an experimental injection !
      2: Macron, this great sick man and his lies. The ass of a woman. The ass of his "wife". We have a subject of mockery, of sauciness...

      Let's get back to Macron and his Brigitte. In this planetary-synchronized bidding contest (through various intermediaries such as the WHO or the McKinsey firm, link, Appendix C 13), our "first in line" has stood out as a good student of Big Pharma. In particular, he was one of the first to institute the health pass turned vaccine, and mandatory vaxxin for health care workers, firefighters and other professions. On December 26, 2021, on the nearby Covid page, with the illustrations above, I explained in the text below (here shortened) how it was appropriate to link the Covid release and the unveiling of Brigitte's past (I add the end of Appendix C 20) :

      • With an Orwellian level of organized falsification of the truth at the top of the state, we have well and truly entered a totalitarian type of regime. The laws and liberticidal measures have been chained together until a apartheid is imposed. Today the number of victims of this segregationist policy would amount to six million people in France. The puppet dictator of Big Pharma who decided this is Emmanuel Macron. It is therefore essential to discredit him in order to push him into a corner, so that he loses his superb status as a teacher and a leader and, in the end, falls and stops making our lives miserable for another five years.
      • The deception is much more serious than that of Mitterrand who hid his illegitimate daughter. Here, we have before us the glitter and smoke of the curious presidential couple of a so-called start-up nation. In a world dominated by image, sex and staging, Brigitte has served as a marketing vase since the presidential election. The media sold us an angel who assured with supreme grace the status of First Lady. And today we discover the other side of the storytelling images. The angel hides a sex which is not the one of the headlines of the celebrity magazines which put her in scene. Mitterrand hid Mazarine, Macron, on the contrary, brandished Brigitte: it is not at all the same level of deception. This is not a matter of "private life", it is a large-scale malfeasance against the French and even the world population.
      • This shows that the "caste" of Big Pharma & Co. is capable of anything and especially the worst. In the same way, in the unbelievable and in the logic of the worst since many lives are endangered, the Macron administration has been brazenly deceiving us since the beginning on Covid. The bigger the lie, the better it goes. Opening our eyes to the Macron media couple can help open our eyes to the Covid crisis. There is finally between these two extravagant and extra-ordinary subjects a great coherence...
      • They who pull the puppet strings used the Brigitte deception to force Macron to impose his provaxx policy with suppression of essential freedoms. They had a means of blackmail.
      • Isn't there reason to question the sanity of a President of the Republic who talks such nonsense, while weakening our health ?
      • To complete the picture of the totalitarianism we are undergoing, we must point out the complicity of the major media. Le Canard Enchaîné and Médiapart, which in the last presidential elections had lynched Fillon and offered Macron a triumphant second round against Le Pen, have flattened themselves into the president's friendly lapdogs, Médiapart having completely decredibilized itself by censoring the researcher Laurent Mucchielli without any real justification. It is pitiful. To my knowledge only one article has tried to work the facts but wading through them, without releasing anything. It is going to become even more obvious that the mass media are the hacks of power and share its lies, all its lies, especially the ones about Covid.

      • In 1968, when the wife of Georges Pompidou had been the victim of rumors during the affair Markovic, her husband had immediately reacted. Now, two months after the revelation of the facts, it seems that Brigitte will file a complaint... And against what? Not even for defamation, but "against transphobic remarks" ! (article). In the face of uncomfortable realities, there is only an inability to face them, a contemptuous ignorance, a willingness to move on by bowing down as if nothing had happened. It's the same when faced with the early treatments of Covid or the side effects of vaxxin.
      • Let's not forget that perverted teacher Jean-Michel Trogneux, aka Brigitte, abused a 15-year-old Emmanuel Macron under her authority. For similar acts, some have been thoroughly investigated and are in jail or discredited. There was a double standard, Natacha Rey is right to believe that Jean-Michel's place is in prison. And especially since he has great authority over her husband and is therefore part of the criminals who decided the totalitarian policy Covid of France.

      Moreover, while I sometimes feel a lesser combativeness among the Resistants, I think that we have here more than a subject of indignation, we also have a subject of laughter, mockery, quips, sauciness and we would be wrong not to laugh on the back of those who oppress us. There is no transphobia in making fun of ultra-mentors. What would Pierre Dac have said on Radio London ? Let's not let this opportunity pass, it lifts our spirits and allows us to attack 2022 in good spirits with the will to turn the tables.

      Summing up the parallelism and intertwining of the two cases, this formula:
      the bigger the lies, the better they come across

      A simple, mundane reality, with rough edges to make it a legend, is more believable than a complex, twisted reality.

      Posters: 1 "I'll get a shot when Jean-Michel T. is found" 2 "Who do we say thank you to? THANK YOU Manu & Jean-Michel"
      To the left the outrageous state lie that has been preached for months and months by the government, while the lack of
      protection of this vaxxin to be renewed every five months was patent. Center and right, demonstration in Paris on December 18, 2021
      of those whom Emmanuel Macron would declare having "enviable to piss them off[...]to the end" on January 4, 2022.

      The formula posted above "All vaccinated, all protected" is characteristic of the inversion of values operated by the psychopathic couple of the Elysée. This vaxxin does not protect against Covid, but it is dangerous, by its short-term adverse effects (38,000 suspected deaths and 3.4 million injuries reported in Europe according to pharmacovigilance as of January 15, 2021, link, update in Appendix C 16) and by its unknown effects in the medium and long term. The benefit-risk ratio is very poor in those under 65 years of age (link). Therefore, to protect oneself as best as possible, it was necessary to use early treatment (like any disease, it is better to be treated as early as possible) and not to be vaxxed.

      [tweet from July 22] I was talking to a young intern this morning and I asked him the question "Why did young people accept these mRNA  injections?". He replied that young people don't believe in anything. It made me think of this haunting and terrifying quote from Hannah Arendt [opposite] :
      "When everyone lies to you all the time, the result is not that you believe those lies but that no one believes anything anymore. A people who can no longer believe anything cannot form an opinion. They are deprived not only of their capacity to act but also of their capacity to think and to judge. And with such a people, you can do whatever you want."
      Ariane Bilheran has studied the Covid crisis from this angle : pdf file of three articles "Psychopathology of Totalitarianism". Jean-Marc Sérékian, on a adjacent page, followed up with an article titled "Totalitarianism in the Digital Age."

      A hell of a lot of propaganda against young people. They suffered more from the injections than the Covid...
      "All vaccinated, all contaminated" has become less of a false slogan, according to studies on the 3rd dose (articles : 1 2).

      This artifice, wielded by communicators expert in manipulating the masses, is called accusatory inversion. It is thus presented by the essayist Michel Geoffroy in an article of which here are excerpts (link) (see also an interview with François Belliot, from July 8, 2022) :

      Next to novlanguage [reference to Orwell and his novel 1984], the accusatory inversion holds a place of choice in the propaganda tools of the oligarchy. Deciphering.

      Accusatory inversion is a defense process well known in the courtroom that consists of imputing the final cause of a crime not to the guilty party but... to its victim. Thus, for example, if a tourist was the victim of a pickpocket, it is because he was careless in displaying his money: in a way he incited the thief to carry out the act.

      The accusatory inversion has become a weapon in the hands of the oligarchy, all the more formidable because it relies on media flabbergasting. The oligarchs never cease to accuse their opponents and the European peoples of their own vices.

      Example: conspiracy, which would be an extreme right-wing disease consisting in seeing conspiracies everywhere. But in reality it is the oligarchy that is permanently plotting against the European peoples: against their sovereignty and their identity. The oligarchy is not plotting, but it is negotiating the Transatlantic Treaty in the greatest secrecy. They are not plotting, but they are trying by all means to draw us into a growing hostility towards Russia. It does not plot but it imposes on the French people, with the Treaty of Lisbon, a European treaty that they had rejected by referendum.

      Emmanuel Macron has used this process to the extreme. He thus claimed to be a defender of freedom, democracy and other values that he flouts. So when he says, on January 4, 2022, that "the immense moral fault of the antivaxers" is to "undermine what is the solidity of a nation", it is all wrong. Those who have plunged the country into totalitarianism and apartheid claim to be responsible, concerned about our health, supportive, defenders of freedoms, etc. They have such a power of persuasion that many vaxxed people, after having received their third dose, thought they were free (to go to restaurants, to the theater, etc.) when in fact they were only chaining themselves and putting their health at risk.

      "The manufacturer is not responsible, the government is not responsible, the vaccinator is not responsible,
      but if you are not vaccinated, you are irresponsible

      "A crisis neither sanitary nor political, but a demented criminal enterprise" (link). Pictorial art, Paris XIIIth, rue Jonas: mosaic parodying Julius Caesar's famous formula Veni, vidi, vici (photo Lionel Labosse, June 2022, link).

      Another process has been used to manipulate crowds : the "nudge". This "nudge", in French, aims to provoke targeted behavior from citizens. This technique, imported from the United States, has gradually conquered the sphere of power in France, which used it extensively during the Covid crisis. To learn more, check out this article by Benoît Collombat titled "How nudge has conquered the Macronie".

      I end this chapter with a staggering accusatory inversion, seen at the beginning of Chapter 14: Jean-Michel Trogneux, the one who completely fiddled with his family tree to the point of splitting an individual and transforming a father into a mother, dared to accuse his detractors of having changed his tree ! We can see that Brigitte can be superior to Emmanuel Macron when it comes to handling accusatory inversions and that she must have suggested their massive use to him.

      To conclude this chapter on accusatory reversals, let's quote these two excerpts from Brigitte Macron's Wikipedia page:
      • "The age difference (of more than twenty-four years) between the two lovers is causing a scandal in the Trogneux family, especially since their relationship could fall under Article 227-27 of the Penal Code, which enshrines the crime of sexual assault on a minor, and which now provides that a teacher who has sexual relations with a minor student over the age of 15 years may face up to three years in prison."
      • "In October 2017, when, in the wake of the Weinstein affair thousands of harassed women began to publish on Twitter, with the hashtag #balancetonporc, the account of sexual assaults of which they claim to have been victims, Brigitte Macron gave her support to the alleged victims in question."

  23. Interrogations about Emmanuel Macron, his childhood and his lies

      If the publication of this file has left the journalists blind, deaf and dumb, citizens have on the other hand mobilized across France. And valuable information has reached me, by people wishing to remain anonymous, some even turning into investigators. This is not always easy, so much the error is human. The reliability of the information is not always established and I wish to present only hypotheses which seem to me to have a good probability of veracity. However, this is not fixed, the knowledge of new elements can lead to modify or even reject certain hypotheses.

      The first big revelation was that Brigitte Trogneux, wife of Emmanuel Macron, would be born male, Jean-Michel Trogneux. Since Monday, January 17, the beginning of the constitution of this file (which was then supposed to be only a synthesis of the investigations of Xavier Poussard and Natacha Rey), the starting elements have become much stronger, especially with, at the beginning of Chapter 14, the video INA (Institut National de l'Audiovisuel) of the transsexual Véronique and the excellent technical match of Véronique's and Brigitte's voices. In the manner of the scientific police, this now appears to be indubitable. In the opposite direction, on the part of the presidential couple and of the mass media, there were, in front of these data, only denials without any concrete element. The hypothesis appears therefore sure for the attentive readers of this file: Brigitte Macron was born and grew up male, certainly under the name of Jean-Michel Trogneux.

      This chapter was added on Saturday, January 29, 2022, five days after the first finalization on Monday the 24th. Its title then was "was Emmanuel's mother a man?". What a question! With an immediate, obvious and certain answer: no, Emmanuel's mother was not a man, there is no need to explain why. But, right after, this question was asked a little differently  "did Emmanuel's mother look like a man ?". And, there, the answer might not be the same. This was based on an interpretation of the 1977 mock gay pride photo shown at the end of Chapter 14. Since, afterwards, the presence of Jean-Michel Trogneux in this photo appeared impossible, the comparison could no longer be valid. It still exposed in Appendix B 15.

      The very expression of this quickly rejected hypothesis had nevertheless brought us a revelation : Emmanuel could have been raised by a woman who lived under the guise of a man, which would explain the opacity of his life as a child.

      If he was raised largely by a man, it can only be a close friend of his mother. Friend or lover? And could this friend or lover be Jean-Michel Trogneux? To the point of even being Emmanuel's father? Internet users, since December have raised this hypothesis, particularly in the tree n°1 cited in the caption at the beginning of Chapter 11 (and further in the NBI file in Appendix A 37). Tweets have thus suggested a resemblance between Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Jacques Trogneux, who, in this hypothesis, could be his half-brother :

      On the right, the Betaface comparison assigns 68% similarity.

      It is not the same person, so it cannot be very convincing, but would there be a family resemblance ? In our team, Hortense Fuschia, as Lionel Labosse calls her, then made this comparison, reinforcing the resemblance of the potential half-brothers :
      Can this resemblance really lead one to believe that Jean-Jacques and Emmanuel, both born in Amiens, are half-brothers? As they don't have the same mother, they would have the same father, who would be Jean-Michel Trogneux, now Brigitte Trogneux ! Hard to imagine: the father would have slept with the son, when the son was fourteen years old (Appendix A 10). Nothing seems to invalidate this hypothesis, however, which does not mean that it is the only one, nor that it has a significant probability.

      Here are the hypotheses that appear to me possible :
      1. the one where Jean-Michel Macron would be Emmanuel's biological father, where the latter would have been raised mainly by his mother and grandmother, and where Jean-Michel Trogneux would have gotten closer to Emmanuel only at the theater workshop, for a mostly geographical reason : their presence in the same high school in Amiens. This is the hypothesis that conforms to the "legend"...
      2. that, which has just been mentioned and considered very unlikely, without being impossible, where Jean-Michel Trogneux would be the biological father of Emmanuel. This is in keeping with what Françoise Noguès, the mother, said about her "old friendship and complicity" with Brigitte Macron (see the next chapter). The adoptive father, Jean-Michel Macron, may or may not know. The child would only have really known the biological father when he returned to Amiens in 1991. This being said, an old friendship and complicity can obviously exist without a love affair. This clue remains weak, as does the questionable physical resemblance of Jean-Jacques and Emmanuel.
      3. that where another person would be the biological father. He could then have taken care of the young child's education until he entered college. He would have done it discreetly, in parallel with the grandmother Manette, which would explain the lack of photos ...

      These assumptions, can be visualized thus, by taking up the tree from Chapter 11. This provisional tree is now rejected as much as the first one because it considers Catherine Audoy as the mother of the three Auzière children, but the part on the right will be kept later.

      Succeeding the version 1, tree version 2, Catherine Audoy mother

      (the existence and date of the Jean-Michel Trogneux - Véronique Dreux marriage is explained in the next chapter)
      Rejected Tree
      Warning: this tree is now rejected as far as Catherine Audoy  is concerned: it is replaced
      by the tree in version 3 of Chapter 27 Part 2. The assumptions for Emmanuel Macron remain valid.

      Personally, I have a slight preference for the "Other" hypothesis, on the one hand because it could explain the opacity maintained, on the other hand because Emmanuel's official parents and grandmother would probably not have allowed a father-son incest.

      More than the "According to legend" hypothesis, the other two hypotheses are consistent with the following findings of Xavier Poussard, repeated in the Chapter 17 :
      • Laurent, Emmanuel's declared brother, and Estelle, his declared sister, apparently born in 1979 and 1984, hardly know Emmanuel. They would be more of a half-brother and half-sister never raised with him.
      • there is a strong distancing between Emmanuel and his official father Jean-Michel Macron.

      The lies about the sexual nature of the wife of the President of the Republic are damaging France. The role of representing Brigitte Macron is becoming untenable and cannot justify the provision of two advisors and a secretariat. Worse, the French and foreigners now know what has been too hidden and downplayed, namely that this individual, whether transgender or not, has committed a crime of sexual assault on a minor, as Wikipedia says. Such a reality should not have allowed Emmanuel Macron to run for president. Some, for similar offenses, such as Olivier Duhamel, were dismissed ruthlessly and very quickly. What is the Justice  doing? In the absence of journalists, could lawyers mobilize ? Can an investigation as quick as the one against François Fillon in 2017, for less serious reproaches, be initiated quickly ? A simple blood test, or even DNA, would put an end to these suspicions. They have been spreading since mid-December, and the presidential couple is unable to deny them, although it should be very easy...

  24. Could Joseph Doucé be the biological father of Emmanuel Macron ?

      I will not go back over the story of Pastor Joseph Doucé, who disappeared in 1990, it was exposed in chapter 14. We saw that around 1977, he probably knew Jean-Michel Trogneux and helped him, between 1977 and 1990 to become Brigitte Trogneux. Let's start with the physical similarities :

      Emmanuel Macron and Joseph Doucé, comparisons made on Betaface: 69 to 65 percent.

      On the potential hereditary nature of Joseph's dimple and Immanuel's diastema (splayed teeth), explanations in Appendix B 9.

      We have already seen with the now rejected 1977 gay pride mock photo that a good facial match can be misleading. It cannot be enough. The fact that Jean-Michel / Brigitte knew the pastor between 1977 and 1990 is a complementary element. But the one I find most convincing is of a different nature.

      At the age of about 12, so in 1989 / 1990, Emmanuel Macron was baptized and it is only then that photos of his childhood have reached us. Before that, it is opaque. Only an important event could have caused such an upheaval. And 1990 was the year of Pastor Doucé's death. Losing a religious father can provoke a religious impulse, even if one is Protestant, the other Catholic (the college being Catholic...).

      Let's add that in the 1980s, being the son of Joseph Doucé, a well-known character, could not have been easy. In addition to a mother who was not very present, busy with her official home, Emmanuel really did not have a traditional family, hence the obscurity that envelops his childhood. Besides, was his childhood spent in Amiens ?

      It is also notable that Emmanuel was born in 1977, just one year after the creation of CCL when the pastor settled in Paris. Furthermore, Emmanuel is a first name that means "God is among us", a messianic name that a religious person might give. With this first name and such a childhood, it would not be surprising if he wanted to force fate...

      1990: Joseph Doucé disappears, Emmanuel Macron emerges from the shadows

      There are other clues that point in this direction. We have already seen the very distant ties between Emmanuel and his official father and the almost non-existent ones with his brother and sister. We have also seen the links between Joseph Doucé and Jean-Michel Trogneux. Even if they are not certain, they constitute a cluster of concordant clues. I put opposite a photo I found (also seen at Chapter 22), which seems to reunite Véronique / Brigitte and the pastor Doucé, some Internet users having even believed to see Brigitte and Emmanuel there, which reinforces the resemblance.

      I am adding items recently discovered in the NBI file (Appendix A 37) and in the latest issue of "Facts & Documents" :
      1. Sylvaine Télesfort, president of the Association Maison Intersexualité et Hermaphrodisme Europe (AMIHE) sent a declaration "As a hermaphrodite" to MPs on October 24, 2018, where she said "I met with geneticists who recommended that I get surgery, that I get " fixed ". I asked my congressman to help me, which he did. A chief medical officer of the health insurance fund (CPAM), Dr. Françoise Macron, helped me to build the case.". Thus Françoise Noguès married Macron would have helped Sylvain to become Sylvaine in 2007 [F&D504p09]. One wonders if she was trained by Pastor Doucé, at the CCL who helped to accomplish such transformations... And from there to imagine a much stronger link that led to the birth of Emmanuel...
      2. Joseph Doucé is known to be gay. This was mostly in the 1980s. In 1976 / 1977, he may have had a female affair...
      3. Françoise Noguès was born in 1950 in Poix-de-Picardie, about 30 km from Amiens, Jean-Michel was born in 1945 in Amiens. Françoise studied medicine in Amiens. She got married between 1974 and 1976 (we are not sure...) in Amiens with Jean-Michel Macron who specialized in psychiatry, then neurosurgery, at the CHU of Amiens and made his career there. Françoise has a "first child, a girl, who dies shortly after her birth in 1976. Manu was born on December 21, 1977, followed by Laurent in 1979, then by Estelle in 1982 or 1984 (always according to the same " approximatologues ")..."[NBIp38]
      4. "The Macrons bought a house in 1982 at the top of Gaulthier-de-Rumilly Street in the Henriville neighborhood of Amiens, and Françoise made a career at the CPAM of the same city as a medical adviser. To complete the picture, Manette, at the end of the 1970s, ends her career as director of the Sagebien college in Henriville and moves to rue Delpech, very close to Françoise's home, and not much further from Brigitte's..." [NBIp38]. "There is not, as the crow flies, a kilometer (a quarter of an hour on foot) between rue Gaulthier-de-Rumilly and 91 rue Saint-Fuscien, the family residence of the Trogneux where Brigitte and Manu enjoyed the pool..." [NBIp27]
      5. In a article of Télé-Loisirs of August 20, 2021, Chloé Berry takes up words of Gaël Tchakaloff, author of the legend "Tant qu'on est tous les deux" to the editions Flammarion, published this same month. In it is a long interview with Françoise Noguès about her relationship with Brigitte. "The two women have known each other forever. They were neighbors in Amiens". It is on this occasion that Françoise Noguès introduces Brigitte as "the friend like I have no other, we have the same affinities, the same priorities, we tell each other everything" [NBIp27]
      6. About this article by Chloe Berry, "Why Françoise Noguès, who has known Brigitte "forever" does not [...]provide a simple and irrefutable testimony accrediting the real existence of Brigitte Trogneux ? If we rule out the hypothesis of a "lie in command", it is because she has known Brigitte "since always" ... but under another name and another appearance ..." [NBIp37]. And isn't it unusual to talk about an old friendship in this way without illustrating it, in a magazine with a large circulation, with an old photo?
      7. "If Françoise claims to have known Brigitte all her life and to be her neighbor, the same must be true of Germaine! The three women living at the time of the hijacking in the same neighborhood of Henriville, a few hundred meters from each other, and - for very different reasons - were closely interested in Manu..." [NBIp37] Germaine / Manette, very close to her daughter Françoise and therefore knowing quite well the friend of her daughter Jean-Michel Trogneux, was able to see in the latter a father / mother surrogate for her grandson in 1990. From there to this Brigitte becomes a wife, there is obviously a big step to cross... It could be crossed gradually. Manette was caught in a spiral and the happiness of her grandson was her priority... She could also have lacked the courage to oppose this chain of events and resolve to do "against all odds"... As Françoise and Jean-Michel Macron will do much later to be present in 2017 at the investiture of the Elysee...
      8. This agreement of Manette was essential: "" If Manette had not given his assent, nothing would have been possible " between Emmanuel and Brigitte, we learn Anne Fulda. This will be confirmed by the station novelist Gaël Tchakaloff: "If Germaine had not accepted me, I would not have lasted long, Brigitte told me one day. "" [NBIp45] At this point, it should be realized that Manette's acceptance still had limits (and later those of Françoise and Jean-Michel Macron) : she would not have accepted a father-son affair, as suggested by the NBI file ...
      9. The blurring and then amputation of the archive of the program on Pastor Doucé is an indication that there is something to hide. To alter an INA Archive, there must be good reasons and the order must come from on high.

      A trio of the same generation appears there, who may have known each other in 1976-1977 : Joseph Doucé (JD), Françoise Noguès (FN) and Jean-Michel Trogneux (JMT), or rather a JD-FN duo that may have helped JMT in his gender transition. This duo, which probably worked on other transitions, was able to go further, to the point of engendering Emmanuel Macron in 1977? Back in Amiens, in September 1991, did JMT get closer to the son of his protector... Even before a theater workshop, in September 1992, served as a pretext for this meeting?

      Does a facial comparison allow to lean more in favor of one of the two potential biological fathers? Carried out by Betaface, it does not allow to decide: 63 to 64 % for Jean-Michel Macron, 65 to 69 % for Joseph Doucé.

      Jean-Michel Macron and Emmanuel Macron, comparisons: 64 to 63 percent. More Betaface comparisons in Appendix B 8

      On March 10, when apart from the dimple, no even slight contraindication to the hypothesis here presented appeared, a reader, Maria, testified about points #1 and #6 above :

      I can tell you, as a doctor with family members who are consulting physicians at the CPAM, that there is very little possibility that the person you are talking about, who was suffering from morphological sexual ambiguity, was referred to Dr. Françoise Noguès by the CPAM. It can only be the intervention of a specialized association and of colleagues also specialized in this field. This shows for sure that Dr Françoise Noguès was very sensitive to this type of situations and close to these associations. This is a point that caught my attention, it struck a chord, because this is really not the daily life of a cashier's doctor. Sensitized by what? This proximity, when compared to the cases of "her lifelong friend" [Jean-Michel / Brigitte Trogneux], and her brother "with troubled youth" [Jean-Michel Noguès, there the relationship is less obvious, cf. Appendix A 13] strongly questions. There are very few medical consultants treating this type of problem, and as if by chance, the name of Françoise Noguès pops up. This leaves one wondering.

  25. Jean-Michel Trogneux and Jean-Louis Auzière, great buddies in Algiers ?

      On March 29, at the microphone of Amandine Roy, the writer geopolitologist Morad El Hattab told us that in 1963 Jean-Michel Trogneux was a student in Algiers in 1963. This is explained in the Appendix A 22. The citizen's survey was then seizing on this new element. I took it into account by two additions of April 2 and 4, which I now transfer here :

      April 2. A correspondent sends me the photo below, of a Première class in Algiers in 1960/1961 at the Collège-lycée Notre Dame d'Afrique, whose day school was located at 24 Boulevard Saint Saëns (extract from 1961 directory, photo), while Jean-Michel Trogneux lived in 1963 at No. 87 of this artery (Appendix A 22). He wonders about the unidentified student in the second position from the left of the top row.

      With a photo reworked to firm up the features, the comparison Betaface increases from 70% to 72%.

      The eyeball-to-eyeball and Betaface comparison is not very compelling (but not prohibitive). But with someone else from another class? It is possible that Jean-Michel spent several years in Algiers, including in a high school.
      Hypothesis rejected, having become chronologically unlikely, according to the Chapter 28.

      April 4. Here are new photos from the Saint Joseph El-Biar boarding school in Algiers in 1961, with a student who could be Jean-Michel Trogneux (links : 1 2). At this point, not much can be inferred...

      André Salette, the only one named in these two photos, was probably born in 1945 in Marseille, the son of an unknown father and an Algerian-born mother (link Geneanet). 1945 is also the year of birth of Jean-Michel Trogneux

      It is April 8 and last night a "profiler" correspondent pointed out to me that the five students in the last group photo are also in the first :

      The six buddies being dressed alike, the photos were taken on the same day. in 1961.
      Compare, above, with the presumed Jean-Michel in the 1960/1961 class photo.

      Above all, he pointed to the great friend of the supposed Jean-Michel Trogneux, believing to recognize him, here on the left, Jean-Louis Auzière :

      Perhaps Jean-Michel Trogneux and Jean-Louis Auzière. On the right betaface comparison for Jean-Louis Auzière.

      Comparison of the potential Jean-Michel with the potential transgender Veronique. Two more comparisons for Jean-Louis Auzière.

      These photographic resemblances alone prove nothing, except that there is no dissimilarity. But there is more to it than that... Jean-Louis Auzière was born on 28 February 1943 in Meudon, Jean-Michel Trogneux was born on 11 February 1945 in Amiens. There is thus two years of difference, they are together in a boarding school, perhaps not in the same class. It's consistent.

      We also know that the family of Louis Auzière, Jean-Louis' older brother and eventual father of André-Louis (see Appendix A 18), lived in Algeria from 1943 to 1945, with Hélène Auzière's birth there on November 19, 1945 in Port Gueydon (now Azeffoun).

      In the photo of Brigitte's alleged first wedding, the groom is Jean-Louis Auzière (Chapter 9). In Jean-Louis Auzière's complaint against Natacha Rey (Appendix D 18), Brigitte Macron has diligently sent a bailiff. This means that there is a collusion between Brigitte / Jean-Michel and Jean-Louis Auzière. She has an explanation, they knew each other somewhere, they have a common history. It is possible that it goes back to this Algerian friendship.

      April 10. As explained below, Maria doesn't think the Algerian boyfriend is Jean-Louis Auzière.

      The implantation of the nose, a constant skeletal landmark, roughly marked on the bony skeleton (above right) is significantly longer for the young man on the left than for JLA, who has more of a short implantation nose ( I am obviously talking about the bony openings of the nose called choanae). This being skeletal does not change on a subject of this age. This also gives the eye very different physiognomies. The middle stage of the face is thus shorter in JLA.

      Effectively, on the double enlarged photo, for the same nose height of 3 cm on the screen, the head height is 12 cm on the left and 14 cm on the right. But on closer inspection, the difference in face height is mainly due to the difference in hair height. For the wedding, JLA went to the hairdresser and had his hair inflated, while in Algiers the boyfriend just got out of the shower and has very flat hair. Taking the top of the eyebrow as a reference, the difference is much less clear: 7 cm and 7.5 cm perhaps slightly more ... And the remaining 0.5 cm would be due to JLA's smile at her wedding. More generally, in our team, we are not really convinced that it is the same two people, so I consider the probability to be medium. Whereas it is stronger for Jean-Michel Trogneux.

      May 11. A new photo has reached us, of the Saint Joseph El Biar boarding school in Algiers, circa 1961 (link). Jean-Michel Trogneux seems to be present there in the second row on the left, in a dark sweater :

      Betaface comparison: 76%.
      The student in the upper left appears to be the one numbered 6 in two photos from the beginning of this chapter.

  26. From Algiers to Truchtersheim, the other boyfriend, Jean-Marc Uhrweiller

      As you can see from the screenshot at the top of page above on April 9, Jean-Marc Uhrweiller has been a Twitter enthusiast since his retirement in 2010. Previously, he was a commercial director at the Autonomous Port of Strasbourg. He lives in... Truchtersheim, where Brigitte Macron lived when she was Madame Auzière with her three children. And the reader understands why he is here. I would have preferred not to direct the spotlight on him, but his role in this Brigittegate is too important. Also, see his tweet just before the April 10 election, he doesn't like Macron, so he must be sympathetic... Although he has not responded to our attempts to contact him, I don't see how not to quote him and still be credible. I therefore rely on the public data he himself provided.

      Jean-Marc Uhrweiller is mentioned three times in Sylvie Bommel's book "He had just turned seventeen", by his first name and then his surname :

      André [André-Louis Auzière, Brigitte's husband] is transferred to Alsace. [...] In order to find a place for his little family to stay, André leaves first to take up his new position as deputy director of the regional delegation of the Banque de France du Commerce extérieur (which will later become Natixis). One of his professional relations, Jean-Marc, who works at the Autonomous Port of Strasbourg, praises the merits of his village of Truchtersheim, where his wife runs the nursery school. [...]

      Truchtersheim (don't pronounce the second h, but you can save yourself the trouble and just say Truch as the locals do) is then a village of 2,000 souls that can be reached in half an hour from Strasbourg. [...]
      André and Brigitte rent from a farmer a yellow house leaning against the hill [violins, thanks Maxime Le Forestier. [...]

      At Truchtersheim, Brigitte uses the method of concentric circles to expand her network at record speed. Invited to dinner at the Uhrweiller home, the ones through whom they got to know Truchtersheim, the Auziéres meet other couples there. Whom they invite to dinner. Who then invite them back with new nipples. And so on. [...]

      In 1991, the Auziéres leave Alsace. With the exception of Mrs. Uhrweiller, the former school principal, none of her Alsatian friends will hear from her again, until the day in 2016, when, dumbfounded, they discover her on the cover of Paris Match on the arm of a very young man, a minister.

      This was the narrative of the "legend" Brigitte in 2019. We have seen that false information has been disseminated about this passage in Alsace of Jean-Michel / Brigitte (Chapter 7, Chapter 9, Appendix A 5). There is nonetheless a strong undercurrent of truth (Appendix A 36). For several years, Brigitte did indeed stay in Truch and she did teach at the "Lucie Berger" high school in Strasbourg.

      So, Jean-Marc Uhrweiller knew Brigitte before she moved to Alsace, and, born in 1944, he was a year older than Jean-Michel. On his Twitter page, he acknowledges having lived in Algeria until about 1961. And if, like Jean-Louis Auzière, another long-time friend of the same age, they had met in Algiers? In the same boarding school? Would they be together on photos seen in the previous chapter ? And, there, it "matches" :

      That's how the three buddies from Algiers around 1962 found themselves in Strasbourg 25 years later, one of them having turned into a woman and the other two helping him so that this transformation would go unnoticed and to help him start his new life.

  27. The magic trick of the two Brigitte Auzière

      Didn't the "And at the same time" policy, usually attributed to Emmanuel Macron, come from Brigitte Macron, who first applied it to her personal life ? She is at the same time Jean-Michel Trogneux and Brigitte Trogneux. She had two families, two children born a month apart, she was both father and mother, at the same time teacher in Strasbourg and administrator in Amiens... We will understand in this chapter and the next one that he knew how to make two Brigitte Auzière live, two André Auzière... Seen from afar, the illusion is convincing, except for a few surprises. Wanting to remove them leads to finding the mechanisms underlying a life that has long been fabricated and concealed. Now consolidated, however, our investigation has been laborious.

      This chapter had three successive headlines, the last one dated May 2. As of April 30 the second title was "Are Brigitte Auzière and Jean-Michel Trogneux the parents of the Auzière children ?". It could seem absurd. We know that Jean-Michel Trogneux and Brigitte Macron, previously named Brigitte Auzière, are one and the same person. How could she be both biological father and mother ? Because it is indeed biological parents that this title was talking about. There is a magical illusion, the same one that makes people believe that Brigitte Macron is the biological mother of the children. This chapter proposes to explain the mechanism of this sleight of hand, which was revealed to us in two episodes...

      1. Part 1: Is a niece of Jean-Louis the mother of the three Auzière children ? She starts from a very simple observation : since the children are named Auzière, since their father is named Trogneux, it is their mother who must have passed on her patronymic to them and therefore be called Auzière. Indeed, when a child is born of unknown father, he takes the name of the mother. We will see later, in the box at the end of Appendix A 44, that this explanation no longer holds (very low probability) and that we now have a better explanation, based on the 1974 marriage and the involvement of the Auzière family.

        As developed in the Appendix A 18, Jean-Louis Auzière is the last child, very late in life, of a family of four children. He has two sisters and a brother, Louis, 26 years older than him, a brother who would have had, on his side, six children, including the famous André-Louis, Brigitte's first phantom husband (Chapter 9"), as claimed in this tree of the Auzière's on Généanet :

        Jean-Louis is of the same generation as his brother Louis' children. His nephews and nieces are, for him, like brothers and sisters...

        (Sipa photo)

        Given the involvement of Jean-Louis Auzière, the great friend of Jean-Michel Trogneux, this Auzière woman should be in his close family, of a close age, preferably a little younger. So we searched among his nieces, named Renée, Hélène and Laure. We explored on the Web what we could find out about the family of each of them, but, except for leading a double life with a husband and a lover, none of them seemed to be suitable. One of them, however, particularly caught our attention, Laure.

        Laure Auzière, known as Laurette, born in 1955, married Yves Gheerbrant with whom she had three children. Her school career thus appears on her fiche of the site "Les copains d'Avant" :

        The presence of Laure Auzière in a high school in Amiens in 1972-1973 calls into question. It leads us to formulate two hypotheses, the first being much more likely than the second, based on what we saw in Chapter 25 :
        • Jean-Michel Trogneux (JMT) and Jean-Louis Auzière (JLA) are two great friends who met in Algiers around 1961 (or even around 1969 in the USA). When they came back to France, they met again in Amiens, or in Paris, or elsewhere. JLA, very close to her nieces, invites them to meet JMT, which will bring Laure to Amiens during at least the school year 1972-1973.
        • JMT and JLA do not know each other before this Amiens episode. Laure is brought to study there, Jean-Louis comes to see her and becomes a friend of JMT.

        Since two Auzière probably found themselves in Amiens, a third, the one we are looking for, could have gone there too. But who can she be if she is not one of the nieces Renée, Hélène or Laure ? There is no really close cousin... At this point, we remember that the genealogy that we are presented with may be distorted. .... Could there be another niece that we are not aware of?

        With these questions in mind, the search was on for a new niece. Looking at the dates of birth of her siblings, it was not obvious... Except to put her in the place of the ghost André-Louis... And there, tilt, but yes, it is that  as Jean-Michel Trogneux, the biological father of the three Auzière children became their mother, their biological mother became their fictive father André-Louis ! A solution finally rather simple... but realized in two times, 1974 and 1984.

        Let's call, for now, Proba (as in probable...) this hypothetical niece, who would thus have been born in 1951, perhaps in Eséka in Cameroon since her parents were there (Appendix A 18). Proba would have come to Amiens to join her sister Laure, or her young uncle Jean-Louis, and she would have met Jean-Michel Trogneux there...

        About her portraits of the Auzière grandchildren on her Facebook account, Catherine Audoy reportedly spoke the truth when she said they are family, but not on her side, implying : her husband's. They are the children of a niece of her husband and also the grandsons of his great friend. As for Jean-Jacques Trogneux, he is the son of the same boyfriend. It is understandable that she painted them, especially since she herself had no descendants. These paintings were the clue that stimulated the sagacity of Natacha Rey ...

        In the Hypothesis Table that follows, these Proba scenarios (BD, BE) now appear much more likely than the now-rejected original scenario (AF) in which Catherine Audoy was the mother. This first scenario, presented in Chapter 10, was largely the result of Natacha Rey's custody, probably triggered by JLA and JMT, after she contacted Catherine Audoy. The goal was not to protect her, as was believed following the police custody, but rather her husband Jean-Louis Auzière and also her niece Proba.

        April 28. In their complaint against Natacha Rey (Appendix D 18), Jean-Louis Auzière and Catherine Audoy consider themselves defamed by the fact that Catherine would be alleged to be the "surrogate mother" of the three Auzière children, and that Jean-Louis would be suspected of having operated falsifications, "diddling and make-up" of the three children's birth certificates. To address the Justice in this way, it is very likely that they can demonstrate that it is false (note that it would have been much simpler and fairer to explain it directly to Natacha Rey...). A DNA analysis between Catherine Audoy and the three children would be unstoppable. Moreover, she herself did not have children with either of her two husbands, so it is likely that she could not have children with another man.

        But the sidelining of Catherine Audoy does not take away anything from the pivotal role of Jean-Louis Auzière, a role that would be of a different nature, however. Let us not forget that his father Marius and his older brother Louis worked for the secret services (Appendix A 31) : this may have indirectly, or even directly, helped him...

      2. Part 2: Is this niece Proba Auzière named Brigitte ? Or: Were there two Brigitte Auzière ?

        As with Part 1, we started with a base that turned out to be wrong, but allowed us to better approach reality. Here it is :

        The 1989 election leaflet in Truchtersheim (end of Chapter 7) shows a young woman who is not Brigitte Macron. To explain it, it was believed that this leaflet was faked after the fact. But what if it appeared like this in 1989? If the Brigitte Auzière of 1989 was not the one of 1990/1991? And it is there that intervenes Proba Auzière, you understand ?

        This Proba Auzière knows Jean-Michel-Trogneux very well, since they are the parents of the three Auzière children. We even saw that they reversed their roles, the mother Proba Auzière became the father (André-Louis Auzière) and the father became the mother Brigitte Auzière, later Brigitte Macron. Proba is a first name invented because we did not know what to call this niece of Jean-Louis Auzière. The presence of two Brigitte Auzière in Truch shows that her real name is Brigitte! And here is the sleight of hand, the magic illusion: Brigitte Auzière born Auzière is replaced by Brigitte Auzière born Jean-Michel Trogneux !

        In addition one would have a photograph of this Brigitte born Auzière, it is on the tract of 1989 (to suppose that it was not doctored...): Hypothesis rejected (the photo on the flyer would be of Brigitte becoming Macron)

        We subsequently found three denials of this first interpretation of the facts:
        1. In Appendix A 34, a notary document from June 1988 proving the existence of Brigitte Trogneux (future Macron), attesting that the transformation of Jean-Michel into Brigitte had taken place before that date.
        2. The Appendix A 36 shows that Brigitte Trogneux who became Macron, and not Brigitte née Auzière, had indeed been a French teacher at the "Lucie Berger" high school in Strasbourg, from 1985 or 1986 to 1990.
        3. At the end of this Appendix A 36, a new comparison of photos proves that the Brigitte Auzière of the election leaflet was indeed also Brigitte Trogneux who became Macron, contrary to what we had believed at first.

        But, except for this chronological correction (made on May 12), the reasoning used remains true and the continuation, below, of this part 2, written on May 1, remains valid. It is developed there "the sleight of hand" rightly glimpsed, but which goes back to 1984-1985 and not to 1989 : Brigitte Auzière née Auzière is replaced by Brigitte Auzière née Jean-Michel Trogneux : the father of the three Auzière children becomes their mother : it is a question of identity usurpation. However, the usurped identity is only added to the authentic identity, which continues to exist, so that Jean-Michel Trogneux can file a complaint jointly with himself, since he is also named Brigitte Macron.

        Finally it is not so complicated as that. The children have always been called Auzière, their official mother has always been called Brigitte, the substitution (a game, for the children) has been done gently, far from Amiens, neither seen nor known... This scenario is all the more important as we first understood it with the niece Proba, before completing it with the Alsatian lighting, as if the pieces of the puzzle were perfectly assembled. Not yet to the point of understanding everything - some forgeries remain a mystery -, but enough to avoid major inconsistencies. Unless a reader can counter-argue? [August 8: still no counter-argument  on the contrary, this scenario was supported by the analysis of the 1974 marriage, in Appendices A 43 and A 48]

        As for the prestidigitator, the deus ex machina who came up with all this, we can assume that it was Jean-Louis dit André Auzière, the uncle of mother Brigitte-Proba and the great friend of father Jean-Michel. With his contacts in the secret services, thanks to his father and brother (Appendix A 31), he imagined and implemented this scenario with some doctored documents. Did he take advantage of circumstances, such as the accidental death of his niece ? Or did he make sure that she completely disappeared from the radar, as if she had been exfiltrated with a change of identity? It is unlikely that we will know in the immediate future, unless a close witness starts talking or a judicial investigation is finally launched. The pact of silence has been sealed and is holding for now, despite all the revelations already known... We have here an identity usurpation skilfully achieved in a geographically remote phase, with the social distance required by the secret transition, known only to the family circle, which is always closely united.

        Succeeding the version 2, tree version 3, of the two Brigitte Auzière,
        the biological mother (born Brigitte Auzière) and the surrogate mother (born Jean-Michel Trogneux)

        A version 4, better translating the word "falsely", is presented in the Conclusion Chapter.

        The revelation of the existence of two Brigitte Auzières gives us a better understanding of a marriage record that we had initially rejected, because it seemed false. Its source was dubious, since it was shown, at the beginning of January, by Moadab (Appendix A 7), and it seemed absurd that Brigitte Auzière, who was believed to be Brigitte Trogneux, was present at the wedding of Jean-Michel Trogneux with Véronique Dreux in 1980. We understand now that it was the first Brigitte, niece of Jean-Louis. Moreover, it is actually marked that she lives in Croix in the department of Nord where she resides then (Appendix A 30). Thus, in 1980, Brigitte Auzière, Jean-Michel Trogneux's lover (with whom he had two children and would have a third) is present at his wedding with Véronique (future mother of two more children). It looks like a ménage à trois... And this document provides us with the signatures of the trio, here it is in a version of February 25, a little more complete than the first one:

        Right, from top to bottom, the signatures of Véronique Dreux, Jean-Michel Trogneux and Brigitte Auzière.
        The Moadab version from early January states that Brigitte Auzière is "not a professional" : 1 2.

        This signature "B. Auzière" appears as a confirmation of the hypothesis first named "Proba Auzière". We have understood the mechanism of the magic trick, the interrogative form can disappear from the title of this chapter. It is still a hypothesis but, in my opinion, it now reaches the intimate conviction...

  28. Brigitte, Jean-Michel's younger sister, reportedly died in 1961
    Appendix A 7) who revealed it on Twitter in January 2022. Here it is, dated December 20, 2021 :

    We were writing at the time in late January:

    This act can only be falsified. The non-indication of the 1st marriage, which we know to be fictitious, does not constitute proof, but other elements point in that direction.

    First of all the Amiens City Hall has already communicated forgeries. I spoke of the non-birth in Amiens of Jean-Michel Trogneux on an act of April 15, 2021, there are two other similar acts, dated March 24 and April 12, 2021. It is therefore from December 2021 (when the Jean-Michel Trogneux affair breaks out) that the Amiens City Hall begins to disseminate the birth certificates of Jean-Michel and Brigitte Trogneux, the first appearing right and the second false, we find there a way to confuse the tracks.

    Xavier Poussard adds : "How to explain the fact that on these two birth certificates, provided by the same administration, relating to two individuals born at the same time, that of Véronique Dreux lists three marriages in the marginal mentions, while that of Brigitte Macron omits her first marriage to André (-Louis) Auzière" [F&D504p04].
    Hypothesis rejected (the birth certificate now appearing valid)

    Progressively, with hindsight, this document appeared to be a true extract of the civil status record. Certainly, with regard to the "legend" of Brigitte, we note the absence of the first marriage with André-Louis Auzière in 1974 (which is not the first marriage of Jean-Michel, in 1980), but only the last act Should necessarily be cited in an extract. One wonders then why the "extract of birth certificate, obtained under the same conditions by the same town hall a month later, mentions two marriages. This leaves doubts about the 1974 marriage  this will be dealt with in the next Chapter.

    Logically, recognizing the birth required us to know what happened to this little sister of Jean-Michel. This was the subject of an Appendix A 37 in late May 2022, incorporated here in mid-September.

    In Appendix A 11, we raised the "mystery of the niece who died young." Let us associate it, now, with two other mysteries  that of the little girl present in the 1953/1954 photo (treated in Chapter 6 and in Appendix A 11) and that of Brigitte Trogneux's birth certificate on April 13, 1953 in Amiens. We will compare these three data. Let us begin with the birth of Brigitte Marie Claude Trogneux. Here, opposite, is her announcement published in "Le Courrier Picard" of April 15, 1953.

    Up to now we have considered these two documents to be forgeries. They are, however, very different in nature from each other. We have also learned that Brigitte Trogneux's Social Security number appears, prima facie, to be correct and not forged (Appendix A 35 Part 2). There is still the voter registration card that appears correct (Appendix A 35 Part 1). Let's assume that this birth is true. And let's return to the niece who died young. Could she be, in reality, this sister Brigitte ? Here is how Sylvie Bommel talks about it, twice, explicitly and then implicitly, relying on Brigitte Macron's words and wishes :

    Jean-Michel Trogneux on his late sister: "She is with me every day of my life"

    Do you find it hard to believe such a statement? Brigitte Macron did say this to Sylvie Bommel for "Elle" magazine in 2017 (link). Here's the full quote: "My older sister was killed in a car accident, with her husband, and the child she was carrying. I was 8 years old. She is with me, every day of my life. A year later, one of my nieces of 6 years is gone." You understood that Jean-Michel speaks there of his big sister Maryvonne and not his little sister Brigitte, aka this niece who would have died a year after February 24, 1960, so at the beginning of the year 1961.

    However, this first-degree interpretation appears wrong. Two years later, in fact, in her book "He had just turned seventeen", Sylvie Bommel specifies that Brigitte Trogneux, the real one, was not 8 but 6 years old at the time of the car accident. If you look closely, it is exactly 6 years and 10 months. Above all, in this book, Sylvie Bommel, surprisingly, does not return to the death of the niece "one year later". And, on an entire page, she demonstrates, with the help of a pedopsychiatrist, that a child under the age of eight cannot be traumatized to that extent. However, in 1960/1961, Jean-Michel was 15/16 years old, an age when one is, on the other hand, very affected by the death of a close relative. Perhaps already to the point of wanting his younger sister to stay with him every day of his life. He will have succeeded, even physically, 24 years later ...

    Thus, in 2019, Sylvie Bommel did not return to the death of the little "niece". Probably at the request of Brigitte Macron, who felt she had said too much in 2017 ... This niece who died at the age of 8 (one year after the accident when Brigitte was 7), we looked for her (Appendix A 11 in the reject inserts) and we did not find her  it is neither Christine Boulogne born in 1957, nor Nathalie Farcy born in 1959 and there is no other one before (officially). There is also Sylvie Boulogne born in 1959 and deceased in 1966, but that's much later... So, yes, only Brigitte, Jean-Michel's own sister, may have died in 1961 at age 8. More exactly at the beginning of 1961

    Lastly, let us note that in this 2021 book, Syvie Bommel, just before the accident, writes that "Brigitte, at six years old, is old enough to be a little maid of honor" at the wedding of her older brother Jean-Claude, on June 14, 1960. Ah... Why then were we not shown a photo of this wedding with Brigitte and the bride and groom? This presence is to be compared with the mention of Brigitte on the faire-part of Maryvonne's death in February 1960, in "Le Courrier Picard". This mention of granddaughter of honor in June 1960 is the last evidence of life, indirectly, that we have of Brigitte Trogneux.

    A detail singularly supports the reality of Brigitte Trogneux's birth in 1953. There were two announcements, published on April 14 and 15, 1953 : the first is presented at the beginning of Chapter 20, the second at the beginning of this chapter. Why two in a row ? Simply because, in the announcement of the 14th, big sister Monique had been forgotten. She probably protested and, as a result, Dad had a new notice published in the next day's paper, to restore internal family justice. Why is this little detail interesting? Because it validates Brigitte's birth. A forger would never have made life difficult by falsifying two newspaper numbers instead of one, under such an improbable pretext. Even the idea would never have occurred to him. These two ads authenticate the birth certificate!

    The death of this younger sister in 1961 has deeply marked the teenager Jean-Michel, to the point that he will want, later, to reincarnate her... Why, then, does the birth certificate of 2021 indicate that this sister married Emmanuel Macron in 2007? If it seems very difficult to have falsified both the 1953 double announcement, the social security number and the 2021 birth certificate, it is easier to imagine that these documents are administratively valid, as those relating to the 1974 and 2007 marriages. The falsification can only be on another level: the best explanation is that the death of little Brigitte in 1961 was never declared to the civil registry. Is this possible? The Wikipedia page on the "National Directory of Identification of Natural Persons" shows that this is relatively common :

    In 2019, Senator Nathalie Goulet, as part of a fact-finding mission on social fraud and its impact on public finances, noted that the RNIPP file has many inconsistencies. For example, according to the senator, of the 110 million people registered, 84.2 million are "reputed to be alive," according to the INSEE formulation. 3.1 million people are also registered in the RNIPP as being over 100 years old and "reputed to be alive," half of whom were born abroad (for comparison, Insee estimated that there were 21,000 centenarians in France in 2016). Nathalie Goulet recommends that the file be urgently updated, as it conditions the payment of social benefits.

    Without ruling out that the death could also have been erased, it is therefore conceivable that it was not reported. Especially if the fatal illness of the girl, although apparently quite short, was trying and hidden, becoming a family secret. All the tricks will then be good to keep her alive, and in the most sophisticated way possible so that it is undetectable. Thus, more than the creation ex nihilo of the identity of Brigitte Trogneux, it is a usurpation of this identity by Jean-Michel Trogneux which gains our intimate conviction.

    In addition, because of this word "niece" used in the "legend", there is another possibility. When Brigitte was born in 1953, Simone was 40 years old and her eldest daughter Annie (Anne Marie) was 21 years old. This one could be the biological mother, the father being unknown (except maybe in the secret of the family). The state of being an unmarried mother was frowned upon at the time, so it was Annie's parents who would have assumed the birth. This was quite common. Brigitte would then be a biological niece of Jean-Michel, which goes in the direction of a sister-niece confusion.

    This is the moment to return to the famous family photo: as we had already assumed, we have, there, a confirmation that it can only group the six children, from the eldest Anne-Marie to the youngest Brigitte. And to return to the Chapter 27, relating the passage of Jean-Michel in Algiers, we can guess the continuation : very disturbed, the teenager was sent to Algiers at the beginning of the school year 1961/1962, entrusted to a correspondent, probably confectioner, also training him in this trade (hence the designation "confectioner" on his military booklet). And one can assume that the Trogneux parents made it look like Brigitte was accompanying her brother. Jean-Michel then began to become Jean-Bri-Bri, especially when he wrote a letter from his sister... which the parents were proud to show... These are only suppositions without any tangible proof, but they are in the logic of what happened before and what will happen after the death of 1961. In the logic also of a Brigitte Macron who, claiming to be Brigitte Trogneux, remembers in 2017 her passage in Algiers.

  29. Brigitte Macron did not get married in 1974

      We wondered, in the previous Chapter, about the disappearance of Brigitte née Auzière, until considering her death, after the birth of her third child in 1984. An exfiltration was also envisaged.

      Two clues guide us to the following hypothesis  : Brigitte née Auzière would have returned to live in Croix, under another name, next to the place where she had already lived in 1979-1984. In Appendix A 16, we have already quoted this statement by Tiphaine : "My dad worked in Lille, he came back on weekends. During the week, I was with my mother and on weekends with my dad and mom went to see Emmanuel". Given the father-mother inversion, it would not be the father who would live in Lille, but the mother, Brigitte née Auzière. The second clue is called Antoine Choteau, he is the father of Tiphaine's two children and he was born in Croix !

      To the left, excerpts from the fiche Généanet La Fraternelle. In the center, Antoine and Tiphaine at the Elysee inauguration in May 2017.
      On the right Eric Choteau, Antoine's father (link). Did the Choteau family know Brigitte née Auzière?

      To thus found a family with a native of Croix, Tiphaine knows this township very well. As her father André Louis, is fictitious, it is therefore her mother that she would meet, especially between 1992 (date of the meeting with Emmanuel Macron, Tiphaine was 8 years old), and 2010 (date of PACS with Antoine).

      Eric Choteau, Antoine's father, was a gastroenterologist and hepatologist who practiced in Cucq in the Pas-de-Calais. He died on October 9, 2013 (faire-part, link). In Le Touquet, he was a well-known figure, president-creator of the field field hockey club (link). Is he the one who, as a doctor or neighbor, would have allowed his son to know Brigitte née Auzière and her daughter Tiphaine ?

      August 24, 2022. We take note of large extracts of a notary document, of donation-sharing, of bare property, of the Trogneux parents, Jean and Simone Pujol, to their six children, Jean-Michel and Brigitte included, Maryvonne deceased being replaced by her daughter Nathalie Farcy, married Bataille. The date of this document is revealing: March 27, 1985. The transitional period 1974-1984 is over, Jean-Michel took the identity of his deceased sister Brigitte. This family state of affairs will not change thereafter, it is still operational now, thirty-seven years later: Jean-Michel continues to exist in a vaporous way, by short intermittences, especially in writing, when Brigitte lives, ostensibly. Their presentation on the notarial act is the following:

      The important and revealing word is colored red. On the right, it appears likely that the photo
      of the 1974 bride is that of Brigitte née Auzière, as explained in Appendix A 48.

      The simultaneous presence of Jean-Michel and Brigitte Trogneux, in the form of two distinct persons, is a challenge: we know that it is impossible, so? So, perhaps for the last time, the Trogneux family called upon Brigitte née Auzière. As for the 1974 wedding, she plays again the role of Brigitte née Trogneux. One notices, on this occasion, the importance that takes the marriage of 1974: it is well him which, administratively, resuscitated Brigitte born Trogneux.

      Photo 2022 Stephane
      Lemouton - BestImage

      Photo 2019 Dominique
      Jacovides - BestImage
      The notary, Maître Hervé Laudren, who realizes this act, is the same one who had acted the marriage contract in 1974. He recognizes the bride of then and does not ask himself any question. For him, he has well there, in his study, the youngest daughter of the Trogneux family of Amiens, who was there ten years earlier on the occasion of her marriage contract. It is for Jean-Michel that he wonders, in view of his appearance: unlike his brother Jean-Claude, he does not consider him "présent" but "présente"! No doubt Jean-Michel came in his feminine form, his definitive form... Who had noticed this spelling at the time ? Probably nobody... And even if someone had seen it, wouldn't it be better to ignore it ? Wasn't it better to ignore it? To see it as a simple typing error? We had to wait until 2022 for it to be highlighted...

      The place of residence declared by Jean-Michel, at La Neuville-sur-Oudeuil, near Beauvais, is another source of questioning, the subject of the Appendix A 47. He certainly could not say that he lived in Truch, like his sister !

      As for the one who, for the last time, pretends to be the daughter Brigitte of the Trogneux parents, she declares that she lives at n°4 rue des coquelicots in Truchtersheim, where Jean-Michel, now Brigitte, lives. This notarized act is like a handover: we leave the 1974 marriage configuration to enter the new one, scripted in 1984. As in the first act, the complicity of the Trogneux family remains very active in this second act. However, the role of Brigitte, the reincarnated born Trogneux in 1953, will be held by another actor, and this one is not a woman! The bet is very risky. But the game is worth the candle: Jean-Michel will be much more involved in his character, he will have more confidence from his parents, brother and sisters, and the details have been carefully treated, in the continuation of the previous years, on the basis of the same marriage. Brigitte née Auzière was worryingly fragile. She was relieved after this last performance, which she meekly accepted, one last time, as a release. The heavy burden she had assumed since 1974 is finally over.

      Given the date of this document, in March 1985, the installation of Jean-Michel / Brigitte in Truch probably occurred at the beginning of the 1984-1985 school year, so that the two eldest children, 10 and 8 years old, could integrate their new school at the beginning of the school year. It is then that Jean-Michel Trogneux would have left La Neuville-sur-Oudeuil, his official wife Véronique Dreux and their two children Jean-Jacques and Valérie, to settle in this commune of Alsace, under the appearance of a woman, with his three other children, Sébastien, Laurence and Tiphaine, and the ghost of a husband named André Louis Auzière.

      Jean-Michel is the only donee whose children, however official, Jean-Jacques and Valerie, are not named, as if the Trogneux family was drawing a line under the Veronique Dreux episode. The erasure of this marriage and these two children lasted until their revelation in 2021 in "Facts & Documents" (Chapter 11).

      Although we do not know the final page of signatures, we do have an appendix page with signatures and the two excerpts below on the left :

      The second proof (here the first, in Chapter 14)

      Originals:document blue, document green, document yellow.
      The image on the left shows the two signatures of Brigitte née Auzière that appear on this page of the act. They are identical to that of the 1974 bride when she was a witness at Jean-Michel Trogneux's 1980 wedding, recalled in the green box (taken from Chapter 27). Blatantly (e.g., the shape of the p's), the handwriting of Brigitte née Auzière, who calls herself "nee Trogneux" here, is not the same handwriting as that of Brigitte Macron, reproduced on the right and analyzed in Appendix A 39. These are not the same people. So here we have evidence that : Brigitte Macron was not the bride of 1974!

      And here, above, is another, similar proof, with the writing of the word "Trogneux", twice in the blue document already seen, supposedly in Brigitte Macron's hand, and the same word written by Brigitte Macron, signing in 2007 a document orange, just before her marriage to Emmanuel Macron (Appendix A 39). Once again, these are not the same handwritings, Brigitte Macron is not the 1974 bride, who signed the blue document. Two different people claimed to be Brigitte née Trogneux. And neither of them was...
      Addition of 23/10/2023: it appears likely that the text in the yellow document is not in Brigitte Macron's hand. This one certainly is, and the conclusion is the same.

      This appendix page with signatures also shows that the Trogneux parents were involved in the "Tentations" store that Jean-Michel and his wife Véronique Dreux ran in Beauvais (Appendix A 38). They were probably also involved in supplying the confectionery department.

      The meeting of Tiphaine with the Choteau family in Croix and the presence, on March 27, 1985, of a clone of Brigitte née Trogneux, other than her brother Jean-Michel, lead us to consider that Brigitte née Auzière still lived after the birth of Tiphaine and that she lived, after 1984, in Croix or next door, in the suburbs of Lille, under an identity that we do not know.

      This leads to other questions. Wouldn't the announced death of André Louis in 2019 rather be that of Brigitte née Auzière ? When, in 2022 (Appendix D 10), Brigitte Macron made it known that André Louis Auzière "had become depressed, reclined in a psychiatric clinic," which Tiphaine denied, were they both talking about Brigitte née Auzière ? Wouldn't a mental health problem be the cause of her being put aside from 1984 ? Participating in the fake wedding of 1974, witnessing the wedding, in 1980, of the father of her children with another woman, being pregnant at the same time as this official wife, participating, under the pressure of her in-laws, in the reincarnation of a person who died more than twenty years ago, seeing the father of her children transforming himself into a woman: can't all this bring about a profound loss of bearings, to the point of provoking serious psychological problems ?

  30. Jean-Bri-Bri's two marriages, in 1980 and 2007

    This chapter, finalized in mid-September 2022, incorporates material published by Moadab and Blanrue in January 2022 (Appendix A 7), reprinted in the February NBI file (Appendix A 37), and other information collected from February through August, the provenance of which will be recalled. We present here the two marriages of one and the same person, whom we nickname Jean-Bri-Bri, under two different identities : first, in 1980, as Jean-Michel Trogneux, his youthful name, then, in 2007, as Brigitte Trogneux (one of the two "Bri"), deceased sister of the same Jean-Michel, substituting herself for Brigitte née Auzière (the other "Bri"), first to have usurped the identity of the deceased and mother of the three Auzière children, from another marriage, in 1974, which we have just studied in the previous Chapter.

    1. 1980, the marriage of Jean-Michel Trogneux.

      In the Chapter 11, we have already presented this first marriage of Jean-Michel Trogneux with Véronique Dreux, on November 24, 1980 in Blangy-Tronville, near Amiens. It was discovered by Xavier Poussard and revealed in "Faits & Documents" n°503 in October 2021. Previously, it was not even known that the "first lady" had a brother named Jean-Michel. Her siblings of five children increased to six. We now know what this implausible concealment was hiding.

      In January 2022, Moadab and Blanrue revealed several civil status documents, including a birth certificate extract of Jean-Michel Trogneux, dated January 9, with an indication in the margin of his marriage, the only marriage, that of 1980. The divorce of June 17, 1987 is also stipulated. His death, however, is not : he is therefore still alive. A copy of the complete birth certificate of Jean-Michel Trogneux was then provided, dated January 25 (link) :

      The birth certificate of Jean-Michel Trogneux is incorrect: it does not mention his 2007 remarriage.

      The NBI file adds that, ten months earlier, on April 15, 2021, the same Amiens town hall had issued Natacha Rey a document stating that Jean-Michel Trogneux had not been born in that commune. By what artifice had the birth certificate then been lost and by what miracle did it reappear ?

      At the end of April 2022, we understood why the wedding had taken place in Blangy-Tronville: it had been about ten years since Jean-Michel Trogneux had been living there and was managing Picardie Métal (Appendix A 33). At the end of May (Appendix A 38), we learned that the couple, after their marriage, had moved to Beauvais, where Véronique Dreux was the manager of a confectionery-merchandise store "Tentations", in connection with her confectioner-chocolate maker parents-in-law. The couple's first child, Jean-Jacques, spent his first months there. He was born on November 15, 1982 in Amiens.

      He will have a little sister, Valerie, also born in Amiens, on February 20, 1984. The little family lives in a beautiful villa, 20 km away, in the commune of Neuville-sur-Oudeuil (Appendix A 47 from the end of August). But the storm is rumbling, Jean-Michel is going to move to Truchtersheim with his three other children. The divorce is taking shape and will be pronounced three years later, on June 17, 1987.

      It appears that Jean-Jacques and Valerie were the only two grandchildren forgotten by Jean and Simone Trogneux when they made a large gift to their descendants on March 27, 1985 (Chapter 30 from late August). Yet they are present in the 1991 family photo (Appendix A 2) (apparently without their mother). Jean-Jacques can be found at the Elysee Palace in May 2017, during the first inauguration of Emmanuel Macron (a December 2021 find). Apart from these presences the two children and the mother appear very distant from Jean-Bri-Bri. We do not know of any photos of this family, which remained complete for only a short time.

      As indicated in Chapter 11 Véronique Dreux later remarried and seems to have lost all contact with the Trogneuxes. We do not know when and under what circumstances she had met Jean-Michel, and in particular whether he used her first name in the 1977 television program in which he called himself Véronique la transsexuelle (Chapter 14). We also don't know what his relationship was with Brigitte née Auzière, the mother of Jean-Michel's other three children, born in 1975, 1977, 1984. Surprisingly, she was Jean-Michel's best man at the 1980 wedding, when she already had two children by him (the signatures of the trio are at the end of Chapter 29) .

    2. A key witness to the real 1980 wedding sheds light on the rigged 1974 wedding and the 1984 crisis.

      Although discreetly performed on a weekday Monday, the 1980 wedding appears to be entirely valid, with no identity manipulations or the like, unlike the 1974 and 2007 marriages. We do not know the full record, but we do know of several excerpts, already shown at the end of Chapter 28. One of them (noted [1]) proves particularly interesting. It is the presentation of the witness named "Brigitte Auzière." It is below, with, embedded in a green frame, the reminder of her signature on this 1980 act, and her photo at the 1974 wedding :

      The Article 34 of the Civil Code specifies that "The civil status records shall state [...] the first names, surnames, occupations and domiciles of all those named therein". And these are indeed the names of birth, even if one can, sometimes, optionally, add the name of married woman (link). Thus, the one referred to as "Brigitte Auzière" cannot be "Brigitte married Auzière", as a first, too quick, reading would have us believe. She can only be a "Brigitte née Auzière". Consequently :

      We have, there, a first proof of the existence of Brigitte née Auzière!

      Remember, last May, in the Chapter 28, we had initially estimated that the mother of the three Auzière children was an Auzière woman, close to Jean-Louis, to whom we had given the first name of Proba. Then, at the end of this chapter, we had acquired the conviction that her first name was Brigitte. We had then of her only one signature, as witness in this marriage of 1980. Then we had shown, in the Chapter 29 of late August, excerpts from an act of March 1985, two other signatures, one of which noted "nee Trogneux" (a deliberate and characteristic lie), and we had considered that the 1974 bride's photo was hers. Other clues, presented in a frame in Appendix A44 pointed in this direction. We wrote elsewhere in the record that we had these clues without having formal proof of his identity. Well, on September 15, here is the first proof! This is a new step forward, even if, admittedly, there is still a long way to go: to have proof that Brigitte is indeed the mother of the three Auzière children, that she is a niece of Jean-Louis, that she was born in Eséka...

      Moreover, the mayor of Blangy-Tronville, and also his deputy who celebrates the event, are not friends of the family knowing the malpractices carried out, as the mayor of Le Touquet in 1974 and 2007. They treat this marriage "in the regular way", according to their habits of respecting the editorial instructions. They have verified the validity of the identities of the witnesses. It is solid.

      This shows that Brigitte née Auzière presented herself at the wedding with her true identity as a young girl, whereas she could have, as first at the 1974 wedding and as, one last time, in March 1985, presented herself as the deceased Brigitte née Trogneux. Thus, from 1974 to 1984, the integration of Brigitte née Auzière into the identity of Brigitte née Trogneux is not systematic. According to the circumstances, she presents herself under one name or another. After 1984, the integration of Jean-Michel Trogneux in his deceased sister will be physically more complete and permanent, the identity Jean-Michel existing only in a written and sporadic way.

      The extracts we know of from the 1980 marriage record show only one of the four witnesses. However, we have the signatures of three of them, which allows us to identify a second witness:

      Opposite, on the left, the signatures of the bride and groom and witnesses. Above the bride, below the groom, with his initials JM that look like a B. And the signatures of three witnesses, including that of Brigitte Auzière, shown in the green box above. The one on the bottom left is not yet identified.

      For the one on the right in the middle, we thought, at first, to recognize the "paw" of André Louis Auzière, as shown by the comparisons, opposite on the right, with two other specimens from 1992 and 2001. But, on reflection, it could also be AM (Anne Marie) Annie (without the T of Trogneux), the sister of Jean-Michel.

      It is then appropriate to ask the question: why did Brigitte Auzière come under her own identity ? Because guests at the wedding knew her only under her original name ?... Including the bride ?

    3. 2007, the rigged wedding of Emmanuel and Brigitte.

      At the end of Chapter 16, we already mentioned the October 20, 2007 marriage uniting Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Trogneux, aka Jean-Bri-Bri. We knew, of course, that this marriage could only be illegal, since, at the time, only a man born a man and a woman born a woman could get married. But we did not know at what level the illegality should be situated.

      In the end, this marriage is as rigged as that of 1974  the bride, administratively registered, is deceased but reincarnated in both cases. In 1974, we had a fictitious husband, there, in 2007, the bride is a man disguised as a woman, who moreover was already married in 1980, divorced in 1987, without this being stated.

      The few photos that came out of this " ceremony " are strange, if not disturbing. Brigitte wears a very short and sleeveless dress, it is not a wedding dress. Macron, on the other hand, wears a pink tie and a black suit [...] On the "most important day of his life", all the details count, so why break the codes? Especially with their cultural and financial level, there is no chance, but in a pinch. The most... bizarre is their centerpiece. It clearly represents the horns of a Baphomet under flames. [...] So how is it then that their wedding does not appear in the records of the city hall in which the ceremony took place? There is too much occult symbolism, which does not bode well for anything holy.
      [Franck Pengam, reprinting information from "Facts & Documents," "Les moutons enragés," November 14, 2021, link with illustration at right]

      July 14, 2022, what fireworks... (link)

      To achieve this deception, which appears incredible at first glance, Jean-Bri-Bri had two essential supports. That of his great friend Jean-Louis Auzière, knowing the workings of the secret services, who had already engineered the 1974 wedding, where Jean-Michel (not yet Jean-Bri-Bri) was best man of the bridegroom (already his deceased sister, but under another reincarnation). And that of Léonce Deprez, mayor of Le Touquet, great friend of the father Trogneux, who had already celebrated and also arranged the 1974 wedding. As in 1974, the parents, brother and sisters Trogneux were accomplices, but it does not seem that they were present, thus marking a certain distance (they are nevertheless on the invitation). Only Manette, Emmanuel's grandmother, was there, surely knowingly (Appendix A 14). Emmanuel Macron's mother, Françoise Noguès, apparently absent, as was her husband, also knew, surely, because of her professional support for transsexuals, her probable acquaintance with Pastor Doucé, and her old friendship with Jean-Michel Trogneux (Chapter 25). The others may have been deceived. Including Jean-Michel Macron, official father of the groom, who will divorce with his mother in 2010 ?

      Unlike 1974, there was no religious wedding. Instead, the 2007 wedding seemed to be patronized by the Devil Baphomet himself, crowning the cake that ended the meal with his horns. It is true that in the meantime, in 1992, a 47 year old devilish man had hijacked a 15 year old minor...

  31. Conclusion: family secrets, intertwined lives and pacts of silence

      Considering only the data and hypotheses that appear most likely to us, relying on the known facts gathered and adding a requirement of coherence, here is the scenario of Jean-Michel Trogneux's journey that appears to us to be the most realistic. First constructed in mid-May 2021, then updated, it is the counterpoint to the FR3 documentary film "Brigitte Macron, a French novel", it is its hidden side, much more romantic...

      To understand the springs of this implausible story of Brigitte "first lady" born into male Jean-Michel, we had to dive far into the past, all the way back to the 1950s, and point out some critical steps compounding the unspoken. As for the transformation of Jean-Michel into Brigitte, we believe that everything was carefully orchestrated and planned so that no one could suspect, let alone prove, this change of identity. The mastermind of the sleight of hand would be Jean-Louis Auzière. His father Marius Auzière was an intelligence officer, his older brother Louis too (Appendix A 31). Jean-Louis benefits from some of their contacts and is fascinated by secret lives. He himself goes by André, his middle name. He is a great friend of Jean-Michel Trogneux, whom he probably knew in Algeria (Chapter 25). But before we get to this meeting, around 1961, we need to go back in time even further.

      1. 1945, birth of Jean-Michel Trogneux in Amiens

        As we saw in the Chapter 6, Jean-Michel Henri Trogneux was born on February 11, 1945 in Amiens, into a well-to-do family of chocolate makers, well established in the local bourgeoisie. He has an older brother and three older sisters.

      2. 1953, childhood in Amiens, the birth of Brigitte Trogneux, Jean-Michel's little sister

        On April 13, 1953, Jean-Michel, 8 years old, has a new sister: Brigitte.The Chapter 28 explains why we now believe in this birth, which we rejected at the beginning of this investigation. Brigitte would be the little girl in the family photo that we now date to the fall of 1954 or Christmas 1954 or January 1, 1955. The whole family, the two parents and the six children, would thus be gathered here.

        In late 1954, the famous family photo would finally be true, although it has received some retouching
        accessories. On the right is a photomontage of Jean-Michel with his sister Brigitte, a merger in the making.

      3. 1961, the death of the little sister Brigitte, not accepted by her parents.

        the Chapter 28 also explains that Brigitte probably died around the age of 8, but that this death was hidden and not reported to the civil registry. We do not know the cause. It is not excluded that it was later. It could be linked to an accident or a long illness, which would explain the scarcity of photos of Brigitte (only one has reached us, the photo above of the whole family). At the time of her death, Jean-Michel, a 14 year old teenager, was very touched. This family drama becomes a terrible family secret when the parents decide to hide the death and not to declare it, after having hidden the illness. No doubt they tell their relatives that she went on long trips with her brother Jean-Michel, showing them some postcards.

      4. 1961, in Algiers, the meeting of Jean-Michel Trogneux and Jean-Louis Auzière

        In Chapter 25 and in Appendix A 22, we set forth a certainty  Jean-Michel Trogneux was a student in Algiers. He lived in a hotel-pension at 87, boulevard Saint-Saëns. It was in 1963, he was there before too. We can estimate that, shortly after the death of his sister Brigitte, perhaps to free him from this drama, his parents brought him to study there, at the college-lycee Notre-Dame d'Afrique, whose day school was located at 24 of this same boulevard Saint-Saëns. We have several photos that point in this direction, even if we cannot be sure that they represent Jean-Michel. And on two of them, we believe to recognize Jean-Louis Auzière. But it doesn't matter whether they met there, or a little later in the USA (Appendix A 26), or even in Amiens around 1972 because of Laure Auzière, Jean-Louis' niece (Chapter 27 Part 1). Still, this strong friendship will be decisive.

        Perhaps Jean-Michel Trogneux, the little one, and Jean-Louis Auzière, the big one, in 1961 in Algiers at the boarding school Le Courrier Picard" [F&D504p5].

      5. 1973-1974, the Blangy-Tronville episode, Jean-Michel meets Brigitte née Auzière, the funny wedding in Le Touquet

        From 1964 to 1973, we know little about Jean-Michel Trogneux, except that he probably lived in the USA in 1969 (Appendix A 26). Jean-Louis Auzière became his great friend (Chapter 27 Part 1), who introduced him to his niece with the endearing first name, Brigitte Auzière. A romantic relationship begins (Chapter 27 Part 2). The Chapter 30 and the End Box of Appendix 44 explain why the future mother of the three Auzière children is indeed this Brigitte née Auzière, Jean-Louis' niece.

        In 1972-1973, Jean-Michel is back in Amiens with Brigitte, who meets the Trogneux family. They get engaged in 1973 (or January 1974, see end of Appendix A 49). At the start of the 1972 school year, Laure Auzière, Brigitte's younger sister, comes to study in Amiens. At the same time, in 1973, Jean-Michel's parents have a piece of land with a house in the town of Blangy-Tronville, about ten kilometers from Amiens. They installed Jean-Michel there for a hardware store project, Picardie Métal. Jean-Michel will be the manager and will use the services of a representative (Appendix A 33). We do not know if he had other activities at the same time.

        The Trogneux parents want to show everyone that their daughter Brigitte is alive. Jean-Michel too. Isn't the new Brigitte worth the old one? To realize this extravagant wish, Jean-Michel calls upon his great friend Jean-Louis Auzière, the young uncle of Brigitte Auzière. This one is fascinated by secret services and double personalities. The crazy idea takes shape: Brigitte born Auzière will play the deceased Brigitte Trogneux and Jean-Louis will play, for appearances, the role of her husband, thus providing an official father to her future children. This fictitious husband will have for name Auzière, for first name André. André is Jean-Louis's middle name, which he prefers to the first and uses from time to time as a pseudonym (end of Appendix A 30), as if he had prepared for this role.

        A crazy idea germinates then: Brigitte née Auzière will play the deceased Brigitte Trogneux and Jean-Louis will play, for the sake of appearances, the role of her husband, thus providing an official father to her future children. This fictitious husband will have for name Auzière, for first name André. André is Jean-Louis's middle name, which he prefers to the first and uses from time to time as a pseudonym (end of Appendix A 30), as if he had prepared for this role.

        Where would this André Louis Auzière come from? Since the future wife, who fraudulently became Brigitte née Trogneux, is no longer officially Brigitte née Auzière, born in Eséka, he would take his place in the genealogy of this Auzière family, thus acquiring an administrative existence: here he is the son of Louis Auzière, Jean-Louis' brother. It is a simple substitution, a nephew replaces the niece. Marius Auzière, still alive, and Louis Auzière, respectively grandfather and father of Brigitte, who both worked for the secret services (Appendix A 31), took part in this operation, the first for sure, the second probably.

        And, of course, to put all this in place, the fictitious André must marry the deceased Brigitte. And this will have to be done in broad daylight, so that the event will be permanently inscribed in people's minds, even in the civil registry. At first glance, the challenge seems out of reach, so bold is it. But the imagination and meticulousness of the Auzières, combined with the interpersonal skills of the Trogneux, are serious assets. It is necessary, of course, a complaisant mayor who does not check the identities and a priest for the essential religious ceremony. The Trogneux parents take care of this  the mayor of Le Touquet, Léonce Deprez, is a great friend of the father, from the time when both shone on the tennis courts (Appendix A 28), and Abbé Herreman is a priest of the parish "La Providence" in Amiens, very understanding, for having probably supported the family during the deaths of Maryvonne in 1960 and then of Brigitte in 1961 (mention 1958). And then, Jean and Simone put at the bride's disposal the administrative documents of their youngest daughter, still valid, since her death was not declared.

        Thus, on June 22, 1974, in Le Touquet, the bells rang and the photographer took shots to make an ideal photo, which will be taken by the local press, showing the two real-false married surrounded by their complicit parents (Appendices A 43 and A 48). The late Brigitte is supposed to come back from far away, from America (Appendix A 26) and even from the Styx, but since she's here, no one will be able to doubt her existence and identity anymore, which is wedged by the double ceremony. In the skin of the false bride stands the real one (or vice versa). Assuming the heavy burden of embodying the deceased, she obtains, in compensation, satisfaction: she will not be considered as a daughter-mother, since she is married, and with a husband who could not be unfaithful... It will be enough to tell everyone that she has married this André Louis Auzière, but who will go and check it? The only easy check, within everyone's reach, in addition to the name on the doorbell and the mailbox, is the telephone book. All you have to do is open a phone line in the name of André Auzière (end of the Appendix A 30) where Brigitte lives, in Issy lès Moulineaux. Easy and cheap. The husband will be supposed to work far away and come back from time to time, in the guise of Jean-Michel. But also, from time to time, Jean-louis will be able to play this role, for example in front of a notary. For the neighborhood, it will be a "normal" family, that of Mr. and Mrs. Auzière. As explained in Appendix A 43, this marriage is both false, by the identity of the two bride and groom, and true by the ceremony, the announcement, the announcement and the registration in the civil status. Thus the parents perpetuate the illusion of their living daughter and Brigitte Auzière gently fools her entourage when she claims that the one who comes to see her is her husband.

        How far does the precision of the 1974 mechanism go? Jean-Louis and Jean-Michel have designed the essential characteristics of this false husband, André Louis Auzière. In the Auzière family tree, he replaces Brigitte who, by chance, was born in a remote corner of Africa, without a civil status register. This even makes it possible to change the date of birth of the imaginary husband. It will be the year 1951 instead of 1953, so that André is a little older than Brigitte (as in a "normal" family...) and a little closer to Jean-Louis' age. And it will be a February 28 to correspond to the birthday of Jean-Louis, born on February 28, 1943.

        The following year, on September 1, 1975, Sebastien Auzière was born in Amiens, the first of three children of Jean-Michel Trogneux and Brigitte Auzière. The baby bore the name Auzière of his fictitious father, André Louis, the groom of 1974, but he had been fathered by his mother's lover. The latter, more or less freely, assumes the identity of the sister of the said lover... It is a virtual incest... One can moreover wonder about the relations between the two lovers. Mister is witness to the marriage of Madam in 1974 and Madam will be, in her turn, witness to the marriage of Mister in 1980... Would there be an arrangement behind this symmetrical circumstance?

        Why was Sebastian born in Amiens? To remove the event from the neighborhood of his parents in Issy-les-Moulineaux and to benefit from the help of grandparents Trogneux. They can present the child as the son of their daughter Brigitte, supposedly still alive. To what extent is the double identity of the married couple photographed in 1974 used? To the point of having, for each of them, two identity cards?

      6. 1977, Jean-Michel becomes Veronique the transsexual.

        The 1974 scenario works well. Brigitte Auzière moved from Issy-les-Moulineaux to Croix, near Lille, in 1976 or 1977. A second child arrived, still born in Amiens : Laurence, in 1977. In addition, Jean-Michel Trogneux is divided between his two personalities of man and woman (gender dysphoria). When did it start ? When his sister Brigitte disappeared and he sometimes had to make her live again abroad, far from her parents? Probably with the accompaniment, in Paris, of the group of help to the transsexuals created by the pastor Joseph Doucé, he begins to transform himself into woman. On September 27, 1977, he is interviewed, in shaded mode, as Véronique the transsexual. His voice, his "That is" speech tic, his gestures are the same as those of Brigitte Macron in January 2022 (first red shaded, in chapter 14).

        As a man, he knows, moreover, another woman, Véronique Dreux, and decides to cross the step that he had not wanted to cross in 1974  to marry her. It will be on November 24, 1980 in Blangy-Tronville. Brigitte born Auzière is perfectly aware of this and even participates in what becomes a ménage à trois, since she is a witness to this new marriage. We now go far beyond the "normal family" which is still used as a social façade for Brigitte in Croix. Jean-Michel and Véronique settle in 1981 in Beauvais, Véronique runs a confectionery and haberdashery store called "Tentations" (Appendix A 38). They have a first child, Jean-Jacques Trogneux, born in November 1982 in Amiens.

        1977 is also the date of the arrival in the world in Amiens, eight months after Laurence Auzière's, in a family of hospital caregivers, of a baby named Emmanuel Macron. Even though this is mentioned in Appendix A 24, there is nothing in what has just been said to link it to the heavy secrets of the Trogneux family. These have been so engrossing, that a parallel history between these two families seems extremely unlikely. Just, according to the Appendix A 10, one could bring forward by one year, from 1992 to 1991, the first meeting of the 2006 bride and groom.

      7. 1984-1985, erasure of Brigitte née Auzière, Jean-Michel becomes in turn Brigitte Trogneux married Auzière, beginning of the Alsatian episode

        The year 1984 arrived. Tiphaine Auzière, Brigitte Auzière and Jean-Michel's third child, was born on January 30, in the same conditions as her brother Sébastien and sister Laurence, in Amiens. Three weeks later, on February 20, Jean-Michel has another child, Valérie Trogneux, daughter of his wife Véronique Dreux and thus sister of Jean-Jacques. Who was born in the same place, in Amiens.

        We know little about this Trogneux/Dreux family of two children. Only the marriage record, in part, (end of Chapter 27) and the dates and place of birth of the children, 1982 and 1984 in Amiens, and then the mention of the divorce in 1987. We have photos and paintings of the children and also of Mrs. Dreux. But no family photos (yet), nor of the small children. For the other characters of this play with twists and turns, we have knowledge of big changes :
        • Jean-Michel Trogneux leaves the management of Picardie Métal, which ceases its activity. We will only find traces of this afterwards sparingly, and only in the form of written mentions. Moadab (Appendix A 7) will be the only journalist to have had the privilege of being received at his home and to talk freely with Jean-Michel, curiously omitting to pass on to us any information or images. In 1982, with his wife Véronque Dreux, he moved from Beauvais to the countryside, 16 km away, to La Nouvelle sur Oudeuil (Appendix A 47). We will see that he will stay there for a short time.
        • Jean-Louis Auzière, who became managing director of Grès perfumes in 1981, was appointed in 1983 as a French foreign trade advisor, a role with unclear contours in the line of jobs of his father Marius and his brother Louis, in the more or less secret service of France. In 1983, he moved to Strasbourg, to 26 rue Lorraine, in the Meinau district. On the telephone directory, he designates himself under the first name of André (Appendix A 30). He joins an old friend from Algiers, Jean-Marc Uhrweiller, in Strasbourg as part of his work, commercial director of the autonomous port of that city since 1972 (Chapter 26), who lives in the commune of Truchtersheim.
        • Brigitte, née Auzière, seems to evaporate. She disappears from our radar, after a last intervention, in March 1985, in a notarized deed of gift from the Trogneux parents to their six children. As at the time of the marriage in 1974, she plays the role of the deceased Brigitte née Trogneux. We recognize her signature and, this time, she writes a few words. This allows us to affirm that her handwriting is not that of Brigitte Macron (second red box, in Chapter 30). We then lose track of her. Until now, she had followed, on the phone book, in Issy-les-Moulineaux and then in Croix, the subscriber of the telephone line "André Auzière". Now, in 1983 and 1984, we find this name twice : in Croix but also in Strasbourg (end of Appendix A 30). Since Tiphaine was born when her mother was located in Croix, there is no evidence that Brigitte née Auzière ever moved to Strasbourg. We assume that she then lived in Croix or Lille, under another name (Chapter 29). It is there, in the 1990s, that the Auzière children will go to see, according to Tiphaine, their pseudo-father André(-Louis). In reality, they would have gone there to find their real mother...

          Very little is known about Brigitte Auzière née Auzière. We have mainly her signature at the 1980 wedding as a witness (end of Chapter 27), a signature that is found on the 1985 notarial act. It also appears likely that she is the bride in the 1974 photo (Appendix A 48), at left. On the right is the one who will take her place as the mother of her children...
        • And it is then, shortly after the disappearance of Jean-Michel Trogneux and just before the last appearance of Brigitte Auzière in March 1985, that appears, at the start of the 1984-1985 school year, a new character : Brigitte Trogneux married Auzière, living in Truchtersheim ("Truch"). Yes, you will say, we know her... She is the one who got married in 1974 in Le Touquet with André Louis Auzière, with whom she had three children. No, no, do what no one did at the time, look very closely : physically, it is not the same mother as the one who gave birth to the three children : Jean-Michel Trogneux, their biological father took on a feminine physical appearance and now passes for her.

        With great discretion, a new Madame (married) Auzière succeeded the old one, both being supposedly married to the same ghost on April 22, 1974 in Le Touquet, which is administratively true for both. Well, false for their youth identity, but true for the borrowed identity of the deceased, you follow? Who would have the idea to go and check, especially so far, in Alsace? Moreover, like guardian angels, Jean-Michel's two old friends are there, close by, to secure the operation: Jean-Louis Auzière, who works in Strasbourg, can, from time to time, play the role of the father, and Jean-Marc Uhrweiller has found a place to live in Truch and, with his wife, he helps with a good integration. The new "lady" moved in at the beginning of the 1984-1985 school year with her three children. It is she who will become Brigitte Macron: the official "legend" is right on this point.

        Until then, the life of Jean-Michel Trogneux had been excessively complex. He wanted, at the threshold of his 40 years, in 1984, more stability: it is also for that that he wanted definitively to become woman, as he wished it already in 1977 as Véronique the transsexual. Was he operated a little before? We don't know... Perhaps of the facial surgery ? Of the Adam's apple ?

        What is the trigger for these multiple choices : transformation, divorce, moving ? Why after the birth of Tiphaine? His mother had been a witness at the wedding in 1980, she wanted this child and the other woman, Veronique Dreux, the same year, in 1983 also wanted the other child, Valerie. The ménage à trois seemed well established... But everything could quickly go wrong. Something had to break the balance. In particular, Brigitte, née Auzière, may have found it difficult to take on a delicate role that was difficult to manage. Probably she also kept some characteristics of her identity as a young girl, which she did not want to lose. Jean-Michel had more the will to integrate completely in the skin of his own sister.

        But the strongest cause could come from the legitimate wife. As reported in Chapter 30, Véronique Dreux only knew the identity of Brigitte née Auzière (used at the 1980 wedding) and was unaware that she was playing Brigitte née Trogneux. Thus, the ménage à trois was unsteady. Véronique was also unaware that this friend Brigitte, who had become a rival, was the mother of three illegitimate children of Jean-Michel, her inveterate liar husband. The discovery of these huge secrets may have caused a hurricane leading to the divorce...

        Brigitte Macron, speaks in 2017 about her change from father to mother of her children [end reminder of Chapter 10]: "I know I hurt my children, and that's the thing I blame myself for the most. But I couldn't not do it, there are times in your life when you make vital choices. And for me, it was."

        Thus, a new pact was concluded in 1984, transforming that of 1974. Everyone in Truch and Strasbourg believed in good faith what they were told, namely that a very ordinary young couple had settled in this quiet commune at 4 rue des coquelicots. The father is very discreet, often absent because he works so much, his name is André Auzière, there is no doubt about it because his name is written on the mailbox and in the Truch directory. And the neighbors see him mowing the lawn. Jean-Louis, the Strasbourgeois, comes from time to time to play his part. He also plays it by being physically present to sign a document in front of notary, at the sides of his wife Brigitte Auzière born Trogneux. On these occasions, he signs AA (in 1992, Appendix A 30). Jean-Louis takes advantage of this proximity and the foreign trade job he holds in Strasbourg to strengthen the curriculum vitae of his double : André Louis would be a banker, deputy director of the Strasbourg branch of the French Bank of Foreign Trade (BFCE).

        After successfully replacing an absent teacher at Truch College, Ms. Auzière was recruited, probably at the start of the 1986 school year, as a French teacher at the private "Lucie Berger" high school in Strasbourg (Appendix A 36). His birth name, Trogneux, appears only in the paperwork of the high school, Brigitte is called everywhere else Brigitte Auzière as the previous one. Jean-Michel thus assumes two identities, in addition, sometimes, to his own: that of his late sister Brigitte and that of the mother of three of his children, Brigitte née Auzière. Fortunately, it seems that they were both born in 1953. As a result, the new Brigitte, a mixture of the two previous ones, must also adopt their age. Thanks to this magical operation, Jean-Michel becomes 8 years younger (Chapter 12). Just as in Blangy we had a seemingly mundane family with a fictional father André Auzière (actually the real father Jean-Michel) and the real mother, we now have in Truch another seemingly mundane family with the same fictional father André Auzière (actually Jean-Louis) and the real father disguised as the mother. This is a step up in the magic trick. Everything seems possible. How far will the process set in motion by the refusal of the death of the sister born in 1953 lead?

        The first three appearances of the new Ms. Brigitte Auzière in the "Lucie Berger" faculty photos. On the right, this same Brigitte with her daughter Tiphaine, aged about 7, around 1991. There is no photo of her with her first two children at the same age...

        In Truch, the new Brigitte takes her role as an exemplary mother in a normal family very seriously. She is very busy with her three children and her job as a French teacher in Strasbourg. At the time, she has a very small chest and a boyish look, but who could imagine anything else? She remained discreet, in good company, even accepting in 1989 to be a candidate on an electoral list. For it was indeed her, contrary to what we had believed at the beginning of this investigation (we show it in Appendix A 36).

        For the children and the family, who know the past history, the new pact of 1984 is more delicate to accept. The children (the two oldest, 9 and 7, the youngest Tiphaine is an infant) may have understood it as a kind of game, with the father becoming the mother. Rather than having only a dad, they could prefer to have a mom-dad... As for the Trogneux parents, and probably the brothers and sisters, they agree, since it corresponds to their will to continue to make their missing daughter live. We have proof of this with, in 1988, the closing of a notarial transaction begun earlier, concerning both the father Jean Trogneux and his daughter Brigitte, who accompanied him (Appendix A 34). They lived through the drama of 1961, they refused the death, they know Jean-Michel's tug-of-war between his masculinity and his femininity, they can only be understanding, they adhere to the 1984 pact, hiding the true identity of the new Brigitte Auzière née Trogneux.

        If, in the previous era (1975-1984), the episode of the transsexual Veronique in 1977 gave consistency to a closeness with Pastor Joseph Doucé, who helped those who wanted to change gender (Chapter 14), the tidy nature of Brigitte Trogneux's life in Alsace makes it unlikely that she was involved in the life of the Music Hall Adam Meyer close to Truch (Appendix A 27). It is in 1991 that this Alsatian life will cease, which, contrary to what we had believed for a while (Appendix A 5), appears quite consistent with the "legend" of Brigitte Macron. However, we still have reservations about the 1984-1986 period for "Lucie Berger." She would have arrived there at the beginning of the 1986 school year and not 1984 (end of Appendix A 36)...

      8. 1991, the return to Amiens, then the meeting with Emmanuel Macron

        Late September 1991, Brigitte, her parents Jean and Simone, her brother Jean-Claude, her sisters Annie and Monique.

        At the end of the 1990-1991 school year at the "Lucie Berger" high school in Strasbourg, Brigitte Auzière née Trogneux obtained her CAER, equivalent to the CAPES (Appendix A 32). Here she is ready to return to Amiens, to teach French in the private school "La Providence". She needs to better integrate into the extended Trogneux family, convince those who knew her before 1984. Circumstances were favorable. A little after the start of the school year, the Trogneux parents celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary, at the end of September 1991 (Appendix A 2). With the agreement of her children, her successful Alsatian years, and the agreement of her parents, brother and sisters, Brigitte convinces family members who might have doubts of her new identity. The transition is successful, Brigitte Auzière born Auzière has completely disappeared, Jean-Michel Trogneux has faded away, living only in dots, Brigitte Trogneux married Auzière, therefore also named Brigitte Auzière, appears for all as if she had always been there since her birth in 1953.

        Thus the deceased Brigitte was resurrected three times: a first time, just after her death, by the words of her parents keeping her alive, a second time in 1974 by Brigitte née Auzière and by the three children attributed to her, a third time in 1984 by her brother Jean-Michel. At each stage the reincarnation of the deceased Brigitte becomes more intimate, as if the parents' tale was coming true. Jean-Michel helped them in their chimera as much as they helped him in his gender dysphoria. But this re-actualized deceptive family pact will then be shaken by Brigitte's love affair with Emmanuel Macron, who are respectively 46 and 14 when they meet in September 1992 at the workshop-theater (Chapter 15, Appendix A 10). Everything has been allowed to Jean-Michel and, in this period when affairs of morality are not in the news, he can continue his momentum to outdo in other sexual adventures. With his new female gender well established in his large entourage, the forty-year-old can afford a teenager. Even for the time, one has there however a sexual attack on minor. The scandal will be hushed up. The marriage of 2007 will consolidate the acceptance of the family. It is especially the entry to the Elysée Palace in 2017 that will solidly weld the family to the point that nobody dares to move an eyelash since this event, and especially not to start the pact of 1974, updated in 1984.

        Before her marriage in 2007, Brigitte divorced with Andre Louis Auzière, except that physically she is not the bride of 1974. She attended the wedding only as a witness for the bride. This one is thus, in 2006, either deceased, or accomplice, or under strong constraint, or unaware of her divorce...

        Jean-Louis Auzière's script is then proven. Joel Benenson (Appendix A 23) and Mimi Marchand (Appendix D 10 invent a romance of true love. The underage hit becomes a mutual crush, revealing a radiantly fused couple. But those, especially in the United States, who know the couple's weakness use the new president as a puppet (Chapter 20) who overreaches in the Covid crisis (Chapter 21) at the expense of the people's health and their constitutional freedoms.

        After 1984, Jean-Michel Trogneux lived of course under the features and identity of Brigitte, but also, from time to time, under his own, especially for real estate transactions before notary. The last of his interventions dates from January 2022, when he filed a complaint against Natacha Rey and Amandine Roy for invasion of privacy, alongside ... Brigitte Trogneux married Macron (Appendix D 7). The double life is not only alternative : it can also be, but only on paper, simultaneous !...

      9. And on Emmanuel Macron's side?

        The Brigitte Trogneux mystery led us to the Emmanuel Macron mystery. Let's skip over his affair with Brigitte (Chapter 15), his homosexuality (Chapter 18), his psychopathy (Chapter 19, his cynicism (Appendix D 20), and his hairpiece (Appendix D 15), to retain that his childhood involves big questions (Chapter 23). We have few answers, which leaves room for multiple suppositions, especially about her biological father. Unlike Jean-Michel Trogneux, for whom we found enough corroborating elements to expose a scenario, I feel that we have too few to do the same. In moderate belief, I have suggested that Joseph Doucé could be her biological father (Chapter 24), unless it is Jean-Michel Macron, the official father. Others believe that it is Jean-Michel Trogneux, who thus would have married his own son, without my seeing any documented counter-indication to this baroque scenario, apart from the existence of less exceptional hypotheses.

        With this uncertain childhood, it seems likely that he too had two lives, before and after his baptism around 1990 (1990 again...). It was shortly afterwards, in 1991, at the age of 14 or 15 (Appendix A 10), that he fell under the sway of a 46-year-old man with a tarabiscot life. Forming a close-knit perverted couple, living ceaselessly in the lies of their multiple lives, they took power in France, and served as a conduit for a globalized will to control the people, causing senseless aggression against the population.

        Amiens circa 1991. One of the first official real photos of Brigitte future Macron (after the
        Alsatian photos). And Emmanuel Macron at the age when he officially met her.

      This case is therefore based on four ingredients :
      • a succession of family secrets (1961, 1974, 1984) in a bourgeois milieu,
      • a cover-up skillfully conducted by a friend using secret service techniques,
      • an effective interpretation by theater actors wallowing in lies,
      • a pact of complicit silence by family and friends.
      This is Flaubert, this is Mauriac, the provincial bourgeoisie in its eternal turpitudes... Goodbye feathers in the ass, MK-Ultra, Baphomet, hello notary transactions, omerta, deportations, the mayor and the priest arranging... Against a background of permanent falsification, first private and family, then public, state and media, this secrecy has progressively taken phenomenal proportions, to the point of becoming a state secret protected by the highest political and media authorities, nationally, and even, partially, beyond.

      The Appendix A 44 presents the logic and springs that led to the construction of this conclusion scenario. Beyond that, there are the other contexts, media, health, political, which I discuss in the Appendix D 36, in another conclusion.

    Photos Sipa, Vida Press, Abaca

  32. Links tree, role play, biographical tables

      This is the fourth version of our Trigneux-Auzière family tree, which attempts to reflect our new understanding of what happened.

      Succeeding the version 3, TREE VERSION 4, of the two Brigitte Trogneux,
      the real one, born in 1953, and the fake one, born Jean-Michel Trogneux in 1945.
      *** explanation about the falsely married and divorced. We had to admit that this 1974 marriage did take place, at the town hall, at the church, at the registry office, in the newspapers. It could not be more real. What is false in this marriage, it is only the make-up of the identity of the spouses. This make-up differs, moreover, for Mr. and for Mrs. For him, the present spouse is an extra, the administrative spouse being a fiction. For Mrs., the wife is real, but her identity is agglomerated with that of an undeclared deceased person. Moreover, after ten years, this real wife was changed; from 1974 to 1984, she was Brigitte born Auzière, mother of three children. From 1984 to the divorce of 2006, she became Jean-Michel Trogneux, father of the three children, feminized. From this 1984 change follows another continuity, which in our tree could have been translated by an arrow between "Brigitte Auzière" and the "Fake Brigitte Trogneux", but which is more simply signaled by this sentence: "1984, the father of the three children becomes their mother", to which we can add "while keeping the name Brigitte (married) Auzière".

      Brigitte Macron is thus at once Jean-Michel Trogneux (the reality of his birth, youth, marriage and biological paternity of his five children), the reincarnation of his late sister Brigitte Trogneux (the unreality of his "legend") and the substitution of Brigitte née Auzière (the unreality of being the biological mother of his three Auzière children, also included in his "legend"). This is why he is also called Jean-Bri-Bri elsewhere in this file...

      The general aspect of this tree is complex. Is it reasonable to want to summarize in a single graphic table a succession of falsifications that takes place over several decades? A diachronic series of charts, each one much simpler and more readable, showing the real situation (excluding the lies) at a few key dates, would be more efficient, with a final chart presenting on the left the real genealogical situation, the result of the previous charts, and on the right the "rose water" situation, to highlight the discrepancy between the two and thus the lies. This would be more striking. Maybe someone will try it. Here, we remain in the continuation of the three previous trees, with inaccuracies and errancy gradually corrected.

      In mid-September 2022, we add a chart explaining the role of each of the players in this family psychodrama over the years. Here it is :

      Bold green, physical, flesh-and-blood actors; non-bold green when the role is held intermittently, mostly in writing ; in bold blue, fictional actors existing only from an administrative and legal point of view or through lies dispensed to the neighborhood ; in non-bold blue, when the role is held intermittently, mostly in writing. Continuities are marked by underlining. + The P.-S. 3 merges 1961-1974 and 1974-1984 into 1962-1984.

      1. Introduction of physical and fictive actors:

        • BT Brigitte Trogneux married Auzière then Macron is successively BT1 Brigitte née Trogneux, born in 1953, died in 1961, then embodied by the clones BT2, from 1961 to 1974, BT3, from 1974 to 1984, BT4, after 1984. BT administratively acts as the mother of the three Auzière children.
        • JMT Jean-Michel Trogneux, born 1945, brother of BT1, biological father of the Auzière children, alive in 2022, but very little seen since 1984.
        • BA1 Brigitte née Auzière, born around 1953 in Cameroon, biological mother of the Auzière children, possibly deceased in 2019.
        • JLA Jean-Louis Auzière, born 1943, uncle of BA1, great friend of JMT, living in 2022.
        • AA André (Louis) Auzière, administrative father of the Auzière children, is a clone of BA1 (same parents, born in Cameroon and therefore nephew of JLA). This role is held by AA1 and AA2 from 1974 to 1984, then by AA1 alone after 1984, until the 2006 divorce.
        • BMA Brigitte married Auzière, socially the one raising the Auzière children, is BA1 (their biological mother) from 1974 to 1984, BA2 after 1984.
      2. The physical and fictive roles played by physical actors :

        Actor from 1953 to 1961 from 1961 to 1974 from 1974 to 1984 after 1984
        BT1 BT1      
        JMT JMT JMT+BT2 JMT+AA2 JMT+BA2+BT4 = Jean-Bri-Bri
        BA1 BA1 BA1 BA1+BT3 = Bri-Bri BA1

      3. The fictional actors and their physical interpreters (alternative reading of previous table and underlines):

        Actor from 1953 to 1961 from 1961 to 1974 from 1974 to 1984 after 1984
        BT BT1 BT2 < JMT BT3 < BA1 BT4 < JMT
        AA     AA1+AA2 < JLA+JMT AA1 < JLA
        BMA     BA1 BA2 < JMT

      The reader may find this too complicated and even smoky. He should however realize that if Jean-Michel Trogneux succeeded in becoming the "first lady" of France, he had to be extremely sure of his foundations and convinced that the deception was so well hidden that it was undetectable. The complexity of this mystification is a cause of this quasi-impossibility to perceive the underlying reality. Its construction in two major stages, 1974 and 1984, accentuated the obscurity, further reinforced by various falsifications (the deceased little sister transformed into a niece, Jean-Bri-Bri recounting her first childbirth...). Beside the well-constructed "legend" peddled by Mimi Marchand, biographers of good faith, such as Sylvie Bommel, have nevertheless perceived and transmitted the lack of transparency, which Xavier Poussard has been able to highlight in order to arrive, with the help of Natacha Rey, at first conclusions on a truly enormous deception.

      This revelation of mid-October 2021, eleven months ago, gained momentum in December, thanks to Natacha Rey and Amandine Roy. The Elysee then opted for a strategy, winning in the short term, since Emmanuel Macron, helped by media unable to grasp this #brigittegate, was re-elected in April. It consisted, on the one hand, in considering Natacha and Amandine, expressing themselves only by videos for a rather large public, as legally condemnable hysterics and, on the other hand, in ignoring those who, in writing, treated the problem more thoroughly, but for a more restricted public. This strategy, however, can only work for a time. Because the citizens' investigation is progressing, the evidence is accumulating, the details of the cover-ups are becoming better known, and also because external events, such as the file found in Donald Trump's safe, are feeding the buzz.

      We are reaching a point where, unlike December 2021, the servile media, also sensing the end is coming, are no longer saying that it is a rumor and, when they dare to speak out, are timidly beginning to make a few remarks of astonishment at the prolonged Elysian silence. So the truth will end up being recognized, but we don't know when: it depends first of all on the journalists, on their fear or their courage, on their complicity or their revolt.

      Jean-Louis Auzière conceived this scenario progressively, stubbornly, like a timepiece. Almost fifty years later, it is still running smoothly, despite the grains of sand of suspicion that are growing and threatening the whole mechanism, which is maintained by the complicity of the major media. And also by its complexity, because it is not easy to expose, nor to understand, nor to believe. But it is impossible to hide everything, to clean all the archives. Here is the television interview of Veronique the transsexual in 1977, there a photo of class or boarding school, words that escape the self-control of Brigitte, so many traces of the hidden life... And holders of specific information, documents, which manifest themselves, especially through social networks, enriching the historical data. It is by associating them, by giving them a sense, that we understand better the workings of this deception having taken frightening dimensions.

      Summary biography of Jean-Michel Trogneux who became Brigitte Macron (* =approximate)
      Date Location Event See
      11/2/1945 Amiens
      1. Birth
      1. Ch. 6, Ch. 28
      1949-1961 Amiens
      1. April 13, 1953, birth of his sister Brigitte
      2. Fall 1954, family photo
      3. Great vagueness about schooling
      4. 1961, death of his sister Brigitte
      1. Ch. 28
      2. Ch. 6, App. A 11
      3. Ch. 28
      1961*-1963* Alger
      1. Studies
      1. Ch. 25
      1969 United States
      1. Stay in the U.S.
      1. App. A 26
      1972-1973 Amiens
      1. Liaison with Brigitte Auzière, presence of Laure Auzière in Amiens
      1. Ch. 27 Part 1
      1973-1979 Blangy-Tronville
      1. Manager of Picardie Métal (and other activity?)
      2. Witness to the 1974 marriage of his late sister Brigitte to the fictitious André-Louis Auzière.
      3. Interview Veronique transsexual in 1977, double existence male / female.
      4. Eventual acquaintance with Pastor Joseph Doucé.
      5. Birth of his first two children, Sébastien and Laurence Auzière, in 1975 and 1977 in Croix.
      1. ch. 14
      2. App. A 43
      3. Ch. 11 + Ch. 27
      4. Ch. 14
      5. Ch. 11
      1980-1984 Beauvais
      1. Marriage with Véronique Dreux on November 24, 1980 in the presence of Brigitte Auzière.
      2. Installation of the spouses in Beauvais.
      3. Birth of Jean-Jacques Trogneux on November 15, 1982 in Amiens.
      4. End of the management of Picardie Métal.
      5. Birth of Tiphaine Auzière in January in Croix.
      6. Birth of Valérie Trogneux in February in Beauvais.
      1. App. A 33
      2. App. A 38
      3. Ch. 14, App. A 19
      4. App. A 33
      5. Ch. 11
      6. Ch. 11
      1984-1991 Truch tersheim
      1. Jean-Michel definitely becomes Brigitte, married Auzière, née Trogneux, reincarnation of his late sister; from father, he becomes mother of his three children Auzière. He will remain Jean-Michel only for some written documents.
      2. This new Brigitte teaches French in Strasbourg.
      3. Divorce of Jean-Michel with Veronique Dreux on 17/6/1987.
      1. Ch. 22, Ch. 27
      2. App. A 36
      3. Ch. 30
      1991-2007 Amiens
      1. The reincarnated Brigitte returns to Amiens, as a teacher at the college-lycee of La Providence.
      2. She met Emmanuel Macron in 1991 in a high school theater workshop.
      3. She is in the family photo on September 26, 1991 with her five children, of course without her husband and without her brother Jean-Michel.
      4. She divorced the fictional André Louis Auzière on January 26, 2006.
      1. Ch. 16
      2. App. A 10
      3. App. A 2
      4. Ch. 16
      2007-2015 Paris
      1. Teacher at Saint Louis de Gonzague high school.
      2. Wedding with Emmanuel Macron on 20/10/2007
      1. Ch. 16
      2. Ch. 16
      2017-2022 Paris
      1. "First Lady of France"
      Notes :
      1. The testimony of Nancy Verdier, a so-called classmate, in a article on on December 29, 2021 does not appear credible.
      2. On May 9, 2019, the German newspaper "Die Rheinpfalz" published a article (translation) saying that Jean-Michel Trogneux did his military service in Speyer (Germany) as a non-commissioned officer in the 10th Infantry Regiment in 1967/1968. Xavier Poussard made a reprise [F&D501p3]. This regiment does not appear to be positioned there on those dates (link). And more anomalies are spotted by a correspondent. Looks like Mimi Marchand's "paw" has been there...

      Detailed biography of Jean-Michel Trogneux who became Brigitte Macron (also in double pageA4 pdf format)
      1945 February 11, birth of Jean-Michel Trogneux in Amiens, his parents, Jean Trogneux and Simone Pujol, are chocolate confectioners and are part of the Amiens bourgeoisie, having a villa in Le Touquet-Paris-Plage. He has an older brother and three older sisters.
      1953 April 13, birth of Brigitte Trogneux, Jean-Michel's little sister.
      1954 Fall or Christmas or January 1, 1955, family photo of the Trogneux parents and their six children. This is a rare photo, the only family photo showing Jean-Michel, the only one also showing Brigitte.
      1961 Brigitte Trogneux dies, at the age of 7 years, in difficult conditions (accident ? painful disease ?...), so much so that this death is hidden by the family and is not declared to the registry office. Jean-Michel, about 14 years old, is very marked by this tragedy. The family makes believe that Brigitte is still alive. Perhaps to move him away from the place of this misfortune, the Trogneux parents send their son Jean-Michel to continue his studies in Algiers. He meets there two other students: Jean-Louis Auzière, is son and little brother of agents working for the French secret services, he will be later of a great help to Jean-Michel; Jean-Marc Uhrweiller is native of the commune of Truchtersheim in Alsace, that we will find below.
      1969 At the time of the Apollo XI lunar mission, Jean-Michel Trogneux, 24 years old, would be in the United States. We know very little about his school and university career. The Trogneux parents continue to pretend that their daughter Brigitte is alive, studying abroad with her older brother Jean-Michel.
      1973 Jean-Louis Auzière and Jean-Michel Trogneux stayed in touch. Jean-Michel met Brigitte Auzière, a niece of Jean-Louis. They became engaged. At the same time, Jean-Michel's parents had a piece of land with a house and a warehouse in the town of Blangy-Tronville, about ten kilometers from Amiens. They installed Jean-Michel there for a hardware store project, "Picardie Métal", with a representative. Jean-Michel is the manager. We do not know if he had other activities at the same time.
      1974 The Trogneux parents want to show that their daughter Brigitte is still alive. The first name Brigitte of Jean-Michel's fiancée is a godsend allowing to consider a transfer of identity. Jean-Michel and his friend Jean-Louis set up an audacious stratagem in 1973 before the engagement. This scheme led, on June 22, 1974 in Le Touquet, to a half-fictitious, half-real marriage of the deceased Brigitte. The imagined husband is called André Louis Auzière. This fictitious identity is both a double of Jean-Louis (who likes to be called André, his middle name), and a double of Brigitte née Auzière, whose dates and places of birth she takes from Cameroon. The mayor of Le Touquet, a great friend of the Trogneux parents, brings his indispensable help so that the legality is apparently respected. An arranged photo of the wedding is published in the press.
      1975 The first child of Jean-Michel Trogneux and Brigitte Auzière was born in Amiens, while his mother lived in Issy-les-Moulineaux and his father in Blangy-Tronville. The child was named Sébastien Auzière, after his fictitious father, which was also his mother's maiden name. His mother left Issy-les-Moulineaux to settle in Croix, near Lille. Jean-Michel sometimes visits them. He is then supposed to be André Louis Auzière, as indicated on the doorbell, the mailbox and the telephone book (where the registration does not give rise to an identity check...). The Trogneux grandparents present the child as the son of their daughter Brigitte, who is supposedly still alive. Brigitte, born Auzière, plays the role of the deceased. Does she say she was born Trogneux? To what extent is the double identity of the parents used? To the point of having, for each of them, two identity cards?
      1977 Jean-Michel Trogneux, and Brigitte Auzière have a second child, a daughter, Laurence. Like Sebastien, she was born in Amiens and has the surname Auzière. Jean-Michel began to have a double life, transforming himself into a woman, probably with the help in Paris of the group of help for transsexuals created by the Belgian pastor Joseph Doucé. On September 27, 1977, he is interviewed, in shaded mode, as being Véronique the transsexual. His voice, his tic of language "that is to say", his gestures are the same ones as those of Brigitte Macron in January 2022.
      1980 Jean-Michel Trogneux, in addition to his double life man-woman, will lead a double family life. On November 24, 1980, he married in Blangy-Tronville with Véronique Dreux. Brigitte born Auzière, mother of his first two children, is witness.
      1982 The married couple moved to Beauvais, where Véronique Dreux runs a confectionery and haberdashery store called "Tentations". In 1982, the couple has a child, Jean-Jacques Trogneux, born in Amiens. For Jean-Michel's parents, this does not pose a problem since they present Sebastien and Laurence as children of the deceased Brigitte and Jean-Jacques as the child of their son Jean-Michel, who is supposed to have only one home. We do not know the profession exercised by Jean-Michel Trogneux. He probably continues his double life as a man/woman and continues to see his Auzière family, as if he were the fictitious husband André Louis Auzière.
      1983 Jean-Louis Auzière was appointed in 1983 as a French Foreign Trade Advisor, a role with unclear contours in the lineage of the jobs of his father Marius and his brother Louis, in the more or less secret service of France. He settled in Strasbourg. In the telephone directory, he is known as André (also in Croix, as the pseudo husband of his niece...). He joined an old friend from Algiers, Jean-Marc Uhrweiller, commercial director of the autonomous port of this city since 1972, who lived in Truchtersheim, near Strasbourg.
      1984 Tiphaine Auzière, the third child of Brigitte Auzière and Jean-Michel, was born on January 30, in the same conditions as her brother Sébastien and sister Laurence, in Amiens. Three weeks later, on February 20, Jean-Michel had another child, Valérie Trogneux, daughter of his wife Véronique Dreux and sister of Jean-Jacques. It is at this time that Brigitte Auzière, the mother of Sébastien, Laurence and Tiphaine, disappears. A new Brigitte Auzière settled in Alsace, in Truchtersheim ("Truch"). She is still Jean-Michel's resurrected little sister and she is still "married Auzière" and "born Trogneux", really even, or rather "born Trogneux". In fact, it is Jean-Michel Trogneux, who decided to abandon his complicated life of the last ten years. He chose his family: that of the three Auzière children, he left the other family of two children, starting with Véronique Dreux a divorce procedure, which will be signed in 1987. He definitively opts for the female sex, taking the identity of his sister to the undeclared death. He thus has his identity card, his social security number, everything appears statutory, including his marriage of 1974. The biological father of the three Auzière children is now pretending to be their mother. The fictitious father, André Louis Auzière, remains in place. Jean-Louis Auzière gives him more substance. He is supposed to work as a banker, deputy director of the Strasbourg branch of the Banque Française du Commerce Extérieur (BFCE). Jean-Louis sometimes takes on this professional role and occasionally passes through Truch where he plays the role of André Louis' husband for the neighborhood.
      1985 Brigitte née Auzière, after holding her role one last time in February for a notary act alongside her pseudo-brother Jean-Michel Trogneux, fades away, probably living in Croix under another name.
      1986 The new Brigitte married Auzière, born Trogneux, finds a job as a French teacher at the private high school "Lucie Berger" in Strasbourg.
      1988 During a notary transaction, Jean Trogneux accompanies his daughter Brigitte. The Trogneux parents continue to keep her alive, thirty years after her death. All the family accepted this reincarnation, brothers and sisters first, the last ones are lured.
      1989 Brigitte Auzière, born Trogneux, is now well integrated socially in Truch and Strasbourg. Her three children are growing up, her husband André is often absent, absorbed by his professional activities, he is there from time to time. Brigitte participates in a municipal election. Her list was not elected. In 1990, at the "Lucie Berger" high school, she obtained a CAPES equivalent of a teacher of modern literature for private schools.
      1991 Strengthened by these Alsatian successes, Brigitte returned to settle in Amiens, her hometown, with her three children. Her fictitious husband André Auzière, who now works in Lille, is still absent from Amiens. She got a job as a French teacher at the college "La Providence". At the beginning of the 1992 school year, she led a theater workshop and met a 14-year-old student, Emmanuel Macron, with whom she began a romantic relationship. The scandal breaks, Emmanuel must continue his studies in Paris. But they continue to see each other.
      2006 André Louis Auzière and Brigitte Trogneux divorce under the benevolence of the same mayor of Le Touquet as in 1974.
      2007 In Touquet, the same mayor married Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Trogneux, in fact Jean-Michel. The groom is a finance inspector, the bride is a teacher in a posh private high school in Paris.
      2017 Emmanuel Macron becomes President of the French Republic and Brigitte Macron, born Jean-Michel Trogneux, becomes "first lady of France".

      Let us now try to gather what we can guess about this niece Brigitte née Auzière, whose person is obvious, while the conditional is appropriate. ALA means that the information is taken from the official biography of André(-Louis) Auzière, his fictitious double. BT means that the information comes from the "legend" Brigitte Trogneux, the one who succeeded him as mother of the three children. C27 means that the explanation is in the Chapter 27, A25 that it is in the Appendix A 25, A32 in the Appendix A 32.

      Summary biography of Brigitte Auzière
      • 1953. Brigitte Auzière was born in Eséka, Cameroon around 1953 (ALA). Her parents are Louis Auzière and Renee Costes.
      • 1972/1973. Her sister Laure Auzière, born in 1955, is studying in Amiens, where Jean-Michel Trogneux, the great friend of her uncle Jean-Louis Auzière, lives (C27). Visiting her sister Laure, Brigitte meets Jean-Michel. They have a romantic relationship (C27).
      • 1974. She agrees to be the late Brigitte Trogneux in her marriage to the fictional André Louis Auzière.
      • 1975. She lives separately from Jean-Michel, she in Issy-les-Moulineaux (A25), he in Blangy-Tronville, where he is manager of Picardie Metal. They have a first child, Sébastien, born in Amiens. It is not known if the father, the real or the fictitious one, is declared. However, Sébastien is called Auzière, like his mother's birth name (C27) and like the fictitious husband of the 1974 marriage. Brigitte's home has a telephone assigned in the phone book to this fictitious husband André Auzière, in fact Jean-Michel who is supposed to be working far away, who visits her from time to time (C27).
      • 1977. Birth in the same conditions of the second child, Laurence. His mother then lives in Croix in the suburbs of Lille (A25).
      • 1980. Jean-Michel marries Véronique Dreux in Blangy-Tronville. Surprisingly, Brigitte Auzière, who still lives in Croix, is a witness, as if there was a ménage à trois...
      • 1984/1985. In January, a third child is born, Tiphaine Auzière, in conditions more or less similar to the first two. The father leaves the management of Picardie Métal, the mother disappears, another "mother" appears in Truchtersheim. Brigitte Auzière née Auzière's biography stops on March 27, 1985, when she signs a notarized document under the name "Brigitte Auzière née Trogneux," the last time she plays this role.
      • After 1985. It appears likely that she remained in Croix, under another name (Chapter 29).
      • Moved to Truchtersheim near Strasbourg (A32) where she taught French at a private school (BT).
      • 1984-1989. Jean-Michel Trogneux joins her from time to time at a time when he evolves in male or female form (since 1977 and the transsexual Véronique). Brigitte is absorbed by her three children and her job.
      • 1989. Brigitte runs for the municipal elections in Truchtersheim, she is pictured on a leaflet (BT).
      • Summer 1990, Jean-Michel Trogneux is decided to permanently change sex. With his friend Jean-Louis Auzière, enjoying support in the secret services, they imagine that Jean-Michel takes the identity of Brigitte. A pact is concluded with the relatives, starting with the three children (C27).
      • 1990-1991. In application of this pact, Brigitte is exfiltrated and disappears from the radar (C27). Jean-Michel pretends to be her in the year of internship at the high school "Lucie Berger" in Strasbourg to obtain his CAER (A32).
      • Summer 1991, strengthened by this successful transition, Jean-Michel became Brigitte and returned to Amiens. He convinces the family more widely to join the pact. He teaches French under the name Brigitte Auzière, having for husband the fictitious André(-Louis) Auzière, working in a bank in Lille (ALA), according to the scenario imagined by Jean-Louis Auzière.
      • 1991-2007 Brigitte lives in Lille as her fictional double (ALA), so that she is the one her children go to see when they are supposed to go to see their father (BT).
      • 2007. The three children have grown up. The second Brigitte marries Emmanuel Macron, her theater workshop student in 1991-1992 (BT). The first Brigitte, already very self-effacing, evaporates...-->

  33. Hypothesis Summary Table, Index

      Throughout this large file, in Chapters and Appendices, hypotheses have been formulated, with a status that may have evolved. The reader is likely to get lost in them. The following table summarizes them and ranks them in order of probability. This is my opinion, given the contacts I have had with various brigittologists.

      6 - Certain AA. Brigitte and Veronique the transsexual (operated or not) are the same person, so Brigitte was born and raised male. red box
      from Ch. 14
      BG. Brigitte Macron did not get married in Le Touquet on June 22, 1974. red ink from Ch. 30
      AB. The three alleged childhood photos of Brigitte Macron depict three different children. Ch. 9
      AC. The photo of the wedding of André Louis Auzière and Brigitte Trogneux in 1974 is retouched. Ch. 7, App. A 18,
      App. A 48
      AS. Brigitte Macron, under the married name Brigitte Auzière, taught for several years in the high school "Lucie Berger" in Strasbourg. App. A 36
      5 - Almost sure
      (intimate conviction)
      AD. Jean-Michel Trogneux and Brigitte Trogneux married Macron are the same person. Ch. 8
      AE. The 1950s family photo is dated Christmas 1954, give or take a few weeks. End of Ch. 6 and
      App. A 11
      BC. Jean-Marc Uhrweiller and Jean-Michel Trogneux met in Algiers. Ch. 26
      COMIC. Brigitte Auzière, niece of Jean-Louis Auzière is the mother of the three Auzière children. Ch. 30 + End of App. 44
      AI. André-Louis Auzière is an invented character. Ch. 9 and App. A 43
      AK+AU. Jean-Michel Trogneux had a little sister Brigitte who died young, it is she who is in the family photo. Ch. 28
      BF. The 1974 marriage of André Louis Auzière and Brigitte Trogneux was registered, at the time, in the civil register. App. A 43
      4 - Likely AG. The person coterminous with Pastor Doucé is Jean-Michel Trogneux, for both photos, the color one from "Faites entrer l'accusé" and the black and white one of unknown origin. Ch. 14 and
      Ch. 24
      AH. Emmanuel Macron's biological father is not Jean-Michel Macron but a friend of his mother Françoise Noguès (Joseph Doucé or whatever). Ch. 23 and
      App. A 21
      BA. Jean-Michel Trogneux and Jean-Louis Auzière met in Algiers around 1961 or in the US around 1969. Ch. 25
      AV. Jean-Louis Auzière assumed the identity of André-Louis Auzière intermittently.
      end of App. A 18
      BH. Brigitte née Auzière is the bride in the 1974 wedding photo.
      App. A 48
      3 - Fairly likely AJ. Joseph Doucé is the biological father of Emmanuel Macron. Ch. 24
      AL. Jean-Michel / Brigitte Macron is a transsexual (operated). end of Ch. 22
      AM. Jean-Michel / Brigitte Trogneux is a transvestite (non-operated transsexual). end of Ch. 22 + video of Ch. 13 (fly)
      AN. Jean-Michel Macron is the biological father of Emmanuel Macron Ch. 23
      2 - Maybe BB. Jean-Michel Trogneux and Jean-Louis Auzière met in Amiens around 1972. Ch. 27
      1 - Unlikely
      but plausible
      QA. Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Jacques Trogneux have the same father Jean-Michel / Brigitte Trogneux. Ch. 23
      AR. Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Jacques Trogneux have the same grandfather Jean Trogneux. App. A 24
      BE. A woman, who is not a niece of Jean-Louis, who may be a close or distant relative or unrelated, is the mother of the three Auzière children. End box of Schedule 44
      0 - Rejected
      AF. Catherine Audoy is the biological mother of the three Auzière children.
      Ch. 10 + Ch. 27
      AW. The 1950s family photo is dated 1958/1959.
      App. A 11
      AX. The little girl in the 1950s family photo is Brigitte Macron as a youngster (contradicted by the AA certain hypothesis).
      red frame
      from Ch. 14
      AY. The man in the top hat in the 1977 mock gay pride photo is Jean-Michel Trogneux.
      Ch. 14
      AZ. Françoise Noguès, mother of E. Macron, is in the 1977 mock gay pride photo.
      Ch. 23
      AT. The little girl in the 1950s family photo is Nathalie Farcy or Christine Boulogne (Jean-Michel's nieces) (in case of fake photo with little girl added).
      Ch. 6, App. A 11
      App. A 48

      Evolution of this table:
      • April 12. AF moves from level 4 to level 1. BA, BB, BC, BD, BE are added, cause: Ch. 27.
      • April 14. BE moves from level 2 to level 1. Cause: App. A 25.
      • April 30. BD changes wording, Proba becomes Brigitte.
      • May 14. AS goes from level 1 to 6, AV goes from 1 to 4. AO moves from level 2 to 1. AK moves from level 3 to 4, AU moves from level 1 to 4 with AK+AU meeting and new wording.
      • May 25. BD moves from level 4 to level 5, AF moves from level 1 to level 0.
      • July 6. AK+AU moves from level 4 to 5. AN moves from level 2 to 3.
      • July 30. BF assumption added. AI moves from level 4 to 5.
      • August 26. BG and BH assumptions added. AT goes from level 1 to 0.

      Index of Vital Records (in full or excerpt) (true or false...)
      Births. 25/4/1852 Marc Trogneux at Lamotte-Buleux (Ch. 3). 15/3/1914 Jean Noguès in Florensac (Ch. 17). 5/10/1916 Germaine Arribet in Tarbes (Ch. 17). 28/2/1943 Jean-Louis Auzière in Meudon (App. A 30). 11/2/1945 Jean-Michel Trogneux in Amiens (extract), Ch. 30). 28/2/1951 André Louis Auzière in Eséka (App. A 30). 13/4/1953 Brigitte Trogneux in Amiens (Ch. 28, App. A 35) (variant, Ch. 20). 26/4/1977 Laurence Auzière in Amiens (App. A 41). 30/1/1984 Tiphaine Auzière in Amiens (App. A 30).
      Weddings. 22/6/1974 André Louis Auzière & Brigitte Trogneux at Le Touquet-Paris-Plage (Ch. 27, App. A 30). 24/11/1980 (+ 2) (variant: 1 2) Jean-Michel Trogneux & Véronique Dreux in Blangy-Tronville (Ch. 27).
      Death. 24/12/2019 André Louis Auzière in Paris (Appendix A 7).

      Index of pdf and video documents
      Pdf documents made for this brief. The full Pressibus folder, the same folder in french. 10 questions/answers (A4, Preamble). Biography of Jean-Michel Trogneux (double A4, Preamble). Excerpts from the Facts & Documents file (Ch. 5). Putin and Macron (App. D 6)
      Pdf documents copied from other sites. The NBI file (App. 37). The December 2021 English file (App. A 22). Notarized documents (App. A 30). The articles by Ariane Bilheran ""Psychopatology of Totalitarianism". The book by Robert Kennedy Jr (App. C 14). The Covid report of July 2, 2022 (App. C 16). Excerpts from complaints against Natacha Rey (App. D 18).
      Pdf documents from a nearby page of this site Covid Paranoia Journal from July 2021 to January 2022)
      Video footage made for this file. The voice comparison (Ch. 14). The Ode to Macron Mephisto (App. C 2).
      Video sequences from documentaries. Brigitte sits down (Ch. 13), Veronique the transsexual (Ch. 14), Brigitte Macron on RTL (Ch. 14), Alger 1963 (App. A 22), McKinsey in Parliament (App. D 19), Natacha Rey on September 10, 2022 (App. D 27).
      Songs (mp3). In App. D 11.
      Presence on phone books. André Auzière (App. A 30), Jean-Michel Trogneux (App. A 47).


    Chapters 1 through 22 were written in the original order of explanation of the subject matter. Some dated rearrangements have been added. Chapters 23 through 29 were added as research was done, presenting both an overall evolution and sidebars that did not all retain their original interest. Here too, dated reworking has allowed for adjustments. The concluding chapter 31 presents our understanding at the close of the file in terms of what we discovered or thought we discovered. Chapter 31 of the summary table of assumptions provides a nuance to the options outlined by degree of probability, which the reader can adjust according to his or her perception.

    Then come the appendices presented in four categories (the summary is at the beginning of the file). In each category, they are presented in chronological order of creation. Their sequential reading can therefore be disconcerting, especially for the Appendices A, with the impression of going from one cock to another. As written at the end of the introduction  "This file is both a diary of the investigation and a status report on its progress."

    Lots of links connect roosters and donkeys. Web and pdf formats allow for searches within the text, better than indexes. Illustrations come from all over the place, often from tweets, photographic sources are too little indicated. Thanks to photographers or illustrators who would have liked to be cited, and to others, as iconography is an attraction of this file.

    Thanks to all those who helped me to elaborate this page, thanks to those who expressed themselves elsewhere, especially on Twitter, thanks to Natacha Rey and Xavier Poussard. The media have disappointed us, ostracizing and ignoring us, with journalists who have forgotten what an investigation is and what information is independent of political pressures and money powers. This investigation, we did it without them and it will continue without them. Or, who knows, eventually, with them? I will close this file soon, I have made my contribution, I will move on. I will then content myself with the bare minimum, noting corrections, adding at the end of the page links to new sources of information, and even a few short remarks.

    This file is in copyleft (Creative Commons by-sa): it can be taken over, recomposed, completed...

  34. Appendices A: Supplementary Documents and Data

    1. (A) Emmanuel Macron at college in 1990.

      Emmanuel Macron as a child. On the left photo of trombinoscope in 4th grade, 1990/1991 (coll. Gérard Banc). Then two images from the documentary "Macron, la stratégie du météore" (page "Macron president : 10 places in the Hauts-de-France that matter to him"). Apparently around age 12 (1990) and in a school setting, like the other three photos shown in chapter 17.

      September 1990, on a school field trip, photo of teacher Gerard Banc (link).
      Emmanuel then begins his fourth grade class, Brigitte's theater workshop will begin a year later.

    2. (A) The Trogneux family in 1991.

      This photo found on a tweet is from the German magazine Der Spiegel. It was taken on September 26, 1991 for the diamond wedding anniversary (60 years of marriage) of the couple Jean Trogneux - Simone Pujol. The added captions appear good. "Brigitte Trogneux" is present, but her husband "André-Louis Auzière" and her brother "Jean-Michel Trogneux" are missing. Why is the photo released not the one where everyone is facing the lens ? Perhaps to hide the presence of Veronique Dreux, the mother of Jean-Jacques and Valerie Trogneux ?

    3. (A) The Elysee in Macron fashion.

      Mrs. Macron thought the tapestries smelled of tobacco, so the state spent a million euros to change them (article). Here are the new Pompadour (before, after, official photo, article) and Cleopatra (official photo) salons. Tastes and colors, we don't judge, but it's hard to resist a good word : "With such a taste of shit, no wonder he wants to fuck !"

    4. (A) Freedom, equality, fraternity...

      The institutor of apartheid, the great separator, the one who trampled on freedom, equality, fraternity.
      Lies, always lies... (from the Elysée website )

    5. (A) Brigittology: the fake news from Alsace...

      In chapter 7, we mentioned the passage in Alsace of Brigitte Trogneux, future Macron, from 1986 to 1989 according to legend. We expressed doubts about the election leaflet and various testimonies (article). At the beginning of February 2022 [without suspecting future more important posterior discoveries], some new information reached me thanks to new Twitter brigittologist experts. Yes, despite the official censorship - or because of it - Xavier Poussard and Natacha Rey have made emulators (I am one of them) and a new field of study has appeared: brigittology. This is the science (let's not be afraid of the word...) that consists of flushing out the untruths in the official legend of Brigitte and trying to shed light on the opacities of her and Emmanuel's life. These investigators, "fact-checkers" of the official infox, compete in efforts and exchanges to cross-check, additional research, make assumptions ... And restore the real facts of the biography of "Brigitte". More widely, it is to make them known, often through social networks.

      I have, of course, already used these sources of information in this file, and also for illustrations. Brigitte Macron's alleged stay in Alsace is one of the topics covered, even challenging the media legend. Here it is, for example, told in this excerpt from article relating the happy days of the Auzière couple and their three children near the Rhine :

      Brigitte Macron lived for several years in Alsace, in Truchtersheim, with her first husband André-Louis Auzière and their three children.

      [...] Alsace holds a special place in the heart of the first lady, and for good reason. She lived for several years in the town of Truchtersheim with her first husband André-Louis Auzière and their three children, Sébastien, Laurence and Tiphaine, born respectively in 1975, 1977 and 1984. They rented a house in Truchtersheim from 1987 to 1991 and she was a literature teacher at the town's secondary school and then at the Lucie-Berger Protestant secondary school in Strasbourg, a past recounted in the documentary Brigitte Macron, un roman français broadcast on France 3 last June. It is thus with great nostalgia that she returned there in the afternoon of November 5, 2018.

      [...] Happy to return to Truchtersheim, Brigitte Macron asked to see a circle of close friends again , a request honored by Justin Vogel, the mayor of the town. If the interview took place away from the cameras, one of the people authorized to discuss with the first lady confided, and not just anyone, the former nanny of her daughters. "I am very, very moved to find her"...

      Who says middle school says class photos and thus the site "Friends from before" which compiles many of them. Here are two from the "Lucie Berger" high school in Strasbourg, with French teacher Brigitte Auzière. The analysis of the pictures calls for some comments. A first overall impression is that "Brigitte" appears somewhat undersized, like Lilliputian, compared to the students, boys and girls, who surround her. Then the questioning focuses on two suspicious elements. In the first photo (left), the figure standing on the right in a beige jacket has the stature of a teacher, yet he seems to have the head of a student. On the second photo, we can distinguish the presence of an adult woman, a second potential teacher: she is located on the left, in a more classical position than the student Brigitte, who could then have been added.

      On the left, the teacher could be saddled with a student's head, on the right there is indeed an adult on the left.
      Could Brigitte Auzière just be a trainee teacher?

      Of course, one can always argue about the presence of such retouching on the available plates, it is on the other hand more difficult to deny the conclusion of this other case of brigittology :

      [format initial] In other words, the brigittologist (or brigittologist) Fiko first noticed that this photo had been deposited there in 2017, the year of Macron's election, by someone named Sarah K, with a blurred face. This one had deposited on the site two photos in all, this one and one other with Brigitte). Among the students in the class, the identity of 13 of them was presented and listed in the database. Fiko had the idea to go and look for the information attached to them and discovered with surprise that these former students of the same class had very different ages today, between 33 and 67 years old... Sarah K. should have been in less of a hurry and more cleanly executed her trickery...

      The presence of only one falsified document casts doubt on the others... We can therefore imagine the following scenario. Brigitte had some contacts in Truchtersheim, including Simone Uhl, the main witness (article), and she knew the town and Strasbourg. On this basis, perhaps a little broader, falsified documents were circulated and the legend was formulated, probably by the playwright Brigitte Macronella herself, perhaps with the help of the sultry Mimi Marchand, close to the presidential couple. But these biographical clues remain too few with, for some, the presence of some anomalies or oddities. Thus the Alsatian "legend" appears for what it is: a more or less credible storytelling.

      April 25: this "legend" regains some credibility with the information delivered in the Appendix A 32 and, in a parallel story in Appendix A 27.

      April 30. This credibility remains relative. Only the year as a professor in Strasbourg in 1990/1991 has any consistency. The rest, including a possible presence at the Adam Meyer Music Hall and a professorship that would have started in 1984, appears doubtful. A correspondent writes to me:

      [As noted in this chapter,] there are strong inconsistencies in the official Alsatian narrative. JMT/BM's presence in Truch is disputed on social networks. There is a cluster of elements that seem to say that it was not him who was there but an unidentified woman. In the TV movie "A French Novel", a lot of things seem fake: illustrative images, hesitant testimonies of Thiphaine and the mayor, there is also a visit of BM to Truch and there too the mayor says yes yes yes but doesn't seem to believe in what BM says (video). The meeting sounds artificial with the women they meet.

      Uhrweiller met Auzière in Algiers and probably JMT, I'm not sure what his testimony is worth if out of friendship he covers for his former friends. However, it is his testimony that Bommel reports and which gives a little consistency to the Alsatian story and to the Auzière man who is perhaps non-existent. All the photos from the period are from the BestImage agency so possibly doctored.

      May 12. "An unidentified woman" for two Brigitte Auzière? This idea is indirectly developed in the second part of Chapter 27. But finally, in Appendix A 36, there would be, from 1984 to 1990, real news from Alsace, erasing most of the doubts expressed here, at the beginning of the investigation...

    6. (A) February 11, off his calendar, it's his birthday!

      On the page of the Elysee website dedicated to her, Brigitte Macron has no more appointments since December. But what happened during December ? Is she afraid that someone will ask her about her brother Jean-Michel? It's time to bring him some... [since then, the agenda has been maintained again].

      Clicking on each of the months reveals that Ms. Macron has built up a great photo album...
      On this page, her professional background indicates that she holds a master's degree in literature
      and a CAPES in modern literature, that she began her teaching career
      "in Paris and then in Strasbourg at the Lucie-Berger College," which does not appear to be proven (supplement in Appendix A 32).
      The "transparency charter on the status of the spouse of the head of state" is a little masterpiece of camouflage. The spouse is entitled to a director of cabinet, a chief of staff, police protection, operating costs... But, promise, swear, he or she receives no remuneration, he or she has no presentation expenses and he or she has no budget of his or her own ! In August 2018, on a page of his blog, Paul Cassiat had drawn up a one-year assessment of this "management of opacity" entering into an "Orwellian way of managing public affairs". By 2022, transparency, which was based on this agenda, has become very obscure...

      In this month of February, an important event should have been reported on the agenda of the first lady : his birthday, that of Jean-Michel, his 77 years, today February 11 ! I'm not even the first to wish him, at 7:30 am, Mitrophane Crapoussin preceded me in a article titled "Beautiful birthday to the most famous Jean-Michel !", ending with "Beautiful retirement !". Although her illustrated chart (above) of "Brigitte Macron's travels and appointments" would indicate that the retirement was anticipated and started in December, it remains to be officially announced. Apparently, it is difficult, the famous candidacy claimed by all the major media and hated by the lowly people and their convoys of Freedom was scheduled for early February. Come on Brigitte, guts, finished this life of lies and glitter, the time has come to get out of this play, which has lasted too long, to find the genealogy of his birth and his childhood ... And to write his biography, "A Life of Lies", what a success...

      On the occasion of this anniversary, the hashtags #JeanMichel77ans and #HappyBirthdayJeanMichel were created. Here are some of the tweets attached to them : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12.

    7. (A) Moadab and Blanrue's "counter-inquiry".

      February 14. In Appendix A 37, I presented the "NBI File," produced by two people who, after investigating on a Telegram thread, published their findings in a distributable pdf file. The process appears simple and natural. I learn, this February 14, that two other people, Paul-Eric Blanrue and Jonathan Moadab, also conducted an investigation for about a month, and that it ended in a bizarre, fishtail fashion on January 23 with a video document, unrelated to the elements of the investigation (link).

      I was aware of a few things in this research anyway. I had found them unserious and dismissed them.

      These photos were taken during the transfer of power between François Hollande and Emmanuel Macron.

      Thus, photos have been known to exist, such as those above, allegedly showing Jean-Michel Trogneux, supposedly a "little fatty" (explanations at the end of Appendix A 20). They would be attested by "two independent sources", but not cited and therefore not credible (also by the lack of resemblance with the photo of Jean-Michel 1953, especially the ears)... Then, extracts of administrative acts that respondents considered, rightly or wrongly, falsified, such as these documents and tweets : 1 2 3. Or the page 54 of the NBI file.

      This mistrust increases when we see that the two "investigators" managed, last December-January, to obtain from the Amiens town hall, while not being close family, documents that, until then, were not accessible (see the "Appendix A 30). And finally, if some of these documents appear to be not very credible, two of them will prove to be authentic and will have great importance in this case : the birth certificate of Brigitte Trogneux in 1953 and partial copies of the marriage certificate of 1974 in Le Touquet. The true and the false are mixed, to confuse the issue....

      Without dismissing the clumsiness of the two authors, this looks, on this February 14, like a trial balloon to set up a counter-offensive. The fact that the Macron couple has apparently still not filed a complaint after having promised to do so almost two months ago, shows at the very least a great embarrassment and a strong indecision on the retort to be led. So far, it would only consist of covering up the case by cutting it off from the mainstream media... There is a certain success, but it will be very hard to maintain in the long run.

      April 2. It appears that a few media outlets continue to rely on investigative material from Moadab and Blanrue, in particular, to estimate that the figure shown above would be Jean-Michel Trogneux. You can see below (link) that, although the Betaface comparison is quite good, his ears are different, notably not as large, from Jean-Michel's in 1953, which are similar to Brigitte's :

      May 2. In light of the Chapter 27 differentiating the two Brigitte Auzière, Moadab and Blanrue's "counter-investigation" must be viewed differently. It is a relatively skilful mixture of the true and the false. It is necessary to go back into the context of the time to understand it. Natacha Rey, Xavier Poussard and all the brigittologists were then convinced that Catherine Audoy was the biological mother of the three Auzière children, which now appears to be false. Moadab and Blanrue, remotely controlled by the Elysée, have thus pressed this weak point and shown the right arguments and documents to dismantle it. But this did not remove the doubts. As long as another hypothesis did not emerge, it was very difficult for us to give up on Catherine Audoy's hypothesis. Moadab and Blanrue failed because they were unable to propose a credible alternative. Simply because the only credible alternative was reality and it had to be hidden... This "counter-investigation" was only an attempt at diversion, presenting some authentic elements aiming at provoking trouble to consolidate the invented "legend".

      On April 3, a article from Blast claimed that a (anonymous) journalist had met the "little fatty" (now "ventripotent") at his home (shown in the following Appendix) and that it would be Jean-Michel Trogneux since he "undoubtedly shares the Trogneux family resemblance", the only evidence provided, with his name on a mailbox...

      May 7. It is the inauguration ceremony of the second quinquennium of Macron, and the duettists Moadab and Blanrue are entitled to all the entrances to present us again tweets with their famous "little fatty" Jean-Michel Trogneux and try once again to put him in the same picture as Brigitte, and they succeeded... This is an opportunity to see his ears better and to see, once again, that they are not those of Jean-Michel. As for the true identity of this "little fatty", it would be a very close relative of the Trogneux family, whose name is circulating, but any photo of which has been scrubbed from the Internet so that we can not be affirmative. See also in Appendix A 20.

      Left and center, Brigitte and her faux-brother, "the little fatty," with his ears. At right, at the May 7, 2022 inauguration,
      scene of jubilation at the Elysee: joy and optimism radiated on all faces.

    8. (A) The Amiens "home" of Jean-Michel Trogneux.

      February 18. Natacha Rey and Xavier Poussard have, on several occasions, referred to this home, reported in the complaint against Natacha Rey (in Appendix A 41). Xavier Poussard gives details [F&D504p08] :

      Regarding Jean-Michel Trogneux's address at 14- 16, rue des Vergeaux in Amiens (lot VC 26), we were able to establish that this address corresponds to an apartment located on the second floor of a three-story building. [...] Jean-Michel Trogneux bought this property on March 28, 1996. [...] The research that we have carried out comes up against several anomalies. For example, the mention "nothing" is displayed in the Fichier informatisé des données juridiques immobilières (FIDJI) concerning Jean-Michel Trogneux for the urban property section VC plan number 26 (co-ownership rue des Vergeaux 14-16 and 9-11 rue des Lombards lots 2, 21 and 251) while his identity is taken into account by Télé@ctes. [...]

      Our team in Amiens has interviewed shopkeepers and inhabitants of the area. All of them are categorical  "never seen or heard of a Jean-Michel Trogneux". In the building of 14, rue des Vergeaux, the name J-Michel Trogneux, written by hand, is stuck "à l'arrache" on one of the mailboxes placed on two makeshift trestles. The building, its layout and maintenance do not seem to correspond at all to the economic and social level of the Trogneux described during our investigation. In the apartment (1st floor, left), inhabited, the television turns at full speed (one hears it since the street) but nobody answers, neither with the intercom, nor when one knocks at the door. The inhabitant seen through the window is an individual whose physical appearance is totally different from the "little fatty" presented earlier. We contacted one by one the inhabitants of 14, rue des Vergeaux. One person answered us, Mrs. Regond, who, surprised, specified us formally not to know Jean-Michel Trogneux.
      So all indications are that only the mailbox has the name "Trogneux J. Michel".

      The front door is recognized. The proximity of the Jean Trogneux workshop
      makes it easy to survey the mail [Google Street].

    9. (A) The retouched 1974 wedding photo.

      Back to the 1974 wedding of André Louis Auzière and Brigitte Trogneux. Xavier Poussard had the famous photo (chapter 9) analyzed by a professional graphic artist. Differences in grain, screen, definition attest that it has been heavily retouched. "In conclusion, the analysis suggests that there has been an assemblage between several photographs with essentially the addition of a block featuring Simone and Jean Trogneux," which are on the right side of the photo [F&D504p09].

      Betaface comparison confirming that the bride does not bear a strong resemblance to Brigitte

      For her part, Natacha Rey had also consulted specialists, who also concluded the rigging. She talks about it in a long video from the end of March and in another from April 12, reported at the end of Chapter 26 with these screenshots : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. Also, on April 20, a correspondent sent me this explainer :

      This photo has two light sources. Orange colored arrows indicate where the light is coming from, blue ones show the presence of shadow. The characters on the left are lit from above but from the right, the characters on the right from above too but from the left. Now, the sun illuminates everyone in the same way, its light is diffused over the whole Earth and casts the same shadows, unlike a spotlight, which is omnidirectional. This would indicate that the characters on the left do not come from the same photo as the characters on the right. Another surprising fact is that they do not all look in the same direction. Or not at all. Normally, one stares at the photographer.

      So there is no doubt that this photo is retouched. The wedding took place on June 22, 1974, the photo appeared in "Les Echos du Touquet" of June 28 and the announcement in its issue of July 12. A correspondent took photos of the two copies at the BNF. Here they are as thumbnails, to be enlarged with a click (the last two images show full pages of a non-NFB copy) :

      In the title of the photo, we are surprised by the absence of the first names of the bride and groom, while the caption, including the involvement of the father of the bride in the life of Le Touquet, appears skillfully done. The announcement is common. How is this local magazine presented at the BNF? In each issue, the 3 or 4 sheets are folded to form double pages, not bound together. The successive issues of about two months are simply stacked, separated, in a large common envelope. The only instruction seems to be to provide only one envelope each time to the reader, to avoid mixing these sheets. It was therefore relatively easy to take these two issues and substitute them with modified facsimiles. This is what we believed at first, by estimating that this substitution would have been made in 1984/1985 when Jean-Michel became Brigitte Trogneux:

      It is in the form opposite that appeared in the BNF (Bibibliothèque Nationale de France) copy of "Echos du Touquet" of June 28, 1974, the retouched photo. How could it have appeared in this newspaper ?

      As this diary is probably not digitized or microfilmed, the most likely hypothesis is that the BNF copy was stolen to be replaced by a modified facsimile. This is technically difficult to do: find the same paper, the same ageing, the same font. The State has these means (it is a question of protecting a State secret) and it is within the reach of specialists. Some of them are capable of creating false documents that deceive historians, who are by nature very suspicious... With such technical means, even if the substitution appears more delicate when it comes to large bindings, the trickery being easier to discover, one can also modify a civil status record... The film Les compagnons de la marguerite by Jean-Pierre Mocky (1967) deals with this subject, in a very light-hearted way.

      Hypothesis rejected

      In his book "He had just turned seventeen", Sylvie Bommel tells, in a double page, the "legend" of the wedding. It was, in May 2019, the first time it was said that Brigitte Macron had a brother Jean-Michel, then witness of the bride. We will see elsewhere, especially in Chapter 27 and in the conclusion, that this marriage that was supposed to engender the three Auzière children is a mirror game with gender inversion. It reflects what would have been a Jean-Michel Trogneux - Brigitte Auzière marriage, the real biological parents of the three Auzière children. We will return to this photo in Appendix A 18, with Jean-Louis Auzière, and in Appendix A 43 to explain that it did appear (with photographer's retouching) in 1974, corresponding to a wedding that would have actually taken place... And also at the end of Appendix A 48, to realize that these retouchings are anecdotal and that we have given them too much importance.

    10. (A) When did Brigitte and Emmanuel meet?

      According to the official "legend", as written at the beginning of the Chapter 15, the love encounter of the student Emmanuel Macron with the teacher Brigitte Trogneux - Auzière became Macron dates from the school year 1992-1993, during a workshop-theater when Emmanuel was in the class of Seconde with Laurence Auzière the daughter of Brigitte.

      Natacha Rey took a close look at the class photo from the previous year, when Emmanuel was in Troisième, and was surprised to find Laurence  there:

      1991/1992 class of Troisième. Laurence Auzière is wearing her hair the same way as in the photo in Appendix A 2 (#14, Sept. 1991)

      Laurence Auzière, Betaface comparison: 69%.

      In all logic, Natacha Rey then considered that, since Laurence and Emmanuel were in the same class one year earlier, the workshop-theater had also taken place one year earlier. She therefore published the attached statement on February 23, 2022, which was taken up here and by all the brigittologists, to the point that one of them, in a tweet, retitled Sylvie Bommel's book "He had just turned fourteen" instead of "fifteen" (and another made a song out of it, cf. Appendix D 11

      After searching long and hard for a photo that would show Laurence Auzière and Emmanuel Macron, who according to the official version were together in class at the "lycee", that is to say from the second grade. I finally found it again, although it could not be found on Copains d'Avant or Trombi and the press curiously never revealed it to us. I now understand why!
      In truth, they were college buddies and together only in 3rd grade. At the beginning of this school year, the year when his affair with his teacher Brigitte Trogneux known as "Auzière" began, the young Emmanuel born at the end of December was only... 13 years !
      [...] Macron's parents themselves testified that they believed at the time that their son was dating Laurence, his young classmate, before discovering with horror, that he had in truth started an affair with her "mother" !
      In public education, the latter would have been fired on the spot, prosecuted in Justice (prison sentence) and struck off the National Education. The press and the media have been lying to you since the beginning [...]. By reducing the age gap and making the "romance" start later, they were trying to make the general public accept the unacceptable. Mass manipulation and lying, as always !
      Hypothesis rejected

      There were, of course, still doubts, especially about Laurence's recognition among the students, but it was so consistent with this "legend" that, on multiple occasions, distorted a reality that needed to be hidden... However, on March 16, I was led to reject this hypothesis when I discovered the photo below, taken from Paris Match #3547, from 2017 (see Appendix A 15) :

      Left: Emmanuel in the role of scarecrow; right: Brigitte, amidst the other teachers, in 1992/1993.

      On this program, fortunately preserved by Professor Philippe Robert, the date of the performance is indicated: Tuesday, June 15. However, June 15, 1992 is a Monday, June 15, 1993 is a Tuesday. We had thus made a mistake.

      Exactly, Emmanuel was born on December 21, 1977. He was thus 14 years old at the beginning of September 1992 until the Christmas vacations, then 15 years old in 1993. That is 14 / 15 years old. We can assume that their love relationship was publicly known in 1993 when he was 15. Before, we don't know... Thus, on this point, the "legend" is confirmed. It is also confirmed on another point: we have verified, by analyzing the school photos, that Laurence and Emmanuel were in the same class for only one year. Other class photos of Emmanuel, in 5th and 6th grade, are presented in Chapter 17 and in Appendices A 1, A 10 and A 29.

      Nice carnival. A large head of Brigitte was burned in 2019, much to the chagrin of the mayor of Nice (articles: 1 2 3)

    11. (A) The family photo and the mystery of the niece who died young.

      With an automatic colorization process, the famous photo from Chapter 3.

      This photo has long questioned brigittologists on two themes  who is the girl and is the photo faked ? Before concluding that the photo is not faked, but only retouched, and that the little girl is Brigitte, Jean-Michel's little sister who died young, we tried to position ourselves in the present case. Here are the remains of this research.

      At first, we thought that this little girl would be Christine Boulogne, the first grandchild, daughter of Anne-Marie and her husband Gerard Boulogne. Strangely enough her existence "has never been incorporated into an official caption", she would be born on March 26, 1957 [F&D501p2]. But then the photo would be dated 1958 or 1959 which would make Jean-Michel 13 or 14 years old, that's not possible. Unless she was born before or it was another niece...

      This made me doubt Christine's birth date, is she sure ? I did a search on the web. I found a Christine Haquin (her husband's name, first name Benoît) born in 1951 living Brégy in Oise (link). This is indeed the one married to Benoît Haquin (link on, living in the same town of Brégy and this 1951 date, appearing on an official company declaration document, is more reliable than a date given by Généanet. Assuming that Christine is 2 years old, we are in 1953, or even 1954, and Jean-Michel, born on February 11, 1945, is 8 years old, which seems the most likely.

      Correction of January 30, 2022. As I indicated at the beginning of Chapter 23, the publication of this page provoked a citizen emulation, a small technical team was formed, gathering elements found on the Internet and analyzing them. First, yesterday, a message was received indicating, with supporting documents, that there were two sisters-in-law in Brégy named Christine and married Haquin, one born in 1951, the other in 1957. And the one whose maiden name is Boulogne was born in 1957, as Xavier Poussard thought! The above explanation did not hold anymore and the one of Xavier Poussard, dating the photo from 1959, or even 1958, still did not hold, as explained above. So we were in a dead end to date this photo.

      Happily, we had accumulated observations on this photo. First, very curiously, it also existed without the lampshade above Jean-Michel, as on this photo. This cleverly done retouching had whetted the curiosity of some Internet users who tried to solve "The mysteries of the lampshade". Thus the two tweets below were issued :

      The explanation for the first tweet does not appear to be conclusive, but the explanation for the second would be when you consider that the mother's right arm is facing backwards. The little girl would therefore have been added.

      At the same time the comparison opposite of the young child with another granddaughter, Nathalie Farcy, born in 1959, so another niece of Jean-Michel, was disturbing. Comparison Betaface: 70%.

      So it seems likely that this photo is a careful photomontage between the group photo from 1953, or even 1954 (with Jean-Michel and Monique's ages indicated in the two unbarred parts above), and another photo from 1961, or even 1962 where Nathalie Farcy is 2 years old. Or also Christine Boulogne, the second photo dating from 1959, or even 1960. Or even a little girl unrelated to the Trogneux family...

      We can also add the hypothesis (expressed at the end of Chapter 8) of a Brigitte little sister of Jean-Michel who died very young, in which case there would be no photomontage, assuming that she was born around 1951 to justify the age gap with Jean-Michel. Or an older sister of Christine Boulogne who died young.

      Our specialist Hortense Fuschia (who nevertheless first made the comparison girl - Nathalie Farcy), is not convinced by this explanation (and the others, see this triple diagram). She explains it to us with the diagram opposite and this explanation  "No overhang, the mother's leg and hand are simply hidden behind the granddaughter's body" The upper arm seems to be very much behind though....

      The hypothesis of an older sister of Christine Boulogne who died young for an unadulterated photo from 1953-1954 has rather my preference, Brigitte having spoken of the death of a niece, aged 7, of acute appendicitis (link). Everyone will be able to make up their own minds with the evidence here (and why the lampshade ?).

      Rejected Hypotheses

      Kots has studied the Trogneux family at length, including captioning the 1991 photo of the Trogneux family (Appendix A 2). On March 1, in five tweets, he proposed a new hypothesis :

      1. Here is the Trogneux family photo as it was originally taken before retouching before adding Jean-Michel Trogneux (JMT). We notice that neither JMT nor Brigitte appear on this photo. JMT is between 13/14 years old at this time... Were they excluded ?
      2. The framing of the official photo is incorrect. JMT is completely glued to the border. A photographer always leaves margin on either side of a photo, as is the case with Monique on the right. So the photo has been stretched to add room.
      3. 1. Part added to the lamp 2. Lack of shadow at JMT (JMT is surely from a class photo, upper body only) 4. Black band and back of chair invisible.
      4. (no illustration) The little girl cannot be Brigitte born in '53 (Anne-Marie is over 22 in this photo, married in '55 and we see her wedding ring) and even less so Nathalie Farcy born in '59 and whose mother, Maryvonne, died when Nathalie was only 6 months old.
      5. (illustration opposite) So there is only Christine Boulogne born on 26/03/1957, daughter of Anne-Marie, and who is between 1 and 2 years old on this photo. Here she is during the inauguration of Macron in 2017.
      Hypothesis rejected (because of the dating, see below).

      We now have three major hypotheses  1) the photo is not retouched, 2) the girl is added, 3) Jean-Michel is added.

      I believe the photo can be dated with the apparent ages of the three youngest children (only the last two in case 3) : Jean-Michel, born in 1945, is an 8/9 year old boy, Monique, born in 1941, is a 12/13 year old girl (small in stature and without breasts) and Maryvonne, born in January 1937, is a 17 year old girl. This brings us to 1953/1954, at the most 1955, not more. This is why I do not subscribe to this 1958/1959 hypothesis of Kots. In particular, Monique cannot be 17 years old, she is at the beginning of puberty. And the age differences between Jean-Michel, Monique and Maryvonne being respected, it seems very likely that they are all three on the original photo. This hypothesis of Kots is therefore rejected because of the dating.

      I incidentally add that the technical explanations, although plausible, do not convince me. While I found the little girl resembling Nathalie Farcy, this is not the case for the half-face of Christine Boulogne. I discover precise dates of birth, some of them, those of Maryvonne and Monique, previously unknown. Without dwelling on the wedding ring on Anne-Marie's finger, which I cannot distinguish, I am surprised by her wedding date, 1955, more exactly January 21, 1955 (act cited in marginal mention).

      Let us consider the hypothesis that the girl is a niece. Christine Boulogne, born in 1957 is to be ruled out, as well as Nathalie Farcy, born in 1959. The dating of Anne-Marie's marriage, in 1955, excludes an older sister of Christien Boulogne, unless Anne-Marie had a child before her marriage. This seems unlikely, but possible.

      Remind that the existence of a niece who died young is based on statements by Brigitte Macron. In 1961 ("one year after" the death of her sister Maryvonne in February 1960), she says she lost "one of her nieces, only 6 years old. This one died as a result of acute appendicitis" (link). Given that Jean-Michel/Brigitte made herself 8 years younger, she probably made her niece that much younger. Assuming she was born in 1952/53, she may be the girl in the photo. She would be the first grandchild of Jean and Simone, who would thus be photographed with all their children and their first grandchild. A banal family photo, in short...

      May 7. A solution emerges for this dead niece, who would be more than a niece : she would be Brigitte Trogneux herself, sixth and last child of Jean and Simone. The date of birth in 1953 corresponds. And the photo could date from Christmas 1954, or thereabouts. See the end of Chapter 6. August 29 : we now believe that the possible existence of retouching is anecdotal, it was a usual practice of photographers of the time, as shown at the end of Appendix A 48.

    12. (A) The three Auzière children with Emmanuel in June 1993

      In the documentary "Brigitte Macron, un roman français" by Virginie Linhart published on France 3, already cited, we find (at 23 mn 09) the photo below on the left, which can also be found on this page where it is attributed to Gérard Banc, a teacher at the Lycée La Providence, and dated June 1993, with the only other indication being the presence of Emmanuel Macron :

      The June 1993 photo. At right zoom in on three excerpts from the 1991 family photo in Appendix A 2

      All indications are that Emmanuel Macron and Laurence Auzière are in the foreground here, as they are in the 1991/1992 class photo. Behind Laurence (#14 on the 1991 family group), the little girl could be Tiphaine. She is n°7 on the 1991 photo, she has here the same abundant hair, and is recognizable by her rictus and her big mouth. She is 8 years old. And between the supposed Tiphaine and Emmanuel, the boy could be Sébastien Auzière. Comparing with the family photo of 1991 (n°16), it seems that it is him, at 16 years old, especially because we find the same thin glasses on both pictures. So there would be Laurence, Tiphaine and Sébastien Auzière on the left and Emmanuel in the center.

      The boy on the right of the photo, with the striped sweater, is probably the one sitting behind Emmanuel (holding the slate) with his sweater over his shoulder in the 1992/1993  10th grade class photo:

      Sophomore Class,

      In the

      Betaface comparisons with black and white 1991/1992 class photo excerpts in Appendix - A - 10

      Two questions. What is Emmanuel doing in the middle of the Auzière children? Is it not Brigitte who takes the photo? The answers are not easy. For the second question, the photographer could be Gérard Banc, the teacher who kept the photo, but also Brigitte who gave him a duplicate photo. For the first one, here is the answer of a correspondent, which I agree with:

      Apparently, it was customary at La Providence to have a nature trip every year. So the bucolic photo is a school photo (like all the others of Macron). I have no objection to accepting the June 1993 date, even though I had originally dated it to the summer of 1992.

      Apparently several classes were participating in the outing since Sebastian is present despite being 2 years older (if 1993, he is a senior). If several classes are participating, no oddity to see Laurence on the picture with Emmanuel. Prior to this outing, it is perfectly plausible that Brigitte would have requested and obtained that her youngest daughter participate in this field trip, especially if she was an accompanying teacher.

      1993/1994, Première class, Emmanuel Macron's last year (sitting, center)
      au lycée la Providence d'Amiens. Laurence Auzière est dans une autre classe.

    13. (A) Uncle and godfather Jean-Michel Noguès and aunt Lucette

      1. Uncle Jean-Michel Noguès in 1980. A correspondent consulted, at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, the medical thesis of Françoise Noguès-Macron (under the reference 4-THM-26382), defended in Amiens on June 23, 1980, and communicated to me some pages. Here are the most interesting ones for our study.

        Recall that doubts have been raised about the very existence of this Jean-Michel, brother of Françoise Noguès married Macron, mother of Emmanuel (end of Chapter 17). Xavier Poussard had nevertheless found some other information available: "Born in 1940 and died in 2006, Jean-Michel Noguès would have become "only" a general practitioner "because of a troubled youth" (Deux jeunesses françaises)" [F&D500p5]. Finally, these words appear to be accurate. Jean-Michel Noguès received his medical degree in Amiens in 1971 (link). He is featured on the notice of his mother Germaine / Manette's death in 2013. And he is present on a page Geneanet with the indication of his wife Lucette Duponchel, born in 1939, and their children Isabel and Florence, born in 1969 and 1971 (these children are also on Manette's announcement).

        Brigittologist Maria tried to find out more:

        The medical thesis by Jean-Michel Noguès shows no dedication, only the names of the thesis director (Pierre Galibert, neurosurgeon at the C.H.U. of Amiens) and the members of the jury. Its technical content seems clear, methodical, with balanced conclusions that are addressed to neurosurgeons.

        In the Rosenwald Guide (directory of the French medical profession), for 1977-1978 and 1996 (last available at the BnF) : Noguès (Jean-Michel), general medicine, 27 rue Léo Lagrange, Amiens (today still a medical practice in a building). In 1977 as in 1996, Professor Pierre Galibert was the neurosurgeon of the Amiens Hospital.

        Jean Michel Macron, for his part, defended a scientific postgraduate thesis. In 1996 he was appointed professor of physiology (option "biological" and not "clinical") in the laboratory of functional explorations of the nervous system.

        So Françoise Noguès had a career as an office doctor, and her husband, Jean-Michel Macron, as a physiology laboratory doctor (link). So doctors who do not directly treat the sick. This may explain why Emmanuel Macron lacked confidence in the healthcare personnel during the Covid epidemic, preferring to defer to Big Pharma.

        She provides an explanation for Manette's remark regretting that her son became "only a general practitioner" :

        There is a kind of generalist-specialist segregation, still tenacious today, because some consider that a doctor is only a generalist because he or she could not access a University Professor specialty. Manette would have liked her son Jean-Michel Noguès to have had such a university career. Her daughter Françoise started a specialty in pediatrics, but did not finish it. She compensated by marrying Jean-Michel Macron, a PU-PH (University Professor - hospital practitioner). Her other daughter Marie-Christine is an ophthalmologist (she is married Bové, apparently Philippe Bové veterinarian in Amiens).

        Of the three children of Manette, it is indeed Jean-Michel "the least graded", at least in the eyes of an ambitious mother, for whom the eldest son necessarily carries all the family hopes, almost the family honor. Ten years apart from her sister, Manette has indeed had time to hope... Personally, I consider that the profession of generalist is the most beautiful, but prejudices are hard to overcome.
        chapter 23 that the godfather would be Jean-Michel Trogneux has therefore been abandoned.

        Reading the acknowledgments in Françoise's thesis suggests a banal family, with husband Jean-Michel Macron, the two children aged three and one, Emmanuel and Laurent, and the parents of the attentive spouses. Nothing seems to foreshadow that Emmanuel will be far from his father, his brother and his future sister...

      2. Aunt Lucette Noguès née Duponchel. A page on the site "Les copains d'avant" traces the career of Lucette Duponchel, born in 1939. From the age of 5 to 9, she attended school in the town of Brombos, in the Oise region 41 km from Amiens. According to a page of the 1936 census, she may be the daughter of Yvonne Deras (death notice in Grandvilliers in 2012) and Lucien Duponchel, son of Eugène Duponchel and Odile Desachy (daughter of Julien Albert Brasseur and Marie Estelle Brasseur, married in Sommereux in 1884) . From age 9 to 10, she is at the Warabiot school in the nearby commune of Grandvilliers. From 11 to 17, she is at the college in Poix-de-Picardie, where Manette teaches. From 24 to 57 years old, 1973 to 1996, she teaches at the Delpech elementary school in Amiens, in the street where Manette lives. She has known Manette since she was very young, so it is not surprising that she married her son.

        Lucette and her students circa 1979. Photos taken from a tweet by brigittologist Isabelle who states.
        "Lucette was a teacher in the school where Macron was in elementary school" but, on "The Buddies of Before,
        Emmanuel is "not found among kids of his age group."

      3. Uncles and aunts in the shadows. Manette and Jean Noguès were of modest origin. Their son Jean-Michel became a doctor and founded a family, with a wife, Lucette, well inserted in society. He had a good career. So why blame him for having been "only" a doctor... And this "disturbed youth", what does it mean ? Is there an inversion there? It is the life of her sister Françoise Noguès that is troubled, to say the least, with a marriage whose date is unknown, a child raised separately from the other two, a divorce, questions about her help to transsexuals...

        Ordinary also must be the course of the third child of Jean Noguès and Manette, Marie-Christine Noguès, married to Jean-François Leprêtre, who does not seem to be mentioned by Françoise or Emmanuel, as if she had not existed... So the life of Jean Noguès and Germaine/Manette Arribet and that of their three children, Jean-Michel born in 1940, Françoise born in 1950 and Marie-Christine born in 1952, appears to be troubled only for Françoise. So much so that Manette felt obliged to intervene strongly (apparently after 1980) to take care of Emmanuel's education... And she is also out of the ordinary, when you consider her relationship with her favorite grandson.

        Before, let's finish with the uncles and aunts, to point out that Emmanuel has a paternal aunt, Françoise Macron, born around 1955, a pharmacist in Coudun in Oise, married to Jean-Marie Bacciochini. The paternal grandparents are André Macron (1920-2010) (page Geneanet) and Jacqueline Robertson, of English father and French mother, but it appears that Emmanuel had very little contact with this paternal side although settled in Amiens and, not far from it, in Coudun.

    14. (A) Manette, a strange and dark grandmother...

      No photo of grandparents Jean and Germaine Noguès with their three children was released, nor even a photo of Emmanuel with his maternal grandparents or with one of them. Usually, however, one is proud to show oneself as a child with the grandparents with whom one has spent a lot of time. While we don't know of any illustrations of Grandpa John, two photos, below, of Grandma Manette have been published, in addition to the one shown in Chapter 17. And nothing on the side of the paternal grandparents, admittedly less close to their grandson.

      In her youth, Germaine Arribet, known as Manette, wife of Jean Noguès. In 2007, 88 years, at the wedding of his grandson [Paris Match 3547].

      While his grandmother Manette's role was essential in Emmanuel's upbringing, his grandfather, the Pyrenean Jean Noguès, was also present, as was his great-aunt Nicole. On May 14, 2017, a article from "La Dépêche" spoke of it thus :

      Germaine Arribet, daughter of an illiterate valet, born in Tarbes in 1915 and became a schoolteacher [then a geography teacher] then a college principal. Before the Second World War, she married Jean Noguès, whose parents were merchants in Bagnères-de-Bigorre. The couple moved to the Nièvre region and then to Amiens. [...] Every school vacation, Manette and Jean Noguès, whom the future president affectionately nicknamed Coulou, returned to Bagnères-de-Bigorre, to the family home, with little "Manu" in their luggage. [...]

      Also his grandmother as well as his great-aunt Nicole are thus hardly surprised when one summer, barely of age, Manu comes to Bagnères to introduce them to Brigitte, his companion, 24 years his senior. "We took her kayaking, hiking," recalls Nicole. She immediately loved Bagnères and the Pyrenees. Brigitte adopted Bigorre and the whole family at the same time. Besides they also came back every winter to ski in La Mongie."

      Manu on vacation in the Pyrenees, late 1990s. Photo from a article in "Paris Match" No. 3547, May 13, 2017,
      during the election campaign, similar to the one in "La Dépèche" published the next day. Probably a photo of Brigitte.

      In Chapter 17, it is stated that the grandfather died in 2002 at age 88, the grandmother in 2013 at age 96, both in Amiens. Manette's influence in Emmanuel's childhood was highlighted. In a article of "Télé-Loisirs "of May 3, 2017, Cédric Rémia confirms it :

      In his book Revolution, Emmanuel Macron recalls his sweet childhood memories. "My grandmother taught me to work. From the age of 5, once school was over, it was with her that I spent long hours learning grammar, history, geography. And to read." More generally, she raises him at the expense of parents overwhelmed by their professional activities. So much so that at the age of 5, the boy asks his parents if he can go and live with her.

      "As he spends most of his time in the house of his beloved grandmother, why not settle there permanently ?", write journalists Bernard Pascuito and Olivier Biscaye, authors of the book Politicians also have a mother. The parents refuse. "He was built a childhood with Epinal images that sell well. With his grandmother a teacher and his great-grandmother illiterate," said Jean-Michel, Emmanuel Macron's father, in the book by journalist Anne Fulda, "A young man so perfect." To the great despair of his parents, "Manette" considers Emmanuel his "son." And he returns the favor.

      He literally has an unwavering admiration and love for the one who is his preceptress, his compass, in short, his emotional pillar. And for good reason, when Emmanuel Macron, then a teenager, struck up a romance with his teacher Brigitte, a married woman 24 years his senior, his grandmother was the only one to support him.

      One senses some dark sides in what appears to be a kind of monopolization of the grandson. And that's not all: Xavier Poussard implies that Emmanuel might not have gone to elementary school, having been educated at home by his grandmother (which would explain why we don't find him in the class photos of Aunt Lucette's school, see previous Appendix). And Poussard makes other observations [F&D500p2+p4] :

      Although he never lived in her house, Emmanuel Macron sows doubt [in his book "Revolution"] : "So I spent my childhood in books, a little out of the world. It was a still life". "I remember those early mornings when I would go to join her in her room where she would tell her war anecdotes, her friendships. As a child, I would pick up the thread of the interrupted discussion each day and travel through her life like picking up a novel. And the smell of the café au lait that she would sometimes prepare in the middle of the night. And the door of her room open as early as seven in the morning when I had not yet come to join her, exclaiming with feigned concern  "Are you still sleeping ?""

      "According to several witnesses, Manette lived her retirement cloistered at home, among books. She almost never went out, the rooms were plunged into darkness. [...]At Bagnères de Bigorre too, the shutters often remained closed, she was never seen outside" [Deux jeunesses françaises].

      Anne Fulda briefly touched on the possibility that Emmanuel Macron had "nearly been adopted by his grandmother", "goddess of his enchanted world", "Queen of his childhood and even of his adult life" [Such a perfect young man] [...] In a relationship that resembles family instruction (now violently opposed by the government), one may be surprised at the literature that Manette would have recommended to his grandson. According to Candice Nedelec and Caroline Derrien, "as a teenager, the young Macron escaped by reading. [...] André Gide or even "Le roi des aulnes" by Michel Tournier are on his bedside table. Authors that his beloved paternal grandmother [...] gave him in sharing". [...]

      Let's skip André Gide ["The concerns of a private life marked by assumed homosexuality and the desire to shake up taboos are at the origin of" some of his texts, according to the introduction to his page Wikipedia] to focus on Le roi des Aulnes, Prix Goncourt 1970, a chemically pure synthesis of the obsessions of the intelligentsia at the time of its publication, in which Michel Tournier pompously manipulates signs and symbols (the concept of "phoria"...), plays on the ambiguity between Hitler Youth and death camps ("malignant inversion") to rewrite the myth of the ogre and, ultimately, deliver a radically pedophilic work. [...] Could the strange mention of this work in Emmanuel Macron's official biography be one of those signs he is so fond of? A key to reading ? Would his official legend be made up of "malignant invertions" ?

      Or would it be made up of "accusatory reversals", as seen in Chapter 22 and several other times ?

      [excerpt from a article in Paris Match on January 5, 2018] [Reuters photo / Philippe Wojazer : Paris Book Fair, March 2017, in the middle of the presidential campaign]
      Emmanuel Macron's book, "Revolution," will be released on Monday in China on the first day of the state visit of the French president and his wife. [...]

      Emmanuel Macron will be in China starting January 8, 2018. His book too. "Revolution", his book , in which he tells his personal story , his inspirations, his vision of France and its future [...] The French edition, released in November 2016 at the time of his presidential candidacy announcement, has sold more than 200,000 copies. The book is also already available in about 20 countries and translated into a dozen languages. [...]

      The French president is well known to the Chinese... for his love affair and marriage to his wife Brigitte. The age difference between the couple has caused a sensation in a country where men tend to marry women who are much younger than them.
      March 2022: learning that Brigitte is a transsexual who grew up as Jean-Michel Trogneux
      is causing a sensation in China and elsewhere (see Appendix D 13).

      Recently, in 2021, a testimony came to shed new light on Manette [article] :

      It was in the 1960s, Marie-Claire Stubbe had then been received by Germaine Noguès who occupied the position of principal of the elementary school [in Poix-de-Picardie]. At the origin of this interview, a terrible fact that Marie-Claire Stubbe would have done well without. "Until she was 6 years old, one of her four children attended school near Poix-de-Picardie. But her teacher was violent towards her. He beat her because she had visible marks on her face. And even, we could see bloodstains in a book."

      So this unbearable and unbearable situation pushed him to find a new school for his daughter. That's when Germaine Noguès stepped in. "I will always remember that meeting. As soon as we told her about the problem, she didn't hesitate to welcome my daughter into the facility. She was very warm. It warmed my heart. I will always be grateful for what she did."

      Again, another reading reveals a dark side. Here's what NBI says in early March 2022 :

      At first glance, the story could only further enhance the luster of the saintly laywoman and "avant-gardiste" halo. On closer inspection, this one may well be tarnished by some awkward shadows. The journalistic narrative is designed to exalt the pious grandson through the uplifting life of his grandmother, and so it focuses on what Manette did...but not on what she didn't do. Faced with the drama of the little martyr, the caring and warm principal took her in without hesitation or delay. And that was it.

      A teacher unabashedly indulges in unspeakable violence against one of his young students. She may not be the only victim, nor the first or the last. And the beating she received could also be a cover for something even worse. Taking in the child in this way can also be interpreted as the easiest way to discreetly cover up the tragedy... and ensure impunity for the perpetrator, allowing him to continue. Nothing in the story indicates that Manette did anything else. Like advising the mother to file a complaint, urgently alerting the school management about the teacher's behavior, reporting it to the rectorate, the prosecutor... In short, what one would expect from such an open, attentive and forward-thinking teacher in the face of "a terrible fact", "an unbearable and unbearable situation".

      Official portrait of Brigitte Macron,
      by Soazig de la Moissonnière (Elysée website, link)

    15. (A) Family photos of Emmanuel Macron

      If Xavier Poussard was surprised at the lack of photos of Emmanuel Macron as a child, he also specified [F&D500p3], next to small reproductions, in black and white, here taken in their original appearance, the following :

      Looking hard, we found three other photographs of Emmanuel Macron in the 1980s (still in his family). Diffused only once in the n°3547 of Paris Match, these photos were not diffused on Internet as it is now the custom. Inexplicably they were not incorporated into the authorized biographies produced later.

      The May 10, 2017 issue of Paris Match 3547 is devoted to the new President of the Republic, just after his election.
      The spotlight is on the family and love life of the newly elected.

      There are also these two photographs, including the only one we know of that brings together Emmanuel, his parents Jean-Michel and Françoise, his sister Estelle and his brother Laurent:

      With his family, no date, and on a training course in Nigeria in 2004.

      2017, after the election, Emmanuel Macron between his father and mother. On the right is his brother Laurent.

      Betaface comparison of Jean-Michel Macron with his two children Laurent and Emmanuel

    16. (A) Brigitte and her absurd Auzière family

      In math, I've always enjoyed reasoning by the absurd. They have a sense of adventure. Throughout the thought process, one moves forward in an improbable space until the final fall where, like Little Nemo, one falls out of bed and returns to reality by relentlessly rejecting the original hypothesis. In everyday life, I also use these demonstrations by the absurd. For example for the initial hypothesis of this file. Assuming that Brigitte was born a woman, what would she do? She would deflate the rumor as quickly as possible by showing up with her brother Jean-Michel or by means of a blood test under the supervision of a bailiff; or by another method as easy and basic. She didn't do it, it's absurd, so she was born a man. But there are, in everyday life, logics that are not mathematical. For example Brigitte could be a perverted woman who would love to be mistaken for a man... The Wikipedia page on apagogy (the scholarly name for reasoning by the absurd) explains this well by differentiating its uses "in logic and mathematics" and "in philosophy".

      In the Appendix A 37, I presented the NBI (No Brain Inside) file dated February 11. I have already said that I do not favor the hypothesis supported in this file, which makes Jean-Michel Trogneux Emmanuel's father. There is a stronger divergence with the adoption of the Kots hypothesis to date in 1958 a photo that cannot be so late: incomprehensible. Nevertheless, the analysis carried out is, on many points, relevant. Here is an excerpt which is a cleverly conducted reasoning by the absurd:

      According to the official version "Brigitte Auzière" has three children: Sebastien born in 1975, Laurence of 1977 and the same age as Manu since they were in the same third grade class at La Providence, and Tiphaine the youngest born in 1984. The Ministry of Truth asks us to piously swallow the absurd fable that the three Auzière children sided - without delay and without any problem of conscience - with Brigitte and her lover... who was also their schoolmate. Because he was "a madman who knows everything about everything" according to Laurence ? Or because the trio was transfixed by his masterful interpretation of the role of the scarecrow in the legendary theatrical performance that serves as the keystone to the whole shaky propagandist scaffolding? Unless their father - "charming" by the way - did not make their mother happy according to hagiographer Anne Fulda, in her book "Emmanuel Macron, un jeune homme si parfait" and that this brave little Manu was fortunately there to fill her ? Except that the simple chronology already puts the fable to shame.

      Brigitte has known Manu since at least the beginning of the 1991 school year (her daughter Laurence is in the same class as him) [and she may have known his mother earlier, Chapter 24]. Let's even admit that, suffering from visual disorders and a failing memory, Brigitte only became aware of the existence of the child, er... of the man of her life in the late spring of 1993. Manu was then 15 and a half, Laurence no more, Sébastien two years older, and Tiphaine at 9 years old was still in elementary school... Let's always admit that Sébastien, a 17-year-old teenager, finds it perfectly normal that a 15-year-old boy sleeps with his mother  that Laurence, out of generational solidarity, finds it very "cool" that Mom's lover is a classmate; and that Tiphaine finds it convenient that between two cuddling sessions with Brigitte on the living room couch Manu kindly helps her with her homework...

      Except that, even assuming the most favorable timeline, the most basic common sense throws even more of a wrench into this beautiful story. It is, moreover, Tiphaine, Brigitte's official spokesperson for all things related to the Auzière family, who involuntarily blasts it in a hagiography whose title is already in itself an admission: "Brigitte Macron, a French novel". In it, she ingenuously admits that, "My daddy worked in Lille, he came back on weekends. During the week, I was with my mother and on weekends with my dad and mom went to see Emmanuel". This irrefutable first-hand testimony completely undermines the official legend that André-Louis Auzière - transferred to Amiens but working all week in Lille - learned of his misfortune through public rumor, which left no tangible trace: "And what was supposed to happen... happened. The rumors whistled in André-Louis Auzière's ears. A crushing blow for the husband, a banker by profession! Disgraced - what shall I say - scorned, he slammed the door! He immediately left the marital home. He also lost the connections, reputation, and money that his marriage to Brigitte offered him', reveals the Daily Mail." Not content to be able to cuckold her banker husband all week with the complicity of her children, on weekends Brigitte ostensibly goes out to find her lover ... and leaves the little one in the care of the scorned husband ... and very complaisant. Who therefore takes all his time to slam the door and divorce only in 2006. The bank is a demanding mistress, and Manu, an ex-Rothschild employee, will not deny it.

      [NBI quotes there from a article from May 3, 2017 from Télé-Loisirs, reprinting passages from the Daily Mail. Here is another excerpt ]
      "Emmanuel could be seen walking down his street almost every day, taking the first right and ringing the bell at the Auzière's. His incessant comings and goings gave rise to rumors in the neighborhood," the couple's former neighborhood told France Dimanche. Gossip and other persiflages rustle throughout Amiens. It is the scandal: the respectable teacher of the Jesuit high school of Providence of Amiens, married who is more, is the lover of one of his minor students, 24 years his junior.

      After the "death" of her "father," Tiphaine paints a moving portrait of André-Louis Auzière: "I adored him, he was a being apart, a nonconformist who held on to his anonymity more than anything. We must respect him." [article from Paris Match of October 7, 2020, cover opposite]. Which - at the same time - had not prevented her from shamelessly betraying the anonymous nonconformist she adored to her sister's classmate! As Laurence and Sebastien always show - like their "mother" - a modesty bordering on muteness about their relationship with their ghostly father we don't know if they shared their younger sister's curiously contradictory feelings...

      Let's summarize. The being apart and dignified banker forty years old regularly finds his wife in bed with a teenager, spends his weekends alone with his youngest daughter while his wife cheats on him... takes the first train to Lille and disappears until his death on December 24, 2019, abandoning wife, children, relations, reputation and money... Once again we are confronted with the absurdity of the official story that tries - very clumsily - to hide a frightening reality.

      As it has already been demonstrated before that the marriage Brigitte Trogneux - André-Louis Auzière is fictitious for lack of the existence of the husband, it is necessarily the same for the Auzière family ! But if there is no tangible trace of the real existence of the Phantom of the Bank, it is not the same for the "Auzière" children. They are real and were at once witnesses, accomplices and victims of the actions of their "mother". Before asking the question of their true identity, we must already question what they have suffered. Despite the lack of formal evidence, everything points to Brigitte/Jean-Michel Trogneux as the real father of Emmanuel Macron.

      But also as the author of a sexual attack on a minor of 13 years doubling as an incest according to the unambiguous statements - for once! - of the father/wife and the son/husband. If "Brigitte" was capable of such a crime on her son how could she imagine that she could not also have committed it on her other children, the Auzière  children? Tiphaine admits it moreover : the three "Auzière" children were witnesses to the sexual assault on Manu, found it perfectly normal... and probably participated in it if we judge with what amoral candor a lawyer and politician tells about the sexual life of her "mother" and her very young lover !

      I have reservations about the conclusions in the last paragraph, which I think are plausible but currently quite unlikely hypotheses. I also have a small reservation about the whole demonstration because it is reasoning by the absurd outside of mathematics. But, if not implacable, it certainly helps to understand how the Auzière family as presented to us is a very unlikely thing.

    17. (A) The Gabrielle Russier alibi and the accusatory reversal of harassment

      The Gabrielle Russier case in 1968/1969 had upset many people. Here it is summarized by the introduction to her page Wikipedia :

      Gabrielle Russier, born April 29, 1937 in Paris and died September 1, 1969 in Marseille, was a professor agrégée of literature. Following a love affair with one of her sixteen-year-old students, she was sentenced to a one-year suspended prison term for kidnapping and abduction of a minor. She committed suicide in her apartment in Marseille.

      Her story has inspired many artistic works such as André Cayatte's film, Mourir d'aimer (1971), Serge Reggiani's Gabrielle (1970) [paroles], Anne Sylvestre's Des fleurs pour Gabrielle [1971] [paroles] and Mourir d'aimer by Charles Aznavour (1971) [paroles), or Josée Dayan's TV movie, Mourir d'aimer (2009), which will be criticized by the protagonists of the case.
      Three other vintage items: 1 2 3.

      From a distance, it may seem like there is a parallel to the Brigitte case: a romantic relationship between a teacher and a high school student. On closer inspection, the differences are very significant. At the beginning of the affair, the young man, Christian, was at least two years older than Emmanuel (at that age, it counts, he was over the criminal majority for minors of 16) and Gabrielle was 16 years younger than Brigitte/Jean-Michel. Brigitte concealed her sexual state and did not experience rejection, stigma, or incarceration.

      Nevertheless, the "legend" Brigitte brings the situation in Amiens closer to the Russier case. The age of the high school student was raised ("He had just turned seventeen"), the teacher's age was lowered (Brigitte is 8 years younger than Jean-Michel), the transsexuality was hidden. The spotlight was on the age gap (20 years, then 24 years) and the romance of a great love (as in "dying to love") was activated. In 2017, and even now for the majority of French people who are unaware of Jean-Michel's reality, this resonance in the subconscious worked.

      [article from AmoMama of November 6, 2018] "During an interview, Frédéric Mitterrand made a rather unwelcome comparison between the Macron couple and another infamous couple." The former Minister of Culture, said "His marriage to a woman who is not of the same generation. It is a bit of revenge for the Russier affair".

      This March 17, NBI (The Ze Qe Fan hermit) also mentioned it on his Telegram channel:

      Indeed, the plot of the Gabrielle Russier affair was knowingly used to set up the narrative of the mythical love at first sight of unusual lovers. One played on the similarity of the situations (however completely fictitious), the tragic character of the Russier affair, its impact in the memory and the collective unconsciousness to impose a gilded legend which has strictly no relationship with the affair of the end of the 1960s.

      The Manu-Brigitte affair was created from scratch to justify the unjustifiable and to focus attention on a very complacent version of which all the elements and testimonies were concocted by the protagonists themselves and intended to conceal a sordid affair of pedocriminality hiding even worse. There has never been a public affair, a complaint, an investigation, a trial, a media debacle... except the one deliberately provoked for political purposes by the Macron couple. Never has young Emmanuel undergone a three-week sleep cure in a psychiatric clinic, nor has he been subsequently committed to a psychiatric asylum, placed in a boarding school hundreds of kilometers away from his family and his lover... And never has Brigitte been the subject of a complaint filing, nor has she spent a minute in police custody, not to mention a detention or any conviction for sexual assault on a minor of 13 years of age by a person with authority!

      If the Russier affair was over-mediatized it is, in part, because of the socio-political context of the time: the events of May 68, the liberation of morals, the resignation of General De Gaulle, the Markovic affair and the election of Pompidou... And when the press has a bone to pick, it only lets go of it when there is nothing left. The media hype has also contributed to the intellectual and cultural hype... involuntarily fanned by the rigid behavior of the self-proclaimed representatives of order and morality. By today's standards, the France of the 1960s is another planet...

      "Brigitte Auzière" French teacher at Lycée La Providence in Amiens circa 1993, class photo with her students.

      This parallel between the two cases is also discussed on this article from, also touching on the Olivier Duhamel case and the MeToo movement. The title is characteristic of the accusatory inversions of the Macron couple : "Macron wants to " criminalize sexual relations between an adult and a minor of 15 years "". Similarly, Brigitte fights against harassment at school :

      Gabrielle Russier had been expelled from the National Education. Brigitte Macron is presented as a teacher by Minister Blanquer, November 18, 2021. In the background, students and teachers are muzzled, victims of government harassment.

      Already in September 2020, the pedocriminal dared to pose on the cover of a magazine against child abuse.
      Below: header of a article from Marie Claire from May 2018.

    18. (A) Brothers Jean-Louis and Louis Auzière, their nephew André Louis

      Above, we find the photo, this time colorized, supposedly of Brigitte Macron's wedding to her first husband André-Louis Auzière, in 1974. The two people on the left, given their approximate age, are indeed the supposed parents of the fictitious André : Louis Auzière (the older brother of Jean-Louis) and Renee Costes, aged at the time of the snapshot 49 and 46 years.

      To better understand, let's study the genealogy of Jean-Louis Auzière. He was born in Paris, 9th arrondissement, on February 28, 1943 (act), the son of Marius Auzière and Germaine Bary, who were just mentioned. A extract from the 1936 census of Meudon shows the Auzière family before Jean-Louis was born. In addition to the parents, aged 43 (he is "chief accountant") and 40 (no profession), it then consists of three children, Louis 19, Suzanne 17, Marcelle 13, grandmother Anna Bary, 75, and a cousin Reine Bary, 57.

      Marius Auzière (young left) and Germaine Bary, probably in 1965 for their 50th wedding anniversary.
      Photos of the fiche of Marius Auzière on the kensi13 Geneanet website.

      From this family, it is worth remembering that Jean-Louis arrived very late, in 1943, when his parents were 50 and 46 years old, his brother Louis already 26 years old, his sisters Suzanne and Marcelle 24 and 20 years old. This means that the famous André-Louis Auzière could hardly be a new child of Marius and Germaine. He is rather a grandson and it is indeed what the "legend" of Brigitte claims; he would be a child of Louis, thus a nephew of Jean-Louis.

      So we are led to look at the life of Louis, Jean-Louis' older brother. Louis Alexandre Michel Auzière (1917-1985), a company administrator, married Renée Costes (1920-2014) in Montpellier in 1939. They are the ones seen next to the groom in the wedding photo. Here is the fiche of Louis on the site Généanet kensi13 (sisters and daughters are indicated with their husband's name) :

      The positioning of André-Louis (actually André Louis) in the list of his five siblings appears quite natural here. In her already cited 2019 book "He had just turned seventeen," Sylvie Bommel describes in one page the itinerary across Africa of her father Louis, a French civil servant during the decolonization era. The UPC (Union des Populations du Cameroun) considers that he rigged an election in 1954 (documents  1, 2). On this route, see also the end of the Appendix A 31.

      We have seen that André-Louis is supposed to be born on February 28, 1951 in Eséka, a small commune in Cameroon created in 1954, and doubts have arisen as to the validity of this place of birth. However, the following document (from the local annals of Eséka), dated January 1, 1952, shows, on the contrary, that it appears likely :

      On the right, the main avenue of Eséka [Wikipedia].

      In 1984, according to "legend", André-Louis Auzière became deputy director of the Banque Française du Commerce Extérieur (page Wikipedia) in Strasbourg and moved to Truchtersheim, in the affluent district le Hoeft. This bank closed in 1996 and no trace of activity of this sub-manager seems to remain.

      It was in December 2020 that Closer announced the death of André Louis Auzière, which had occurred a year earlier (article)
      (photography Stéphane Lemouton). It is the first name André-Louis that is used.

      As of mid-March 2022, at this stage of the investigation, we still had no proof of the existence of André Louis Auzière, but it still appeared plausible, as told in the Brigitte "legend". This André-Louis could have been born in Eséka in 1951. If so, had he lived long? Had he met the Trogneux family? There was some truth to it, but we didn't know, then, how far he would go...

      April 4. I discover an explanation that consists in considering that Jean-Louis and André-Louis Auzière are the same person. The fact that Jean-Louis' middle name is André and that he sometimes signs André (and not Jean-Louis) is particularly troubling. One can imagine an intermittent identity or a posteriori... Here's how Webcraft talked about it on February 14 (link) :

      When Jean-Louis Auzière goes by the name André
      Another extraordinary character is her husband ALA [André-Louis Auzière]. [...] JLA has always been called by his middle name André. It is him who under the identity ALA married Baphomet [Jean-Michel / Brigitte] in 1974. ALA, born abroad, never asked for a SS [Social Security] number, contrary to JLA who obtained it automatically, being born in France. It is thus under JLA's SS number that ALA's career was made at the BFCE and Natexis. However, he signed AA [André Auzière] as many documents attest. The JLA identity was used to take shares in companies. These company documents show that the AA signature is assured and consistent over several years, whereas JLA's signature over the same period is very inconsistent and therefore changing. Indeed JLA has always called himself André.

      It is possible that JLA served as a cover for Baphomet during his stay in Alsace. On the other hand, ALA inherited from his parents at their death and therefore had a tax number. In 2003, ALA sold a property in joint ownership on rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré in Paris. JLA certainly transferred funds from ALA's bank account to access the proceeds of the sale. JMT [Jean-Michel Trogneux] also inherited from his parents and owns a property in joint ownership with Baphomet in Le Touquet. [...] The statute of limitations has expired and most of the accomplices are dead. The crime was almost perfect.

      April 14. This intermittent and after-the-fact dual identity is confirmed with the new Proba / Brigitte Auzière hypothesis, niece of JLA and mother of the three Auzière children (Chapter 27, Appendix A 25). It appears that Jean-Louis was going by the name André in documents that did not require an ID, such as phone books. So in hindsight, it could be believed that it was André-Louis. And if Proba was not (officially, seemingly, and probably) his uncle's spouse, she lived in his reported apartment (at least in the phone book), briefly in Issy-les-Moulineaux and longer in Croix (see end of Appendix A 30 for phone books). This suggested that the father was André(-Louis) when in fact it was Jean-Michel Trogneux, Jean-Louis's great friend.

    19. (A) Brigitte when she was Veronique the transsexual

      As noted in the disclaimer at the beginning of the file, the comparison of audio voice curves between Brigitte Macron and Veronique the transsexual interviewed in 1977 proves scientifically that the two bearers of these first names are one person (see red box in Chapter 14). Added to this is a common speech tic, a common gesture. It's been more than two months since this comparison has been online, more than ten thousand Internet users, on this site alone, have listened to it and no one, neither here nor elsewhere, has brought the slightest element of doubt about this common identity. And since December, the Macron couple has taken refuge in denial without showing the slightest new element, and so have the major media. Only Le Canard Enchaîné, Médiapart and a few others have not dared to deny, while remaining silent. Such is the situation on this March 27.

      Véronique / Brigitte Macron was therefore born a man. And, very probably, under the name of Jean-Michel Trogneux, so much is solid the collected bundle of indices. We are now numerous to have the intimate conviction of it. Since this similarity is acquired, it is interesting to exploit at best the information delivered on Véronique. However, the video interview of the INA is truncated. By consulting the Inathèque, which is only accessible in research libraries, Xavier Poussard obtained the entire interview and communicated it in writing [F&D504p11]. First, here is the transcript of the first part, the video interview available:

      François Desplats (FD) - I can just assure you of the authenticity of Veronique's testimony. Veronique, I would like to know if, at the time you had this operation, which is the one you had, it was a difficult moment for you or it was just a culmination of something that had happened before ?
      Veronique (V) - I believe that in fact there is not transformation because the psyche is already feminine and the individual, in this case me, is already prepared for this kind of mutation by necessity in the sense that one feels woman and one regularizes a situation without more. There is no mutation, there is regularization
      FD - You are completely female so you were operated on how long ago ?

      V - I don't really like the word become completely female. That is, we become a kind of woman who can copulate but cannot procreate. Hence the legal problems that we will talk about later. That is to say that the integration is done without problem on the individual level. They only exist on a social level;

      Let us recall that, for not having answered the last question, Veronique does not say explicitly that she is transsexual, with operation. We have reason to believe that this operation, if it took place, was done in 1984-1985. And it could be that it did not exist. We do not know therefore if Jean-Michel / Brigitte is a transsexual become woman or a transvestite making pass for a woman. We can say that he is a transsexual in the broad sense, to simplify. Here is now the unpublished part, absent from the video made public on the site INA :

      FD - You have a profession that we're not going to reveal here, let's just say it's a public facing profession
      V - That's right, I'm a craftsman. I have regular contact with the public. I'm around customers. I don't have any problems. I used to have some, because I had a phenotypic gender, meaning an ambiguous appearance. I was taken for what I was not, that is to say for a homosexual, which was not the case, neither in my behavior, nor in my way of thinking. But unfortunately, this image resulted in a non-integration. And I regularized a situation for my integration. And I live very legally and very honorably. For the civil status, it is possible to change your first name for an ambiguous one. This is very important because it allows insertion, or pseudo social insertion. In the sense that there are always problems but that the problems are soluble at the administrative level, that is to say, by mutual agreement. But legally, there is no solution unlike all foreign legislation except for Belgian legislation which is modelled on ours.
      FD - Do you feel that you are now completely yourself? Do you no longer have any problem identifying yourself since you were operated on? of yourself since you had the operation?
      V - To tell the truth I only had identification problems with third parties, I didn't have any with myself. I considered myself as what I was as what I was, that is to say as a woman having a body which did not belong to her. It is very difficult to conceive for someone who is well in her skin. I use the term "comfortable in her skin" because it's the typical image because I didn't have any problems but people created them for me. Now I don't have a problem. To tell you the truth, this surgery, that is, this removal of an organ that is useless in our case because it is both unusable and unused...
      FD - Do you live alone?
      V - I am not with someone but I lived with a woman. And conceived this union in the style of George Sand and Chopin. Chopin was most likely a transsexual [Note by Xavier Poussard: we had not heard of this transphobic conspiracy theory...]. His melody, his way of playing, indicates it quite clearly. [...] I think the image that has been given of the Rimbaud/Verlaine union is a distorted, caricatured image that does not correspond in any way...[FD stops the conversation]

      Based on these remarks, Xavier Poussard lists new similar elements between Brigitte and Veronique :
      1. Veronique likes Chopin a lot. Yet, in the "legend", Emmanuel only plays Chopin on the piano one-on-one with Brigitte.
      2. Véronique has a certain fascination for the Rimbaud/Verlaine couple, who were cited to enter the Pantheon, on presidential will, probably on Brigitte's impulse. The latter says, in a article of January 27, 2022  "In poetry, my favorites are Baudelaire and Rimbaud, an overwhelming, absolute genius".
      3. Veronique appears admiring of the platonic love George Sand / Frédéric Chopin, Brigitte would have devoted a university thesis to courtly love article).

      For this too, although it is less certain than the voice comparison, Veronique and Brigitte are the same person. Some of Veronique's other words could be exploited. Assuming she is telling the truth, she worked in a craft trade and had both a male and female first name from 1977 to 1989. We know almost nothing about these years, except her marriage in 1980, as a man, and the birth of her five children from 1975 to 1984, there is still much to discover, especially for the married couple Jean-Michel Trogneux - Véronique Dreux.

      So it could be that Jean-Michel, in 1977, took on a dual identity for his three lives. With the first name Jean-Michel as a man for his two family lives. With a mixed first name (like Dominique, Camille...) as a woman for his third life, his job, we don't know where. Then, from about 1989, he was systematically called Brigitte, except for some written acts. The first name Véronique was probably only used for this television interview. We do not know if he is in place with Véronique Dreux, whom he married three years later, in 1980.

      April 26. I am advised that the full video is available at this link.

      2016, 2017 and 2018, when Brigitte Macron tells what she thinks of the Yellow Vests, though not very mean to her:
      "I know this violence and vulgarity" (link). She ignored the police violence...

    20. (A) Gallice Jewelry and Elysian Disinformation

      This Annex, created on March 28, was first titled "Jean-Michel Trogneux and the Gallice jewelry store in Toulon". We were then sure of the following information.

      Let's go back to a question that has just been asked: what craft may have been practiced by Jean-Michel Trogneux, aka Véronique, in 1977 and in the 1980s ? Chocolatier ? Perhaps, but rather jeweler, since it is established that he held a jewelry store in Toulon. Here is what Xavier Poussard says [F&D501p3] :

      There is no trace of marriage, nor address of Jean-Michel Trogneux in the "Bulletin officiel des annonces civiles et commerciales" of June 12, 1973, where a "Jean-Michel Henri Trogneux" acquires the jewelry store "Gallice" located at 25, rue des Boucheries in Toulon (Var), an address that takes the place of his domicile.

      [opposite 25 rue des Boucheries in Toulon, currently a nail bar]
      [until 2019, there was a Gallice jewelry store in Lavandou, in the Var, created on 1/1/1973, with a new agent in 2004, link]
      Rejected information

      How could we have been so wrong and how, on April 26, did we realize the mistake? This is what is told here:

      Even though Xavier Poussard was specifically stating his source of information, we wanted to verify it. Here is that source :

      Document A

      So, through, one had to query the "bulletin des annonces civiles et commerciales" from 1973. But this search engine no longer worked the same way. Depending on whether one queried by "Gallice" (link) or "Trogneux" (link), one got, each time on the same page 13.133, the following excerpts :

      Document B

      Document C

      By concatenating a morcau from "Document B" with another piece of "Document C", an "extended Document A" similar to "Document A" with additional information  was obtained:

      We could have stopped there and confirmed the Gallice information. Fortunately, there were several of us and one of us asked the right questions.

      Extended Document A

      Do these two ad fragments, automatically assembled a few months ago, manually assembled with the new version of Google Books, reconstruct the ad ? Or do they belong to different ads? The wider knowledge of the ads and a careful reading of the "extended document A" gave the answer. Is Jean-Michel Trogneux the buyer or the manager? Can a jewelry store transform "materials, including iron" ? Is it not rather the neighboring company, Picardie-Métal, which processes iron ? And it is based in Blangy-Tronville, where Jean-Michel Trogneux was married in 1980 to Véronique Dreux...

      Arrived at this point, we could not but notice that there had been confusion : the first part of "A" and "A extended" corresponds to the jeweler Gallice of Toulon, while the second part, that which concerns Jean-Michel Trogneux, corresponds to Picardie-Métal. The final proof was brought by a second assembly, of a "document D", which reconstitutes the integral announcement of Picardie-Métal :

      Document D (larger)

      Yet, the Gallice jewelry store was firmly rooted in the history of Jean-Michel Trogneux. It seemed connected to the remarriage of Veronique Dreux in Toulon, while this second marriage of Mrs. Dreux took place in this city only by pure coincidence.. It was especially confirmed by contacts between Natacha and Xavier Poussard. This one explains himself as follows [F&D503p5] :

      It so happens that, by chance of common relations, we were able to get in touch with a friend of Jean-Jacques Trogneux [son of Jean-Michel, see three chapters before]. A relatively close friend since he was even his roommate for several years, in the early 2000s. By contacting this individual, we thought we could finally validate or invalidate our working hypothesis as simply as definitively. However, during the first telephone exchange (December 13 at 11 am), our correspondent certified to us that he had never physically seen Jean-Jacques Trogneux's father, had never seen photographs of him, and that Jean-Jacques Trogneux had never spoken to him about his father.

      When we submitted our working hypothesis to him, the individual remained pensive before remembering that at the time, Jean-Jacques Trogneux often spoke of a young politician who was going to break the mold and that it was probably Emmanuel Macron.

      Three hours later, we were contacted again by the same individual who, in a completely different tone, affirmed that the current existence of Jean-Michel Trogneux was proven, that he had been a jeweler in Toulon, that he lived at 14, rue des Vergeaux, that Jean-Jacques Trogneux organized parties at the home of this father who simply did not wish to appear because of a failed curriculum and an unattractive physique ("a little fatty").

      Furthermore, we needed to contact a third person who would tell us more. This third party did not respond to our solicitations.

      This briefed witness conjures up a Jean-Michel Trogneux with a "physical ingratitude" of the "little fatty" type, which will be taken up by the Elysian agents Moadab and Blanrue (Appendix A 7) to the point of giving him substance. Similarly, the geneanet file of Jean-Michel Trogneux on the famous base, which one suspects of being remotely controlled by the Elysée, insists on the Gallice  jewelry store:

      Two false leads validated by the Elysée: the Gallice jewelry store and the so-called Jean-Michel Trogneux "little fatty",
      embraced by Emmanuel Macron on May 7, 2022 (Brigitte had ignored him, tweet...).

      This illustrates the extent to which the entourage of the Trogneux and Macron families tried, discreetly, to stem the tide of revelations, by a sort of infiltration in order to make mistakes official. Thus ends the story of the Gallice jewelry store in Toulon, while that of the Metal-Picardy company in Blangy-Tronville : continued in Appendix A 33.

      So there is evidence here that the Elysée is following very closely the progress of the investigation into Jean-Michel Trogneux and is doing its best to cover its tracks, even supporting, if the opportunity arises, a false track misguidedly started by the researchers. The whole "counter-inquiry by Moadab and Blanrue" goes in this direction (Appendix A 7). And one may wonder about the Elysian appropriateness of unveiling Emmanuel Macron's preparatory class photo (Appendix A 29). Or to inform that André-Louis Auzière was "reclined in a psychiatric clinic" while having it denied by Tiphaine Auzière (Appendix D 10). May 15. A correspondent thus presents the strategy of the Elysée to maintain the state secret :

      We are faced with three levels of disinformation :
      1. The first level is the celebrity press, which represents a veritable inundation of mushy lies, designed to drown out the most virtuous of researchers. It even spills over into the political press (Le Monde, Le Figaro...). And it is not expensive: it works by itself thanks to a very developed collaborationism in our country, the one that our friend Lionel Labosse considers under the scatological angle...
      2. The second level is the frontal denial, which we suffered this winter following the breakthrough operated by these ladies (Natacha Rey - Amandine Roy), the "conspiracy news", there too relayed with very good grace by the merdiatic world.
      3. The 3rd level is already more professional, and no longer plays on this sounding board effect: it directly addresses the hard core of brigittology. It is Blanrue and Moadab [Appendix A 7], probably also this Kots with his falsely dated photo [Appendix A 11], others surely. Even to the point of exploiting our mistakes as with the Gallice jewelry store.

      Alongside disinformation (including "trolling" on the Internet), there is, symmetrically, censorship. It can be useful to the researcher in pointing out the right leads... However, none of this is as effective as the very upstream and sophisticated editing done by Jean-Louis Auzière. I believe that he is really strong.

      Photos Abaca, Starface, Sipa, Starface (link)

    21. (A) Emmanuel Macron's big sister, stillborn

      If you believe the "legend" told in people magazines, Emmanuel Macron would have had a stillborn big sister. This is so told in a article of France-Dimanche of February 25, 2017 :

      Emmanuel Macron: The drama that haunted his childhood!

      The energetic and charismatic presidential candidate, Emmanuel Macron, hides deep inside a family tragedy that occurred shortly before his birth. [...]

      When you read the biography of the Picard, you discover that he is the eldest of a sibling group of three children. This is not entirely accurate. Indeed, ten months before bringing Emmanuel into the world, Jean-Michel and Françoise experienced the cruelest of trials: losing their baby. A stillborn baby girl. Could the couple have avoided this terrible accident? It is possible that being both doctors, he at the city hospital and she at the Social Security, this question haunted them. Even though just two months after the tragedy, Françoise was pregnant again.

      Is it to implore divine protection on their unborn boy that they named him Emmanuel, which means "God is with us" ? In any case, it was a gift from heaven that fell to them on December 21, 1977, four days before Christmas. But if life takes over, death is still lurking. As Claude Askolovitch writes in Vanity Fair: "Françoise carries the wound. Every February, the pain is throbbing. Retired today, she exhales a suspended suffering that I feel the day I meet her because she wants to talk to me about her son." How does a child who succeeds a dead baby build himself? [...]

      Here is the fiche of this child in the almost official genealogy of the geneanet database, and what became of his little brother (his official portrait analyzed by a BuzzFeedNewsFR tweet) :

      While, yet in the same database, the dates of marriage (circa 1976) and divorce (circa 2010) of the couple Jean-Michel Macron / Françoise Noguès are approximate (Chapter 17), we have for this stillborn child without a first name an unusual luxury of details. He was female, born and died on February 22, 1976 at 6:10 a.m. at the St. Antoine Hospital in Paris 12ème, registered at the civil registry under the act number 530.

      First problem: the baby would not have been born 10 months before Emmanuel but one year and 10 months before. We also wonder why he would have gone to be born in Paris. The maternity hospital St Antoine, closed in 2012, was not particularly renowned for difficult births. But there is still much more embarrassing...

      There are files of the deceased in France for public use. A brigittologist with a good grasp of how to access these data searched for the stillborn children Noguès and Macron (even with spelling approximations). He found only two references  "Macron, Philippe Marc Michel born in Croix on 20/09/1970 and died the same day in Lille", "Noguès, Sophie Joëlle Marie born in Rennes on 01/07/1974 and died the same day in Rennes". He then extended his search to children who died before their second birthday. Then he had a particular attention on Paris 12th in 1976  he found 4 girls and 14 boys whose names and first names do not allow any connection. Finally, on February 22, 1976, in all of France: there were only two babies (boys) born and dead that day, one in the Meuse, the other in Lyon.

      There is still a record without a first name, although it is rare. There are only 3 stillborn children without a first name who died on the day of their birth in France in the 1970s (which have nothing to do with our case). There would be the even rarer case of a stillborn child not declared or not received and processed by INSEE, which says that there may be missing.

      So this child seems to be fictional, but why say she would have "hated her childhood" ? The testimonies are contradictory. Sylvie Bommel whose investigation is nevertheless thorough, in her book "He had just turned seventeen", does not say a word about the stillborn big sister, as Emmanuel Macron himself in his book of the election campaign :

      In 2017, in his book "Revolution, he devoted five pages to his grandmother Manette. Against barely one to his parents. And two lines to his brother Laurent, and his sister, Estelle, just enough time to mention that they are radiologist and nephrologist and that he was therefore the only one in the family not to participate in medical discussions that lasted hours. No mention either of his half-brother Gabriel, born in 2005 from his father's second marriage, and even less of his father's partner, Hélène, a psychiatrist in a hospital in Amiens (and one more doctor!). On the other hand, he takes care to mention the first names of Brigitte's three children and their spouses and those of her grandchildren [...].

      The stillborn child allows to accredit that the couple of Emmanuel's official parents would have been constituted well before his birth, which is reassuring for the public and avoids indiscreet searches. Emmanuel's middle name is Jean-Michel, the name of his mother's older brother Françoise, a doctor, who would have helped his sister during this difficult period. Manette, Françoise's mother, would also have provided valuable assistance, which explains her attachment to the child. This means that, in infancy, Emmanuel Macron would have been called Emmanuel Noguès... There remain, in my opinion less likely, the other hypotheses where Jean-Michel Macron would have recognized Emmanuel from his birth, whether he was the biological father or not.

      In a very recent article, from March 15, 2022, Jean-Michel Macron states that, about his son's personal life, "too much nonsense has been told." There is some in the bundle of hypotheses presented on this page, but it has also been more than five years that nonsense, presented as certainties, has been expressed by the Macron couple, nonsense that his own parents, brothers, sisters, cousins let be said, generating multiple new nonsense. This can only get worse as the lies, the denials, the silences grow and are more and more known, generating and multiplying new nonsense. It will become more and more unbearable for the close family, which the Macron couple has chosen to sacrifice on the altar of its notoriety.

      Let's go back to the stillborn child. What Françoise Noguès (probably briefed by her great friend Brigitte...) told Vanity Fair, taken up in several newspapers, would therefore be a tale to make the people cry, invented by Mimi Marchand and Brigitte Macron. At that time, February 2017, it was necessary to tenderize the electorate and invite them to vote for a candidate "pudique about his childhood" - as written in the article of France Dimanche - having overcome this terrible ordeal, so trustworthy... Today, we know that around Macron there are lies everywhere, no trust is possible...

    22. (A) Alger 1963

      On March 29, Amandine Roy interviewed during a >>>video>>> of 2 hr 2 min (censored by Youtube) the geopolitical writer Morad El Hattab, whom Richard Boutry had hosted for France-Soir in January 2021 (interview).

      Right, tweet from Facial.Cupping from April 3, 2022

      As with the interviews with Natacha Rey, it's far too long and hard to follow. Sure, there are (near the middle) some additional revelations about Moadab and Blanrue's "counter-investigation" (Appendix A 7) that we already knew were bogus. But more importantly, there are two really new revelations (at timings 1:19:45 and 1:44:26), which here are compiled, very briefly, into one:
      >>>video>>> of 2 min 14
      Let's start with the second revelation. In his interview, Morad El Hattab states that, according to the census prior to military service in 1963, Jean-Michel Trogneux was then living in Algiers, at 87, Boulevard Camille Saint-Saëns in Algiers (now Bd Mohamed V), where he was a student. He was then 18 years old.

      Excerpt from the census. The notation "Confectioner" could mean that JMT lived at the confectioner's at this address,
      maybe a friend of his parents... It may also mean that before being placed in Algiers, he had started, or carried out an apprenticeship as a confectioner, under the paternal tutelage (years 1959-61). 87 Bd Saint-Saëns housed a "hotel boarding house, rental any time" (announcement).

      However, Brigitte said that she studied in Algiers:

      Article from December 1, 2017 on (another article).
      Brigitte, the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron, will visit the Central Faculty of Algiers (Benyoucef Benkhedda University), where she would have memories. Indeed, Emmanuel Macron will make an official visit to Algeria on December 6 as part of his tour in Africa. According to our information, the Algerian authorities have been informed of the desire of the first lady of France to visit the Fac Centrale d'Alger, where she would have studied. At present, we have noticed that the university is being embellished. According to our information, the work targets more particularly a room that Brigitte Macron would like to visit.

      In the end, Brigitte Macron did not make the trip and the presidential visit to the college was cancelled in extremis (article).

      You don't study at ten, the age Brigitte born in 1953 would have been in 1963. A legend could have her studying in Algiers in the 1970s, but still outside the real world. The staff of the university must have noticed that she did not appear in their registers. It is even possible that Jean-Michel does not appear there either and that this so-called passage at the university is a bluff or an arrangement with reality, like the CAPES. Especially since the date of 1963 is questionable, one year after the difficult peace of Evian!

      However, the sequel presented in Chapter 25, with the boarding school and photos, lends good credibility to a stay of Jean-Michel in Algiers, more in 1961-1962.

    23. (A) The Obama precedent

      The first of Morad El Hattab's two revelations (video in the previous Appendix) is in my opinion the more important. It allows us to better understand the Brigitte "legend" and the denial operated by the Macron couple.

      When I started looking into it last December, I found a 66-page English-language document about Brigitte. And I was surprised to learn in it that Michelle Obama was also born a man. At the time, I did a quick search and as nothing seemed obvious and sure, I had rejected this information.

      A preview of the debate. On the left Mickael Robinson, with his friend Barack Obama (disputed photo, comparison with more feminine variant that would be the original, the retoucher is good...). On the right Michelle Obama, née Robinson, with her husband, President of the United States from 2009 to 2017. Is this the same person  ? Yes for this article, no for this one.

      It came back to my mind when it became certain that Emmanuel Macron was going to run for president again. How is it possible to believe that, with such a scandal, the media and the population will continue to consider Brigitte as a woman for another 5 years? The only really convincing answer that came to my mind is this: because there was the Obama precedent. Since the Obama couple succeeded in hiding, with the complicity of the media, that Michelle was born a man, the Macron couple must also succeed. While making people forget that Brigitte is a pedocriminal. This term is used by Morad El Hattab, who cites Article 227-22 paragraph 1 (here), in correspondence with Wikipedia, as we have seen. This is not the case for Michelle Obama, the difference is essential.

      I don't know if Michelle Obama was born a man and I don't care, she lives in her corner, with no impact on us. By the quick overview I did (and I don't want to go beyond that), I find it disturbing that Mrs. Obama was unable to bring a denial (it's so easy : DNA analysis, blood test...) and it seems to me that there are less factual elements than for Brigitte (it would be less clear also for the physical appearance). On the other hand, I know what it is about Brigitte Macron and we are millions to be concerned by her pedocriminality and the misdeeds of her spouse. We need to get out of a governance based on their lies of all kinds. It has led us to a poorly treated disease, to a generalized piquet with uncontrolled effects, to apartheid and to the despair of too many caregivers. And the public debt, etc. And this perverse couple wants to screw us for five more years, "right to the end" ?

      The precedent is a big plus for Macron. A few articles, like that one, are already finding an argument in it. Those advising him probably relied on it, and specifically one of them, a very special adviser. This is what Morad El Hattab has just revealed to us. He did not think that Mimi Marchand (see Appendix D 10) could have imagined everything so much and he looked elsewhere. Here is what he found (slightly transposed remarks) :

      I was looking, in this scenario, who might have prepared this before. I thought, this can't be right, there's an American in the loop. But I found a trace in an article in the newspaper Le Monde from 2019 of a man named Joel Benenson. He comes to Bercy [Paris, Ministry of the Economy] in 2015 when Macron is a minister to advise the Macrons on their communication. So who is Joel Benenson? He is the one who handled the construction of the Obama couple.

      Other testimony from the November 2015 Macron - Benenson meeting (lien). Xavier Poussard also talks about this visit [F&D498p6] :

      Reputed member of the Grand Orient de France [Challenges, February 23, 2019], it is with a fairly extensive address book that Ismaël Emelien joined Emmanuel Macron at Bercy in 2014. The one for whom he has been working behind the scenes for at least two years will even introduce him as his "closest collaborator" to the influential "spin doctor" Joel Benenson during his visit to Bercy, in November 2015. Introduced by the Sarkozist Julien Vaulpré via the networks of the French American Foundation, Joel Benenson arrives haloed by his success in the 2008 and 2012 American presidential elections, having developed the strategy of selling the Obama couple rather than a program.

      Let us note here that the more than substantiated suspicions about a transsexuality of Michelle Obama (cf. F&D 487] are today worth to Barack Obama's wife to be listed in the register of "famous transgenders and transvestites" established by the very informed website on the issue [site in French].

      On the left, in February 2014, Emmanuel Macron, accompanying François Hollande to Washington, had dinner with Joel Benenson [article with guest list, photo Mark Wilson, Getty Images]. At right, Joel Benenson, referred to as "Obama's Guru" in a article in Challenge, was in Paris in July 2019 [photo by AFP].

      "Sell a couple rather than a program": this is indeed what happened in 2017, we have had the illustration of it multiple times in this file. The Macron strategy was copied from the Obama strategy. Joel Benenson conceived it, Brigitte Macron and Mimi Marchand implemented it, that's what appears now. "The presidential couple participated very early on, with the help of a vast communication campaign, in its own image-making and peopolization" (article from the Acrimed website of June 5, 2017).
      Joel Benenson was the chief strategy officer in Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign (article). She had lost.

    24. (A) Possible link between Emmanuel Macron and J.-J. Trogneux

      Numerous are the families with biological fathers who are not the declared fathers, so much so that French legislation prohibits DNA comparisons, except in exceptional cases. In families with an obscure past, such as the Trogneux and Macron families, it is therefore legitimate to ask questions about biological filiation. These filiations are not unknown to the families, at least to the progenitors, and are kept as heavy secrets more or less shared, with estrangement or friendships kept but shaky.

      Many Internet users have been struck by a strong resemblance between Emmanuel Macron husband of Jean-Michel / Brigitte and Jean-Jacques Trogneux son of Jean-Michel (Chapter 11) to the point that some, many also, consider that they are half-brothers by their father, which means that Emmanuel would be the son of Jean-Michel / Brigitte his wife. This is notably the thesis of the NBI file (Appendix A 37). It seems plausible to me but I have little faith in it, extremely little even, as explained in Conclusion, to the year 1977. The present hypothesis, suggested by a correspondent, Maria, gives another explanation to the physical resemblance : they would be first cousins (or half, one common grandparent and not two). The age of the relationship, 1950, and the ignorance that Jean-Michel Trogneux could have had, make the probability of this nephew-uncle scheme better than that of son-father, but the clues going in this direction are, as we will see, currently few and very fragile. Here is the hypothesis of Maria:

      Manette [Germaine Arribet, married Noguès, Emmanuel's grandmother] was able to have a relationship with Jean Trogneux [Jean-Michel/Brigitte's father], and thus give birth to Françoise [Noguès, Emmanuel's mother]. She could be certain of this because of the absence of relations with her husband during this period. Françoise would then have had a special place. Through their biological father Jean Trogneux, with whom her mother Manette would have kept some links, Françoise Noguès and Jean-Michel Trogneux would have met very young. This explains both their long friendship [Chapter 24], the resemblance between Manu and Jean-Jacques and the attitude of Manette during the liaison Brigitte-Manu. Somewhere, the fruits of his great passing love...

      Hypothesis of cousinship explaining the resemblance between Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Jacques Trogneux

      Left: 60% is low for a father-son relationship.
      Center and right: could Jean Trogneux be the biological father of Françoise Noguès? Low again.

      As for the half-brothers hypothesis, this hypothesis of first cousins, although possible, seems to me unlikely for two reasons. First the physical resemblance between Jean Trogneux and Françoise is fair (confirmed by Betaface above), secondly we have no clue that Jean Trogneux, living in Amiens, and Germaine / Manette Arribet, living 30 km away, in Poix-de-Picardie (where Françoise was born) knew each other in 1950 (Françoise was born on December 8th 1950). Oh yes: when Manette went to buy macaroons in Amiens! Or an associative relationship, like the Rotary Club... A cousinhood could therefore explain a physical resemblance as much as a sibling relationship. And this notion of resemblance is subjective and easily leads to errors, as for the photo of the 1977 mock gay pride.

      May 15. Did Germaine Arribet, who had obtained her baccalaureate in 1935 (clipping from the press, link) and who had married Jean Gabriel Noguès in 1939 (Chapter 17) leave to teach in Algeria ? Would she be this "Mrs. Noguès" from Algiers appointed in the village of isly as assistant teacher", mentioned in a press clipping, opposite, from the Alger Républicain of September 15, 1945 (link) ? Thus, a meeting with Louis Auzière is possible, then through him with Jean Trogneux. There is certainly no strong evidence of such a double meeting between Louis and Jean as well as between Louis and Germaine, but if Jean brought his son Jean-Michel to Algiers around 1961, it is probably because he knew people there...

      [Right photo: Abaca]

    25. (A) The birthplaces and living quarters of Auzière children

      On April 12, Chloe Frammery (end of Chapter 26), in addition to her revelation about the Royal Palace, in Alsace, communicated, without formal proof, the following information, delivered by a Social Security retiree :
      • there is no record of an André (or André-Louis) Auzière at Social Security, which confirms that he is a phantom character,
      • there is no movement on Jean-Michel Trogneux's carte vitale for the past 20 years, which confirms that he has changed his identity,
      • Catherine Audoy worked in New York and Los Angeles in the 1980s, which we already knew about New York.
      • Two of the three Auzière children have an annotation in the margin of their vital records, without knowing more. This means that they were adopted or changed their names, but it is possible that any other, less frequent, cause is possible. Logically, the two children in question would be the eldest Sebastien and Laurence born in 1975 and 1977, in similar family conditions, Tiphaine being born later in 1984.

      At the same time a correspondent sent us the following documents, already reported by Sylvie Bommel:
      • André Auzière is on the Croix directory, from 1977 to 1983.
      • An Auzière (probably André) is on the Issy-les-Moulineaux directory in 1975.

      Telephone booths in Issy-les-Moulineaux 1975 and Croix 1977. And extract from the one in Croix 1983.

      The births take place in Amiens, but the advertisements of the "Courrier Picard" also indicate the place of residence of the mother. Let's take the case of Laurence:

      On one side (civil status) she was born in Amiens. On the other side, in the Amiens newspaper, she was born at 1 bis rue Gloriette, which is the address of a maternity hospital in Amiens, for parents living "Croix (Nord), residence Flandre, rue Holden, 91". So there is no contradiction, the place of birth is indeed Amiens. This is in fact what is marked on the convocation of the complaint against Natacha Rey. And, for the location, it matches what is marked in the directories.

      This raised another question: why, living in the suburbs of Paris (Issy-les-Moulineaux) or, later, that of Lille (Croix), did their mother come to give birth in Amiens ? The answer will be found a few weeks later...

    26. (A) Jean-Michel Trogneux in the US in 1969

      We saw this at the end of Chapter 8 : "In her third video, Natacha Rey reports that Brigitte recalled living alone in the United States during Neil Armstrong's 1969 moon landing (link). She would have been 16 at the time, what was she doing there alone at that age? Jean-Michel, on the other hand, was 24 years old and this stay then appears much more likely."
      This April 14, a correspondent brigittologist sends me three photos with this message :

      I think we need to dig into the Stonewall Inn in 1969 and also the first gay pride in 70. Brigitte Macron said she was in the US when Armstrong walked on the moon.... And only one month later.... Anyway here are some pictures of the event in Greenwich village at the Stonewall Inn. It deserves in my opinion further research...

      Jean-Michel Trogneux's face does not appear in these three photos, but a brigittologist might find it in others... The page on the Stonewall riots in New York City gives details of events that created the first militant gay support groups, before the first Priesthood March in 1970.

      Two more photos: Stonewall Inn in 1969 (link) and the first gay pride in 1970 in New York (link).

      "Snoopy's lunar questions...", Facial.Cupping tweet from April 3, 2022.

      AFP photo by Ludovic Marin and drawing by Ignace

    27. (A) Jean-Michel Trogneux and Adam Meyer Music Hall

      In a >>>video>>> of 1 hour and 35 minutes on April 12 from "Journalists Without Borders," Chloé Frammery reveals (at 3:40 p.m.) that she learned from a retired Social Security correspondent that from 1984 to 1989, Jean-Michel Trogneux worked in a cabaret, the Royal Palace in the commune of Kirrwiller, 25 km from Truchtersheim (other revelations are discussed in Appendix A 25). There is no physical evidence provided, but it appears, at first glance, likely, chronologically consistent. The History" page of the "Royal Palace" website provides the following :

      In 1980, Pierre Meyer decided to create a small performance stage in the room of the family restaurant he had just taken over with his wife Cathy. At first, he presented shows by seven artists, recruited in Paris, once a month, then very quickly every weekend. In 1989, he invested the equivalent of 1.5 million euros in the construction of a 200 m2 stage [...] In 1996, the establishment was renovated. A new complex of 800 m2, renamed the Royal Palace comes out [...]

      This postcard shows us the "seven artists, recruited in Paris". None of them bear a resemblance
      marked with Jean-Michel / Brigitte Trogneux (Betaface comparisons: 1 2 3 4).

      May 13. It turns out that by this time Jean-Michel's hectic life of the 1970s had been replaced by a wise life in Truchtersheim as a mother of three and a French teacher (Appendix A 36). It therefore appears very unlikely that Jean-Michel played in this Music Hall. Moreover, we have found no new evidence to suggest this. Is this another false lead cleverly suggested or put together?

      Photos Jean-Marc Haedrich / Sipa and EPA (link). 77 and 45 in 2022.

    28. (A) The Trogneux family, tennis, Le Touquet and Algeria

      Jean (Georges) Trogneux, Jean-Michel's father, was president of the Amiens Tennis Club, president of the Picardy Tennis League from 1964 to 1976 (link) and, from 1971 to 1978 (he was 62 to 69 years old), founding president of the CROS (Comité Régional Olympique et Sportif) of Picardy, whose headquarters was first located in Amiens (link). Sports journalist Lionel Herbet paints a portrait of him, featured on a page on the  website:

      In the wake [of the creation of the sports region of Picardy], will be created the Regional Olympic and Sports Committee of Picardy. The first president is a great gentleman, from a very well known family in the regional capital: Jean Trogneux who is also the president of the Picardy Tennis League. We knew this man of a great courtesy, always smiling. He embodied a certain style that has now disappeared.
      Jean Trogneux was not a man of ground. Rather a person made to evolve at a higher level in rather political spheres [he was notably close to Gilles de Robien, mayor of Amiens, MP, minister]. Jean Trogneux remained in office until December 1978. He had decided to resign two years before his mandate expired, before the Moscow Games. Games that were marked by the forfeiture of some nations like the United States.

      Thus, contrary to what says (this day April 18) the page of Wikipedia on the company Jean Trogneux (extract), it is not the son Jean-Claude who held this role, even if he was also president of the club of Amiens, taking up the torch, involving himself in the public life of Amiens, unlike his brother Jean-Michel. This is their father Jean, whose middle name is Georges. His involvement in tennis is very old. He himself was a tennis player. He played doubles tournaments with Léonce Deprez, who was the champion of Flanders tennis cadet before becoming mayor of Le Touquet from 1969 to 1995 and from 2001 to 2008 and who married, in 1974 and in 2007, Brigitte Trogneux (with what verifications of legality ?). The Macron couple, owners of a beautiful villa in Le Touquet, still have the strong support of the former mayor (link).

      To the left, Le Figaro of August 31, 1938 (link). On the right, Le Touquet center court before World War II (link).

      Jean Trogneux also became president of the Le Touquet tennis club in March 1974. This passion for tennis spread to the Trogneux family. A daughter Trogneux has indeed participated in competitions in Amiens and Algiers, at least from 1947 to 1950 :

      "Alger Républicain", September 7, 1947 (French championship at Roland Garros),
      September 19, 1948, August 20, 1950 (Gallica) and September 17, 1950 (link). Also, for the latter date,
      in "The Moroccan Vigil" for the French championship at Roland Garros (link, extract)

      So who is this Miss Trogneux? The initials "A M" leave little doubt: it is Anne-Marie, Jean's daughter, born on July 9, 1932. She was 14 years old in 1947 and 17 in 1950, which is compatible with the cadet (14-15) and junior (16-17) categories. Although she was followed in an Algerian newspaper in 1950, she was only assigned to Algiers in the first cut of 1947. And this could be a mistake because the day before, on September 6, 1947, another newspaper wrote "Mlle Trogneux (Amiens) beats Miss Tothe (Parts)" (link).

      While the possibility of Anne-Marie Trogneux's presence in Algiers in 1947, appears slim, in this case with her father or a close relative, given her young age, it appears certain that Jean-Michel was there at least from 1961 (if he is really in the class photo at the beginning of Chapter 25) to 1963 (if the date of the military census is to be believed). This raises many questions. For example: was there a pastry shop in Algiers associated with Jean Trogneux 's establishment in Amiens?

      I searched on Geneanet for a brother or cousin of Jean (Georges) Trogneux who went to Algeria. He had a first cousin (same grandfather Marc Trogneux), Ernest Trogneux, born in 1878, who was a pastry cook (link). In 1905, when he married, he worked in the pastry shop of his half-brother Jean (Arthur) Trogneux, the father of Jean (Georges) (announcement). He had a daughter Renée, born in Amiens in 1906, died in Salouël, in the Oise, in 1993, married in Amiens in 1935 to Maurice Philippe (link). Did they live in Algiers?

      Additional newspaper clippings with tennis competitors named Trogneux (Jean and Anne-Marie) : 1 (1929) 2 (1931) 3 (1933) 4 (1934) 5 (1934, photo at right) 6 (1935) 7 (1936) 8 (1936) 9 (1937) 10 (1938) 11 (1938) 11 (1939) 13 (1939) 14 (1939) 15 (1940) 16 (1942) 17 (1942) 18 (1943) 19 (1943) 20 (1947) 21 (1948) 22 (1950). Jean (Arthur) Trogneux, the father of Jean the tennis champion was a champion of the iron ball game (clippings : 1 (1934) 2 (1934) 3 (1935) 4) (1936). Jean-Claude Trogneux, The tennis player's eldest son, Jean-Michel's brother, was into cycling (article).

      All this leads to other questions. Were the Trogneux children sent to Algiers to escape the consequences of the war ? Amiens was destroyed in 1940, at the Liberation in 1944, everything had to be rebuilt in the city center... Did the family have relations in the aristocratic-colonial milieu in Algiers? In particular, did Jean Trogneux know Louis Auzière, who stayed there from 1943 to 1945 (cf. Appendix A 18) ? We know that Jean-Michel had a niece who died young (Appendix A 11). Could she be a daughter of Anne-Marie born in Algiers ?

      April 20. A correspondent brings us details about the years of the Second World War in Amiens :

      Was Jean-Michel Trogneux conceived under the American bombing ? If we go back 9 months before his birth, we get May 1944. And it is precisely at this period that the Americans bombed the city, which had already been bombed in 1940. This page tells about the bombing of Amiens on May 27, 1944 by the Americans, 4000 houses had been destroyed.
      We notice that the Trogneux establishments remained open during the German occupation (ads : 1 (1940) 2 (1943) 3 (1943) 4 (1944) 5 (1944) (18 rue Duméril is currently 12 place notre Dame). And Jean Trogneux was still competing in tennis. However, there had been the battle of Amiens from May 20 to June 8, 1940. From May 20, 1940 to August 31, 1944, Amiens had suffered four years of occupation by the Wehrmacht with its attendant humiliations, shortages, restrictions, despoilment, stigmatization, repression, deportation and extermination. It was liberated by the British and the FFI on August 31, 1944. 25% of the city was destroyed, including 60% of the city center. With the population fleeing the city, only about 5,000 inhabitants remained out of a population of 95,000 in 1939 (page Wikipedia). Had the Trogneux family, in part, fled this hell ? Perhaps to Algiers ?

      Renaud Dély and Marie Huret published in 2020 the book "Les Macron du Touquet-Elysée-Plage". It reads  "I first sympathized with Brigitte's parents, well-to-do bourgeois shopkeepers; then it was with the boys Jean-Claude and his brother Jean-Michel that I have woven confides Jacques Noyer, 93, the dean of Le Touquet, promoted to bishop of Amiens (1987-2003)" (link).

    29. (A) Emmanuel Macron in elementary school and 6th grade

      Jean-Michel Macron opens the door to the house where his son Emmanuel grew up.
      Does the presence of two adults and the large number of students mean that there are two classes together ?
      Emmanuel Macron, bottom right, in cours préparatoire (1983/1984) at the Delpech school in Amiens.

      This April 19, the newspaper "L'Alsace" published a article about Jean-Michel Macron, Emmanuel's father. This one communicated a class photo of his son in preparatory class. While it was surprising that he did not have a school photo until the fifth grade, this is an element that could go against the hypothesis, expressed in Appendix A 14, that "Emmanuel may not have been in elementary school, having been home-schooled by his grandmother.

      However, even if this photo appears very likely, the doubt does not appear to be removed. A correspondent points out to me that "At the time Germaine Arribet [his grandmother Manette]was 67 years old and I think that after that year of first grade, he was home schooled and raised by the matriarch. It's clearer at La Providence Middle and High School in Amiens. Gérard Banc, a former teacher, made the album of the 150 years of the association of former students of La Providence, dated May 26, 2018, from which are extracted the photos of Emmanuel in 5th grade (Chapter 17) and in 6th grade, opposite (repeated in a link TV RTS).

      The fact remains that the questions raised by Xavier Poussard are therefore still relevant. In addition to what has already been taken up in the Chapter 17 and the appendices A 10 and A 14, let us add :

      [F&D500p4] This relationship [between Emmanuel and his grandmother] is akin to family instruction, now violently opposed by the government.
      [F&D499p10] In "Les Macron" [Fayard 2017], it is stated that Emmanuel Macron was educated at the elementary school in his neighborhood, the Delpech school. No class photo from these elementary school years is known [now we know one]. Then, when he entered middle school, the child would have been schooled at La Providence where he would have immediately bonded with Renaud Dartevelle [link], the main witness of these "green years" who however evokes a "quite superficial relationship", while specifying to Hervé Algalarrondo to have been received "at his parents' house". About these years of college, it was reported that Macron did his internship at the end of the third year in Paris, in publishing, at Bordas. And it was during the presentation of his internship report that he would have caught the eye of "Brigitte"...

      But the most surprising, exceptional even, is elsewhere  no photo of Emmanuel with a family member is known before adulthood. Why? Given the photos where he is younger (Appendix A 15), a correspondent wonders if, at his young age, he was not considered a girl. The answer seems to me to be more in his close relationship with his grandmother Manette (Appendix A 14).

    30. (A) What role did Jean-Louis André Auzière  play?

      As this case progressed, the person Jean-Louis Auzière, André for his middle name, became more important. His probable presence in Algiers around 1962 with Jean-Michel Trogneux, his presence as a groom on the photo of the first wedding of Brigitte "Trogneux", the questions about his nephew André(-Louis), his complaint for defamation against Natacha Rey, with the help of the lawyer of "Brigitte", make him an active and essential accomplice of the "Brigitte Macron" deceit.

      Jean-Louis André Auzière, possibly in Algeria around 1962, at the 1974 wedding, and recently.
      To the right a complete copy of his birth certificate with marginal mentions of the 1st marriage in 1966 with Susan Spray,
      the divorce in 1996, the 2nd marriage with Catherine Audoy in 2003.

      Jean-Louis André Roger Auzière was born in Meudon on February 28, 1943. His father was Marius Alexandre Auzière born in Paris 9th on February 17, 1893, aged just over 50 years, his mother was Germaine Marie Bary, born in Paris 18th on April 4, 1896, aged almost 47 years. As seen in Appendix A 18, the newborn then has as siblings Louis 26 years, Suzanne 24 years and Marcelle 20 years.

      The age of the mother, pregnant at 46, questions. At 46, after a year of trying, around 10% of women have a child (source). This opens the possibility of a biological mother who refused the child. Perhaps her daughter Marcelle, who "chose her husband by default, her first choice having died in the war" (link). Marcelle is buried with her parents Marius and Germaine in St Jean de Bournay (photo, link). Because of his late birth, Jean-Louis may have been very sensitive to the family problems of Jean-Michel and his late-born little sister. Still, Jean-Louis was very close to the children, his age, of his brother Louis, who graduated as a major from the Ecole Coloniale in 1935 (cutting out of the press), having followed a career plan across Africa from 1940 to 1963. Among Louis' six children is the famous André(-Louis), first husband of "Brigitte," who is supposed to have been born in Eséka, Cameroon, on a different February 28 than Jean Louis, the one in 1951. We suspect that he was substituted for a daughter whom we named Proba and then Brigitte in the Chapter 27. There we considered that Jean-Louis was often referred to by his middle name, André, which explains the confusion. We will come back to this. Before that, let us follow, with Xavier Poussard, the professional career of this André, Brigitte Macron's fictitious first husband, and then the career of Jean-Louis.

      André Louis Auzière (or André-Louis) [F&D501p6]
      He was a bank executive at the Crédit du Nord in Lille, then director of the Banque française du commerce extérieur in Strasbourg. ("As if he had not existed," see Chapter 9).

      Jean-Louis André Roger Auzière [F&D501p9] :
      In contrast to André, there is no shortage of sources for writing the biography of Jean-Louis, André, who was born on February 28, 1943 in Meudon (Hauts-de-Seine), the same day - a February 28 - as André Louis. After studying law and foreign languages, Jean-Louis Auzière made a career in the luxury goods industry, where he successively held positions as sales and marketing director at Fabergé (1972-1978), then Revlon (1978-1981), before joining Parfums Grès as General Manager (1981-1987). Still in the same sector, he launched and chaired Indipar in Jouy-en-Josas (Yvelines), while also joining various professional organizations, having served as General Secretary of the Federation of crystal and mixed glass factories and of the Table Arts Committee. He has been a French Foreign Trade Advisor (1983 and 1996), Knight of the Order of Merit (2012), and was sworn in before the Court of Appeal of Caen in February 2021, thus becoming a judicial conciliator in the jurisdiction of Lisieux (Calvados).

      I have been sent various documents concerning André(-Louis) Auzière, here they are:
      • 1951, a extract of André Louis Auzière's birth certificate.
      • 1974, a extract of André's marriage record to Brigitte. Also in extract from decennial tables (in 2 pages, groom and bride).
      • 1984, a extract of Tiphaine Auzière's birth certificate.
      • 1992, a document of 20 pages with the signature of André, "depositary of the funds paid" in page 20 (link).
      • 2001, a 33-page document with the signature of André, "deputy regional director of Natexis Banques Populaires" in page 6 (link).
      • 2003, a 7-page document on a post-inheritance sale of an apartment, without a signature, listing Andre Louis and his date of birth in page 4.
      • 2004, a document of 17 pages of Information for Health Professionals with André's signature, representing Natexis Banques Populaires, in page 14 (link).
      • 2012, a 62-page document of articles of incorporation for an SCI with the notation of André and "Brigitte," without signatures in page 41 (link).

      And also a 14-page document from 1996 with Jean-Louis' signature, "previous" on page 7 (link), which allows for a comparison of Andre and Jean-Louis' signatures.

      We are almost certain that André Auzière does not exist, especially because of the wedding photo, the fact that "Brigitte" was born a man, that we have no photo of him, except for the one of someone else with the lawnmower etc. Among the documents presented above, those of the birth and marriage could have been the subject of a recent forgery with the means of the State. This appears to be much more difficult to achieve for the next five documents, from 1992 to 2014.

      We saw in Chapter 27, especially for the phone book, that Jean-Louis went by his middle name André. This could be an illusion for the 1992, 2003, 2014 documents, perhaps with a fake birth certificate. But the documents from 2001 and 2004 still raise questions, showing the existence of a banker André Auzière in the exercise of his work. Like a secret agent with two professional identities, could Jean-Louis have, from time to time, with the support of his hierarchy, worked for a bank? One exceeds there the framework of our case and one has reason to wonder about the purpose poursuvi. This professional career is, however, as ghostly as the role of husband of "Brigitte" and father of the three Auzière children, as Xavier Poussard points out [F&D501p7] (Jol Vil's May 18 tweet):

      In the archives of the banking sector, André Auzière has left even fewer traces than in memories. Not a report, not a symposium, nothing that makes him exist [except, now, these two documents from 2001 and 2004]... Except for the episode of the lawnmower previously recounted, the memories are white. It's like an episode of Black Mirror where the President's offices have found a way to penetrate the brains of his former acquaintances to erase everything. More than a "ghost", would André-Louis or André, Louis Auzière be a fictional character? No, however, concludes Sylvie Bommel, who refers to a document (not reproduced), a marriage certificate that "specifies that André is a stagiaire hors cadre (a status which, in banking jargon, corresponds to junior executive) [...]".Was this document created a posteriori and opportunely placed on Sylvie Bommel's route?

      Yes, there would have been documents created after the fact, especially for the family setting, but others in the professional setting question a double professional life in slight dots... The character of André Louis Auzière, with his profession as a banker, was probably created around 1988 (cf. Chapter 27), it was necessary to give him a minimum of consistency... And the Trogneux and Auzière families have strong support.

      The above, with the notion of secret agent, has caused a correspondent to react who brings us this light :

      I'm leaning towards something related to the secret service for a one-time mission that corresponds to reversing the order of first names. Sometimes they also use deleting a letter in the name or replacing one letter with another. Also keep the birthday. It's not a "legend" per se, but it avoids cross-referencing and if the cover falls, it allows the mistake or the name of use to be invoked without embarrassment.
      The fact that Jean-Louis Auzière was a French Foreign Trade Advisor (1983 and 1996) could correspond to functions held in parallel "under cover" and "a minima" at the BFCE i.e. Natixis, under a slightly modified identity.

      André Auzière in the telephone directories
      Years Person - City - Street
      1975 1977 Auzière A - Issy-les-Moulineaux - 1 rue Claude Matrat
      1977-1984 1985 Auzière André - Croix - 5 resid. Flanders
      1982 1983-1985 1986 Auzière André - Strasbourg - 26 rue Lorraine Meinau
      1983 1984-1990 1991 Auzière André - Truchtersheim - 4 rue des coquelicots
      1990 1991-2002 Auzière André and Brigitte- Amiens - 17 rue St Simon
      2003-2004 2005 Auzière André and Brigitte- Amiens - 66 bis rue Boucher de Perthes

      The double presence of André(-Louis) Auzière in Croix and Strasbourg in 1983-1984 and in Truchtersheim and Strasbourg in 1984-1985 (thus triple in 1984) catches the attention. This is the time when he is supposed to work at the BFCE bank (Banque Française du Commerce Extérieur, to be compared with Jean-Louis, foreign trade advisor) in Strasbourg, a job that appears to be real (for Jean-Louis...). There is also a parallel between the career paths of Jean-Louis André Auzière and that of his niece Brigitte Auzière, who, at the time of the birth of her children in Amiens, lived in 1975 in Issy-les-Moulineaux, for Sébastien, in 1977 and 1984 in Croix, for Laurence and Tiphaine. A first-degree reading of the directories thus leads one to believe that André Auzière and his wife Brigitte continuously lived together from 1975 to 2004, except that there are two confusions, that of Jean-Louis with André, that of the niece Brigitte Auzière with the other Brigitte who would become Brigitte Macron, as explained in the Conclusion Chapter 31.

      May 15. Jean-Louis Auzière has a taste for beautiful objects and arts, it appears likely that he made, for the wishes of the year 1969 a small original book his artist name André Auzière :

      To the left, a recent book by Odette Ducarre, published by Robert Morel, featuring the book by André Auzière (link). At right, two pages from this book. It was part of the "Collection O" : "Round books, created by Odette Ducarre, 96 pages, 6 cm in diameter, bound by a 3 cm diameter brass ring, patent pending for all countries" (link).

      The multiplicity of countries treated, with above a particularly precise knowledge of Cameroon, point to the son of Marius and grandbrother of Louis, who traveled through Africa. This would show that already in 1969, Jean-Louis was called André Auzière.

    31. (A) Father Auzière was an intelligence officer in Tunisia

      We are not done with the Auzieres and Algeria. After mentioning in the previous Appendix the possibility that Jean-Louis Auzière, Jean-Michel Trogneux's great friend, had been a secret agent, we were surprised to discover that his father Marius Auzière, had been a "interpreter and cipher officer", thus a military intelligence and secret service officer in Bizerte in Tunisia :

      On the left, Journal Officiel de la République française of July 2, 1937 (link).
      Center, 1933 and 1939 Navy directories. La présence est continue de 1927 à 1939 (lien).
      Right, Germaine Bary and her husband Marius Auzière (link generatedanet)

      On Geneanet and in the 1936 census, Marius is noted as a certified public accountant, another way to love numbers. Agathe Couderc, in a article entitled "Technical intelligence and military secrecy: the French Cipher during the first months of the Great War," explains  "The Cipher service is responsible for protecting Allied messages from any enemy reading. It also has the mission to break the enemy codes and make readable the encrypted messages intercepted by the wiretapping services and TSF.", with the conclusion  "the culture of secrecy, specific to the activities of intelligence in general, has passed into the mores of the Cipher ".

      Marius Alexandre Auzière (1893-1975) had married Germaine Marie Bary (1896-1979), a seamstress, in the midst of World War I, on April 20, 1915 in Paris 11. Germaine Bary's mother, Willhelmine Anna Steuer, had been born in Germany and married Achille Bary in 1885 in Paris (link). Does this imply that Marius had a knowledge of the German language ? We saw in Appendix 18 that Marius and Germaine's family lived in Meudon in 1936, where Jean-Louis was born in 1943.

      Bizerte is about 780 km from Algiers by road and Marius had no reason to travel there before the Second World War. This one turned upside down all the organization in place. Marius Auzière's activity at the "Chiffre" was highly sensitive. He may have been in contact with the American allies and therefore the American secret services. In addition, Algiers was in 1944 the place where the Provisional Government of the French Republic was established (link). Intelligence-related activities and ties to the American allies must have been very intense at this time. Marius, who was 50 years old, was able to settle in Algiers, joined by his son Louis from 1943 to 1945, as seen in his career plan (reprinted below). The latter had settled in Algiers (probably at 12 rue Mulhouse, a small maid search ad, link) as an assistant utility administrator (cut of press, link). Father and son were able to work together, sharing intelligence contacts. With some leftovers for the last-born Jean-Louis...

      Louis Auzière, his career plan.

      His appointment in the Official Journal of French Equatorial Africa of November 15, 1947 (link)

      Louis Auzière, Marius's eldest son and Jean-Louis's older brother, was a "special agent" of France known for his colonialist dirty tricks, especially against the UPC in Cameroon when it rigged elections, as seen in the Appendix A 18. Would the Auzieres be secret agents from father to son? From Marius to Louis ? And why not from Marius and Louis to Jean-Louis ?

    32. (A) 1991, did Brigitte Macron obtain her CAPES in Strasbourg?

      On April 25, I was sent documents that shed light on the passage of Brigitte Macron, then named Brigitte Auzière, in Strasbourg at the Lycée Lucie Berger. The subject has already been dealt with in Appendix A 5, with falsified documents that cast doubt on the "legend" that Brigitte Auzière had, for several years, been a literature teacher in this establishment, even though she lived in the commune of Truchtersheim.

      An extract from a "Bulletin des anciennes élèves et des amis du collège Lucie Berger", dated March 1992, tells us that at the end of the 1990/1991 school year, Brigitte Auzière obtained her CAPES ("Certificat d'aptitude au professorat de l'enseignement du second degré") in Modern Letters. The doubt we had on this subject is thus removed.

      This means that Brigitte Auzière had probably passed the written and oral tests of the CAPES in June/July 1990. The following school year 1990/1991, she was a trainee teacher. The photo below shows her with her colleagues, also trainees if we are to believe their age :

      More surprisingly, a list of former teachers tells us that Brigitte Auzière would have taught at "Lucie Berger" from 1984 to 1991. In what capacity ? To do some replacements ? The official "legend" had her starting only in 1986. The doubts expressed in Appendix A 5, do not allow us, at present, to believe that she was a full-time teacher for so many years.

      It was then at the beginning of the school year in September 1991 that, with tenure, Brigitte Auzière, born Jean-Michel Trogneux, began teaching in Amiens, at "La Providence" (Chapter 15 and Appendix A 10).

      However, there is still one area of puzzlement about this CAPES: it is in modern letters when it was supposed to be in classical letters, as indicated in a 2018 article written by Olivier Pichon for, questioning even more :

      After studying classical letters and a master's degree in these subjects (dissertation on "L'amour courtois"), she brilliantly passed her CAPES in classical letters, which allowed her to teach French at the prestigious Lycée La Providence in Amiens. [...] In detail, there are several minor variations. [...] One of the media writes: "Brigitte Macron's qualifications: agrégée de Lettres Classiques".

      DISCUSSION - The blurring of dates. No matter how hard we look:
      • Nowhere can we find the date on which Brigitte Macron was recruited to La Providence, nor the precise date on which she ceased her duties there;
      • Nowhere do we find the date on which she would have obtained the CAPES in Classics ;
      • Nowhere do we find the date on which she would have obtained the title of agrégée in Classics.

      [...] By searching exhaustively on the internet, one learns for sure that Brigitte Trogneux is not a holder of the CAPES, but of the CAFEP. [...] However, the CAFEP [Certificat d'Aptitude au Professorat de l'Enseignement Privé] exam was only created in 1995.

      In this jumble of information, one comes to wonder if the one in the March 1992 newsletter is really reliable... Certainly, the research evoked by Olivier Pichon concerned the CAPES of classical letters when it was that of modern letters... We saw, moreover, in Appendix A 6 that the Elysée website indicates a CAPES in modern literature (extract). It even says that "she began her career in Paris and then Strasbourg". Ah, Paris ?

      Once admitted to the CAPES (written-oral) exam in July 1990, Brigitte should have joined the public teaching corps and done her internship in a public school. The collège Lucie Berger is private. The photo, however, questions and leads one to believe that these are indeed trainee teachers. In fact, it does appear that Brigitte Auzière obtained a CAFEP, also known as CAFEP-CAPES (link), or rather a pre-1995 equivalent, as it is confirmed that it did not exist before 1995 ( link). The March 1992 newsletter would have used the acronym CAPES because it is better known to the public and because it would be an equivalent. But strictly speaking, Brigitte Macron would not have the CAPES in modern literature. And even for the CAFEP, there are still big doubts according to Sylvie Bommel (link video at 3 min 55), in addition to the date less than 1995.

      April 27. A correspondent probably brings me the solution, Brigitte would have a CAER (Concours d'Accès aux Echelles de Rémunérations) according to this extract from a article by Yves Verneuil entitled "La formation des enseignants du privé depuis la loi Debré - le professionnel et le confessionnel -". Thus, there is neither CAPES nor CAFEP but a CAER erected, without saying so, as the equivalent CAPES by the March 1992 bulletin. Brigitte Macron's CV on the Elysée website therefore appears false. As for the Maîtrise de lettres on "L'amour courtois", no trace of it has been found so far.

    33. (A) 1973-1984, Jean-Michel Trogneux manager of Picardie Metal

      We saw at the end of Appendix A 20 how we learned that Jean-Michel Trogneux had become manager of the Picardie-Métal company "from June 12, 1973" on this advertisement from the "bulletin des annonces civiles et commerciales" of 1973 :

      Other announcement. 1976 Yearbook. Other yearbook from 1979.

      Blangy-Tronville is a commune in the Somme region located 10 km from Amiens. The dossier of on the company Picardie Métal is almost empty, the creation date in 1973 is even ignored (and replaced by 1900). The essential being indicated in the extract below :

      Blangy-Tronville, Mail Street (Street View 2017, link)

      Thus, from 1973 to 1984, Jean-Michel Trogneux would have sold hardware. such would be the craft, having "regular contact with the public," that transsexual Véronique claimed in 1977 (Appendix A 19). It's less surprising when you consider that Anne-Marie Trogneux, the tennis champion, Jean-Michel's older sister, married Gérard Boulogne, a merchant in materials and various equipment (link). And also when you know the owner of the Picardie-Metal warehouse land:

      The Blangy property belonged to Jean (Georges) Trogneux and his wife Simone Pujol, as indicated in A directory from before 1973, "Trogneux J confis av Mail", the subscriber's trade being confectioner, they are indeed Jean-Michel's parents, the pastry cooks of Amiens. They lived there occasionally, in a villa on a vast 3,142 m2 plot of land with a warehouse. In 1973, the couple installed their youngest son Jean-Michel, aged 28, perhaps returning from the USA, who set up, or was offered, a hardware business project, which we can assume corresponded to a previously acquired qualification (Chapter 25). Lodged at goodwill by daddy-mummy in Blangy during the first year, a lease is established in May 1974 for 15 years in favor of Picardie Métal.

      Picardy Metal lease with Jean Trogneux, extract from the mortgages.

      The domain, is subdivided into smaller plots in 1983, proof of the stop of the company Picardie Metal at this date (it is dissolved the following year). This subdivision looks like a subdivision company, to sell or rent to several third parties. The warehouse (plots 139 and 142) was sold to SCI Blangy-Tronville in 1983.

      To the left is the Picardie Metal warehouse. On the right, the land register, at the end of Rue du Mail, with the 1983 division (link) (this is the total of the surfaces of these parcels, which makes 3,142 m2) + view by Google Map (link).

      What if this stewardship was a cover ? During its 10 years of existence, this company seems to have had a concrete activity since the directory of 1976 reports (opposite) a "J. Delarue", representative of Picardie Métal. Apparently Jean Delarue died in Amiens in 1993 (link).

      The marriage of Jean-Michel Trogneux with Véronique Dreux on November 24, 1980 in Blangy-Tronville is a confirmation of his establishment in this commune. In the same way, the closing of this company in 1984 is very coherent with the birth of the last children of Jean-Michel in January and February 1984, with the beginnings of the professorship of Brigitte Auzière and her moving to Truch. Finally, with the proximity of Amiens, the Picardie Métal episode fits coherently into Jean-Bri-Bri's biography.

    34. (A) In 1988, Jean-Michel had already become Brigitte...

      The above document, which we did not grasp until May 9, 2022, is from page 41 of 62 of the 2012 document in Appendix A 30. It shows that on June 4, 1988, Jean-Michel Trogneux had already become his sister Brigitte Trogneux and that her father Jean Georges knew this.

      Previously, we placed this substitution at the later date of the summer of 1990, between the electoral leaflet of 1989 with photo of Brigitte Auzière, the first Brigitte, and the start of the school year in September 1990 with the second Brigitte Auzière née Trogneux. How to reconcile these contradictory information? Considering that this information, written in a document of 2012, would be false appeared very unlikely, as it would be very cleverly done. This led us to a new understanding: to consider that Brigitte Trogneux would be in the picture on the 1989 leaflet and that she would have started to teach at the "Lucie Berger" high school in Strasbourg before 1990, as the "legend" says. In this case the double transformation of Jean-Michel into Brigitte and of Brigitte Auzière into Brigitte Trogneux would have taken place between 1984 and 1986, between the birth of Tiphaine and the first school year of the new teacher.

      It is on this new basis that we have analyzed more precisely the 1989 leaflet and the presence of one or both Brigitte Auzière at "Lucie Berger", in Appendix A 36. As for the involvement of the Trogneux parents, we will see in Appendix A 43 that it is much older than 1988...

    35. (A) John Bri: one person, three identities!

      How does a person live when he has two identities, in this case one male and the other female ? Brigitte has imprisoned Jean-Michel in a corner of her brain and she lives ignoring him. Yet he is there, since he is not dead... And there is his memory, the traces he left behind... and this allows comparisons, the discovery of extraordinary similarities, both physical and biographical. If, on the face of it, a person can have two identities, they can only be extraordinarily close, to the point of breaking the law. Here are some new characteristics.

      1. Voter IDs

        On the site online public service, one can find these two voter registration certificates, evidence of fraud :

      2. Social Security numbers

        Jean-Michel has a Social Security (SS) number assigned at birth. But Brigitte? If this SS number exists, it should be compared with the number on her birth certificate to verify the consistency of the two numbers match.

        The birth certificate for Brigitte Marie Claude Trogneux (beginning of Chapter 28) shows a record number of 640, which means that 640 children were born in this commune between January 1, 1953 and April 13, 1953. So there were about 180 births per month that year in Amiens, and his order number in April 1953 should be around 80. This monthly birth order number is present in the SS number, of the form "2 53 04 80021 xxx", it is the three digits xxx (80021 corresponding to Amiens, the commune of birth, see page Wikipedia) (the last two digits don't count, it's to check, link).

        Brigitte's SS number must exist or it would be illegal. Her xxx number must be greater than 80 to not create a duplicate.

        April 23 supplement. Following the publication of the above, it appears that Brigitte Macron's SS number meets the two criteria of consistency and non-duplication presented above.

        May 24. The validity of this social security number and birth certificate number (and the copy of the certificate seen in Chapter 28 Part 2) seems to be an actual validity, confirming the new hypothesis that Jean-Michel had a younger sister Brigitte in 1953. The undeclared (or erased...) death would have allowed the reactivation of this identity. The same person, whose role is essential at the highest level of the French state, has two social security records, two voting rights...

        September 7. In commenting on the version 4 of the family tree at the end of Conclusion, we point out that Jean-Bri-Bri has taken on a third identity, that of Brigitte née Auzière, who, from father, has transformed him into the mother of his children. Jean-Bri-Bri is a real identity vacuum cleaner! If the real mother remained alive, which everything leads us to believe, it would imply that it was necessary either to manufacture a new identity for her, or, by a game of musical chairs, to usurp another identity again...

      3. Jean-Michel and Brigitte file a complaint together against Natacha Rey

        At the beginning of Chapter 26, we saw the document that informs Natacha Rey that she is being summoned to court by five people, who are only four, since Jean-Michel and Brigitte, one and the other, are named there. Assuming that this summons is processed, will the French Justice system swallow such a deception, or, having established the truth, will it launch a new procedure for misleading justice? And more...

    36. (A) The real news from Alsace and the 1989 flyer

      This Appendix is a counterbalance to the Appendix A 5 where some Alsatian news appeared to be false and cast doubt on what the "legend" says, which, from 1984 to 1990, had the future Brigitte Macron living in Truchtersheim and teaching French at the "Lucie Berger" high school in Strasbourg.

      Let's recall below the March 1989 tract and extrapolated photo already shown in Chapter 7. We estimated in Chapter 27 that this person was Brigitte Auzière, the niece of Jean-Louis Auzière. But wouldn't it be rather the future Brigitte Macron ? The 1988 document shown in the Appendix A 34 was along these lines. The Betaface comparison below, of 75% and 74%, shows that it could also be attributed to the second Brigitte :

      There is another version of this leaflet, which appeared in the FR 3 documentary "Brigitte Macron, a French novel". The photo there is of better quality and the same Betaface comparison passes, with this shot, from 75 to 86% and from 74 to 79% :

      It is surprising that in the site FR3 version, tract and list mention occupations while in the FR3 TV movie, tract and list do not. The documents in the TV movie seem triturated, perhaps to anonymize. And let's not forget that the flyer seems to survive in only one known copy, so with an editable photo....

      In addition, we have tried to reconstruct the years that French teacher Brigitte Auzière was at "Lucie Berger", using photos of the teaching staff in the years 1984-1990. We have undated images from the FR3 TV movie "Brigitte Macron, a French Novel" and dated photos published in two newsletters of the "Ancients and Friends of Lucie Berger," the page 8 out of 40 of the 2018 bulletin (link), with the year 1984-1985 and the page 33 of the 2021 bulletin (link), with the years 1983-1984, 1984-85, 1985-86 and 1990-1991. Now the two photos from 1984-1985 are not the same, the first without Brigitte Auzière, the second with. The TV movie brought us another undated photo, which we know to date from 1989-1990 (photo whole with date). Shifting photos 2 and 3 in the 2021 bulletin by one year, to avoid the duplicate photo, we get, with some uncertainty about the dating of the three central photos :

      1983-1984, 1984-1985, 1985-1986

      1986-1987, 1987-1988 unknown, 1988-1989 unknown, 1989-1990, 1990-1991

      Brigitte Auzière is absent from the first two photos and present in the following ones. If we can still have doubts about the year 1984-1985, it now appears proven that she taught at Lucie Berger from 1985 to 1990. And it is indeed Brigitte Auzière née Trogneux. As the coexistence of the two Brigitte Auzière appears very unlikely, it would be Brigitte Trogneux, future Macron, who would be on the leaflet of 1989.

      This led us to significantly correct the Chapter 27 Part 2. It was not in 1990 that Jean-Michel became Brigitte, it was between February 1984 (birth of Tiphaine on January 30) and August 1985 (start of the school year in early September 1985). This date of August 1985 can be advanced to August 1984 (according to the dating of the newsletter of 2021) or moved back to August 1987 (because of the two missing photos, 1987-1988 and 1988-1989).

      Such a step backwards would be in line with the "legend" of Brigitte Macron according to which she only started teaching in 1986 (according to Wikipedia, among others). Sylvie Bommel in her book "Il venait d'avoir 17 ans" goes in the same direction, with a gradual entry into the profession :

      She learns that the college of Truchtersheim is looking to replace a French teacher who must be absent for a few weeks, neither one, nor two, Brigitte is in. She had never given a private lesson before, but discovered that she loved teaching and, even better, that she was gifted. The students love her. Brigitte has found both an audience and a profession.

      Without a CAPES, however, it was impossible to land a tenured position in a public school. Luckily, private schools abound in the land of the Concordat and the storks. Brigitte was recruited by the Protestant college Lucie Berger, located in Petite France, a charming district of the Alsatian capital along the Ill River.

      This account, the two photos noted 1984-1985 and the two missing photos therefore cast serious doubt on a start at "Lucie Berger" as early as 1984. Not everything in the Alsatian "legend" is false, but not everything is accurate. Finally, let us recall that the Elysée website presents another version (the third...) : "she began her career in Paris and then Strasbourg" (extract).

    37. (A) The NBI file, its strengths and weaknesses

      This file was originally positioned, on February 11, at the beginning of the now splintered Chapter 26. At that time, it could have been positioned in Appendix A 8. As of mid-September 2022, four months removed from its April-dated version 2, it retains great interest and is cited in several parts of this folder, including the entire Appendix A 16. It is also aged, for not taking into account the latest documentary input.

      On February 11, 2022, a new file was published, on the occasion of Jean-Michel's (now Brigitte Trogneux's) 77th birthday, on the secure messenger Telegram. This document, which we call "NBI File", can be downloaded by clicking on this title link :

      The dark side of the Macrons (in pdf format, 9 MB), now in version 2 of April 8, with 91 pages (instead of 54).
      File produced by NBI (No Brain Inside, "a citizen's think tank") and L'Ermite ZeQeFan. No version 3 published.

      Above, page 1 illustration and presentation. Below, image signed by NBI.

      While Brigitte's youthful male identity now seems to be a given for those in the know, the analysis focuses primarily on the Macrons. As the cover image suggests, this NBI file points in the direction of a paternity link between Jean-Michel and Emmanuel, thus one of the hypotheses here developed in Chapter 23, which we hardly believe in. An uncle-nephew hypothesis, developed in Appendix A 24, seems to us somewhat more plausible. The authors make a close analysis of the interviews feeding the legend, especially those of Emmanuel's parents in order, beyond their astonishing evolution, to bring out characteristic elements that allow us to approach the hidden reality. By a different path than the one developed here, relying in particular on astonishing remarks of Françoise Noguès towards Brigitte (page 27 : "the friend like I have no other, we have the same affinities, the same priorities, we tell each other everything"), they argue that Jean-Michel Trogneux and Françoise Noguès have known each other for a long time, probably before Emmanuel's birth. So we don't see this as a tangible new element making us abandon the scenario described in this file, less "indicible"

      The analysis gives too much importance to a wrong dating (1958/1959) of the family photo and to an element that is certainly new, but fragile : the indication (page 15) in an article that Jean-Michel Macron "is today divorced from Françoise Noguès, the President's mother, with whom he had two children, Laurent and Estelle". The absence of the word "others" in "two other children" appears to be an editorial blunder by a journalist who must have only a superficial idea of the situation.

      What is reinforced is the near absence of the official father, Jean-Michel Macron, in Emmanuel's upbringing, raised probably by his grandmother Manette and, somewhat, by his mother Françoise Noguès, apparently more occupied with her official household, with her husband and two other children, Laurent and Estelle, who are virtually unaware of Emmanuel's existence.

      As for the story at the beginning of the file, about an Arthur Macron murdering his fiancée in 1938, it is intriguing, but the relationship to Emmanuel can only be a far cry (especially considering the 4 and 52 trees on this page).

      In short, this dossier further undermines the "legend" of Brigitte Macron, describing, with an alert pen, the implausibility of her weaknesses. It also insists on a possible father-son affair between Jean-Michel Trogneux and Emmanuel Macron, but on the basis of a weak argument, almost out of a desire to address "the unspeakable." In particular, it lacks the construction of a real scenario that would support this hypothesis, which future clues may yet validate. However, the new discoveries, since April, do not go in this direction...

    38. (A) Jean-Michel Trogneux in Beauvais

      "In Le Courrier Picard, on November 15, 1982, is announced the birth of Jean-Jacques Trogneux, son of Jean-Michel Trogneux and Madame, née Véronique Dreux. Two addresses are mentioned: 1, rue Delambre in Amiens (stronghold of the Trogneux family) and 17, rue Saint-Pierre in Beauvais, where Véronique Dreux ran the "Tentations" store between 1981 and 1987" [F&D503p4]. Another announcement (below) will be published in Le Courrier Picard to announce the birth of a sister of Jean-Jacques, Valérie Trogneux, born on February 20, 1984 in Amiens, with the mention of the same two addresses.

      1981, birth of the company "Tentations" [F&D503p8], 1982 phone book, 1984 birth announcement

      In 1982, Jean-Michel Trogneux is present on the Beauvais phone book at the address 4, rue St Pierre, across the street from his wife Véronique Dreux's "Tentations" confectionery and haberdashery store at number 17. They would later live at this #17 (birth announcement in 1984, above). It is therefore likely that after the wedding of November 24, 1980 in Blangy-Tronville, the couple settled there to manage this store created in May 1981. This will last until 1984 at the latest for Jean-Michel, and until 1987 at the latest (closure of the establishment, link) for Veronique, with the divorce on June 17 and the closure of the store.

      We will continue in Appendix A 47 the presence Jean-Michel Trogneux, and even more so his wife and children, in Beauvais and its suburbs.

      Places where Jean-Michel Trogneux lived

      Beauvais, the prefecture of Oise, is 66 km south of Amiens, halfway to Paris. In March 1984, Jean-Michel lived in Beauvais with his wife Véronique Dreux and their two children Jean-Jacques and Valérie Trogneux. His three other children, Sébastien, Laurence and Tiphaine Auzière live in Croix, near Lille, with their mother Brigitte Auzière. In 1984, or a little later, Jean-Michel moved to Truchtersheim, near Strasbourg, with his three Auzière children, and from then on he passed himself off as their mother... And the trips to Honfleur (Appendix A 42).

    39. (A) 2007, Jean-Michel signs Brigitte Trogneux: a blunder?

      Following is a signature "B Trogneux" dated May 25, 2007. It is made by the same hand as a namuscrit note and a signature of Brigitte Macron in 2017, as evidenced by the handwriting analysis :

      So far, everything appears normal since "Brigitte Trogneux" is supposed to be the maiden name of "Brigitte Macron" and, since May 25, 2007, after her divorce with André-Louis Auzière and before her remarriage with Emmanuel Macron, she is indeed Brigitte Trogneux.

      The first signature turns out to be exceptional, however, because it appears on a document that Brigitte Trogneux should not be a signatory ! It is the original report (filed with Infogreffe) of the extraordinary general meeting of May 25, 2007 of the "Société d'Exploitation des Etablissements Arasse", with the signature of the two designated tellers  Jean-Michel Trogneux (2) and Jean-Alexandre Trogneux (1). Below in A, we can see their two signatures (1, 2), but, just before them, appears that of Brigitte Trogneux (0), yet nowhere mentioned in the document and who is not reported present at the meeting. There is a second copy of these minutes, the report duplicate, also submitted to the autograph session. But, on this duplicate, everything is back to normal, with two signatures for the two tellers, below in B.

      On the left, Jean-Michel Trogneux's signature "2" is shortened. Here it is in full, on the 1980 marriage certificate.
      Notice that the entwined J and M form a B, which looks suspiciously like a revealing confession...

      We have looked for an explanation, and this one seems the most likely:

      This general meeting of the Arasse company, a family business, takes place in its headquarters, in a room in the rue des Vergeaux in Amiens. It is May 25, the vacations are approaching, the atmosphere is relaxed. The participants, members of the Trogneux family, know each other very well, nobody is embarrassed by the fact that Jean-Michel is present under the aspect of Brigitte. We are in 2007, it has been about 25 years that the whole family is aware. The meeting goes smoothly, all the good decisions are taken without conflict, and we gradually go into pre-apéro mode, gags and jokes starting to colonize the seriousness of the notary.

      Signing time comes in the midst of an aperitivo transition. A pen is slipped into Brigitte's right hand, and she keeps her glass of bubbly in her left hand. She signs, as she is so used to doing as a teacher. It is then that the treasurer, who remained on his first glass, realizes that Jean-Michel made a mistake and that he has inadvertently affixed his female signature.

      Sapristi! What to do? The decision is quickly made to limit ourselves to asking the clumsy teller to add, while momentarily regaining his momentarily regaining his senses, his old claw Jean-Michel. There is little space left, so much the worse if it overflows in margin. And for the duplicate, no more blunders, we stay on two signatures... Nobody will pay attention to this detail, we think then.

      Those who do not believe that Brigitte and Jean-Michel are the same person should provide a more plausible explanation than this one...

    40. (A) Emmanuel Macron's mother: mostly false leads...

      The following hypothesis was proposed at the beginning of Chapter 23. It was based on the presence of Jean-Michel Trogneux in the photo of what was initially considered the 1977 gay pride. When this presence turned out to be false, especially since it was not really the first gay pride, this hypothesis could only be rejected. Here it is for the record.

      On the left photo, the fly, proudly put forward, appears padded, the Adam's apple is not very apparent, there is no trace of beard and on the right photo the chest appeared discreet. Above all, the resemblance between the photo on the left and the one in the center is striking enough to raise the question of the confusion of identity of the two people.
      This set in motion a process of reflection that led to the opening of this new hypothesis.

      Hypothesis rejected (after rejection of the 1977 photo)
      This photo comparison sat for 2 or 3 days without really catching on. In particular, I didn't publish it in the Appendix, it seemed silly to me. And then, Lionel Labosse published it on January 28 on his page titled "#brigittegate : analysis and comparison documents". Lionel was cautious  "Personally I don't have too many opinions on these documents, or if I do I wish not to influence the reader by expressing them. Some are convincing until proven otherwise, others probably less so...". Following the remark of an Internet user, an exchange began exploring the consequences of the same identity of person. The absurd then became plausible... And Lionel added on his page that this comparison could be "a bomb, or a damp squib".

      In fact assuming that Emmanuel Macron's mother, Françoise Noguès, is this gay pride person, implies that :
      • Jean-Michel Trogneux and Françoise Noguès have known each other for a very long time, at least 1977, the date of this photo,
      • disturbing coincidence, Emmanuel was precisely born in 1977, a year when, as a result, his mother was pregnant,
      • the person in the photo does not appear to be pregnant, or would be in the early stages of pregnancy or after it. What is the reality ? The photo is dated June 25, 1977, Emmanuel was born on December 21, 1977. His mother would therefore be three months pregnant. It is possible...
      • a child raised by a mother who thinks she is a man may not have a family photo, no photo with his mother-father, and this is the case of Emmanuel, we saw it in Chapter 17 where it was a strong questioning.

      I found this last point particularly compelling. Indeed the mystery of Brigitte's opaque youth had been solved by the question "If it's a man ?" [F&D501p9] resulting from the meeting of Xavier Poussard and Nathasha Rey. There, in symmetry, the mystery of Emmanuel's opaque childhood would be solved by the question "If his mother acted like a man ?".

      We then asked ourselves the question "what obstacle is there to this hypothesis of a mother with the appearance of a man ?" On the spot, our little citizen team answered none, hence the first title. Two days later, on January 31 (actually the night before), we found this obstacle :

      Françoise Noguès appears shorter than the 1977 protester. The potential use of heels or a slope of the street does not allow to be sure. Another clue is that Françoise Noguès' chest is less "discreet" than estimated in the previous comparative photo. It is therefore likely that she is not in the 1977 photo and that the resemblance of the faces is coincidental.

      A little further on, in the same Chapter 23, another hypothesis had been stated, without much conviction. It also concerned Emmanuel Macron's mother and the photo of the 1977 mock gay pride. For the same reason as the previous hypothesis, it was quickly rejected. So here it is, too, for the record.

      After the previous addition on January 29, here is the one on February 6, with these photo comparisons :

      The woman with the tambourine from 1977 and Françoise Noguès, Emmanuel Macron's mother in 2017. Similarities, including the same pout in the left and right photos, and also potential differences such as the earlobe, smaller waist in 1977.

      Here we come to compare Emmanuel Macron's mother with a participant of the 1977 gay pride other than the one at the beginning of this chapter. If the comparison appears better, it remains uncertain. The reader will be able to judge this, as he will be able to judge the complementary elements brought on February 12 in the following chapter.

      Hypothesis rejected (after rejecting the 1977 photo)

      Two photos ( 1 2 2 bis) from the 1977 gay pride event, previously reported in Chapter 14.

      However, it does not seem useless to recall these two rejected hypotheses, because they tried to highlight the role of Françoise Noguès. It could indeed be that Emmanuel Macron's mother had known Jean-Michel Trogneux for a long time and that she probably knew Pastor Doucé, as was explained in Chapter 24. But, beyond a few clues and another hypothesis developed in the Appendix A 25, we have found nothing really conclusive that would authorize implicating Mrs. Macron-Noguès in the biographical falsifications of Jean-Michel Trogneux. .

    41. (A) Interrogations about the three Auzière children
      This Annex, created in mid-February 2022, was first created in Chapter 26, under the title "Were Brigitte's three Auzière children born in the United States ?". On April 12, following the creation of Chapter 27 with the "scenarios Proba", the supposed mother of the three Auzière children, Sebastien, Laurence and Tiphaine, is no longer supposed to be Catherine Audoy but Proba / Brigitte Auzière, which led to a partial rewrite.

      Then, in mid-February, the #brigittegate experienced new jolts. While Emmanuel Macron was still postponing his declaration of candidacy for the presidential elections, a lawsuit was launched against Natacha Rey and the one who first interviewed her on December 10, Amandine Roy. A complaint, announced two months earlier, finally arrived. It included five plaintiffs, Brigitte Macron née Trogneux, her brother (!) Jean-Michel Trogneux and her three children Sébastien, Laurence and Tiphaine Auzière. We noticed that all of them were presented with their dates of birth in Amiens:

      Note that the address in Amiens indicated of Jean-Michel Trogneux is a simple mailbox in a building where nobody knows this gentleman (see Appendix A 8). Another subject of astonishment  is the content of the complaint. It relieves Natacha Rey (details in Appendix D 7) and even reinforces her investigation (and now that of all brigittologists...). Indeed, he is in no way accused of lying (defamation etc.), but only of intruding into the private lives of the complainants. While they have spread their lying life to the general public, while Natacha Rey only uses public documents (as we also do on this page), without ever having bribed a burglar to get hold of an old photo album... It is hard to see this complaint succeeding, it seems to be more about scaring the newspapers that would take over. And, indeed, the courageous media seem rare...

      On February 18, the day after learning of this complaint, Natacha Rey revealed the following questions about the birthplace of the three Auzière children (at the time Catherine Audoy was believed to be the "probable mother", qualified here as the "true mother")  

      I have long suspected that the Auzière children were born in the United States, more precisely in New York, where former flight attendant and painter Catherine Audoy (the real mother) resided.For the official version, Tiphaine would have been born in Amiens in 1984, while at the time her parents were supposed to live in Strasbourg. She had to obtain a certificate of French nationality before taking the lawyer's exam in 2009, a procedure that is only justified when there is a doubt.

      I'm pretty sure she has dual French-American citizenship, as do her brother and sister. The fact that the nationality of the 3 Auzière children is not mentioned on the court summons, while that of Brigitte Macron and her double Jean-Michel Trogneux is specified, only reinforces my opinion.

      However, the best knowledge we have of the announcements and the context accredits rather that Tiphaine was born in Amiens, in similar conditions to her brother and sister.

      On the side of the geneanet site of, the most richly informed, already consulted in Chapter 7 and in Chapter 17, the record of Sebastien is empty, his presence is only reported, without even his first name. On the other hand, Laurence's fiche is well filled out and Tiphaine's fiche is of a rare overabundance. In these last two cases, the precision on the birth goes as far as quoting the act, its number and its marginal mentions:

      This is enough to put a stop to all those who would contest these acts! But why protect yourself against such an improbable challenge? As mentioned before, one can put what one wants on one's Geneanet database, invent acts, their number, their content... Finally, the contribution of such details feeds the doubt rather than removing it.

      However, for Tiphaine, the manipulation is less suspect (or rather less well done ?) since it is written: "Certificate of French nationality issued by the Chief Clerk of the Tribunal d'Instance of Lille (Nord) on October 28, 2009 under the n°CNF 930/2009. Mentioned on November 19, 2009 by I. Lecoeur, Civil Status Officer by delegation". So why give a French nationality certificate to someone born in Amiens of French parents? When, as Natacha Rey says, his parents were supposed to live near Strasbourg ? And why indicate it on Généanet? There, one loses his Latin... And this is probably intentional.

      Preceding these questions, Natacha Rey's hypothesis appeared, in mid-February, to be consistent. It was believed, based on the chapter 10, that Catherine Audoy was probably the biological mother of the three Auzière children. Air hostess, often in New York, she had been able to give birth in this megalopolis or in Amiens, perhaps not in the same place for the three children.

      This makes us realize that the three Auzière children have also suffered a twisted life, with opaque areas. They therefore maintain, willy-nilly, the false legend that surrounds the president of the Republic. They could rebel, as Canadian President Justin Trudeau's half-brother did recently (see Appendix D 5), but have preferred, so far, to sink into denial.

      April 12. The probable mother is no longer Catherine Audoy but Proba / Brigitte Auzière, double of André-Louis Auzière, as Brigitte Trogneux is double of Jean-Michel Trogneux. The mother's trips to the USA appear much less likely.

      May 14. Even Tiphaine, finally, seems to have been born in Amiens. The question about the births is now focused elsewhere  was the mother Brigitte Auzière, was the father declared ?

    42. (A) Honfleur, meeting place of the Auzière and Macron couples?

      Article from Le Parisien dated November 1, 2018:

      The presidential couple is in Honfleur (Calvados) where the head of state has offered a small bath of crowd after having lunch at the Bistro des Artistes in the old town. Questioned by reporters to know if he was tired as implied by several of his relatives, Emmanuel Macron brushed aside any decline in form. "I'm not letting go of anything, I'm just like all our fellow citizens I'm attached to the balance of my family and the habits we have, he explained at the microphone of BFMTV. It's been more than 20 years that I come to this same café and I will continue to do so. I was there when I was campaigning, I was there last year, I will continue to be".

      [photos from October 31, 2019, above left and below: Laurent Salmon, KCS Presse, link]

      So it would be since at least 1997 that Emmanuel and Brigitte meet in Honfleur. For what reason? What is going on in Honfleur? Why are they so attached to it? In 1997, Emmanuel was 20 years old, it was Brigitte who brought him there. She must have had an old attachment there? Which one? If we can't find out about Brigitte, let's ask the question differently  who comes to see Jean-Michel Trogneux every year at All Saints' Day ? The person, outside his family, who is the most important to him... Here you are, you're on fire  it's his great friend Jean-Louis Auzière !

      Jean-Louis Auzière runs the company TOSCA, which is headquartered in Honfleur (links : 1 2 3). His wife Catherine Audoy is a member of the "Contre-Courant" association of artist-plasticians in Honfleur (link). They live in Touques, 15 km from Honfleur.

      We have no evidence of these meetings, but do you believe that there is, there, a coincidence ? If you don't believe it, you will agree that this new clue adds to those showing the veracity of what this file tells.

      To the left, the Auzière couple at their home in Touques on the Honfleur Coast (end of Appendix D 18).

    43. (A) Fictions and Realities of the 1974 Marriage, Part 1 of 2

      Since January 2022, we have wondered about the marriage of André Louis Auzière and Brigitte Trogneux on June 22, 1974 in Le Touquet. Did it take place? If yes, under what circumstances? What about the retouched photo published in the press? For we have acquired the certainty, in Appendix A 9, that a montage was made on this photo. Our reflection continued, new clues appeared and our opinion evolved. First at the end of July, with part 1 presented here, then at the end of August with part 2 presented below. On July 29, 2022, we learned of the existence of copies of the "Echos du Touquet" dealing with the marriage, on June 22, 1974, of André Louis Auzière and Brigitte Trogneux, distinct from those in the BNF (page of June 28 and page of July 12, with a photo of another wedding, which allows for comparison). Even if the hypothesis of a falsification of the library copies was not yet ruled out, we have since questioned the falsity of this marriage, which we had advanced until then.

      We did indeed have a 1974 marriage record and its entry in the decennial tables (Appendix A 30). If this marriage had indeed taken place, the photo trickery could only date from it. So the wedding had by no means been imagined retrospectively in 1984. It would have been imagined as early as 1974 and could even have been really celebrated and registered in the civil status. Was such a scenario, the contours of which would still have to be defined, possible? It seemed to us that it was, and I presented it here to the readers of this file, submitting it to their sagacity (no objection was raised). I continued thus :

      Opposite, a reminder of the wedding photo, with in red the anomalies presented by Natacha Rey in one of her videos.
      Let's call BT53 Brigitte Trogneux born in 1953, JMT her brother Jean-Michel Trogneux, JLA Jean-Louis Auzière, JMT's great friend, BA Brigitte Auzière, JLA's niece, ALA André Louis Auzière, the groom of 1974, supposedly nephew of JLA (cf. genealogical tree seen previously).

      BT53 died in early 1961 as understood in Chapter 28. Her parents and siblings did not accept her death and did not declare it. For the relatives, they invented a tale according to which she would be alive, gone to study abroad (Algeria, USA ? BT53 would she be supposed to accompany JMT?). As time passed, they needed to show strong evidence of her existence.

      That's where JLA comes in. He has his niece BA who has, for some time, been in a relationship with JMT and would like to marry him and have children. With his knowledge of the secret service (Appendix A 31), he devises a rocky marriage that would satisfy both his niece and the Trogneux parents. BA will be the bride, serving as BT53's clone for this wedding ostentatiously shown to the small world of Touquet, which has had the opportunity to know neither BA nor BT53 and cannot notice the substitution. And JLA will play the role of the groom, holding the role of the groom ALA and, by delegation, that of the real partner of BA, that is to say JMT. The latter is present at the ceremony as the declared brother of the bride and her witness. The Trogneux parents are satisfied: their youngest daughter is "resurrected" and the future children of the fictional couple ALA-BT53, in reality those of JMT-BA, will be their grandchildren. They can continue to make believe in the existence of their daughter BT53, nobody will go and check, since she lives far away, in Croix in the suburbs of Lille. But, from time to time, the grandchildren will be shown. BA is also happy: she will not be a single mother, she has, socially, a husband, her children will have, socially, a father, nobody will go to check her maiden name, nor will they suspect that JMT, who shares her bed from time to time, is not ALA.

      This solution, twisted and hardly imaginable, but finally, in its own way, brilliant, is accepted. The mayor of Le Touquet, Léonce Deprez, does everything to satisfy his great tennis buddy Jean Trogneux (Appendix A 28). The photo is retouched with the means of the time. And the arrival, from the following year, of the first of the couple's grandchildren consolidates the subterfuge. Friends and acquaintances, even brothers and sons-in-law of the Trogneux parents, believe it...

      Did the marriage really take place? Probably, with registration in the civil status, the mayor not being looking... The extract of the marriage certificate would therefore be authentic. The late divorce ending this union also fits into the scenario. Léonce Deprez was mayor of Le Touquet from 1969 to 1995, then again from 2001 to 2008. Between 1995 and 2001, he could not pronounce the divorce. Before he finished his last mandate, he was the (best) accomplice, indispensable, to act the divorce of the union of 1974 before declaring, in 2007, the marriage of Emmanuel and Brigitte. As for the death of ALA in 2019, the means of the State allowed to invent it and to register it in the civil status to complete the manipulations of the parents and the mayor.

      Finally, it was not JMT who first wanted to reincarnate BT53, it was his parents, with the undeclared death and marriage of 1974. JMT only supported them from 1961 to 1984. In 1984/1985, with the disappearance of BA, he succeeded in conferring, in addition to his administrative existence, a real body to his sister, fulfilling at the same time the will of his parents and his own desire to change sex... In this new scenario, the role of the Trogneux parents becomes the driving force. The complicity of the mayor of Le Touquet is essential: he covers the marriage, the divorce and the remarriage, allowing the falsifications, or more precisely the non verification of identity.

      One question remains. Who is the bride in the 1974 photo? BA or Susan Spray (JLA's first wife)? The latter probably would not have agreed and, reviewing the Appendix A 9 (especially, at the end, the drop shadow analysis), the bride's image would not be from the same photo as the groom. Would it then be BA, of whom we would finally have a photo? Or would it be a photo of a third person, probably Monique Trogneux, sister of Jean Michel (strong Betaface resemblance of 82%, opposite), coming from his wedding in 1963. She would have accepted. This photo is intended to bluff, its legend too. Is the mention of the religious marriage also a bluff? Or is the priest also an accomplice? And did the wedding take place with as much pomp as the article suggests? The late publication, 6 days after the ceremony, erased the reference points, the absence of the first names also. Bluffing yes, but to what extent?

      As for the strange absence of the first names in the title of the photo, it could be explained as follows: it is above all a Trogneux-Auzière marriage, because it is both that of ALA with BT53 and that of JMT with BA. It is enough, by a game of photocopies, to reverse "Auzière" and "Trogneux"... Another meaning: it would be JLA and Monique Trogneux on the photo. And again: it would be a coded message for future brigittologists !

      Overall, it remains fair and it was a notable advance in the understanding of the case : we had discovered the primary role of Jean and Simone Trogneux in wanting to reincarnate their youngest daughter. As for the questions asked, they have, for the most part, lost their relevance, cat we have brought answers to them in the Appendix A 48, the second part of this one, with the adoption of a new hypothesis for the person playing the role of the bride in the photo.

    44. (A) The logic of this scenario Jean-Michel - Brigitte

      The scenario presented in this file, especially in its Conclusion, is a sight to behold. By skimming over it, a contrarian may consider it to be ranting without real evidence.

      No proof of the death of the child Brigitte Trogneux in 1961, no proof of the disappearance of Brigitte Auzière around 1984, or even of her existence, until we find one in Chapter 30. This is true, but that is precisely the crux of this case : everything was done to make this evidence impossible to unearth. This camouflage, for several decades, remains effective. The few people who know about it remain walled up in the silence of their complicity.

      However, unless one is indignant about not believing in the official mushy version, as former minister Roselyne Bachelot did ("It's infecting", opposite photo by Stéphane Lemouton, article), there are very real facts to prove the existence of deep flaws in the biographies of Jean-Michel and Brigitte Trogneux and that of André Louis Auzière. Let's recall them :
      • We know almost nothing about Brigitte Macron's youth. The three photos we were shown are of three other children (Chapter 7). We only have definite records of her life from 1984 onwards.
      • We know almost nothing about Jean-Michel Trogneux since 1984. We know little more than the presence of his signature on a few documents or his name on directories. This disappearance of Jean-Michel in 1984-1985 when Brigitte appears has no official explanation.
      • Almost nothing is known about Brigitte's first husband, André Louis Auzière. The three photos officially attributed to him are of three other people who have been identified (Chapter 9).

      Roselyne Bachelot brushes all this aside, but there are many who refute the official farbia to rely on a scenario that explains the reality of the facts, even if it means not being entirely sure. And the Hypothesis Table retained shows that we are not. Our judgment is nuanced and is likely to evolve, as it has evolved over the months of making this case in 2022.

      With these initial observations, Natacha Rey and Xavier Poussard deduced, in 2021, that Jean-Michel had turned into Brigitte. And all those who had doubts and questions followed them. And this started to make some noise. The lack of official reaction, if not an obtuse denial in mid-January 2022, confirmed the deductions. There also came, in mid-January, a confirmation proved by a technical analysis of comparison of vocal spectra : Brigitte Macron and the transsexual Veronique, interviewed in 1977, are the same person (red box).

      We had therefore, from the beginning of this file, in January 2022, a solid foundation of facts considered as sure : Jean-Michel became Brigitte, André-Louis did not exist, the youth of Brigitte is fabricated. But around this base, we had other hypotheses to confirm : the identity of the people in the family photo of the 1950s (Chapter 6, Appendix 11), that of the mother of the three Auzière children (Chapter 10), the Gallice jewelry store in Toulon (Appendix A 20), Brigitte's presence in a Strasbourg high school (Appendix A 5)...

      In this same month of January 2021, the Elysee indirectly showed some new pieces, civil status certificates (Appendix A 7, Appendix A 30). At first, guessing where they came from, we thought they were fakes. As time passed, we realized that we were wrong to dispute some of them. Xavier Poussard was right when he said that the difficulty was to distinguish the real from the fake. From May to July 2022, our perception evolved by attributing more reality to Elysee documents. Here are the main ones:
      • The family photo from the 1950s is true, showing the parents and their six children. This means that Brigitte Trogneux as a child did exist as a daughter, that Brigitte Macron, born Jean-Michel Trogneux, usurped her identity. And that this little girl probably died young in a dramatic way, Brigitte Macron seems to allude to this, but referring to the death of a niece (Chapter 28).
      • The marriage certificate in 1974 is true. It was indeed recorded in the civil registry at the time. And, strange as it may seem, it is consistent, for the couple who fathered the children from that marriage, with the non-existence of the father and the masculinity of the mother (Appendix A 43). This means that the Trogneux parents were consenting and therefore made it appear that their daughter Brigitte was still alive.
      • Brigitte Macron, née Jean-Michel, married to André Louis, was indeed a teacher in Strasbourg (Appendix A 36).

      In doing so, our investigation took two decisive turns. First on April 11, with version 21.0 (Chapter 27), the discovery of the existence of Brigitte née Auzière as the mother of the three children. Then on May 27, with version 24.0 (Chapter 28), the revelation that Jean-Michel had assumed the identity of his deceased sister. Since then, each new element has come to be easily integrated into the plot that we had then imagined in broad outline, allowing us to be more and more precise. This easy integration of the new documentary contributions is an encouraging symptom.

      The most sensitive point, in September 2022, remains the mother of the three Auzière children. In several steps, in the Chapter 27 and in the Chapter 30 we understood that her name is Brigitte Auzière and that she is a niece of Jean-Louis Auzière, the friend Jean-Michel Trogneux. Other reasons, not yet mentioned, go in the same direction :

      Other clues that Brigitte née Auzière, the 1980 bride, is a niece of Jean-Louis Auzière
      • As a witness, Brigitte née Auzière showed an identity paper designating her as such. What if it was a fake ID ? If so, the strong involvement of the Auzière family in the 1974 marriage would be incomprehensible.
      • We have seen that the fictional character of André Louis Auzière can only be made from her : the same parents, the same birth in Eséka... Conversely, an ex nihilo creation of André Louis Auzière would have meant, for his fictitious parents Louis and Renée Costes, to have agreed to appear in the marriage and to claim to have one more child. Six and not five. All this to please a friend of the grand-brother Jean-Louis? They did it on the insistent request of their daughter Brigitte. To consider her as a boy, in a fictitious way, was much more in their ropes: by replacing a girl by a son, they remained at five children. Louis' and his father Marius' knowledge of the secret service made it possible to measure the risks taken and to consider them manageable.
      • In addition, for Brigitte Auzière, herself, it allowed her to be called, once married, the same way she was called before, making her life easier.

      We therefore retain the very strong belief that the mother's maiden identity is Brigitte Auzière, daughter of Louis and Renee Costes. It would be very surprising if new clues could come later to contradict it.

      Like a police investigation, we have incorporated all the known facts into our concluding scenario. It is certainly complicated, but it is consistent. We don't know of any other as complete, and we doubt that there could be another one very different. Unless Roselyne Bachelot can show better logic...

    45. (A) The Elysee's fluctuating defense in the face of stubborn realities

      The accusations made against Brigitte Macron since 2021, particularly that of identity theft, are very serious and implicate the complicity of the president of the Republic himself, as well as that of the Trogneux parents, siblings still living, and that of the three Auzière children. Faced with such accusations, if they were unfounded, anyone would file a complaint for defamation. No: neither Brigitte Macron nor anyone from her very close family has done so so far. Only the Auzière couple has gone, as far as they are concerned directly (Appendix D 18). The only complaint filed by Brigitte, her children and her brother Jean-Michel, was for invasion of privacy (Appendix D 7). It is a blustery, by the fragility of the motive (a private life so public) and by the double involvement of Jean-Michel and Brigitte.

      The only official reactions are two television interviews of Brigitte Macron, dating back to mid-January 2022 (Chapter 14). In front of complacent interviewers, she played the card of victimization and outraged innocence, going so far as to compare herself to a teenager being bullied at school. She mocked what she suggests are sultry and conspiratorial comments. As for Covid, one should not inform oneself, go on the Internet and look for the truth... We have just seen, in the previous Appendix, that the friend Roselyne Bachelot plays on the same register ("It's vile"), like all the celebrity press and well beyond (Libération in Introduction or Le Monde in Appendix D 19). By naming two horrible shrews, Natacha Rey and Amandine Roy, as the only ones responsible for this nauseating rumor, Brigitte Macron has deceived her audience into believing that there's nothing serious going on and that it's only about the die-hards of social networks. The major media also minimize the impact of the revelations (14,000 tweets for Le Monde, that's all), although some go a little further, citing Faits & Documents. Mentioning a paid magazine that wants to be confidential, by classifying it as extreme droute, is less embarrassing than, for example, giving the web address, accessible to all, of a genealogist's site.

      As surprising as it may seem, such a primary denial has, until now, pretty much worked. The echo of these revelations, even if it is very important and if it has touched a good part of the French population, and a part of the world's population as well, remains in the unwritten and unspoken media, as far as the substance of the case is concerned. Even highly critical sites, such as France-Soir or Le Courrier des Stratèges (hesitantly, Appendix D 26) do not dare to engage in a resolute challenge to the doxa, as if the apocalypse would be unleashed against them if they broke the omerta. More than the Elysian denial, it is the media silence that hides the truths. The troubles encountered by Natacha Rey (the two complaints) and Xavier Poussard (Chapter 5), then Eric Verhaeghe (end Appendix D 26), are frightening...

      February 18, 2022, a regional newspaper, Le Midi Libre (link). The assignment mentions neither transsexuality (transidentity for Wikipedia),
      nor does it refer to transphobia, which for Wikipedia is an "aversion toward transgender people." It's okay to have an aversion to lying...

      As we saw in Appendix A 7 (Moadab and Blanrue) and at the end of Appendix A 20 (Gallice jewelry store), the Elysée activated another, more indirect level of defense. Its aim, especially with brigittologists, is to muddy the waters, to imagine falsified documents or troubling similarities, so that contradictory versions are created... In short, to sow doubt, to complicate and weaken the file.

      As we enter August 2022, we realize that changes have been made to the base of Geneanet. As explained in its Wikipedia entry and, less clearly, in its site named "The People's House," The Fraternal is an association of Freemasons. As already pointed out, this base seems to us to be more or less teleguided by the Elysée, the fiche of Brigitte Macron being particularly dithyrambic. We read that "In France, her appearances trigger enthusiastic " Brigiiiiiiiitte ""... Not a word about her potential masculinity, it is even written twice that she is "of female gender". So the Fraternity is "brigittolous" and it is curious to follow the evolution of this base. Precisely, the fiche of Jean-Michel Trogneux, already presented in Appendix A 20, has just been modified in June or July 2022. It is much more fleshed out...

      Below is the sheet before modification and, opposite, after.
      Strangely, everything revolves around the question "Is Jean Michel Trogneux really untraceable?" and the text even takes information from Facts & Documents by managing to evade that Jean-Michel would have turned into Brigitte ! With for conclusion : "Jean Michel Trogneux was therefore alive in 2007. ... ", forgetting that in 2022 he has, as a matter of public record, filed a complaint against Natacha Rey (mentioning it, it would be necessary to explain the reason ...). In addition to the Gallice jewelry store, still associated with Jean-Michel, blatant untruths are asserted : Généanet would be "alimenté par un quel utilisateur qui aurait souscrit à une offre premium" (premium or not, anyone can open and manage a base, but without being able to touch those of others) and "any premium user can modify a page", leading one to believe that Natacha Rey would have hacked the site of La Fraternelle !! Moreover, it is embarrassing for a genealogical page, Jean-Michel would not have been married and would not have had children...

      So we have here a new strategy, which consists in answering the only question "Where is Jean-Michel Trogneux ?", erasing that this one has become Brigitte (but sparing us anyway the "little fatty" of Moadab, Appendix A 7...). This shows, to say the least, that the affair continues to spread and that the Elysée is forced to back off a bit... until, under popular or foreign pressure, the media dam finally breaks...

    46. (A) 1974-1984 Interrogations on the Auzière-Trogneux Family

      We saw in Appendix A 44 that the 1974 marriage actually involved two couples: the fictitious one registered at the civil registry office and that of a real family, which lived briefly in Issy-les-Moulineaux and then, for a longer period, in Croix in the suburbs of Lille, until 1984. The three children were born in Amiens: Sébastien, Laurence and Tiphaine, the first one when the mother lived in Issy-les-Moulineaux, in 1975, the two others when she lived in Croix in 1979 and 1984. Two families, then, coexist :
      1. The official family A - T (in the sense of the civil status of the rigged marriage of 1974), with for father the fictitious person André Louis Auzière, represented either by Jean-Louis Auzière (case of the marriage), or by Jean-Michel Trogneux (case of the neighborhood), and with for mother the deceased Brigitte née Trogneux, represented (in what measure ?) by Brigitte née Auzière.
      2. The biological family T - A, consisting of the biological parents: Jean-Michel Trogneux and Brigitte née Auzière.

      These two families lived at the same time, one fading behind the other according to the context. In particular, we wondered about the birth of the three children. They were born and raised in the biological family. But officially, they could have been born in each of the two :
      1. in the family A - T official marriage, if the declared mother is the deceased Brigitte née Trogneux and if the declared father is the fictitious André Louis Auzière. The children have then the name Auzière of the father. The presentation of the marriage certificate of 1974 would have allowed this subterfuge. We gradually opted for this option.
      2. In the T family - Half-biological, if the declared mother is Brigitte née Auzière and if the father is not declared. The children then have the Auzière name of the mother. Another possibility: the mother and the father are declared and the child has the name of his mother, but this was only possible from 2002 (link). And an in-between: the father does not recognize the child at birth, but later, the child then keeping the name of the mother. We no longer believe in this option, since the discovery of the signature "B. Auzière née Trogneux" (Chapter 29). After her marriage, Brigitte née Auzière continued to lie by presenting herself as Brigitte née Trogneux.

      Everything shows, the place, the announcement, the photo shows that the parents Trogneux are present at the wedding in 1974. It is under their pressure, under that also of his uncle Jean-Louis, guided by his friend Jean-Michel, that the bride then assumes the identity of their late daughter Brigitte.

      In 1984, after the birth of Tiphaine, Jean-Michel, the father, turns into the mother, who fades away. A new family appears, the third, succeeding the other two, with the same three Auzière children. Jean-Michel Trogneux, under his new feminine appearance, has this time taken the official identity of his late sister Brigitte Trogneux. He thus replaces, in this role, Brigitte (married) Auzière, the mother of his three children, taking her name of Mrs. (married) -Auzière. The role of the fictional father André Louis Auzière is, by short intermittence (to ostensibly mow the lawn, to the point of injuring himself, link...), held by Jean-Louis Auzière. The living environment has completely changed, we are in Alsace, in Truchtersheim, where no one knows the antecedents of this family, seemingly banal and friendly.

      This metamorphosis from father to mother in 1984, after the birth of Tiphaine, was accomplished at the same time as the erasure of the biological mother of the three Auzière children. This disappearance is all the more difficult to perceive because it finally began, in part, as early as 1974, when the future mother accepted to be the bride Brigitte née Trogneux. She began, from that moment, to fade away. It was almost 50 years ago, it is not surprising, with the family omerta, that it is so difficult to prove and even imagine its existence.

      It is possible that the Trogneux family had other family secrets that may have, in some way, prepared this one. We can guess at least one : Marc Trogneux, born in 1852, the great-grandfather of Jean-Michel and Brigitte, was born of unknown father (tree). Who knew his father? Was this passed down from generation to generation ?

    47. (A) In 1983, Jean-Michel Trogneux lived in La Neuville-sur-Oudeuil

      We saw in Appendix A 38 that in 1982, the Trogneux couple, Jean-Michel and Véronique née Dreux, lived in Beauvais, at 17 rue St Pierre, and ran a confectionery and haberdashery store there, "Tentations".

      Rue Saint-Pierre in Beauvais. In the 1980s the "Tentations" store was on the opposite sidewalk [postcard]. Now it would stand at the red-hung restaurant [Google Street].

      The second surprise of the notarized document of March 27, 1985, presented in Chapter 29, is the home address of Jean-Michel Trogneux : he no longer lives in Beauvais, but next door, 16 km to the north, in La Neuville-sur-Oudeuil, at No. 10 rue Boulanger. And it's a beautiful property, or rental :

      Such a home suggests a certain financial affluence. This brings us back to the remark expressed at the end of Chapter 11, indicating that Brigitte Macron had a comfortable retirement, well above what one might expect from a teacher. In his younger years, Jean-Michel, before becoming Brigitte, earned a good living. The store "Tentations", well placed in the downtown area, was able to be successful, especially with businesses.

      Left, ad in the "Confiserie" section of the yellow pages of the Somme directories in 1984 and 1985. Before 1984, it was not there. From 1986, the store is absent from the directories. In the center, mention in the white pages of 1984, also from 1981 to 1983. On the right, Véronique Dreux, who was Madame Trogneux from 1980 to 1987, in Beauvais and La Neuville-sur-Oudeuil

      As we did in Appendix A 30 for André Auzière, here is a table that shows our knowledge of Jean-Michel Trogneux's listings in telephone directories :

      Jean-Michel Trogneux in the phone books
      Years Person - City - Street
      1970 1971 Trogneux J. confis - Blangy-Tronville - Av Mail
      (this is Jean, Jean-Michel's father)
      1972-1978 1979 Trogneux J-M. confis - Blangy-Tronville - Av Mail
      1981 1982 1983 Trogneux Jean-Michel - Beauvais - 4 r Saint Pierre
      1982 1983-1988 1989 Trogneux Jean-Michel - La Neuville-sur-Oudeuil - r Boulanger
      2002 2003-2005... Trogneux Jean-Michel - Amiens - 14 rue des Vergeaux

      The presence of Jean-Michel Trogneux in La Neuville on the directory does not mean that he lived there from 1983 to 1988. We can try to reconstruct the chronological sequence of events :
      • In 1982, all is well in the couple. Jean-Jacques has just been born, another child is envisaged, it is necessary to expand, the couple settles in La Neuville and this appears in the directory of the following year, 1983.
      • In 1984, after the birth of Valerie, the second child, everything spoils. Jean-Michel leaves his wife and children and goes to live in Truchtersheim with the children he had from another woman. A divorce procedure is then initiated, which will be completed in 1987. In the meantime Mrs. Trogneux and the Trogneux children keep the Trogneux entry in the directory.
      • Jean-Michel's wife is found in the telephone directory of the Somme, in Amiens, in 1986 and 1987, under the name of Véronique Trogneux, at 14 rue André Chénier (extract 1987), neither before nor after (or then under her name of Véronique Dreux ?). So it was in 1985, as her divorce approached, that she would have moved to Amiens, perhaps alternatively, as she would also live in La Neuville.
      • In 1987, after the June 17 divorce, Mrs. Trogneux, probably back to being Mrs. Dreux, moved (perhaps even earlier), but was slow to change the directory, which in 1988 still kept the Trogneux entry on La Neuville.
      • As of 2008, she is manager of a real estate company in Propriano (Corsica) (link).

      André Chénier Street is an extension of Delpech Street, not far from La Providence and next to the nursery school
      André Chénier. On the right, in front of the building of n°14, is a van "Jean Trogneux"... [Google Street photos]

    48. (A) Fictions and Realities of the 1974 Marriage, Part 2 of 2

      August 26. The mystery of the strange 1974 wedding continues to unravel. We had come to the point in Appendix A 43 of untangling the real from the fake, the real rubbing shoulders with the fake. Two new elements have since emerged that allow for a more precise approach. The first is presented in Chapter 29, it is the notarized deed of March 1985 where both Jean-Michel Trogneux and his sister Brigitte, for the last time reincarnated by Brigitte née Auzière, are present before her disappearance. The notary, who had already acted the marriage of 1974, Maître Hervé Laudren, recognizes it well.

      Next, we discover that the wedding of André Auzière and Brigitte Trogneux was also posted in the newspaper "La Voix du Nord" of June 30 - July 1, 1974, at least in two editions : that of Boulogne sur Mer (page) and that of Montreuil sur Mer (page), with the same photo, but a slightly different presentation from that of the "Echos du Touquet" (Appendix A 9) :

      This expanded publication is not surprising, we saw in Appendix A 43 the ostentation of this show-off wedding. This time, the first names of the bride and groom are given in the title and we learn, a very significant detail, that the religious union was pronounced by Abbé Herreman who came from Amiens, no doubt the one from the Trogneux family, very sympathetic, to the point of probably becoming an accomplice to this fabricated marriage. The witnesses of the groom, Jacques Naudy and Georges Costes, are from the family-in-law of Jean-Louis Auzière, his wife Renée Costes being the daughter of Louis Costes and Joséphine Naudy. They do not know Brigitte née Auzière, niece of Jean-Louis, and are probably not aware of the deception that transformed her into Brigitte née Trogneux.

      The publication of the 1974 wedding photo was thus much wider than first thought. This does not call into question that the photo was altered (Appendix A 9), but there is now reason to wonder whether this fakery could be only anecdotal, caused by a contextual difficulty, for example of not having been able to get the people in the photo together, or because one of them had a disturbing pose... Because the wide diffusion increases the risks of recognition. For example, the notary might not recognize the bride who came to see him for the marriage contract. And if Monique was the bride of the photo, she would also risk to be recognized. It now seems likely that the bride in the photo is Brigitte née Auzière herself.

      The probable mother of the three Auzière children.
      Now we know why the 2007 wedding could only be celebrated in Le Touquet, with that mayor !

      [reprise of a article from Gala 2020] For her second wedding, she chose the same venue as for her first wedding, Le Touquet, the same wedding hall. [...] And it is the same mayor who officiates. "This choice troubles me," writes Sylvie Bommel. "Why expose yourself in this way to perilous rapprochements ?" For her part, Marie Huret, author, with Renaud Dély, of another book on the couple, "Les Macron du Touquet, Elysée-Plage" returns to this "nuptial recurrence", once again told in the columns of Gala magazine, on newsstands Wednesday, June 3. "Transgression or nose-thumbing to the past ?"

      Betaface comparison: from 74% to 61%. In Appendix B 3, the comparison of Brigitte Macron with her children ranges from 77 to 66 percent. On the right is Pierre Herreman, Jesuit, chaplain at the Lycée "La Providence" and a member of the leadership team.

      Other reasons can be given to explain the trickery of the photo. For example the absence of the parents of the fictitious groom André Louis, who are the brother, Louis, and the sister-in-law, Renée Costes, of the groom in the photo, Jean-Louis. But the simplest explanation is probably the best: the photographer was a demanding professional who wanted to have an ideal photo, composed from photos he did not like completely... Nothing indicates that the various elements of the image were not photographed on the same day. The general luminosity seems to be the same. We have given too much importance to the trickery of this photo. In the end, it would only be a photo arranged, as professionals of the time knew how to do. And then, to modify the characters would mean taking the risk that people, present at one of the ceremonies, would take offence. The affair was too well prepared, such a risk would not have been taken.

      As with the late 1954 family photo, which may have been retouched as well, one comes to the conclusion that, aside from anecdotal ciconstant retouching, the photo is truthful. The photographer took three or four pictures of the group. He wants everyone to be well positioned with a pleasant face, he takes a character from one pose to add it to another...

      Touching up photographic prints in the silver era was commonplace among professional photographers. Links : 1 2 3. So for the family photo from late 1954, Jean-Michel could have been absent at the time of the shot and could have been added thanks to a photo of him from the same time. And the little girl Brigitte could have had a bad pose and been replaced by an extract from another photo of the group. This remains, for our investigation, anecdotal, incidental ...

      Complement. On January 26, 1974, at the age of 90, Marie-Louise Bertin, married Pujol, Jean-Michel Trogneux's maternal grandmother, passed away. André Auzière is mentioned on the announcement, as the fiancé of Brigitte Trogneux. The engagement took place in 1973 or January 1974. One recognizes, already there, the side "m'as-tu-vu" of the marriage...

    49. (A) The five Brigitte Trogneux and Auzière: one then four

      This Appendix was originally in position A 41 under the title "The five Brigitte Trogneux and Auzière, one then four", created in late May 2022. It was rewritten in early September 2022, taking into account new developments in the investigation.

      According to our scenario, there would have been, involved in the brigittegate, in the sense of civil status and spoken language, five Brigitte Trogneux or Auzière, which were embodied by four people. As it is easy to mix the Brigitte, the following reminder can be welcome. It also allows us to detect links between them that have not been made explicit. Beware, however, that the reader may get dizzy.

      At the very beginning, it is simple, there are only two Brigitte, both born in 1953, for sure for the first, probably for the second :
      1. 1953-1961, Brigitte née Trogneux born in Amiens, younger sister of Jean-Michel Trogneux, died early 1961. She is Brigitte No. 1.
      2. 1953-2019, Brigitte née Auzière, probably born in Eséka in Cameroon, niece of Jean-Louis Auzière, had three children with Jean-Michel Trogneux from 1975 to 1984, then slipped away, as if disappeared. Her date of death could be that, in 2019, of her fictional twin André Louis Auzière. She is Brigitte No. 2.

      We can consider that the Brigitte n°2 appears in this story because of the death of the n°1. Around 1973, Jean-Michel Trogneux remains indeed affected by the death of his younger sister, to the point of being very attracted by the Brigitte. This first name is a criterion of choice, among others, since he will later marry a Véronique. He did not want to marry this Brigitte n° 2, Auzière, who thus did not become Mrs. Brigitte Trogneux.

      As soon as Brigitte No. 1 died, things got complicated: her family kept her alive artificially. As long as it is by word of mouth, or even by written documents, it can still go. But it becomes difficult in 1974, when a Brigitte n°3 appears. Attention! We attack the hardest:
      1. 1974-1985, Brigitte Auzière née Trogneux. A subterfuge allows Brigitte n°1 to be officially married to an imaginary husband, André Louis Auzière (Appendix A 43). Brigitte n°2 is the centerpiece of this artifice : she agrees to fully renounce her true identity and to assume, as far as possible, that of Brigitte n°1, daughter of Jean and Simone Trogneux. In exchange, of course, for some gratuities... She becomes Brigitte n°3, equal to Brigitte n°1 + Brigitte n°2 = Bri-Bri. Appearing in 1974, this Brigitte n°3 will make a last appearance in March 1985 for a notary act (Chapter 29). Then, she becomes... We don't know... Maybe a Brigitte Mystery...
      2. 1984-now, Brigitte Auzière, then Trogneux, then Macron, née Trogneux. In 1984, Jean-Michel (J-M), becomes a woman under the identity of his sister. At the same time, of father of his three children Auzière, he becomes their mother, Brigitte n°2. Thus Brigitte n°4 is J-M + Brigitte n°1 + Brigitte n°2 = Jean-Bri-Bri. For the Trogneux grandparents, Jean and Simone, it does not matter that the children of Brigitte n°3 became those of Brigitte n°4, since they always considered them as the children of Brigitte n°1. Do you follow ?

      So we have a Brigitte No. 4 who did not get married in 1974, since she did not exist yet, but who, in 1984, found herself administratively transformed into this bride, Brigitte No. 1 ! Raymond Devos would relish such a situation... Until the 2006 divorce, Brigitte #4's commonly used name was her married name, Brigitte Auzière. In 2006, divorced, she became Brigitte Trogneux, by her civil status name (of "young boy", in this case) n°1. Then, in 2007, because of the primacy of the name of "married woman", she becomes Brigitte Macron. Hiding her identities J-M and Brigitte n°2, she makes believe that she is only Brigitte n°1.

      We are then in full excitement: it is the same person, Brigitte n°1, deceased, that we have revived through two successive identity usurpations, Brigitte n°3 then n°4. And this last one is a man! Worse: this man is neither the groom of the marriage act of 1974, nor the bride! He is, administratively, neither the father nor the mother of her three children. He embodies at the same time his deceased sister and the disappeared mother of his children: the Brigitte n°4 is the continuation of the Brigitte n°1 and n°2. Only the close members of the Trogneux family who have known these antecedents know it. And they keep it quiet.

      Let's finish, resting our brains, with the case of Brigitte n°5, which is, him, simple and banal :
      1. Now, Brigitte Trogneux née Poillion. She is the wife Jean-Claude Trogneux, the brother of Jean-Michel.

      As for Brigitte n°2, we can say that n°5 is, also, somewhat related to n°1. Jean-Claude could, him also, be very marked by the death of his little sister Brigitte n°1. He too may have been attracted to women with this name. There also with measure, since his first wife was named Danièle.

      We thus realize that the first of these five Brigitte could have brought in this story the four others. This whole story comes from the refusal of the Trogneux parents to accept the death of their youngest daughter. A butterfly effect...

      Two signatures from Brigitte #3 Bri-Bri (1980 and 1985), then two more from Brigitte #4 Jean-Bri-Bri (2007 and 2017)
      and one from Brigitte #5. Of the first two Brigitte's, we have no handwritten record.

      Since we're in handwriting, let's compare, on the left, the handwriting of Jean-Michel Trogneux, in the March 27, 1985 deed, seen in Chapter 30, with the handwriting, on the right, of Brigitte Macron in 2017, shown in Appendix A 39. The resemblance is not striking, nor is the dissimilarity. Some letters appear quite close, others different. 32 years separate these two samples, very small, with distant contexts. Jean-Bri-Bri could have worked on a distinct handwriting, and indeed he did, as most of us know how to do : the left handwriting is scribal, the right one is cursive, or semi-cursive. Could a graphologist give an opinion ?

    50. (A) Politics: from Deprez to Macron via the Trogneux

      We've talked a lot about Jean-Louis Auzière and the help he gave to his friend Jean-Michel Trogneux. Another support was essential, that of a great friend of his father Jean Trogneux: Léonce Deprez. We are going to see that the influence of this last one was much more extended than the two essential "boosts" of his part which legitimized the marriages of 1974 and 2007. The first one allowed the Trogneux parents to have, from 1975 to 1984, three grandchildren of their daughter who died in 1961 (yes, we can see it from this angle) and the second one allowed them to have, in 2017, a son-in-law who is President of the Republic. Not bad, as "coups de pouce"... This could only be done by cheating: the bride of 1974 noted on the civil status was deceased and the official bride of 2007 was the same, still deceased, and, this time, physically represented by a man? Which, at the time was illegal.

      Leonce Deprez in 1978, four years after the 1974 wedding, and in 2005, two years before the 2007 wedding.
      Photos MaxPPP (link) and WikiPasdeCalais (link).

      Léonce Deprez, born in 1927, who died in 2017, signed there two sacred feats, he who, in his youth, had signed others, of a sporting nature. Goalkeeper of the soccer team at the Helsinki Olympics in 1952, he was previously, pre-war, a renowned tennis player, alongside Jean Trogneux (Appendix A 28). This is where their complicity begins. They meet regularly in Le Touquet. While Jean will remain, at the chocolate factory in Amiens, in the family tradition, Léonce, director of a printing company, will take a broad political scope. That his page Wikipedia presents it thus : "Elected first deputy mayor of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage in 1965, he was elected mayor in 1969 and remained so until 1995. Elected deputy of Pas-de-Calais in 1986 and re-elected until 2007, he is secretary of the National Assembly and secretary of the economic affairs committee. President of the tourism study group, he was appointed in 1994 to the Minister Bernard Bosson for the development of the 4-season tourist economy. He was a member of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais regional council from 1986 to 2002, vice-president between 1992 and 1998 and president of the planning and regional development commission from 1994 to 2001. Finally, he was again mayor of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage between 2001 and 2008."

      Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, a seaside resort with 4,300 inhabitants, welcomes up to 250,000 people in the summer. On the left, the Westminster Hotel, where the guests of the 1974 wedding (link) and those of the 2007 wedding ("champagne à flots," link) met (photo from the page Wikipedia of Le Touquet). In the center, the villa Brigitte Macron inherited is called Monejan (link), after the first names of her parents Simone and Jean... ... and after Jean Monnet, who gave his name to the main avenue of Le Touquet (it is colored in yellow, the villa Monejan is at the top left, the beach is below, Google Map)

      The policy advocated by Léonce Deprez was Europeanist and globalist, in the wake of Jean Monnet (1888-1979), under American influence (link). In 2014 on a article (link) on his blog, Léonce Deprez called for "European governance and, beyond that, "global governance," in short, for a kind of Great Reset... With an unintentional dash of humor  for him, the goal was to stop elected officials who "continue to pursue their political careers, that is to say, to think obsessively about themselves, rather than about the French," a cross into which Léonce himself as well as Emmanuel have fallen, that of politicians clinging to power. The last article on his blog, from February 18, 2015, is entitled "Courage Emmanuel !", as a sort of passing of the baton to the then new Minister of Economy...

      This continuity in the policies defended by Jean Monnet, from Léonce Deprez to Emmanuel Macron, passed through the Trogneux. We have already seen Brigitte Macron's influence on her husband's "and at the same time" policy (Chapter 27 and Appendix D 22) and on his propensity to use, as he did, accusatory inversions. She is the one who shaped Emmanuel's political identity, starting when he was 15. She is the first one who pulls the strings, which is confirmed by numerous testimonies and multiple magazine covers, as the illustration in this file shows. She may have been the one who blew her husband's mind on the new name of his political party, "Renaissance," taking the call from a article (link) by Léonce Deprez on his blog.

      Other than these strong influences, other more discreet supports have facilitated Macron's political career, again through Brigitte and the Trogneux. We have seen his ties to the Jesuits at the college-lycee of Providence, notably Abbé Herreman who was present at the 1974 wedding (Appendix A 48), and his ties to parents from "the upper" at the Lycée Franklin in Paris (Chapter 16). Many clues also lead to the Freemasons, perhaps through Léonce Deprez. Their mania for secrecy is such that it is tricky to move in this direction without being considered conspiracists (like this article from La Dépêche). In addition to the symbol of the Louvre pyramid, the official portrait of President Macron is full of symbols that leave no doubt : posture of verticality with the two pillars formed by the arms and, above all, two Masonic symbols arranged on each side and, each time, doubled : the rooster and its reflection and the clock with a double dial. "In the reflection cabinet, when the layman looks up, he sees this rooster, a solar symbol, which will announce the end of his eternal night and the triumph of light over darkness" (link). Also notable is the presence on the desk of Emmanuel Macron of a rough stone and a cube topped by a pyramid or "cubic stone with a point" which are Masonic symbols ("It is customary in some lodges to place two stones near the lodge board, one of them roughly squared, the other cut into the shape of a cube") (link). We've also talked several times in this file, including in Appendix A 45, about the Geneanet base of the Freemason association La Fraternelle, a strong supporter of the "legend" Brigitte Macron. If Young Global Leader Macron (Appendix D 5), in his rise, had strong supporters across the Atlantic, he had strong ones in France, too.

      Emmanuel Macron and Freemason symbolism. It's not exactly discreet...

    51. (A) When Brigitte buys with Jean-Michel's money...

      November 13, 2022. We learned at the end of last August, in Appendix A 47, that Jean-Michel Trogneux and Véronique Dreux lived in 1983 in a villa at 10 rue Boulanger in La Neuville-sur-Oudeuil. We now learn that the two spouses were the owners, the deed of sale being dated July 27, 1982. Their divorce was taken into account on July 6, 1988, with a division attributing to the husband a much larger share than to the wife. On December 19, 1990, the sale was recorded. This is how Jean-Michel Trogneux recovered a large sum of money.

      In the Appendix A 30, we saw that on the phone books, André Auzière and his wife Brigitte Trogneux lived in Amiens at 17 rue Saint Simon from 1991. Brigitte Trogneux, with her husband André Louis Auzière and with the guarantee of the Banque Française du Commerce Extérieur, which is dear to the Auzières, bought this house on June 29, 1991. The house was resold in 2002, Brigitte then lived in 2003 and 2004 at 66 bis rue Boucher de Perthes in Amiens (according to telephone directories), before joining Emmanuel Macron in Paris. Where did the large sum of money for the purchase of 1991 come from?

      The header of a statement from the sale of Jean-Michel's house...

      ...and the header of a statement of the purchase of Brigitte's house, eight months later.

      In 1984/1985, Jean-Bri-Bri had changed his residence, leaving his house in Neuville-sur Oudeuil (left), also leaving his wife of 1980 and their two children, to live in Truchtersheim with the three Auzière children from the arranged marriage of 1974. After the divorce in 1987, he sold the house in Neuville in 1990 to buy in 1991 a house in Amiens (right) that he came to live with his three children Auzière.

      There is little doubt that it is the money obtained by Jean-Michel in the sale of his house in Neuville-sur-Oudeuil that was used for the purchase by Brigitte of the house in Amiens, six months later. This is "normal" when we know that Jean-Michel and Brigitte are the same person. It is "abnormal" and probably even "criminal" when one considers that Jean-Michel and Brigitte are two administratively distinct persons. How did the money go from one to the other?

      There is, there, a new proof, or at least a very convincing clue, that Jean-Michel and Brigitte are the same person. But the deaf, blind and dumb will remain so...

  35. Appendix B: additional comparisons

    Here are a few graphic comparisons for everyone to judge. A few miscellaneous topics are also discussed.

    1. (B) Jean-Michel Trogneux and Brigitte Trogneux, Macron bride

      Comparison Betaface: 64% (not sure if it's Jean-Michel on the left, see Chapter 14)

    2. (B) Brigitte's childhood photos and photos of her daughters

      It's more obvious to Tiphaine than to Laurence...

    3. (B) Brigitte and her children

      Betaface comparison between Jean-Michel/Brigitte and her children: between 77% and 66%.

    4. (B) Françoise Noguès (Emmanuel's mother) and her mother Manette

      Comparison Betaface between Germaine (Manette) and her daughter Françoise Noguès: 65 to 66 percent.
      This is a kind of calibration for a true parent-child bond.

    5. (B) Veronique the transsexual and Brigitte

      Apparently, cosmetic surgery on the nose (rhinoplasty)...
      It is also possible to reduce the jaws, cheekbones... Article INA with video.

      (and always the accusatory reversal...)

    6. (B) André-Louis and Jean-Louis Auzière

    7. (B) Rejected likenesses

      Betaface comparison between Brigitte and her near lookalike from the 1977 mock gay pride: 68% (end of Chapter 14).
      Between Françoise Noguès and her two vague lookalikes from the 1977 mock gay pride: 69% and 66% (Appendix A 40).
      (and Françoise Noguès' pupillary distance is wider).

    8. (B) Jean-Michel Macron , Emmanuel Macron and Joseph Doucé

      Jean-Michel Macron / Emmanuel Macron / Joseph Doucé

    9. (B) Ditch and diastema (Joseph Doucé and Emmanuel Macron).

      In chapter 23, Joseph Doucé's facial comparison with Emmanuel Macron questions the former's dimpled chin and the latter's diastema (splayed gums), features often considered hereditary, found in one and not the other.

      Wikipedia page on dimple : "Often parents with dimples will pass it on to their children." Page Wikipedia on diastema ("spacing between two teeth") : "It can be congenital or acquired". Like other inherited characteristics described on this page, transmission from parents to children is not systematic : "It is possible for parents with dimples to have children without dimples and parents without dimples to have children with dimples". For the value of the paternity hypothesis presented, one can still regret that Emmanuel has no dimples and Joseph has no diastema...

      A brigittologist tells us, "Macron's diastema is not evident in his photos, at age twelve. He had to wear braces, and the result was a general widening of the jaw. Besides, I have doubts about the heredity of this character: my husband had incisors very wide apart, like no one in his ancestry, and strangely enough they have narrowed with age. Our children have no diastema". So the diastema was less significant than the dimple and, with the frequent interventions of dentists, its hereditary significance has greatly diminished...

    10. (B) Backstage

      March 4 tweet comment:"What I love most about the Macron-Trogneux,
      is their naturalness and spontaneity. Simple and true people, without calculation.

      April 20 tweet. "To the left is the photo released to the French press by the Bestimage agency of Mimi Marchand.
      On the right the photo taken by a foreign photographer.
      " Would there be retouching on both images?

    11. (B) Sexual twirls (Tweet retweets)

    12. (B) Brigitte, her close shave and other masculinities

      The Chapter 13 shows the many masculine characteristics of Brigitte Macron. Some of them, at the very beginning of this chapter, are only briefly mentioned there. I present them here again, in a more developed way. The illustrations and remarks come from tweets (except 2).

      1. Knee outward

        Although this view is apparently quite common, I have not found confirmation of it on the Web.

      2. Lower face developed.

        The face can be divided into 3 parts , the upper tier or third to the eyes, the middle third to the base of the nose, the lower tier to the tip of the chin (link). In women the lower stage is much less developed than in men , as can be perfectly seen on a skeleton . The lower jaw is much more developed in men, which makes the square jaw effect typical of comic characters Buck Danny, Blueberry, Bob Morane, Thorgal ... etc.  in contrast to the heroines Laureline in Valerian, Aaricia in Thorgal, Yoko Tsuno, Natacha the stewardess ...

        Except in the case of a woman with a particularly elongated face, this is constant. Even if there is a surgery to break the angle of the lower jaw and/or decrease the relief of the chin, the length of the lower tier remains unchanged, more or less. This is what gives Brigitte Macron that strange look, and the reason for the wigs (not extensions) that go to the shoulders.

        This is, in my opinion [that of the brigittologist Maria, who speaks here], the simplest way to recognize if a skull is that of a man or a woman, by simple proportion.

        Thickness of face, high neck...

      3. Finger length, Manning's index

        The Manning index" (or 2D:4D index or digital ratio) is given by calculating the ratio of the length of the index finger to the length of the ring finger of the right hand laid flat. The ratio between these two fingers would present a sexual dimorphism: although the absolute length of the index finger is on average shorter in women, the difference in length between index and ring finger is on average greater in men than in women. The Manning index is a way to differentiate a man from a woman in a first quick approach, to be confirmed by other methods.

      4. Pilosity

        These photos (enlarge by clicking on them) and others show that Brigitte Macron is always clean-shaven... It's clear too in this AFP photo in a article from Marianne on November 12, 2021 :

      5. Incision marks from an Adam's apple surgery.

        This is not visible in all of the photos, but some are disturbing...

        Tweet from April 1, 2022.

      To conclude, in accordance with the introduction of Chapter 13, let us conclude thus : taken in isolation, these masculine characteristics are not enough to say that Brigitte is a woman. But taking them all together (those of Chapter 13 and of this Appendix), if she had been born a woman (we have seen that this is not the case), she would be an extremely rare phenomenon ! It is understandable that Natacha Rey began by relying on these very surprising findings.

    13. (B) Grapefruits, oranges and lemons

      A correspondent writes to me, "Please tell me this is a photo montage... How could a celebrity recover from such a slip ?" This photo is the one numbered 10 out of 13, signed Dominique Jacovides / BestImage, in the slideshow of a page of Gala's website, published in late August 2019. Photo #12 is of the same type. Click on the image to see them. + the photo #1, by JB Autissier, found below ("very chic Gala").

      Left, from Edika, cover of Fluide Glacial #302, August 2001.

      May 19. The famous Yellow Wigs (also in Appendices D 4 and D 11) have just completed the 4th episode of their series "In the Land of Jean-Briche," in >>>video>>> of 15 min 51. By Coccyx Crane and Mimi Makrell, title "Oranges & Grapefruits," image above.

    14. (B) And the little bird?

      Jean-Michel Trogneux is a pretext to learn in these times when the word "iel" is added to the dictionary and transgender people can participate in the Miss France contest. A "first lady of France" transgender claimed, proud of it, could have served the cause around the world. But there, it's missed, we are in full shameful and offended denial, transphobic even, under cover of state lies and vile media complacency. It is true that the sexual attack on a minor does not help the picture. In short, beyond this messed up stunt, we have to adapt and educate ourselves to better understand. Precisely, this May 20, a tweet came to enlighten us, knowing that it may not apply to iel (or ielle, heck, how to choose ?), because we don't know his degree of transformation :

      We learn a new word, "tucking". Let's continue to educate ourselves with the introduction to the Wikipedia page dedicated to it (also an underwear site, Effeuillantine) :

      Tucking is a technique where an individual hides the shape of his penis so that it cannot be seen through his clothing. This practice is often used by transgender women. There are fertility-related side effects caused by tucking, such as reduced sperm count. Some types of clothing are designed specifically to conceal the penis, such as gaffs or boxers.

    15. (B) Brigitte Macron as seen by Olivier Probst

      Olivier Probst's site is presented in Appendix C 1. This June 1, 2022, I discover that its author has made additions concerning Brigitte Macron, on his page entitled "1984 at the best of the foul". Here are some excerpts.

      Without counting on the 62 .400 euros per year incurred on public funds in hairdresser and makeup artist costs to ensure the facade renovation that is required, a smooth skin and a shiny scalp to the presidential couple. That is to say, the equivalent of 4 smics per month for Brigitte's styling. Because after all, Bel Ami, You and your cougar with the hairpiece elegance, your pimbic who parades in Prada, your "peroxide cagole", to use the qualifiers of the "Financial Times", are worth it !

      We can say that it is really the bouquet, especially since your Brigitte plays us to the good Samaritans, with an ostentatious charity absolutely dripping with hypocrisy, in a poor play of boulevard theater, via its operation of com of the "yellow coins". Thus, she does not hesitate to appeal to the solidarity and national generosity of the vile populace, so that it contributes by its miserable obole to restore your tarnished image at little cost, to maintain as well as possible in place your stature, to perpetuate all your imposture.

      The union of this highly dubious duo, which we were portrayed as a beautiful romance, a touching and exceptional fusional idyll, a heartbreaking hymn to difference, a shattering love story in the water of roses, as passionate as it is unabashed, where the love defies the conveniences, whereas it is only a summit of indecency out of any propriety, was indeed according to the point of view, as precocious as late and should have in all logic, fallen under the blow of the law... But of law, it would not know how to be question of it for these good people above any suspicion! However, it is not a minor fault, when at the bend of a very bad play, in a combination of circumstances more than aggravating, we let ourselves be tempted by providence and that we suddenly feel an irresistible as well as frightful attraction for the young scarecrow who declaims his text on the boards, that we see ourselves struck by a flash of lightning for our youthful Jupiter. No decidedly, it is not a commonplace thing when one makes the court instead of dispensing its courses and that one surprises oneself to seduce behind the scenes, behind the curtains, one of its pupils, a young youth still virgin of 14 years, to accomodate this cuistre between its thighs, whereas one is oneself in the flower of the age, that to be his mother of 39 years and that a 25 years gap of age separates us !

    16. (B) MeToo: Peter Abelard versus Jean-Michel Trogneux

      Since in this early October 2022, the Jean-Bri-Bri news is quiet, I plunged again into a neighboring file that I had worked on in May 2015 : the maternal genealogy of Héloïse d'Argenteuil (1092-1164), the eternal lover of Pierre Abélard (1079-1142). The latter was a famous Parisian theologian, a great intellectual figure of the time in the first half of the twelfth century. Heloise is indeed, for me, a cousin, and even an aunt, and I had been looking into the mystery of her parents, just as I am now looking into the mystery of the early life of Brigitte Macron, another cousin. My chance search of the World Wide Web led me to discover a article from 2020 entitled "Héloïse, #balancetonporc !" (#metoo). The site, written by a collective, is called "Actual Middle Ages." It transposes into our contemporary world the past problems. Let's forget the shortcomings of such comparisons and even admit the conclusions drawn by the authors : Abelard would be a "sexual predator", a "manipulative and abusive lover", a "violent and rapist husband". The comparison with Tristan and Isolde or Romeo and Juliet takes a big hit... So let's admit it, but let's compare it to Jean-Michel Trogneux and her love with Emmanuel Macron. Or even, based on the media "legend", let's compare with Brigitte Trogneux and Emmanuel Macron. In all three cases, which we will call Abelard, JMT and BM, we have a love affair between a mature teacher and one of his young students.

      1847. Diptych Abelard & Heloise, Léon-Marie-Joseph Billardet, Musée d'Arts de Nantes (lien)

      Let's start with the age of the protagonists when they first met. In the JMT case, we saw that the teacher is 47 and the student 14, in the BM case, they are 39 and 15 (often noted at 17). In the Abélard case, they are 35 years old and 22 years old, in 1214 (even 34 and 21 in 1213), at the beginning of their love correspondence. Above all, Héloïse is a young woman who is already mature since, as her page Wikipedia  indicates: "by her high stature, her rank, her commitment to studies, something unheard of for a woman, even more so her audacity to devote them to a non-religious field, earned her one of the most prominent personalities in Paris. Her intelligence and her knowledge in Latin, Greek and Hebrew, especially that of the ancient authors, still ignored by the official teaching, astonish. Her songs taken up by the goliards made her the female figure of a student youth who was becoming emancipated. She has the means to defend herself.

      Another element of comparison: confessions and confidences. The accusatory article points out that Abelard describes himself as a sexual predator, a "hungry wolf" who lusts after a "tender sheep." In the JMT case, everything is denied by a complete omerta. And in the BM case, it is the 14-year-old who seduced his teacher. On the one hand sincerity, on the other complete denial and inversion of the abuser.

      These two criteria are enough to make us realize how much more serious the JMT and BM cases are than the Abelard case: a much weaker prey, a much stronger age difference, a much more accentuated perversity, because not assumed and lying when the other was recognized, both by the aggressor and the aggressed. But that's not all, here is what Abelard wrote, fifteen years after the facts:

      I could not admire Fulbert's simplicity enough, and I was as amazed as if he had delivered a tender sheep to a hungry wolf; for not only did he charge me with instructing his niece, but he gave me the mission of chastising her and chastising her strongly : And what was it but to open up the whole career of my wishes, to offer me the last means of victory, even if I were reluctant to seize it; and, in case I could not touch Heloise by my caressing speeches, to bend her by threats and chastisements? But two things easily diverted Fulbert from all suspicion and fear of any danger: the virtue of his niece and the reputation so well established of my continence.

      Painting by Jean-Baptiste Goyet, 1829.

      Thus, unlike Emmanuel, whose parents were very reluctant, Heloise's guardian somehow naively urged his niece to undergo the amorous assaults of the ecclesiastic Abelard. But it was through his "caressing speeches" that the teacher seduced the major student. The site "Actuel Moyen âge" has distorted the historical truth. Abelard was not a "porc" (nor, for that matter, a follower of "courtly love", there was sadomasochism...) and the sincerity of the historical couple has nothing to do with the lies of the Elysian couple.

      Let us add that the recent discovery of new letters of the tragic lovers, gathered in the work "Lettres des deux amants" (2005, link), makes Sylvain Piron say, in his introduction  "Contrary to what Abélard claims in his autobiographical account, he did not simply seek to seduce a young fille to satisfy his desires, guided by pride and lust. His desire had to take on the garb of eloquence and poetry, and their affair was initially built around a high-flying intellectual and literary exchange. [It is indeed she who, at each stage, relaunches the discussion, always with new demands, intellectual and emotional, to which her lover most often responds only imperfectly". The American historian Contant Mews goes in the same direction: "The philosopher probably accentuated his evil intentions in this apologetic account". So it seems that Abelard blackened his own behavior....

      Brigitte Macron's perversity and her mania for accusatory reversal lead her to see herself as a battered woman. We have already seen this elsewhere (notably in Appendix A 17 and in her January 2022 interview Chapter 14): She considers herself a victim of harassment (BestImage photo, links : 1 2 3)

      While the political media is going wild over the cases of deputies Adrien Quatennens and Julien Bayou (article), against whom no complaint has been filed in early October, should we not find it incomprehensible, unfair and undignified that the professionals of politics and journalism are silent in the face of the proven case of Brigitte Macron ? Even if we only stick to the "legend"... Which MP, which journalist will have the courage to denounce it? Will Brigitte Macron continue to be untouchable? With, in addition, a secretary general of the Elysée, Alexis Kohler, under investigation (article), and a guard of justice, Eric Dupont-Moretti (article), brought before the Court of Justice of the Republic, without waiting for the vote of the budget, what are the deputies waiting for to vote a motion of censure against this rogue governance that, again, stubbornly refuses to reinstate the suspended caregivers ?

      Let us not forget that Abelard was, in his time, a highly respected master of thought. The very development of this case is in full accordance with his formula  "By doubting, we come to search, and by searching, we perceive the truth". Or in shorter : "Doubt brings examination and examination the truth". Extrapolating, would we arrive at "I doubt therefore I am", which René Descartes expressed differently ? For does not truly thinking imply doubting ?

    On the clip "Emmanuel Macron, the candidate", broadcast on March 4, 2022, we see in Emmanuel Macron's office, the superimposition of a drawing of the fire from the publication of the Paris fire department "Allo dix-huit" (special issue May-June 2019), a starry vault, and then a maxim  "Those who think it is impossible are asked not to disturb those who are trying". [F&D512p12]

    Those who want it to be impossible please stop muzzling those who are trying to show the truth.

  36. Appendices C: Macron and Covid

    These Appendices C are a continuation of the adjacent page on Covid (pdf file) and the Chapter 21. Recall that the lies about Brigitte Macron and Covid are of the same nature, concurrent and intertwined, which justifies treating them in the same file.
    "When we call public health the failure to treat people, we are using deceptive language" Ariane Bilheran (link).

    1. (C) Vaxxination, the perfect crime

      January 28, 2022. I belatedly discovered the Olivier Probst website, which I find remarkable. So I dedicate this and the next attachment to him. It illustrates what I wrote in Chapter 21  "From all sides, [...] we found ourselves [...] building a common front," acquiring a common culture. We, the 74 people thumbnailed in Chapter 14, Olivier Probst, Lionel Labosse, me, the Saturday demonstrators, and millions of others in France and many more around the world, now constitute a new and very resolute force that will, in a more or less long term, put down the plotters. "Vaccination COVID-1984, The Perfect Crime" is the title of a 552 page book, reprinted in a >>video>>> of 2h 42 on a text said by a synthetic female voice and taken over a very long page, of which here are some extracts :

      Operation COVID was launched as a lightning psychological Blitzkrieg, as a brutal media war to create an initial shock, followed in the wake of an immediate containment, the confinement of populations. The instigators of this pandemic have an advanced knowledge of the human psyche, of the mechanisms of psycho-trauma and of the overactivation of the limbic system thanks to an unprecedented media hype coupled with an unprecedented censorship. [...] "Fear and anxiety, coupled with human isolation psychologically decompensate individuals and they have a breakdown... They are no longer capable of rational thought. A global psychosis is underway and people will then turn to any false promises that will reduce the emotional pain they feel because of fear. So you can dangle a false vaccine in front of them and they will believe it, because they don't want to feel the pain anymore. If you challenge that narrative, they become aggressive, because you are taking them back to that emotional state of pain that they don't want to be in. They've literally lost their minds, and the people who came up with this are absolutely evil, but also very bright !" - Dr. Zelenko.

      "Containment is a weapon of mass destruction." - Jean-Francois Toussaint, Director of the Institute for Biomedical Research and Epidemiology of Sport. [...] Prof. Jean-François Toussaint, guest of Cnews, speaking about these iniquitous measures undertaken by the Government, including the implementation of a reinforced curfew, did not hesitate to speak of mass sacrifice: "We are more on measures that resemble those that the Incas took in the face of the solstice and in the face of major climatic disasters, sacrificing their most beautiful teenagers !" The image of sacrifice is not here outrageous or out of place, since all these measures are actually based on no real scientific basis and are contrary to all reason. They are voluntary political measures, whose instigators are fully aware of what they are implementing. The sedentary lifestyle and the psychological degradation linked to isolation actually contribute to the collapse of the immune system. One can legitimately wonder if during the first confinement, the fact of having locked up in the greatest promiscuity the contaminated sick people, with those who are healthy, was not in fact the best way to create new contagion hearths within the families and to increase the transmission of the virus within the population...

      Also, why didn't you just requisition all those clinics, with 115. 000 beds available ? Why didn't we use reserve doctors and graduate students to avoid having to block the entire country? Indeed, in times of war, if there is a war, as the puppet who serves us as President did not cease to chant it in a martial tone six times : We Requisition ! Finally, why did we not resort to ambulatory medicine in order to avoid any saturation effect of the hospital system? Moreover, why not concentrate all efforts on those most exposed to the virus in society, namely, the most fragile and the elderly, instead of scuttling the entire country in a suicidal, even methodical manner?

      By the way, for those who know how to read, it is even written in all letters by the manufacturers on their mask boxes that they are not medical devices and that they do not protect in any way against viral attacks! Legally, the mask manufacturers certainly do not want to be held responsible in case of contamination with Covid-19... It is a guarantee for them not to be condemned in justice in case of complaints. In this world, money doesn't lie. "No study proves any usefulness of the mask to prevent viral respiratory diseases, whether indoors or outdoors. Period !" - Prof. Denis Rancourt There are at least a dozen scientific studies that have shown that masks have no value in stopping the spread of respiratory viruses. A meta-analysis published by the CDC in May 2020 found "no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks." Another study of more than 8,000 subjects found that masks "did not appear to be effective against laboratory-confirmed viral respiratory infections or clinical respiratory infections." Worse than that, worn for several hours, masks get dirty and become veritable walking petri dishes, culture broths and bacterial nests, microbial cloacae, they make us breathe our own miasmas in a closed circuit and quickly become a breeding ground for micro-organisms. In addition, they deplete the amount of oxygen that the blood distributes to the tissues and the brain, which increases the risk of developing hypoxia with possible serious physiological sequelae later on. Masks also involve a risk of self-contamination, as they are close to the mucous membranes of the eyes and mouth and are often mishandled by potentially contaminated hands. They are the source of headaches and breathing difficulties. Masks were never designed to be worn in such conditions

      But, the most extravagant thing about these RT-PCR tests is still the fact that their sensitivity has been greatly amplified, making them much more easily positive. They behave like zooms that become more and more blurred as they are amplified. In France, they go up to 50 cycles. However, all specialists agree that at 60 cycles, absolutely everyone would have the coronavirus. All RT-PCR tests performed with a CT amplification threshold of 33 cycles or more are therefore invalid and all the so-called "positive cases" confirmed and recorded in the databases during the last 14 months would therefore be erroneous. These tests are also so sensitive that they detect inactive virus particles! According to many virologists, it would be impossible to detect live virus beyond 33 cycles. [...] Dr. Michael Yeadon, the former vice president and chief scientific officer of "Pfizer," says of this, "This idea that you can be sick, even if you don't have any symptoms, and that you can be a respiratory viral threat to someone else, even if you don't have any symptoms. That was also invented in 2020, it's just unheard of and it defies common sense as well."So why terrorize everyone on this basis in the media, if not to plunge the entire population into a form of acute paranoia, postulating that everyone would be a threat and a potential danger to their health...

      As reported by professor and epidemiologist Laurent Toubiana, who prepared an entire expert report for the courts relating to the gaping anomalies of this epidemic, the communication has been essentially focused on a cumulative number of cases, which has never been a determining factor in judging the severity and ensuring the proper follow-up of an epidemic. All the more so if the so-called "positive" supposed cases, are cumulated with the very real cases in the count of the disease as the CDC site clearly states. It is not representative, it is a number that is only increasing, even if in the meantime, many infected with the virus have come out of the disease. We should only count the new cases of illness, take into account the incidence rate and the speed of spread of the virus. Also, when we went from one year to the next, they added up the number of sick people from both years instead of starting from zero by resetting the count. So everything was done to inflate the reported numbers outrageously. Moreover, it is important to know that according to Laurent Toubiana's work, at the worst of the crisis, we had a maximum of 140 patients per 100,000 inhabitants in March 2020 and since then this figure has only decreased with 31 patients in August 2021 during the 5th wave! He also specified that for the seasonal flu (which has disappeared) the peak could reach 600 /100.000 inhabitants. Look for the error!

      As for "Ivermectin", it would be in early treatment, 85% effective in reducing the mortality rate of this virus and what is more, it is a widely known molecule, on which we have all the necessary hindsight. This drug would eliminate the coronavirus at 99%, as it has been confirmed during studies of microorganisms. What more could one ask for? In India, where the government decided to override the recommendations of the "World Health Organization" not to use "Ivermectin", the results against the Indian variant were immediate, with a spectacular drop in the number of cases and deaths. More than 20 countries use Ivermectin with great success.

      Let's also keep in mind that the appalling mortality figures originally prognosticated by the official authorities turned out to be perfectly false in the end, with 500,000 deaths brandished for the first wave, which turned out to be only 35,000... As for the 400,000 deaths announced for the second wave, they turned out to be 25,000! It is very easy to brandish such astronomical figures to stupefy the minds in order to justify exceptional sanitary measures and to affirm afterwards that the measures taken were effective, because they would have avoided the hecatomb so much announced. Olivier Véran is not left out in this campaign of fear, with his shock formula: "the Covid-19 is, a sick person every two seconds, a hospitalization every thirty seconds, a death every 4 minutes.". According to the lies of this miserable bogeyman, if this were true, a sick person every two seconds would mean 1,296,000 sick people per month, while a hospitalization every 30 seconds would mean 86,000 hospitalizations per month and finally a death every 4 minutes would mean 10,800 deaths per month! Shameless lying is a mode of governance for this government. Obviously, we are facing a terrorist power, which governs and imposes its measures by fear. However, a study by researchers in Oslo shows that in reality, in 2020, there was not even a noticeable increase in mortality as a result of Covid-19, which is in stark contrast to the prevailing fear speech. Under these conditions, can we still reasonably speak of a pandemic?

      As the singer Jacques Higelin would say, "Those who are afraid to die are often afraid to live. They breathe cautiously while waiting for the end." What exactly is the meaning of a life cut off from everything that makes it valuable, from what makes it so precious, unique and authentic, namely: emotions, laughter and smiles, carelessness, love, sharing, encounters, escape, discoveries, leisure? From now on, we are immersed in a program of death, led by these psychopathic elites, so-called philanthropists in an ultra-controlled, artificial, sanitized and dehumanized society, more and more deprived of love and authentic human relations. In fact, what they fear most is love, because it allows them to create a world that escapes them and that they cannot control.

    2. (C) Ode to Macron Mephisto
      I am now moved to present this >>>video>>> of 18 min 03 (90 MB) titled "Ode to Macron Mephisto" // copy and paste pdf : //. It is breathtaking. Olivier Probst is the complete author, with text and illustrations that you can find in full on this page. Jean-Michel Trogneux is not present, but you can feel him in the background behind his creature... Watch and let discover around you. Below, the beginning and some extracts.

      MACRON, YOU who speak of "moral fault" for the uninjected... This is perhaps the finest tribute vice could pay to virtue. YOU who since the beginning of your five-year term have been methodically destroying the country by skinning it to deliver it at a discount to the vultures and scavengers of high finance, YOU who are stripping us of our history, when it is not to insult it... YOU who from felony to treason have deprived us of our most beautiful industrial flagships, of our national strategic sectors such as Alstom or the shipyards of Saint-Nazaire.

      YOU who moreover had the many effective, potentially risk-free and inexpensive early treatments, such as Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, blocked in order to impose on us at a forced march, whatever the cost and in spite of common sense this hazardous injection that is abusively named for purposes of manipulation and deception "vaccine", this obscure chemical soup concocted in a hurry in the cauldrons of Big Pharma, with potentially devastating side effects and which has already caused a number of deaths unheard of in the entire history of vaccines ; It is clear that the only antibodies that we should urgently develop to protect our social body are those aiming to protect and immunize us from the endemic corruption of this system, which is obviously rotten to the core!

      Yes, it is indeed YOU, this shameless perjurer who no longer has a face or honor, this puppet president, this vile puppet of high finance who by his incessant denials would make the Pinocchio puppet blush with shame, who throughout this crisis has not ceased to betray us and manipulate us to the last degree... It is you who have set up the lie as a mode of Governance and raised hypocrisy to the rank of art. It is clear that from one variant to another, the only thing that remains unchanged about you is your innate propensity for blatant lies. You are the undisputed champion of double-speak, of double ethics with variable geometry and of the paradoxical injunction. The height of audacity, You are set up as the head of the Ministry of Truth, to fight against the "Fake News", even though you are its undisputed king.

      Do you seriously think that the exponential myriad of cuckolds of vaccination, who do not see the realization of any of the beautiful promises that had been made to them, but suffering sometimes in the depths of their flesh of devastating side effects, or seeing around them the sudden disappearance of loved ones, will continue eternally to swallow McKinsey's snakes and boas constrictors of Big Pharma's shameless lies? One can legitimately doubt it, hypnosis has its limits and the awakening after the hangover is likely to be violent.

      You are by far the most destructive virus that has ever entered our lives.

      [photo BelgaImage]

    3. (C) Omicron less dangerous than vaxxin in youth

      February 6. In France, the Covid in its variant Omicron so terrrible that it provoked the quasi-obligation of vaccine pass, the epidemic peak is behind us and see how nice it was and how appallingly sucky was the elysian lie that made it a pretext :

      Covid-Omicron is benign and vaxxin is dangerous, causing heart problems in particular, even in young people.
      As a result, many try to contract the disease to escape worse.
      + article from February 14 by Laurent Toubiana showing the disinformation of Le Monde and AFP on this graph.

    4. (C) Luc Montagnier, a Nobel Prize-winning whistleblower

      July 27, 2022. It seems that Luc Montagnier was right about the human origin of Covid and its link to AIDS, China proves him right. This is explained in a article where we read these two amazing sentences  "The denial of the link between Covid and AIDS will eventually fall" and "Covid was created for vaccines, not vaccines for Covid". How could our medical and political authorities so disdain this great scientist ?

      February 10, 2022. It was learned early yesterday afternoon that Professor Montagnier, winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2008, died on February 8 at the age of 90. This information should not be mentioned here. It is there, however, because it has been gummed up in all the major media, which, before ignoring the old man, had repeatedly scorned him ("paria" for Le Monde, "their wreck" for Le Figaro, "false statements" for this extract from Wikipedia). They don't want the French to know that one of their greatest scientists has repeatedly called (including in his appeal on August 7, 2021) for an end to mass vaxxination. We're still at the point where we make it sound like there's unanimity among scientists to inject everyone. In his book "Vaccination COVID-1984, The Perfect Crime", Olivier Probst talks about this prominent whistleblower  in this way:

      The great scientist Luc Montagnier exposes the dangers of this vaccination which makes people believe that it fights against the pandemic. However, it is precisely the opposite, it feeds it! Moreover, the variant virus is resistant to vaccination:"The new variants are created by the selection of antibodies produced by vaccination." He also said that the variants are generated by vaccinations:"This is a huge mistake, it is a scientific error and an inexplicable medical error, history will take stock of all this one day, because it is indeed vaccination that created the variant."

      On my journal Covid, I wrote this on November 17 and December 12/13, 2021. I remember being touched by the solicitude of the Nobel Prize in taking an interest in the case of Mauricette, Marc Doyer's wife, a victim of the terrible Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (or "mad cow"), which had all but disappeared and is now reappearing. It is a prion disease, a consequence of vaxxination that had been predicted by several scientists (article from September 14, 2021).

      November 17. Professor Luc Montagnier sounds the alarm once again. "The first phase is the side effects that are quite common but don't last very long but already give deaths," he explains. "Then you have the cardiovascular effects," the biologist continues. "And now you have the effect of prions," Professor Luc Montagnier explains. "These are other deaths that are happening, and these people died of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease," Professor Luc Montagnier explains to André Bercoff. "This disease is very rare, normally, when it is sporadic, it is one case in a million," he explains. "This is a group of 7 people independent of each other with different doctors who have this disease. The common factor is that they were vaccinated with two doses of Pfizer vaccine." This ties in with what I wrote on November 12 - 1, except that we have thus gone from 6 to 7 deaths from mad cow disease in France. Article, video of 48 min.

      December 12 - 1. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease cases seem to be forgotten. I went to read Marc Doyer's tweets. It continues to increase in France, we've now reached about 10 proven cases. And also a case in Belgium, one in Israel, "The scandal will soon go beyond the borders of France". A scandal very much suppressed in our country... P.-S. of December 13 : Marc Doyer and Prof. Luc Montagnier spoke together on Radio Courtoisie (article with 24 min video). Eight cases are proven, Prof. Montagnier believes that it is "a time bomb" and calls, once again, to stop vaccinating.

      Photo from February 22, 2022 at the funeral of Luc Montagnier. Whistleblowers may exaggerate or the facts may prove them wrong, and hopefully so. But it was necessary to alert so that it does not go further...

      Tributes (from the excluded) as of yesterday: tweet from Marc Doyer, video of 2 mn 23 from Ricardo / Richard Boutry and article from France-Soir. And a article from April 9, 2021, which acknowledges that he "had to wait a year, twelve long months, for an ignominiously conspiratorial thesis [first promoted by Luc Montagnier]to be deemed credible today." Today, Alexander Doyle, questions  "Have AFP and the mass media been ordered to erase Professor Montagnier from history ?" (article). Pierrick Tillet also : "The incredible bankruptcy of the mainstream media" (article, reprinting tributes from Edgar Morin and Didier Raoult). Segregation is still active in the mass media, which believes that science delivers a single truth that should never be questioned.

      P.-S. of the same February 10 : Le Monde (followed by AFP and other newspapers) still decided to publish a article at 5:12 PM. Unsurprisingly, for the recent positions of the deceased, only the criticisms against him are noted, as if he were the only scientist not to follow the vaxxinal doxa. Recall that in early December 2021, more than 60,000 scientists worldwide called loudly for an end to mass vaxxination (article), in agreement with Luc Montagnier, and the mainstream media kept quiet about it.

    5. (C) The end of the vaxxinal pass: a hard-fought victory

      On March 3, the end, or more accurately the "suspension," of the health pass turned vaxxinal, announced on July 12, 2021, was announced for March 14. Almost eight months of apartheid for a pretext that we knew was false, we finally get out of it... For what reasons? In my opinion, these reasons:

      Tribute to the unvaccinated
      by Fernando López-Mirones
      • Parades every Saturday afternoon in the major cities of France, peaceful, sympathetic gatherings of people from all walks of life sharing the same refusal of a totalitarianism with democratic overtones. And the pride of having refused irradiated the rest of the population who understood that our denunciations of the exaggerated seriousness ofCovid 19, of the insane obstinacy of the government and of the media stupidity were justified.
      • This same refusal was found everywhere in other countries obeying Big Pharma, dismissing early treatment, accumulating unnecessary deaths from a poorly treated Covid disease.
      • There was also a beginning of recognition of vaxxin victims, much more numerous than for usual vaccines (last potential victim : Jean-Pierre Pernaut, article).
      • And, after months and months, this led to the population to start refusing the dangerous injections. While 79% of the French had been injected twice from December 2020 to September 2021, only from October 2021 to February 2022 did 53% agree to the third dose, and only about 5% of parents agreed to have their children aged 5 to 11 vaccinated.
      • And all countries have removed the constraints, France was one of the very last to do so, it was necessary, fortunately, to follow the others...

      So it was no longer tenable for the government and for a president of the Republic who wanted to run for re-election. Emmanuel Macron was forced, at least temporarily, to stop annoying the unvaccinated, although he is ready to start again.

      Forced vaxxination in France, as of March 2, 2022, according to CovidTracker

      Big Pharma, the WHO and the rulers of most rich countries were ready to force the whole world to get jabbed with a flu-like illness. Resistance fighters across the planet, from Canada to Italy, from Australia to Brazil, eventually won, but with difficulty and in a way that is not really clear to this day. First of all, in France, caregivers are still subject to the vaxxinal pass and we must demand the reinstatement of suspended personnel, which is reason enough to continue to demonstrate.

      Hopefully the other locks will fall, the benefits of early treatment and the harms of vaxxins will be fully recognized. And that we draw the consequences of this two-year global crisis by refusing the masks of enslavement, the QR Code controls and all apartheid, by going towards a return to freedom and diversity of expression, towards a medicine freed from financial stakes, an independent Justice... Other opinions:
      • article by Pierrick Tillet "A Victory of the Resistance", ending with "A war is also won through attrition".
      • article by Eric Verhaeghe titled "From Covid to Ukraine: the ingredients change, the globalist strings remain" with the introduction : "Brutally, Ukraine seems to have replaced Covid in the majority concern... [...] As the military danger takes shape, the ruling caste intends to make a narrative on the same basis as COVID, in order to obtain the same benefits: obedience of the people, extension of elite power, restriction of freedoms. But will it have the means of its ambitions ?". Then : "As the military danger takes shape, the caste in power intends to make a narrative on the same basis as the COVID, to obtain the same benefits: obedience of the peoples, extension of elite power, restriction of freedoms. But will it have the means to achieve its ambitions? Chic! a new reason to impose emergency measures and a government of exception! Chic, a threat to stage to continue the hypnosis session through which the father of the Nation flatters his frightened bourgeois electorate and justifies the increase of his powers.".

      Yes, Mr. Tillet, Mr. Verhaeghe and others, Macron keeps his noxious power and it is also your fault for refusing to denounce all the lies of a perverted Elysian couple that continues to chloroform the population with an exaggeratedly invented and insufficiently stale legend.

      May 11. As we learn that masks will - at last - no longer be mandatory in public transport from May 16, while they remain mandatory for the very old and their families in specialized homes (how far will the harassment go ?), I point out that I have developed, in Appendix D 26, the statement made at the beginning of March in the previous sentence to draw a conclusion about the Covid crisis.

      July 3. The possibility of reinstating the vaccine pass after July 31, without new legislation, is receding, to the regret of some observers and media, such as France Info (link). It is true that the Covid situation was of the same order a year ago, when the pass was established, but the post-election political situation changes everything : Macron has lost his omnipotence, phew... In the population, the psychosis remains and the mask, recommended by the most rabid (like Patrick Pelloux, article of July 6, tweets), returns, although it is not mandatory. Who knows that the mask for the general public has made the health situation worse (see Appendix C 19) ? And still silence on early treatment...

    6. (C) Emmanuel Macron's hatred of the non-vaxxed

      The President of the Republic's hatred of the non-vaxxed is deeply rooted in him. We saw in chapter 19 that he expressed in writing on January 4, 2022, his willingness to fuck with them thoroughly. I learn belatedly, this March 7, that a little before, the Canard Enchaîné of December 29 had revealed these presidential remarks of December 27 before the Health Defense Council  "As soon as we take measures that affect the vaccinated, we move away from our strategy and the line we have followed since the beginning : putting the constraints on the non-vaccinated remains our absolute compass."

      Is it possible that 30% of French people want to vote in the first round of the presidential elections in April for such a segregationist ? Who uses a sanitary pretext to satisfy his impulses? 30% of voters would support at this point the apartheid, which is only suspended this March 14, 2022 and which will probably come back if Macron is re-elected ? And after the non-vaxxed, what other category of the population will be excluded according to the moods of this psychopath ?

      On December 29, 2021, Health Minister Olivier Véran was implementing the instructions given two days earlier by Macron (article).
      It was on July 12, 2021, that the apartheid had been established and launched "The Hunt for the Unvaccinated" (article from the Swiss newspaper "Le Temps").

    7. (C) Refusal to treat and willingness to risk poisoning

      "Facts & Documents" issues 482-489, published from May to October 2020, discuss "The Real Timeline of the Coronavirus" through June 2020. I excerpt some of the material here and add some of what I said on my neighboring (PV) Covid page (July 2021 to January 2022).

      1. October 19, 2019 [PV November 1 - 5]. "It appears that, as early as October 2019, the all-powerful Anthony Fauci was in the starting blocks to rush out messenger RNA vaccines without needing years of testing. With Bill Gates and others, he was waiting for the right moment. Even helping it pop up ?" I was referring to a article by journalist Guy Boulianne headlined "In 2019, Anthony Fauci proposed bypassing clinical trials of mRNA vaccines and, with the help of a disruptive crisis, bringing them to market without needing ten years of testing". This article featured a transcript of the October 29, 2019 "Universal Flu Vaccine" conference hosted by the independent economic think tank, Milken Institute, at the 2019 Future of Health Summit in Washington, DC. There was already a willingness there to massively administer an experimental vaccine whose medium- and long-term effects were unknown. With the risk of poisoning an entire population. Added July 24, 2022 : article "The office of the Academy of Medicine exposes its complicity in organized poisoning".

        October 29, 2019. Anthony Fauci is third from left.

      2. January 13, 2020[F&D482p3]. "Over the counter for decades, recommended since at least 2004 in China against the coronavirus, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), marketed under the name "Plaquenil", is strangely classified by the Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn and by the Director General of Health Jérôme Salomon among the "poisonous substances", i.e. available only by prescription." While it was known since January 4 that an epidemic was starting in China, the French government thus forbade citizens to treat themselves with a drug that has proven to be very effective where it has not been banned from use (Senegal etc.). The same was true of ivermectin later on, even after it had proven effective in India (see beginning of Chapter 21, testimony).

      3. January 29, 2020 [F&D482p12]. "In its guidelines, the WHO states that, "Masks are not required" for people without respiratory symptoms "as there is no evidence that masks protect people who are not ill." It is governments that have pushed for the mass use of masks (even in the open air !), so as to impose a visible sign of submission. But, whatever some misguided scientists say, the widespread use of masks is more harmful, in terms of health and environment, than beneficial. Numerous studies prove this, 79 counted in October 2021 (article), 167 in January 2022 (article).

      4. February 12, 2020 [F&D483p5]. "President of the National Consultative Ethics Committee and future president of the Scientific Council of the Elysée, Jean-François Delfraissy speaks in the Matinale of RMC about the coronavirus  "We are without treatment, we are without a vaccine and we will not have a vaccine for another year". No one understands at this point that he has just defined the strategy for managing the epidemic in France for the coming months". Indeed, the media propaganda will not cease to deny the existence of treatments and make people believe that the only solution comes from a vaccine accepted in a hurry...

      5. March 12, 2020 [F&D484p10]. "A confidential note predicts that France would have half a million deaths from coronavirus. This note, a "modeling", emanates from Imperial College London and the services of epidemiologist Neil Ferguson, whose right-hand man, Simon Cauchemez, director of the modeling unit of the Pasteur Institute also pushes for containment from the scientific council of the Elysee Palace, which he joined. [...]Problem, Neil Ferguson is best known for always being wrong. The "master of disaster" as his peers call him had thus convinced in 2001 the Prime Minister Tony Blair to slaughter 6 million cattle to stop the epidemic of foot-and-mouth disease, a decision which, with a cost of ten billion pounds, is today considered aberrant" (follows a list of predictions as wrong ...). We find here a mechanism activated at several stages of the Covid crisis, with especially the bogus predictions of the Pasteur Institute : to scare in order to impose strong restrictions of liberties, up to apartheid against the non-obedient. Each time the political power relied on the most catastrophic predictions knowing that they were bogus. "Lila Bouadma, a member of the Scientific Council, a frightened scarecrow under her mask, declared on BFMTV on August 27, 2021 that, at the beginning of the school year, "there will be 50,000 contaminations of children per day" (article)" [PV September 23 - 1].

      6. March 16, 2020 [F&D484p11+485p3]. "While local quarantine is a classic measure, never in medical history has a healthy population been fully confined." "Emmanuel Macron announces the total containment of the country. During his too long speech, he repeats six times that "we are at war" against the coronavirus, while taking a serious air to affirm  "The day after, when we have won, it will not be a return to the day before". One senses that he has the Great Reset in mind...

        March 16, 2020. Sideline and confine. Do not treat and wait until it is serious to go to the hospital.

      7. Late March 2020 [PV September 24 - 3]. While the incubation period is about ten days, the lockdown will last eight weeks. The country is at at a standstill, the debt is mounting to the sound of the presidential "Whatever it takes". The inhabitants are cloistered, if they catch the coronavirus (which becomes Covid), they are recommended to take doliprane, which worsens the disease. It is pretended that there is no treatment by provoking false studies (by applying a badly dosed treatment or an early treatment to seriously affected patients...). This has amplified the epidemic, which could have been managed like the 1969 Hong Kong flu. As with any disease, it is necessary to treat as early as possible, but we did the opposite. Doctors did not intervene much, private clinics practically did not, hospitals refused to admit patients who were not seriously enough ill, which led to the indictment of Agnès Buzyn in September 2021. Proposals of a lawyer for the civil party : "Since when, when you call the Samu or when you go to the emergency room and explain that you have 41, 42 fever, that you vomit and have diarrhea, we refuse people? Since when in France do we refuse to treat people when they are sick ?" (>>>video>>> of 47 mn).

      8. March 28, 2020. [F&D486p5]. "By decree, is authorized the "prescription outside the AMM in the framework of Covid-19" of rivotril, a drug usually administered sparingly in extreme cases of agony, which therefore amounts to a temporary legalization of euthanasia. After the circular of March 19 depriving the elderly of resuscitation, and then the blocking of the Raoult protocol, the government is taking a new step in what looks like a strategy of exploding the number of dead."

      There have been plotters, and in France, Global Young Leader Emmanuel Macron, an expert in lies, manipulations and smoke and mirrors, is one of them.

      July 7, 2022. The more time passes, the more statistics show the effectiveness of early treatment and the danger of vaxxin. A article shows that, outside of rich countries, "per million inhabitants the deaths observed in African countries adept at early treatment are 200 to 400 times lower than in Peru confirming the health catastrophe of the all-vaccine", practiced by this country. The next day, July 8, surprise, Le Figaro realizes that what it told for two years about Covid was false, without expressly saying so and apologizing. France-Soir (article) is pleased ! I have more reservations, early treatment is not really addressed, unintegrated caregivers too. And I fear that this is only a passing exception to the ever-general rule of media denial.

    8. (C) The suppressed revelations of Alexandra Henrion-Caude.

      In Appendix C 4, I introduced Luc Montagnier, a great French scientist who had the courage to face the media vindictiveness. He is not the only leading scientist in France to oppose the official doxa, the best known are Didier Raoult, Christian Perrone, Christian Velot, Laurent Toubiana and some others, including Alexandra Henrion-Caude. This internationally recognized geneticist is the victim of many attacks repeated on her page of the encyclopedia, Wikipedia, guardian of the bien-pensance. Everything passes through without nuance: "fundamentalist Catholicism", "far right", "complotist", "false information", "sectarian", "anti-sanitary pass", "covido-skeptic". Yet she was right when she claimed that vaxxins were dangerous, which pharmacovigilance and targeted statistics, especially on cardiac accidents, confirm. What Wikipedia still refuses to admit (accomplice of conspirators, pro-sanitary pass, pro-vaxxins, pro-Macron, pro Big Pharma, false information until claiming without any doubt that Brigitte Macron was born a woman, etc.). Similarly she denounced the scandal of the ban on early treatment, still denied by Wikipedia while in the United States there is an "ivermectin scandal" and a trial is approaching (article of March 13). French Dominique Costagliola is suspected of being involved in this criminal act.

      She has been involved in citizen protests. Even those who don't share her views on abortion
      or on religion make her a reference, as much for her scientific qualities as her human ones.

      In his column featured in Appendix C 1, Olivier Probst repeatedly talks about Alexandra Henrion-Caude, especially when she elevates the debate to the level of how we live :

      "Men must be warned that they are in danger of death; science becomes criminal." - Albert Einstein in 1946
      "Because I know the full potential of RNA, administering it to healthy individuals seems to me to be on the order of madness." - Alexandra Henrion Caude, geneticist and RNA specialist.
      "The cutoff for stopping a vaccination program is 20 to 25 deaths, and today, in May 2021, we have more than 4,000 deaths" - Prof. Mc Cullough

      As the geneticist Alexandra Henrion-Caude aptly puts it, in an extraordinary reversal, we are all presumed sick and contagious, we have lost our right to be presumed healthy automatically. We would all be potential sick people who ignore themselves, like in the classic play "Knock or the Triumph of Medicine" by Jules Romains. A bit like if in justice, the presumption of innocence was definitively banished and that we would be automatically considered as potential criminals... What society can still function on such a postulate? Wearing a mask means accepting to be presumed sick. Paradox of paradoxes in this pseudo-pandemic, if on the one hand we assume that everyone is sick even healthy people, on the other hand, we refuse to treat the real sick!

      A retired INSERM researcher relays the latest findings. Accompanied by two interview videos, a article from March 14, 2022 headlines "A Moderna-patented sequence found in SARS-CoV-2 RNA ! Alexandra Henrion-Caude's analysis". Excerpts :

      Recently, it was an international study in Frontiers in Virology that caught his attention, published by several scientists who were surprised by the presence of the PRRA sequence in SARS-CoV-2 RNA and wondered why it was inserted. The scientists in the study did a blast. That is, they "looked for homology with all kinds of sequences that exist," in other words, similarity to other publicly available sequences in public databases. They then discovered that the PRRA sequence matched the sequence ID11652 patented in 2017 by Moderna, under US 958 7003. Among the 13 inventors was Stéphane Bancel, CEO of Moderna, a pharmaceutical company that, remember, supplies Covid-19 vaccines internationally...

      Those who are accustomed to using the term "conspiracy theorists" at every turn should be reassured. This information has been circulating among mainstream media such as the American newspaper Daily Mail. On February 24, 2022, Stéphane Bancel replied to a Fox News reporter who asked him why a sequence patented by his pharmaceutical company had been found in the RNA of SARS-CoV-2 that "scientists are analyzing whether these data are real or not. He did not rule out "the hypothesis of laboratory leakage by accident" and the virus having escaped from the Wuhan laboratory in China during research on gains in function. If he had uttered these words at the beginning of the Covid crisis, would he have been censored as Alexandra Henrion-Caude was?...

      In any case, it is surprising that such information, if not killed, does not make the headlines...

      In late June 2022, Alexandra Henrion-Caude opines that "The decline in fertility among the vaccinated is increasingly likely" (article).

    9. (C) Fighting the techno-sanitary monster.

      March 15. Yesterday the requirement to wear masks in stores finally fell. After two years of absence, I went back to a newsagent to browse the latest magazines and bought three. They are below: Nexus, Métal Hurlant, La Décroissance, with a reminder of last September's issue to stay in line with Macron and the title of this appendix.

      In 1974, I was voting for the first time and it was for René Dumont, the first environmentalist candidate in the presidential elections, garnering 1.32% of the vote. The work of the Club of Rome and the first nuclear power plants illuminated the future with a very dark veil, we had to get out of our infinite growth in a finite world as soon as possible. Fifty years later, fifty years lost to overconsumption at the expense of future generations, the situation remains the same, only more pressing. If environmentalists, notably with the journal La Décroissance remain in line with René Dumont and a journal like La Gueule ouverte (covers), others have drifted completely, adapting to a sustainable development, even going so far as to accept mRNA injections, while claiming to reject GMOs (article "Covid Vaccines Modify Human DNA"). And, at the same time, Macron and Europe want nuclear power to become green energy... As for young people, for the most part, they are clueless, they march for the climate and accept the overconsumption of electricity (after the heating, the cars !) and the QR Code controls. They are in Macron's "at the same time" which consists in continuing on the momentum while watching Formula 1 races on TV (yes, these relics of the 20th century still exist...).

      In the latest Nexus (the link is to Wikipedia, which doesn't like this review, which is a good sign... by the way, see the Appendix C 11) (the site, which is copious, is regularly updated), which takes exception to the outrageous denial of ivermectin (essential to understanding these two years of Covid, see the beginning of Chapter 21), I read in "The Chronicle of Fertile Disobedience" : "I must confess that the last two years have particularly affected me and upset my appreciation for many humans. I did not imagine that the population would be so docile in the face of such a considerable restriction of freedom. I did not realize how much our society fears death and disease. We run from death like we run from the plague, and the mere mention of it would be sacrilegious. I didn't realize how ingrained the transhumanist promise was in people's minds." This observation by Jonathan Attias is that of all anti-pass resistance fighters.

      Transhumanism was a recurring theme in the science fiction comic book magazine Métal Hurlant (the covers), which was created in 1975 and whose new issue does a retrospective of the first issues, with the memories of its mythical editor Jean-Pierre Dionnet.

      The debut of a young cartoonist, François Schuiten, in Métal Hurlant #13 (January 1977): he takes off the mask (album Carapaces).
      Dionnet: "This is a prophetic tale that tells us what the Covid is, pitting the forces of life against those of death."
      More than just stories about humans, Schuiten would go on to tell legends of Dark Cities (coverages).

      In Métal Hurlant, Chantal Montellier went further than George Orwell's 1984, arriving at a 1996 not so far from our 2022. Philippe Druillet (on the cover of the retrospective issue) was swimming in metallic transhumanism. Cobalt 60 (a resistance fighter turned mutant) by American Vaughn Bodé (in #4) and Marseille (now Marseil) by Michel Crespin (in #30) took us into a post-atomic world (which cannot be forgotten, Macron and Putin remind us). The future was dark, dehumanized. Just wanting to do a "Ballade" (the already classic Paul Gillon, at #82 bis) ended with a hunt down of the "techno-impérator" (worse than Macron's 135 euro fine...). However, there could be a flinch as in the "Crux Universalis Eternity Road" (at #6) by the young Enki Bilal "and it was serious, very serious for the reigning authority". Yes, there were still a few more or less evanescent escape routes, such as The Green Hand by Nicole Claveloux. The fears of the 1975-1980s reason gloomily in these years 2020-2022 : will the non-vaxxed and anti-passivated have to step aside from those who submit to the digital and transhumanist controls of the techno-sanitary monster supposedly working for the good of all ? "All vaccinated, all protected"...

      Nicole Claveloux, "The Green Hand" in Metal Hurlant #9, 1976. Two non-vaxxed...

      Latest issue of "La décroissance": after sanitation, the Macrons & Co. are able to instrumentalize ecology to this extent...

    10. (C) Socrates, Plato, and Proctor vs. the Covid Sophists

      I have long been reminded of the role of the media in the Covid crisis by the Cave Theory of Plato (-428 - -347). But I'm a scientist, not a literary scholar or philosopher, and I didn't know how to handle the subject. And now the opportunity is given to me by the argument between two philosophers, Mehdi Belhaj Kacem and his master Alain Badiou. In a letter (pdf format) of 38 pages presented in a article of France-Soir of this March 18, 2022, the student, who is part of the resistance, reproaches the master for his belief in the official Covid doctrine. And he speaks there of Plato, of the media hypnosis of the shadows of the cave. With a slight modification of his text, in order to address the readers and not Badiou, I take up his words below. You will understand that there is no doubt that Plato would have accompanied us in the Saturday demonstrations...

      Illustrations and caption from the article by Jean-Pierre Marongiu "The state lie or the allegory of the cave : Macron or Plato?"
      When Brigitte Macron is waving on the screen, is it not in reality Jean-Michel Trogneux?

      Everyone has at least heard of the famous "mythe of the cave" by Greek philosopher Plato. Let's summarize it in broad strokes: human beings are chained in the depths of a cave. They represent, metaphorically, the ignorance in which the common man is immersed. They have never seen the sun, from which they only receive very weak rays. very weakened rays. A fire at their backs casts shadows on the walls of the cave, both of themselves and of the surrounding objects, which they take to be reality itself; they wiggle their bonnets like debilitated people, following the movements of these shadows. They thus represent, according to Plato, the state of cognitive daze in which the overwhelming majority of humanity is immersed.

      What is, on this good basis, the job of the philosopher? It is to undo these prisoners of their chains, and to guide them towards the sun of the true Knowledge, metaphorized by the Sun; and which is, in reality, the intelligible Ideas of Philosophy, armed in particular with Mathematics. Which is called, incidentally: freedom.

      Of course, such an approach is risky. The prisoner may, at first, not be able to bear the liberation, i.e. the dazzling of the Truth. He may prefer to return to his former condition, and thus have wasted the time of the Philosopher in charge of the Awakening of Consciousness. Worse, he may take it out on the one who, claiming to liberate him, will have violated him in his obscurantist superstitions. But the thing can also happen very well, and the prisoner can free himself for real; illuminated by the adequate Ideas of the Sun of the authentic Knowledge, he can return in the cave with the aim of freeing more than in his turn his fellow men. Nothing is, in short, a foregone conclusion. But finally, it is at one's own risk that one embarks on the task of awakening the captive prisoners of cognitive mirages, main vocation of philosophy.

      What would be the modern, timely version of the prisoner of the cave? Wouldn't it be, for example, as we say in French, the figure of the beauf slumped in his couch after a day of thankless work, to consume without interruption, the eye riveted to his giant flat screen television "the chronic torrent of unformed information" ? Answer: yes, we do have a modern version of the good old prisoner of the cave. [...]

      The truth is that we have been living, for the last two years, in the most gigantic hoax that has ever been perpetrated against humanity: in the most crude simulacrum that has ever darkened the view of our fellow human beings. This simulacrum has a name, "pandemic," and a trademark, "Covid 19." I've been putting the word "pandemic" in quotation marks for over a year. And, for many months now, I've not even called it a "pandemic", but an IQ test  again the most constraining that has ever been put to the cognitive abilities of homo sapiens. The good news is that this test is profoundly "egalitarian" and that I have met peasants from Correze who perfectly understand what the situation we have been living for the last two years is all about, and Bac+12 students who have made a big mistake on the same subject.

      The allegory (a better word than myth) of the cave had already been introduced by Socrates (-470 - -399 ) in order to make his interlocutors understand the nature of the Idea of Good. It "functions on an opposition between the subterranean dwelling (without light) and the "world above," the one where natural light shines. The first place is that of confinement, ignorance and appearances, when the second is that of freedom, knowledge, reality" [Wikipedia]. This allegory is linked to the political and ethical context of the Athenian Republic, then in decline (corruption, injustice, deprivation of freedoms ...). A situation close to ours...

      American Robert Proctor [pictured right], a historian of science, has developed the study of this "cultural production of ignorance" a new form of systematic misinformation and censorship of truth involving prominent scientists paid by industry. To describe it, he coined the word agnotology (articles : 1 2). It is "a discipline on the borders of philosophy, sociology, and the history of science whose object is the study of the means used to produce, preserve, and propagate ignorance, but also the study of ignorance itself." With respect to Covid, it can be used to describe the refusal to adopt early treatment and for the refusal to acknowledge the effects of vaxxin recorded in pharmacovigilance.

      A correspondent compares the visions of Plato and Proctor and adapts the allegory of the cave to current realities :

      In the allegory of the cave the world of culture and philosophy is completely separated from the world of beliefs and superstitions; there is no relationship or filiation between the sphere of enlightenment and rational knowledge and the obscurantist sphere of the irrational. At the bottom of the cave, men chained from head to toe since their childhood elaborate alone their false ideas about the shadows. Whereas in "The Cultural Production of Ignorance" for the contemporary world, the misconceptions propagated by the media to the masses are elaborated by highly educated people and quite often by scientific luminaries. In reference to ancient Greece, Plato and Socrates [opposite, painting by David, 1787] the sophists, ("persons using sophisms, specious arguments or reasoning to deceive or delude"), we have for the sophists of today, invited on TV sets, eminent scientists, doctors and experts of all kinds barded with titles and diplomas.

      As Mehdi Belhaj Kacem deplores about the intellectuals of his rank, we must make the sad observation that they have put themselves en masse at the service of Big Pharma and finance to impose the "pandemic" sham and vaccine coercion with an ineffective and dangerous biotechnological product. The number of lucid, courageous and critical scientists and intellectuals has unfortunately remained too sparse. If knowledge was spontaneously put at the service of the economic power, the political power did not hesitate to brandish administrative threats to ensure at least the silence or neutrality of many academics. In spite of the awareness of the imposture, the mass of graduate sophists remained compact and overwhelming to stir up in the caves the great historical fears of contagion and the specter of death, thus allowing the prolongation and extension of the vaccination campaign, even when its inefficiency became more and more evident. Mobilized on TV sets, they stigmatized the non-vaxxed as the cause of the contagion and tried to impose experimental mRNA injections on everyone, even infants...

      Mehdi Belhaj Kacem (interview >>>video>> of 45 mn 33) and Alain Badiou

      For the rest, Mehdi Belhaj Kacem addresses Badiou as one addresses a close friend under the influence of the shadows of the cave. Extracts :

      Didn't you, even for a minute, begin to find it suspicious, to say the least, that 24 hours a day the media is only telling us about "Covid 19," which was killing no more than a seasonal flu, and rather less? Didn't you find it somewhat strange that the very Agnès Buyzin (now paid by Bill Gates) to ban hydroxychloroquine from January 2020, the second most used drug in the world for 70 years, especially in Africa? Then the banning of Azithromycin, Ivermectin, and even, recently, of vitamin D (on the pretext that it would be an "endocrine disruptor")? That, for the first time in the history of medicine, doctors are forbidden both to treat and to prescribe? That we continue, in the midst of the worst "pandemic" that ever was, to close hospital beds by the thousands (more than 17,500 under the Macron era) ? That our president, in the midst of a devastating "pandemic" on all sides, does not allocate one more cent to the public hospital, but nearly 3 billion euros to the mass media, including 500 million just recently? And so many other "details", more and more dubious, more and more anti-scientific, more and more irrational; and in which you will have given, head completely down. [...]

      By calling for mandatory vaccination, your responsibility is this time directly engaged. It is also so that you, as well as all the other intellectuals who have supported the absurd governmental measures of the last two years, may bear this responsibility with full knowledge of the facts, that I am writing this open letter. None of you will be able to say, "I didn't know" anymore. None.

      I did not know Mehdi Belhaj Kacem and I am delighted to have made his acquaintance with this text and a letter he wrote to the mayor of his Correzian commune. He is surely a worthy successor of Plato, he is a voice worth listening to, let's remember his name... Alain Badiou is not the only "philosopher" to have sunk by approving apartheid : Raphaël Enthoven (article), Michel Onfray (article) and Noam Chomsky (article) are among them. They are, of course, silent about early treatment and dangerous vaxxinal effects...

    11. (C) Wikipedia complicit with conspirators and conspiracy-makers

      Nexus, in its latest issue featured above in Appendix C 9 has a third page cover headline "Wikipedia wants to kill me" (reprinted in this article) :

      "Wikipedia wants to kill me". "I, Nexus French edition, am not Australian but French. I have my own identity and my own content, which Wikipedia denies me with a consummate art of amalgam. I was born in 1999 and gradually freed myself from the Australian edition by building my own editorial team. Since 2009, I have had complete freedom to choose my subjects. It happened that, in the 1980s, the Australian Nexus published authors who could be criticized because of a lack of discernment, not because of ideology."

      The magazine explains that it filed a complaint in 2017 for defamation against X and the Wikimedia Foundation, that a dismissal was made, confirmed on appeal, but it was overturned by the Court of Cassation in 2018 and the complaint is under investigation.

      Everyone is familiar with Wikipedia, a collaborative encyclopedia that has taken over the world on the Internet. Many, many contributors have done a remarkable job. I myself refer to it very often. However, this must be done with caution. For example, I referred in Chapter 5 to the encyclopedia's disdain for the "Facts & Documents" journal, believing it to be the establishment's view. The same goes for the Appendices related to Luc Montagnier and Alexandra Henrion-Caude. I also pointed out how Wikipedia took the "legend" of Brigitte Macron as a firm truth, based on celebrity magazines. And for Nexus, without having yet learned about this dispute, I had written, in parentheses: "Wikipedia doesn't like this magazine, which is a good sign...".

      The lobbies have got their hands on this encyclopedia. Just look at the references on which the articles are based. A newspaper like "Le Monde" only tells truths. Any information to the contrary can only be false. So rather than admit that there are two potential explanations of the same fact, Wikipedia believes that the one from the mainstream media is right and the other is wrong. And as this might not be enough, there are also the accusations or amalgams of conspiracy theorists, extreme druids, anti-vax etc.

      The introduction to the page Nexus is characteristic in this respect : "Nexus is an Australian bimonthly magazine devoted to pseudoscience, geopolitics, unconventional medicine, conspiracy theories and historical revisionism among other things. [...] The magazine is accused by various intellectuals of practicing disinformation by promoting, among other things, pseudosciences and conspiracy theories as well as, in its English-language version, anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial." The last sentence is appalling: it is enough that 3 or 4 intellectuals have made these accusations... The confusion between the French and Australian editions is general, the so-called "negative" comments are numerous. Moreover, it's getting funny, the two so-called "positive" comments are actually negative because one is stated by a "reconverted to conspiracism", wham, and the other is the director (New Zealand !) of a "conspiracist magazine", wham ! At this level, it's no longer an encyclopedia, it's an opinion article going as far as defamation. The filing of a complaint is justified. And it would be in many other cases, but it is very difficult to go down that road (articles : 1 2)...

      Wikipedia goes so far as to consider the site "Conspiracy Watch" (its page Wikipedia is complimentary, of course) run by pseudo-journalist Rudy Reichstadt to be the holder of the truth. He went so far as to imagine that there would be a "complosphere" (Wikipedia directs this term to the page "Conspiracy Theory") and that anything that does not conform to the doxa is part of it... So someone, like me, outside the collective, who forges his opinions alone from various sources of information would be a member of this "complosphere". Rudy Reichstadt has thus invented a great global conspiracy, validated by the media and Wikipedia, he is paradoxically the first of the conspiracists. Here is a article on this "anti conspiracy". For "Le Monde", William Audureau (a great ReinfoCovid basher) is of the same ilk, as explained in a article from France-Soir, an obviously conspiracy-minded newspaper, it says in the introduction to its page Wikipedia.

      This encyclopedia distributes good and bad points, thus orienting the opinion of its readers. It has become a propagator of the doxa of the Western rulers. This has not only disadvantages, it is easier to understand, the reader has less need to think. I was educated by the encyclopédie Bordas, the only encyclopedia of the 20th century created by one man, Roger Caratini (1924-2009). It was also a biased work, but the author did not hide from it, unlike Wikipedia.

      Let's get back to Covid and the health doxa supported by Big Pharma and the World Health Organization, WHO (largely funded by Bill Gates, article, opinion by Didier Raoult). See this article title from October 26, 2020, Wikipedia collaborates with WHO :

      Left: "Coronavirus: Wikipedia partners with WHO to spread reliable information about the pandemic".
      Right: "In addition to masks, WHO recommends you wear a blindfold, so the truth doesn't jump out at you!"
      Right image from a March 19 tweet. In early 2020, the WHO was opposed to the general public wearing masks.
      Under pressure from Big Pharma & Co. it changed its mind (article).

      As a result, we find in the encyclopedia lenient pages on Big Pharma or Pfizer, another more critical one, surprisingly, on the OMS. All that's there for Pfizer is the presence of two small "controversies" and the indication of legal wrangling, "a total of $6.171 billion in fines." Granted, a court ruling is inescapable, but all of these convictions are treated more briefly than the charges against Nexus...

      You can search for a "Big Pharma malfeasance" page, you won't find it, but Wikipedia publishes a page squarely titled "Big Pharma conspiracy theory". It's pretty careful, the Covid is not covered, but the mere fact that there is "a conspiracy theory" (it's not even plural) is telling, as is the opening sentence "This theory notably encourages people to avoid vaccination". So if you refuse a vaccine (whatever it is...) you become a follower of the Big Pharma conspiracy theory (a variant of the "complosphere"...). Like Wikipedia also invents a conspiracy and is conspiratorial... Everyone in the end is a conspirator and an accomplice of conspirators. Especially since conspiracies exist... Is it better then to denounce a conspiracy and be a conspiracist or to keep quiet or deny it and be an accomplice of the conspirators ? Isn't a whistleblower (page very positive), by nature, a conspiracist (giving on the page very negative "Conspiracy Theory" and not on a "Conspiracy Whistleblower" page that doesn't exist)  ?

      In the other direction, you can look up the much-repeated "All vaccinated, all protected" state lie, it's not even cited in Wikipedia. For this organ of opinion, it is impossible for a Macronian government to utter such a huge "fake news"... Unmentionables of this type are legion.

      The page on ivermectin is distressing. Its dangers are emphasized and extensively elaborated upon, its benefits are downplayed and quickly addressed, often in the conditional. The successes of this drug against Covid, notably in India or Japan, are ignored. Only the opinion of the WHO prevails with a page on the "controversy", systematically minimizing the positive studies and not even showing the very convincing statistical results in the many countries that have used it, which, at the end, are nevertheless, quickly cited. It is not easy to act against the WHO's advice. One wonders why so many countries have adopted such a bad treatment! By taking such a position against ivermectin, Wikipedia, like the WHO, like Macron, like the mainstream media, has indirectly caused the deaths of people who believed that there is no treatment. And it is not being conspiratorial to say so, it is only referring to the facts transcribed in the Covid death statistics as presented at the beginning of Chapter 21.

      April 21. Release of a article titled "German secret service makes 17,000 changes to Wikipedia." Article from May 30, 2022 : "Is Wikipedia an open encyclopedia or a secret disinformation operation?".

    12. (C) Vaxxins Covid and variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

      On November 1, 2021, in my Covid Journal I wrote this :

      In France, Professors Montagnier, Vélot, Henrion-Caude, and many others abroad had predicted  the vaccine-activatable protein Spike turns out to be toxic to the body. But, much more seriously, scientists have become concerned about the possible role of tampered messenger RNA strands in creating prions (infectious proteins) (article with professors Stephanie Seneff and Joseph Mercola). The first cases have appeared recently. One of them has received some media attention in France, it is Mauricette, Marc Doyer's wife, who testified on Cnews, France-Soir and elsewhere (articles : 1 2 3 4). After she was vaccinated, she got Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, commonly known as "mad cow disease." And there are other cases, apparently very rare but extremely worrisome. The more injections there are, the more there will be...

      On November 12, I know that what I'm going to write there will be my most important column, and for that reason I'm writing it in red. Indeed, I feel that we are at a turning point where it becomes essential to stop the vaxxination as soon as possible. I explain it this way:

      In France, the omerta is finally broken on a TV channel, CNews, with the host Pascal Praud. "He decided to give the floor, every Friday, to those who are confronted with side effects directly or indirectly. The host confesses to receiving thousands of calls from French people wanting to testify. Here is the poignant testimony of Eric Lefèvre, whose wife Stéphanie, 48 years old, died after being vaccinated. She was in very good health, without any comorbidity. At the end of August 2021, she was vaccinated with the two Pfizer doses. Following the injections, she experienced symptoms: dizziness, loss of balance ... Specialists will put a name on these symptoms: Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) which will take this mother of two children in less than a month. She died on November 10, 2021.". Her husband : "There are very few cases in France and there we see, since we meet with a collective, that in a few days we have identified five cases. We had seen one on November 1. Article. The last case of vCJD (form of Creutzfeldt-Jakob) was in 2019... There had been one case in 2013 and another in 2014... Then you have to go back to 2009 with 2 cases (report).

      It's 9pm on this November 12 and I decide to give special importance to what I wrote this afternoon. I feel this information is momentous, more so than any of the above. "Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) is a degeneration of the central nervous system characterized by the accumulation of a prion (an abnormal form of a protein that can transmit the disease). The incubation period can be years or even decades before balance and sensitivity problems appear, followed by dementia. The outcome is consistently fatal within approximately one year." (page wikipedia). The authorities have been prevaricating for months to claim that there would be no proven deaths from the "vaccines" Covid, only coincidences, even though there have been thousands of suspicious deaths (reported or not) in France (see Nov. 1 - 6). There is no doubt about it, the fact that this disease is almost non-existent in France and that there have been at least six patients in a short period of time following Pfizer injections shows that Pfizer's product is definitely responsible. All the more so as other cases have been detected, notably in the USA. And the victims are young people without comorbidity, in good health. So rather than continue to promote the 3rd dose and cause willingly new deaths for this and other causes, the urgency is to stop everything. Never has it been more blatantly obvious that these injections are poisons and those who refuse to stop them when they have the power to do so can only be considered criminals. Unless this information from the six cases can be proven wrong.

      Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease of humans is the equivalent of trembling disease of sheep and bovine spongiform encephalopathy or mad cow disease of cattle, with a pattern of transmission described opposite.

      Appearing in 1986 in English cattle herds, it peaked at 37,280 cattle in 1992 in that country, spreading to Europe and some other countries. Transmission to humans is discovered in 1996, 232 cases will be diagnosed worldwide [article].

      These cases are similar to recent cases detected after mRNA injection, except that the incubation period is much shorter.

      For me, the statistics had spoken, the number of cases counted ruled out chance, there could only be a common cause and the only plausible one was vaxxination. The public authorities had to draw the consequences. Supported by scientific sophists won over by agnotology (see Appendix 10), they preferred to persist in denial. Four months later, the cases have multiplied, no other plausible cause has emerged, and the denial remains, increasingly unfounded. A lengthy article provides an update on this scandal. Here is the summary with chapter titles and subtitles :

      Postvaccine Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, an epidemic within an epidemic?
      • The medical profession's response: are we listening to the right people?
        • "There is obviously a common issue globally."
        • A cluster of evidence for a possible link
        • What do health authorities and the medical profession respond?
      • Epidemiology of the disease: is it too early to worry ?
        • More suspected cases found in a few weeks than in 27 years
        • What if it's not random?
        • "We don't question vaccination."
      • Excluding the role of the vaccine: on what basis did the ANSM rely?
        • A theoretical risk but considered minimal by the European Medicines Agency
        • Was the precautionary principle respected?
        • The exclusion of the vaccine was based on a single criterion: the time of onset of the disease
        • No alternative cause is advanced by the ANSM.
        • Epidemiologic surveillance of the disease in question.
        • The ANSM excluded two major criteria, semiologic and bibliographic
        • The ANSM does not know, so it formally excludes the role of the vaccine
      • Mechanism of action of the injections: scientists have been warning for more than a year about this risk
        • Toxicity of lipid nanoparticles
        • Disruption of the blood-brain barrier
        • Identification of a " prion " region in the Spike protein
        • Codon enhancement and alteration of protein conformation
        • Messenger RNA quantity and quality.
        • Persistence of the Spike protein in the organism.
      • Health authorities chose: sacrificing the French rather than the vaccine
        • Lies of omission: can we talk about endangering the lives of others ?
        • Legal liability of laboratories: who will compensate the French tomorrow?
        • Is the precautionary principle respected today ?
        • Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate, whatever it costs
      • Conclusion

      Following is a warning and a note:

      A study published in preprint since the writing of this article, co-authored by neurologist C. Moret Chalmin, Prof. L. Montagnier and mathematician J.-C. Pérez confirms the hypothesis that we support here: "Towards the emergence of a new form of neurodegenerative Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease: Sixteen cases of CJD reported a few days after a COVID-19 "vaccine". The findings of this study will be presented at the 16th World Congress of Controversies in Neurology (CONy) to be held virtually in London on March 24-27, 2022.
      It will be recalled that Luc Montagnier and Alexandra Henrion-Caude had announced that they had discovered, during the sequencing of the SARS-CoV2 genome carried out shortly after its release : for the former, HIV and malaria sequences; for the latter, a sequence present at the furin cleavage site, found identically in a patent filed by Moderna in 2016, as confirmed in an article published on February 21, 2022 in the journal Frontiers of Virology, which demonstrates that the probability of a natural origin of the virus containing such a patented sequence is statistically zero.

      In its page on the bone cow crisis, Wikipedia recalls the enormous media, also ethical and philosophical, implicating political personnel, stir of this crisis in 1996. And now, while the number of detected cases appears to be of the same order, more geographically sparse, nothing or almost nothing. This crisis had led to a strong decision: to ban animal meal to cattle.

      May 4. Marc Doyer announces in a tweet the death of his wife Mauricette, who died of variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.
      June 17: interview with Marc Doyer, who issues a "Call to freedom, to life..." And article on the June 18 rally. June 22: article by Patrice Gibertie taking stock, with more than 100 cases listed in France. July 6 : article "French study links fatal Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease to Covid vaccines." Aug. 22 : article about a suppressed study in the US.

    13. (C) The McKinsey boy Macron facing McKinseyGate

      Several times in this issue, the American strategy consulting firm McKinsey has been mentioned, especially at the beginning of Chapter 22. With Young Global Leaders at the helm (see Appendix D 5), the role of this multinational organization has been essential in spreading Covid paranoia across the planet. A hellish game of one-upmanship among the conspiring countries helped to build this "pandemic" into a disaster beyond the health framework. The other countries, those that did not play this Big Pharma game, were largely spared the disease, as seen in the statistics presented at the beginning of Chapter 21.

      On McKinsey, for once, the Wikipedia page is quite critical with a chapter on the "Opioid Health Scandal" (not Covid, come on, scandals used to be...), one on "fund embezzlement in Belgium", another on "Racketeering lawsuits/falsification of documents". In 2020, the firm has 33,000 employees, including 18,000 consultants. Nearly 140 nationalities are present within the group. In France, McKinsey has 470 consultants in 2019, from the top French schools.

      Another chapter focuses on "Accusations of tax evasion in France" :"In March 2022, the Senate commission of inquiry into consulting firms finds that "McKinsey has paid no corporate taxes in France for the past ten years." In addition, the associate director and head of the public sector at McKinsey, Karim Tadjeddine, is suspected of having provided false testimony, during a hearing under oath on January 18, 2022. This accusation follows similar facts in Norway."Thus was born what is called the McKinseyGate.

      To read the article in Le Monde on March 25 entitled "Macron says he is 'shocked' by the tax optimization practiced by the McKinsey firm, Attal calls on the administration to use the advice 'sparingly'", one can laugh. That's actually what does with a article thus illustrated :

      Center Macron at a conference organized by the Montaigne Institute and the McKinsey Global Institute on June 23, 2016. (MAXPPP).
      Right, hijacked election poster.

      France Info published a slightly more biting article (pictured above center) headlined "Covid-19: we sum up the controversy around McKinsey, the firm advising the government on vaccine strategy". But there is a tremolo : "She's not the only one to weigh in". And sympathetic testimonials "You have a crisis, a lockdown, plus the vaccine to manage.... Obviously we need outside help", "In general, I'm not too shocked by the use of consulting firms". Even when it's a multinational octopus spreading a global crisis for the interests of Big Pharma ?...

      Son: "Victor Fabius, associate director of the consulting firm McKinsey,
      a firm that the state paid tens of millions of euros to set up its "vaccine strategy"
      Father: "Laurent Fabius, president of the Constitutional Council, charged with ruling
      on the constitutionality of the "vaccine strategy" sold to the state by the firm headed by his son

      A article in France-Soir, while quite wise, still speaks of a "progressiveputsch," of "the stranglehold of the American consulting firm McKinsey on the implementation of vaccine policy in France," and raises the question of a "peril for the sovereignty and security of France ?"

      You have to go elsewhere to measure the extent of the damage. For example, on the site, a article titled "McKinsey Gate & Macron: Fillon's suits were a joke..." to make it clear that this scandal is more important than the one that removed François Fillon from the 2017 presidential election. It is recalled the role played by McKinsey in this campaign of 2017 so that his foal is elected. Its president is also close to Macron, he is the one who lied before the Senate's commission of inquiry ... Beyond that, it is the whole influence of the United States and its CIA on Europe that is reinforced (article of June 30, 2022).

      This affair will perhaps awaken a few sleeping consciences, but as long as the Covid scandal is not recognized, the mainstream media can only put the lid back on a mishap that remains manageable... The McKinseyGate is all the more controlled since a year ago, we already knew that the tax was not paid, as Xavier Poussard pointed out [F&D496p9] in April 2021, using an article from Le Monde. And he added other information which, even today, remains hushed up:

      The shadow of this multinational consulting firm that is as opaque as it is tentacular looms over Emmanuel Macron's career since the Attali Commission [in 2007] to the organization of the vaccination campaign (as revealed by Politico, January 6, 2021), through the sale of Alstom, but also that of Technip, without forgetting the presidential election of 2017, the high point of this collaboration. In the MacronLeaks, we indeed identify "a score of very active employees of the firm. Partners ("associates") seasoned as well as young enthusiasts. To write the candidate's program as well as to manage the stewardship" (McKinsey, a firm in Macron's footsteps, February 6, 2021 [link]). [...]

      From an operational standpoint, Emmanuel Macron's candidacy can, to some extent, be seen as a product delivered in kit form by McKinsey & Company.

      [collage by Camille Durand for the aforementioned Le Monde article]

      And in 2022, is McKinsey still writing the program for the puppet Macron?

      May 13. McKinseygate is no longer news, but the revelations continue, about the McKinsey firm's role in the WHO's global vaxxination campaign (articles : 1 2 ) and on guidelines from the French Ministry of Health, with financial ties to Pfizer (article).

    14. (C) Misinformation all the way to the booksellers, chaos erased.

      After two years of hardship, we can finally return to the booksellers without a mask. Those have not been brilliant during the crisis, slavishly applying government constraints. Assuming they had no choice, they could now present the works of the whistle-blowers. In a provincial town, I went to the largest bookstore. I looked for the Covid section, I couldn't find it... Then I went next door, to the FNAC... I looked and looked... in vain. Having difficulty to believe it I went to the salesman, a young man in good health. I asked him why he was wearing a mask. He stammered something about recommendations, he didn't seem to know much. I asked him if there was a virus in the air. Silence. Maybe the Covid? Silence. "That's just what I came to ask you, do you have a Covid  shelf?". He then directed me to a corner, showing me this half-shelf where there were only two books on the famous coronavirus, one on the "Covid long how to get out of it" (without the vaxxin...), the other, further on, on "The messenger RNA revolution" (before or after the Covid ?) and that's it!

      Right, Robert Kennedy Jr's book that describes the methods of the Big Pharma conspirators for those who don't
      believe or those who want to know more... (analysis, large excerpts, pdf of 154 illustrated pages)

      So we had for two years a disease supposedly extremely dangerous to the point of making vaxxination almost compulsory for all and there are practically no books about it. Even today, we are still bothered with masks, caregivers are deprived of their work for a disease that hardly exists in bookshops...

      I was looking for the Robert Kennedy Jr book, at least to flip through it... It's a big hit in the US, but not well known in France. I could have argued for the bookseller to display some. But this profession seems so muzzled to me... At the cash registers, the staff was not, phew...

      This phenomenon seems to be quite widespread, so much so that a correspondent communicated to me, on April 8, the following statement :

      That the booksellers, who, to their great detriment, have walled themselves up in the covidist rituals for two years do not put on sale the many books that have come out on this subject (Perronne, Raoult, Kennedy, Fouché etc.) is perplexing! Contrary to the me(r)dias of the high road, they are not however directly financed by the billionaires. This is apparently a phenomenon of self-censorship, of great significance for the uncertain future of the industry. It is a little-noticed aspect of the West's ongoing cultural suicide...

      May 20. I went back to the biggest bookstore in my city (before the Fnac). Not finding there again a book on Covid, I asked for assistance. There were two books. One was titled on the long Covid, apparently forgetting that it only exists because of the absence of early treatments (cf. interview of Prof. Raoult). The other is Laurent Toubiana's "Covid 19, Another View of the Epidemic," which I bought. Based on a rigorous study of official figures, the author repositions the severity of Covid at a level far below the flu 2014-2015, in terms of number of sick. It is the inadequate way of treating the disease that has caused the excess deaths (95,000 in France from March 2020 to December 2021, link INSEE), compared to the official 148,000 deaths (so 50% =of excess). On the end, he wonders :

      In mathematics, chaos theory studies the behavior of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions, a phenomenon generally illustrated for the general public, by "the butterfly effect". For such systems, minute differences in initial conditions lead to completely different results, generally making any long-term prediction impossible. Thus the illusory idea that it was possible to predict the number of deaths in a population by simulating frustrating models, based on roughly estimated parameters, was considered by somewhat serious scientists to be a vast joke. After all, as Milan Kundera  wondered:"But what is "serious" ? Is serious the one who believes in what he makes others believe". This is indeed the drama that we have experienced during this Covid crisis, because the authorities wanted to believe people who made them believe chimeras. Thus we had the disaster and chaos.

      The author does not go beyond this critical point, but one can, of course, only wonder about those, men of influence, entrepreneurs, politicians, scientists, journalists, who manipulated the chimeras of chaos and how they coordinated their actions. Now they are trying to erase them, even in the shelves of bookstores.

    15. (C) Workers, lawyers, population subjected to state terrorism.

      The Macronian state has terrorized its population by imposing unnecessary health constraints, as we have seen, with its caregivers particularly targeted, the non-vaxxed as well. But the spectre of state violence is also exercised on certain other categories of the population. Artists, shopkeepers, entrepreneurs forced to stop working under penalty of strong financial sanctions, previously the yellow vests had been fought by oversized means. Journalists too are particularly constrained, the major newspapers being put under artificial respiration of state subsidies (list). Justice is also being brought to heel, beware of lawyers who attack the unjust measures of the state.

      For this, the custody of the lawyer Virginie de Araujo-Recchia has a very strong symbolic significance. In a statement (article), she recounts how on March 22 she was awakened by hooded police officers who kidnapped her in front of her children. France-Soir posted this distressing message at the time :

      Communiqué. We inform you that the lawyer Virginie de Araujo-Recchia was arrested this morning and placed in police custody. We have no idea on what basis such a measure was ordered and what she was accused of. Since this morning we are trying to find out where she was taken. All our efforts in this regard remain in vain. Thank you for running this press release without changing a single word. We will keep you informed as soon as possible. The lawyers who are working with her.
      Right: in 2018, the yellow vests, the lack of hospital resources, the repression...

      Six other people were treated the same way, including yellow vest Sylvain Baron (interview). Finally, after 60 hours, she was released, like Sylvain Baron. Nothing was held against them, which was to be expected if there had been a prior study. The pretext to intimidate them? The plot that Rémy Daillet, an original who gave himself an importance he never had (article), would have fomented. Virginie was his lawyer on a case, Sylvain had lunch with him... This sounds like the Tarnac affair that had made a big flop. The state is conspiratorial and looks for conspirators blindly...

      Among other actions (list), Virginie de Araujo sent to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in November 2020 a report entitled "Dictatorship 2020 Report, State Terrorism, Infringement of Fundamental Interests and Crime Against Humanity". It seems that for the Macronian state, this deserved a sanction, a vexation to intimidate her and the profession for a better submission to the power in place. Excerpts from the communiqué :

      There has been a significant increase in the number of police custody in the recent period against lawyers or journalists. In the absence of serious or sufficient evidence, the state tendency is thus to intimidate these two professions, which nevertheless constitute one of the foundations of any Democracy. [...]

      The interviewer asked me to outline my "ideology". To which I replied that it was not ideology but proven and justified facts that I have been meticulously cataloguing for two years. All the hearings of the International Court of Public Opinion/Grand Jury have allowed me to hear the testimonies of some of the world's greatest experts in scientific and medical matters, in psychopathology and psychology, in history, economics, geostrategy as well as the testimonies of victims from the present and the past. I have personally collected testimonies from victims' parents, caregivers and French firemen in order to present them to the Grand Jury. It is about expertise, professionals, witnesses, victims. It is not about ideology. The only goal is to find the truth. [...]

      Some media outlets have reported a "terrorist dossier" and, with my name cited as "lawyer representing various figures in conspiracy circles" or even "extremist groupings", the defamatory nature of this amalgam will not have escaped anyone. I will not leave it at that because it is pure defamation and intent to harm but I will request a right of reply.

      April 5. On Friday, April 1, Me Virginie de Araujo-Recchia filed a complaint against the association La République en Marche (Emmanuel Macron's political party) on behalf of the citizen associations and AIMSIB (The International Association for Independent and Benevolent Scientific Medicine). The plaintiffs accuse Emmanuel Macron's political party of "sectarian abuses," involving facts of "fraudulent abuse of the state of ignorance and situation of weakness," as well as "complicity in poisoning and genocide." To argue this, the associations and the lawyer rely mainly on the last two years of crisis management, including liberticidal measures, control of information and "collective hypnosis". Article. Was the lawyer's custody intended to delay the filing of this complaint ?

    16. (C) Consequences of Covid "vaccines": the dead and disabled.

      Governments that have forced their people to be vaxxed hide the sometimes disastrous consequences of the injections on healthy people who would have had nothing to fear from Covid if they had been treated with banned early treatments. The word pharmacovigilance is practically absent from the mainstream media, the terrible damage of a criminal health policy is hidden.

      Page 11 of the number of France-Soir of April 1 presents the Covid assessment with the hidden figures of pharmacovigilance in Europe, followed by the testimony of the American cardiologist Peter McCullough :

      The lies told during the Covid crisis, and their catastrophic consequences, will make a part of the population distrustful of doctors and will aggravate the existing one towards the governors and the media. In particular, antivaxers are likely to become anti-vaccine. A article titled "Inventing diagnoses to cover up vaccine damage - a scam as old as vaccination itself" recalls the methods and rhetoric on polio, which bear many similarities to the Covid shenanigans. Yes, trust in the medical profession is deeply affected.
      The supported and prolonged media push (including July 2022) to encourage vaccinated women to get vaxxed was such that ReinfoCovid published a file titled "Vaccinating Pregnant Women is Absolute Insanity."

      Since the beginning of the epidemic, the official narrative has been that the response to the crisis has been similar around the world. In other words, there are no early treatments, containment and masking are necessary measures, and finally, vaccines are the only solution. As a cardiologist specializing in internal medicine and a world-renowned expert on the Covid-19 pandemic, I can say that nothing could be further from the truth, that this is propaganda, and that there are early treatments. [...]
      Concerning vaccination, not only is its effectiveness still to be proven, but it has caused many side effects (still not taken into account in most countries). [...] On July 12, 2021, President Macron's peremptory assertions had nothing scientific about them (I have everything at hand to prove it), but nevertheless prompted many French people to get vaccinated. We got the same message in the United States: two vaccines and you get your freedom back. To discuss all these issues, not to mention confinements and different vaccine passports, I proposed to be heard by the French Parliament. My proposal was not accepted, although I testified at U.S. Senate hearings in 2020 and 2022.

      In France, a report from the ANSM (Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament) indicates, as of September 1, 2022, 181,897 cases of side effects recorded, 25% of which were serious, i.e. 45,474 serious cases. These are unproven cases (with no proven causal link with vaxxin, with some exceptions) but validated because they are strictly controlled. There are all the other cases that are not validated because they are attributed to chance, or are not sufficiently characteristic, or are considered benign, or because the people affected do not know how to relate them to the injections (especially for sudden deaths that do not follow the injection quickly) or do not want to comply with the constraints of reporting. There is significant underreporting (links : 1 2). These numbers should be considered as minimums. Statistical data will provide a better perception, for example, the excess number of cardiac incidents, thrombosis... Charts from this report (link to others) :

      At left, distribution of adverse events by age. 54% for those under 50, for whom Covid risks are very low...

      Another report from the ANSM shows that, of the 30. 178 serious cases recorded in France for Pfizer vaxxin alone, as of August 25, there are  1544 deaths (544 of unknown origin), 1213 life-threatening, 9400 hospitalizations, 51 cardiac arrests, 1134 strokes, 1261 pulmonary embolisms, 286 spontaneous miscarriages, 806 myocarditis, 1163 pericarditis, 1215 thromboses, 1719 gynecological disorders,

      A site lists some of the "deaths by vaxxination."

      As shown in an earlier report, , women are particularly affected by side effects, at about 70%. A roundtable was held in April 2022 to provide an update. Excerpts from this >>>video>>> of 1 hr 28 mins (soon to be 400. 000 views) : some women will "have painful periods throughout their lives, very intense pain, incapacitation for a few days a month", "There are little 13-year-old girls who are told they may no longer be fertile, who as a result of the vaccination no longer have periods and have breast atrophy"... Because they wanted to play sports or travel, Macron and his health pass ruined their lives... Complaints are being filed against the state, more than 1,000 people currently. The almost complete silence of the mainstream media is also criminal. If the public had been warned from the beginning, if they had not been pushed to be injected with dangerous substances, we would not be in this situation... The comments on this Youtube video are impressive. Here is a characteristic one:

      My goodness I am glad to see this show!!! I have been prone since my 1st pfizer injection to spasmophilia attacks, or something close to it. The 1st one was extremely violent, 3 hours of convulsion starting 5 minutes after the injection. I was at the vaccinodrome of Lille Grand Palais and left without having been admitted to the emergency room. Without any proof of what had happened to me other than the photo of the liaison sheet of the Sdis doctor that I had demanded to take. I then fought thanks to my doctor so that the pharmacovigilance accepts to take into account the incident. 4 other crises since July, a strong weight gain. My doctor wrote me a prescription for a contraindication to the vaccine recall... without effect and I found myself classified as antivax and without a health pass on February 15. And the medical profession as a whole explains to me that it is psychological and that there can be no link with the vaccine. Amazing.
      The medical check-ups don't show anything in particular and so I am told that I have to do the booster with a little relaxation. General blindness. Fear has taken the place of a rational attitude. I am angry and worried about what the aftermath might be for my health. My spouse is traumatized by the successive crises she has witnessed. She is therefore not vaccinated. And so we are suspect in the eyes of the majority, convinced that we are conspiracy theorists. I am going to get closer to these groups. I am 50 years old and had never had this type of health problem. I have never doubted our political and governmental authorities and I have never doubted our health care system. Now I do. And the media brainwashing for 2 years has been surreal. It has sown fear and done far more harm than the virus. I want to join these people and fight to stop this blindness.

      And, as time goes by, more and more serious cases are revealed. In Appendix C 12, we saw cases of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, an English study shows the increased "risk of blood clots and venous thrombosis up to three months after infection, pulmonary embolism up to six months after, and a bleeding event up to two months after" (article). A U.S. study shows that "Fetal deaths have increased by nearly 2,000% since vaccine deployment began" (article)... And still in this month of April 2022, in France, Macron's government continues to ban early treatment and push the population to get vaxxed... It is a voluntary endangerment. And the best caregivers, those who realized this catastrophe and refused to be accomplices, are still suspended...

      May 7: publication of a article entitled "Vaccines: '8 out of 1,000 vaccinated suffer serious side effects', according to a German study." July 23 : the German ministry reduces this figure to 1 in 5000 for reported cases and launches an alert (article), while in France Minister Véran announced, in January 2021, 1 in 138,000 mild adverse reactions (article) !

      May 20. INSEE statistics for 2021 have just been released  "From August to December 2021, the gap between observed and expected deaths became, however, greater than Covid-19-related deaths" (link). Just after the period of mass vaxxination. The INSEE obviously supposes other causes, valid at other times, but the statistical figures confirm those of pharmacovigilance : vaxxins caused a surplus of mortality in France. A article from May 21 specifies that this increase is in those under 55, graph opposite. And article "Pfizer and safety testing. Scientific fraud ?". June 11: article titled "At least 77,000 deaths and 7.3 million adverse event reports following COVID vaccination in the US, Europe, UK and Australia." June 21 : tribune "Camouflaged side effects" indicating "approximately 30,000 deaths in Europe," "1,788% increase in menstrual cycle disorders, 732% increase in strokes, with more than 60% of these serious adverse events occurring on the same day of vaccination." Still based on official pharmacovigilance figures... As of July 30, 2022, US + EU: 76,789 deaths and 6,083,773 injuries (article).

      As a complement to the beginning graphic of Chapter 21: a 31-page pdf file establishing a global Covid status report as of July 2, 2022, by General Dominique Delawarde, which shows how the most vaccinated countries, without early treatment, were the ones with the highest mortality, with the glaring case of Singapore (page 5) (link). And other articles : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ("Adverse events are 20 times greater in less than two years than in 50 years of statistics on all other vaccines combined").

    17. (C) An epidemic of coincidences.

      16 years old, 60 years old, 70 years old, two heart attacks, one heart attack death among people I know, that's a lot, but it's not vaxxin, it's coincidence, whew... It's a coincidence if they were injected, besides it is not declared to the pharmacovigilance... We have been hearing this for months and months and yet the statistics speak for themselves. Here are two of them.

      The first graphic is from a article on the Hashtable website titled "An Epidemic of Coincidences." Soccer authorities have long listed players who have died on the field. The average in recent years was about 5 per year. And now, all of a sudden, in the first 11 months of 2021, 25 deaths. And that would be the chance! Already in mid-August it was blatant with three Belgian cyclists (article) and a article in the Marianne newspaper dared to write "not enough data", "In the current state there are no elements to make a recommendation", "As for the cost-risk benefit, it still very clearly leans in favor of the vaccine", well let's see certainly not for healthy young people ! The editors of this magazine were putting their readers at risk by saying that they should not listen to Belgian doctors who advised against high-intensity sports for a week after the injection... In January 2022, the list of sportsmen who died suddenly grew longer (article).

      Let's turn to the second graph. We are now in mid-April 2022, the American pharmacovigilance statistics referencing cardiac accidents (myocarditis and pericarditis) following a vaccination explode in 2021 and 2022 (article from France-Soir). And you have a criminal journalist (endangering people, inciting to take a dangerous drug for the health of healthy young people...) from FranceInfo, his name is Thomas Pontillon, who tells that "all this does not constitute proof. Most often, there is another explanation.". And strangely, in France, unlike in the US, it would be fine: "according to the health authorities, these few cases of myocarditis do not call into question the benefit-risk ratio of vaccines, which remains very largely favorable". The same speech as Marianne's ten months earlier.

      The third graph shows the dramatic increase in 2021 in the number of deaths in the U.S. amy (link).

      Agreement the journalists take refuge behind "the health authorities" who are more criminal than they are. But they have a brain, their job is also to investigate, it is not to repeat what the Macronian AFP tells. And it would be necessary to give guarantee to all this enterprise of disinformation for five more years?

      May 31. Serious diseases, such as cancers, have been reactivated by vaxxination. This is the ADE (Antibody-Dependent Enhancement) phenomenon, literally translated as "antibody-enhancement." In some people, vaxins appear to gradually damage the immune system. This phenomenon had been identified by a September 28, 2021 study (article). The authorities have been playing dumb but all this has been confirmed. The conclusion of a new article suggests that, again, coincidences will be guilty :

      Antibodies to the Spike protein do and will contribute to EDA phenomena caused by infection following vaccination. This can manifest as acute or chronic autoimmune and inflammatory conditions worsening the severity of the disease and the overall pandemic situation. One thing is certain, the government and the High Council of Public Health (HCSP) have no interest in the ADE effect of facilitating antibodies being able to be demonstrated in countries that have practiced over-vaccination like France.

      "In the first phase of vaccination, only 5% of batches were affected by vaccine accidents. Placebos, different dosages and ingredients. We don't know. What is certain is that since the third dose called booster, the accidents appear more frequent, and faster, although we can also distinguish geographical varieties, which suggests differences in the batches. Russian roulette..." (article titled "Celine Dion and Justin Bieber, same tragic fates after anti-covid injections") (another article about Justin Bieber).

    18. (C) A very large scale Milgram experiment.

      I hope the planetary Covid crisis is over, except probably in a few countries, like China and Australia, stuck in their absurd "Zero Covid" policy. We saw with the graph in Chapter 21 that many countries, especially in Africa, escaped it with early treatments early on and others, especially in Asia, greatly limited the effects, adopting ivermectin around September 2021. This simple observation of a disease whose effects differ according to national health policies means that it is not a pandemic in the classical sense, with similar effects everywhere. In some countries, including France, it has come to the point of overriding the Nuremberg Code by conducting forced and dangerous experimental drug trials on millions of human beings.

      To achieve this, the leaders of these countries operated a stupefying operation among the inhabitants so that they could accept the unthinkable. These were the confinement, the aggravation of the disease by the prohibition of early treatment, the compulsory mask, the stigmatization of the resisters, the apartheid... "Sheep ! Sheep ! Gentle sheep ! In order to shear you we must scare you ! Two months ago we told you that you were too stupid to wear a mask... Now they make you pay very high fines if you don't wear the masks imposed by your nice shepherds... Masks that cost you a lot of money! And you keep quiet !" exclaimed Jean-Claude Meyer on June 1, 2020 on a page of his blog titled "The acceptance of Covid19 containment falls under the Milgram syndrome !".

      This way of conditioning a population and making them dependent on bona fide sadists was formalized in 1963 by a Milgram experiment, by American psychologist Stanley Milgram. "This experiment evaluates the degree of obedience of a resident of the United States in the very early 1960s in the face of an authority that he considers legitimate and makes it possible to analyze the process of submission to authority, particularly when it induces actions that pose problems of conscience for the subject."

      Cecily de Villepoy, in "La Revue Dessinée" #32, Winter 2018

      On September 8, 2021, in a article on his Yetiblog, Pierrick Tillet wrote :

      In reality, very few manage to escape the hierarchical grid of submission to the established order. In his famous experiment to assess the degree of obedience of citizens, Professor Milgram succeeded in getting his (paid) human guinea pigs to inflict punishment in the form of electric shocks on designated culprits. In reality, the experimenters and the "culprits" were actors and no electric shocks were delivered. But the guinea pigs were unaware of this and eventually obeyed the inane orders given to them.
      Only 15% of them refused to obey. Look closely, this is about the percentage of French people who still resist to the first dose of vaccine.
      When the winds have changed, when the old established order has totally collapsed (which cannot fail to happen), it is they, the resistance fighters, who will impose the new order, which the relieved masses will rally around. The only important task for the resistance fighters is to prepare this new world, calmly, quietly, patiently. Their time is coming.

      The problem with Pierrick Tillet, and many others, is that when the time came for the resistance fighters to put down the old order and rally the relieved masses, he preferred to give in to the established order and abstain from voting against Macron (article). He made this April 24, 2022 what he himself calls, for having wanted it, a "day of shame" (article). Le Pen would not have had a majority in the assembly, Macron probably will. And for some sanitary, ecological or warlike reason considered catastrophic by the servile media, he will reinstate nose muzzles and a QR Code apartheid. This is already being prepared for next fall (article).

      Whatever the case, it appears that slowly an awareness is emerging. Statistical data, McKinseygate and other revelations point in that direction. It is too slow, but the truth can only come out, even too late. For Brigittegate too.

    19. (C) Masks for all have made the health crisis worse.

      I have said repeatedly in this issue, mandating masks for the entire population has no conclusive health effect. A surgical mask lets through particles of 800 nanometers, those of Covid are less than 140 nanometers (article), no need to go further to understand, but I had still indicated links to many, many studies that point in the same direction. With in addition the ecological disaster of billions of waste. The misinformation is such that the French, for the most part, still believe in the sanitary utility of what is only a means of submission. We are beginning to have some hindsight and, finally, I was too moderate in my comments, because the countries that imposed the mask have worsened the crisis, as shown by statistical data in the United States and on several European countries (article). One study even shows that "masks are responsible for more Covid deaths, according to one study" (articles : 1 2). But even in the face of such compelling evidence, the Macronian sheep, like the submissives in Milgram's experiment or those in Plato's cave or those in Orwell's totalitarianism, are so hypnotized that they won't believe it...

      In black the countries, including France, where the mask was mandatory, in red those where it was not. And a tweet from Sivano Trotta recalling the unnecessary health constraints of May 2021 when in May 2022 there are twice as many Covid cases and no constraints... "People wearing masks were unconsciously retaining droplets of the virus in their masks and inhaling them back into their lungs" (link).

      Ban early treatment, muzzle, force injections experimental injections, confine, prohibit movement, discriminate, they're willing to invent another crisis to start over.

      "Vaccinating children with a vaccine that does not prevent transmission to protect people who are already vaccinated will go down in the annals of medical stupidity." Laurent Taubiana, epidemiologist.

    20. (C) Early treatments and the involvement of the Elysian couple.

      For me, as for almost all Covid antivaxxers, there was from 2020 to 2022 a "crime against humanity" on the scale of many governments that agreed, under pressure from WHO, Big Pharma, Great Reset etc., to ban early treatments and force vaxxination. This has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths.

      Yet, it would have been enough to simply apply the law. Covid vaxxins (which are experimental treatments, not vaccines) were not entitled to a conditional Marketing Authorization (MA). I explained in the introduction of my neighboring page Covid, July 26, 2021 and ,this March 25, 2022, brigittologist Maria (yes Brigitte and vaxxinx Covid it's the same fight against state lies) provides clarification  :

      The vaccines were granted, at the European level, a conditional MA, which as its name suggests was issued with conditions :
      1. to provide the many missing data ( children, pregnant women, people over 65 years old), and many other data including their genotoxicity, oncogenicity, among others.
      2. that there are no alternative treatments for covid ("the drug addresses unmet medical needs").
      3. for a renewable term of 1 year.
      We now know that the conditional renewal has gone out the window, that the trials on children are ongoing and only started a few months ago, ditto for pregnant women who were started to be vaccinated well before the official studies, which are still ongoing.Similarly for comorbidities that had not been included in the initial trials, these vaccines having been tested on healthy subjects....and the missing data is still missing for the most part...
      So conditional MA + the vaccines distributed in the West are all in experimental phase, in phase 3 more exactly (3 out of 4). Normally, the development of a drug is carried out by the manufacturer's laboratory, at its own expense, and above all, the patients are subject to serious surveillance (and are not released into the wild 1/4 hour after the injection). The current pharmaco-vigilance is almost non-existent. The follow-up of the vaccinated subjects = nothing, whereas normally there should be a regular follow-up to be able to pass in phase 4. None of the usual rules for the development of a drug (or a vaccine) have been respected. It is a total opacity. For prion diseases, nothing can obviously be excluded since pharmacovigilance has not been carried out. Professor Montagnier spoke about this and he is not the only one. The information must go back up, and in France as in many countries, autopsies are not performed, which would give vital information. Here is a quick summary of the facts (this is not an opinion)

      Many studies show that ivermectin's efficacy in early treatment of Covid is better than vaxxins, and this is supported by statistics, especially in India (source). But no study has said that it is a miracle treatment, whereas it has been said to be for vaxxins ("All vaccinated, all protected"). On the right, questioning the July 8, 2022, assassination of Shinzo Abe, the former Japanese prime minister (July 12 tweet opposite, article from July 29).

      On April 9, 2020, in a great media spectacle, Emmanuel Macron had visited Professor Didier Raoult in Marseille, who challenged the government's health policy and advocated the use of an early treatment, based on hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin. Behind the polite formulas, it was a kind of "bais de la mort", the government having continued its mortifying policy and Prof. Raoult having softened his criticism. Under a catchy title, the following excerpts from the article show Brigitte Macron's involvement :

      Brigitte Macron returns to her relationship with Professor Didier Raoult and takes the opportunity to bend the neck of certain rumors. After specifying that neither she nor her husband have been tested, as they have no symptoms, the President's wife says she has not "taken her daughter to be treated in Marseille by Professor Raoult nor asked the President to go there to meet him." Now that is clear! Then, she confides that she did indeed receive a call from the scientist. "He treated several of my friends and one of them gave him my number". She tells our confreres that he reassured about the health of these friends in question and that he discussed with her this famous chloroquine treatment. However, Brigitte Macron is careful not to give an opinion on its effectiveness. "No treatment to date works," she concluded.

      Admire the conclusion : she "doesn't care to give an opinion" and she gives an emphatic opinion ! An erroneous opinion, since Prof. Raoult's treatment has proven to be effective, notably in Senegal (to the point of being decorated, in gratitude, tweet) and in Côte d'Ivoire, as we saw in Chapter 21. Based on these remarks, there is reason to believe that Macron's refusal to use early treatment and his roundabouts with Raoult were primarily those of the "first lady."

      Also, from the beginning, ivermectin had been banned (article) :

      In France the problem has been solved upstream: there are no studies on ivermectin, they have been banned so we don't know. Despite almost 100% results, both in prophylaxis and curative in 2 Ehpads in the Paris region at the very beginning of the epidemic (Bernigaud and Loué), in the middle of the Ehpads hecatomb, Inserm refused the proposed studies, when it was so easy for them, with millions of cases, to do a quick, transparent study to show that it does not work! They didn't do it because they didn't need to know. Why didn't they do it?

      Two years later, tongues are timidly beginning to loosen. In a article from France-Soir on May 31, 2022, physician Claude Escarguel speaks out :

      January 9, 2021. We received three phone calls from the First Lady of France, who expressed interest with one of our members to [find out] the treatment...
      April 20, 2021. We have evidence of phone records and text messages illustrating that he [President Macron] as well as Mrs. Brigitte Macron tried to get things moving but came up against the medical "system" and its potential "grip" on a lost population but also on city doctors tetanized by the threats looming in case of "treatment" other than Doliprane.
      January 26, 2022. We have text messages from Macron. Doctors in our group have contacted Macron's ministers. Doctors in our group have contacted Madame Macron and have been in direct and constant contact with [her]. And Macron at one point sent us a text message, [via] a former minister who rebroadcast it to us, so we have this text message, "Yes I totally agree. I think the early outpatient track is a good track. But the system is opposite. I'm following this closely."
      April 23, 2022. [Macron] replied to his minister. [In] a text message that we have at [your] disposal:"Yes I agree with this way of seeing. Unfortunately the system is against it. I'll take care of it"...
      May 5, 2022. Doctor Alain Branchereau...told the President of the Republic: "I treated [with] azithromycin/zinc, and I had no deaths" At that time, we had sent through a doctor, who was treating one of his ministers, all of our work to Mr. Macron... We know that in February 2021, we were able to count among the conspirators, a famous person who was the President of the Republic! I am going to read you the answer, mail of the president of the Republic to his minister. It is an email that is in our hand, we reserve it in case France Inter has fun saying that it is [a] fake news: "Formidable. I have believed in this for a long time. But the "system" believes in it too little it's crazy. I'm seizing on it. Thank you. I embrace you." [At the same time] one of our doctors who was in direct contact with Madame Brigitte Macron, testified that she too had many people around her who were treated with early outpatient treatment and who had been satisfied with the results.

      France-Soir concludes these remarks by arguing that Macron would have been "complotist." Another reading is required: in complete knowledge of the facts, as a perfect two-headed puppet of the "system" (Big Pharma & Co.), of which they are an integral part, the presidential couple blindly obeyed and participated in the Covid crime against humanity.

      June 21. Again on France-Soir, in a article with video, Tess Lawrie (opposite), a British researcher laments "the huge impact that the WHO ban on ivermevtin has had. "She speculates that there "might not even be a pandemic" with the approval of early treatments," joining many other researchers. She calls for "a new WHO." Before being the failure of the French government and other rich countries under the control of Big Pharma, this Covid crisis was first of all a disaster caused by a World Health Organization that we will now have to strongly distrust. Even the doctors who surround us, who have often failed....

    21. (C) Are the 2022 provaxxins becoming deniers?

      In December 2020, when the Covid vaxxins arrived, the citizens were divided into antivax and provax. The former held to the precautionary principle in the face of an unproven remedy they feared would have adverse effects. The latter had confidence in the pharmaceutical laboratories using the "messenger RNA" technology and in the governments and media that assured their non-hazardousness, or at least promised their immediate discontinuation if a proven dangerousness was detected. At this stage, already, the antivaxers could only be right for young and healthy people who had very little to fear from Covid. For people at risk, including the elderly, antivax opinions were divided between those, who were in the majority, agnostic, who let it happen, and those, more radical, who refused it while waiting to be sure of the experiment's success.

      Only time would tell then whether the radical provax and antivax were right or wrong. There was for that a "supreme judge" : the statistics of hospitalization and death, of type INSEE. We are in 2022, we know these statistics, in France and at the world level for each country that has vaxxed a lot or a little (see graph of Chapter 21 and previous appendices C), and the judgment is very clear, without appeal: the provaxes were wrong and the antivaxes, agnostics and radicals, were right. The slogan "Tous vaccinés, tous protégés" became the vivid manifestation of what the French governmental lie was.

      The countries that have vaxxed the most are those that are still struggling with Covid. Among our most vaxxed relatives and friends are those who have recently caught Covid (example in Australia). Several riders in the Tour de France, up to date with their three or four injections, have had to drop out, affected by Covid symptoms. Everyone knows, the failure of this remedy, presented as miraculous (95% success rate !, article), is spectacular. Its effect is temporary, it does not prevent contamination. It is still said that it would prevent severe forms, which seems to be caused more by the lower lethality of the new variants. At the same time, early treatments such as azithromycin and ivermectin, still forbidden in France, have shown their effectiveness in very large populations. And pharmacovigilance, so forgotten by the media, teaches us the seriousness and the multitude of undesirable effects. It is certainly not a hecatomb, but it is detectable in the statistics of mortality and certain serious diseases. These data, however, managed by governments often provax, have spoken, they are categorical: the provax were wrong, the antivax were right. We now know that.

      So the debate should be settled. It isn't. Certainly, in the population, many provaxes recognize, to say the least, that these vaxxins have been nothing more than window dressing. And slowly but surely, their opinion has changed, they even understand the role of McKinsey. Some media are timidly starting to question. But among the media, medical authorities and political staff, almost everyone continues to advocate the all-vaxxin approach. French senators, in particular, are turning a deaf ear (article), while quietly and hypocritically questioning themselves (article). Xavier Azalbert is pessimistic in a article from July 22, 2022, excerpts of which follow :

      The guests have all their vaccines up to date, are happy and proud to be vaccinated, because "it saved them from a severe form"; a severe form of a Covid-19 they have not failed to contract on two or three occasions, nevertheless, this despite the flagship slogan of the Ministry of Health accepted without question: "All vaccinated, all protected"
      So, no doubt about it either. Not the slightest question about the government's evolving if not changing communication. Nothing about the fact that the health policy in the unique form of a vaccination solution has in no way proven that it has stopped the contamination or the transmission of the virus. [...]
      These are indeed real lies that are used to cover the false truths of some who control the bien-pensance.

      The director of France-Soir should have presented his contradicts with some graphs and data. The demonstrations of statistician Pierre Chaillot are very convincing (article on Agoravox, with relevant comments). Those who are still provax seem to sink into a "denial of historical facts, despite the presence of flagrant evidence reported by historians, and this for political purposes" : this is being negationist. Paradoxically, one of their best defenders could be Pierre Chaillot who finds the official figures of deaths in France very exaggerated... But how could a provax admit it ?

      In this end of July 2022, Macron visits Cameroon, Benin and Guinea Bissau. What media will say that there were 30 to 180 times fewer Covid deaths there than in France, per million inhabitants ? (curves). And that Macron is primarily responsible for this excess of French deaths... Who will ask the French medical authorities to take example on these countries ?

      The succession of these first three Charlie Hebdo covers could have shown a gradual awareness. It is nothing of the sort, their dates, successively July 28, 2021, July 14, 2021, August 4, 2021, show a great confusion and a lack of awareness. With the big gap: the so-called defenders of freedom have accepted the compulsory vaxxination and apartheid. This media, which so mocked the wife of Georges Pompidou, remained wise to Brigitte Macron : only the right cover made controversy (link). From 2017 to 2022, she changed her meaning...

  37. Appendix D: developments, the #brigittegate

    1. (D) Of media and transphobia.

      January 28, 2022. As noted at the end of the introduction, Lionel Labosse is participating in this issue (along with other caregivers who prefer to remain anonymous). On his site, in addition to his daily chronicle (after March 1 here), he has added a page featuring illustrations here, and others, with a text of which here is the introduction and an excerpt :

      (links: 1 2)
      My first article on #brigittegate titled "Brigitte Macron: "What if she were a man ?" was quite successful, having been for about 50 days the only one on the Internet to relay the Facts & Documents investigation (more than 230,000 views to date on Profession gendarme for both versions combined). The affair finally exploded with the first interview of Natacha Rey broadcast on December 10, 2021. The watchdogs of state journalism published some rebuttals falling under what I call "fact-shaking", which I addressed in a 2nd article entitled "Journalism on its knees before the "first lady man of France". The creature of the Élysée ended up speaking pitifully about the affair to journalists worthy of Pravda. The journalists continue to either remain silent or publish pathetic denials. The worst is the overwhelming silence of the journalists of the so-called free press, as well as the stars of anti-Covidism. The very life of Natacha Rey being threatened, Richard Boutry also being persecuted by procedures worthy of a macron republic just for having considered interviewing her, the fact of not treating the affair is, in my humble opinion, non-assistance to a person in danger. The attitude of "journalists" towards whistle-blowers is getting worse and worse, but that doesn't tell us anything; we had already noticed it in their lack of reaction during the Julian Assange affair. No one is being asked to headline "Brigitte is a man", just to mention the investigation, which is information in itself, with its assumptions and certainties.

      [...] Alain Beyrand got to work, as an amateur genealogist seized in his intimate conviction, and provided a synthesis that will be a landmark in this citizen investigation against the media-political system. My interest for this investigation comes from converging coincidences. On the one hand, I am an anti-communist from the beginning. I started the series of now 11 articles chronicling national-covidism at the beginning of March 2020; secondly, I subscribe to Faits & Documents, so I didn't waste time wondering if it was a serious journal; thirdly, I am altersexual (a word of my own invention), so this investigation was particularly relevant to me, and I was relatively expert in this field, and able to distinguish between what falls under transphobia and homophobia, and what falls under the public interest.

      September 18, 2022. The investigation has moved forward and gives us another look at the transphobia charge. Here is a correspondent's account :

      We tell the tormented biography of a lambda character - at first - of the provincial bourgeoisie, who goes through several serious crises of his existence, in 1961, in 1975-77, in 1984-5 and finally in 1991 in Amiens, and each time manages to gather and bounce back, to manage, by an extraordinary stroke of luck, to be the wife of a head of state ! Personally, I have a real admiration for this combative spirit who knew how to cross resounding failures and who paced relentlessly the roads of the north of France to write a destiny so original that he could, later, become a historical figure, in the same way as Casanova, Mesrine or who knows what. Alas, pain (in his entourage), dissimulation and deception were everywhere in this curriculum, and pushed him, in the final phase, into malfeasance, for lack of means to escape the spider's web of lies, a web woven by himself! This is our subject of study.

      What is transphobic about revealing and demonstrating that a transsexual has reached the top of society? This is what I fail to understand. Either, those who manipulate this term did not understand the social atmosphere which reigns in the Elysée, or they are perfectly aware of it and only want to discredit the clear-sighted fraction of the French society, i.e. they place themselves as accomplices. I see no other explanation. I am particularly surprised that no feminist movement, and not even an isolated feminist, has, to my knowledge, come to the rescue of Ms. Macron, nor has it taken offense at this biographical presentation until now. Yet, if Ms. Macron is truly a woman, then it is pure misogyny to deny her femininity. It is even, one might imply, the most abject phallocracy to claim that such a high level of social ascension can only be accomplished by a man... Really there is something wrong with this transphobic rumor...

    2. (D) Emmanuel Macron in withdrawal mode.

      February 1. The Macron couple seems to be paralyzed by the brigittesque revelations and their increasingly wide dissemination in public opinion since December 10. Antivax / antipass were the first to discover the file on the suspicious sex of the first lady, and then, gradually, the information begins to spread more widely in the general public. At first, Macron continued as if nothing had happened. Did he even know? What was (is) the extent of the filtering carried out by Brigitte and her entourage? Brigitte was hiding. Then she made media outings around January 10 - 15, including the one indicated in Chapter 22. But on the substance of the case, she did not deliver any answer that could put an end to the questions raised by the investigation. In front of a complacent press she only indulged in gesticulations to complain about being harassed. Then silence again. For his part, Emmanuel, who is in the pre-presidential campaign, changed his behavior somewhat during the second half of January, as if he were afraid of being asked where Jean-Michel Trogneux had gone. He refused to answer journalists' questions at a press conference in the European Parliament [article from RT France of January 19]. This is apparently a big first that has offended European journalists. The French, on the other hand, know that press conferences have long since disappeared in Macronia. And now, also a big first, his Majesty would like to refuse any debate with his 1st round opponents [article by Anthony Berthelier in Huffpost]. Certainly, he will continue to boast about his spirit of dialogue in front of selected groupie activists, protected by many police officers to keep away a crowd that might ask him "Where did Jean-Mimi ?"...

      • RT France. Emmanuel Macron at the European Parliament: a press conference without questions... from the press?
        According to several sources including France Info, it would appear that after Emmanuel Macron's speech to the European Parliament, he did not wish to answer journalists' questions, while inviting them to a press briefing.
      • Huffpost. For the 2022 presidential election, will we see a debate with Macron before the first round?
        Macron is sceptical about the value of a debate before April 10, which displeases the incumbent's opponents. No predecessor of Emmanuel Macron has done so.
      • The Strategists' Courier. Emmanuel Macron at the European Parliament: a press conference without questions... from the press?
        According to several sources including France Info, it would appear that after Emmanuel Macron's speech to the European Parliament, he did not wish to answer journalists' questions, while inviting them to a press briefing.
      • France-Soir. "Duties come before rights": politicians and intellectuals accuse the government of "fascism"
        An umpteenth statement from the government is causing controversy. During an interview in Le Parisien, Gabriel Attal explained that Emmanuel Macron, if re-elected, plans to "pursue the redefinition of our social contract". For the government spokesman, reviewing the political foundation of the country, its social contract, involves the implementation of "duties that come before rights, from respect for authority to social benefits". In the context of the vaccine pass, these words have provoked strong reactions from part of the French political and intellectual class. "A reactionary thought that has not been formulated in this way since Vichy".
        In Le Courrier des Stratèges [The Strategists' Courier], the historian and former director general of ESCP Europe, Edouard Husson, considered that "the government spokesman openly claims to be a reactionary thinker who has not been heard of since Vichy. For this specialist of the Nazi period, the political project of Macronism is a "grey fascism", which he defines by "a new authoritarianism, which relies on the "grey power", the oldest part of the population". According to him, this therefore makes Emmanuel Macron "the most dangerous candidate for democracy, the one who puts down republican institutions whose raison d'être is the defence of individual and collective freedoms."
        These words echo the thoughts of the essayist Idriss Aberkane, who said on Twitter: "It is the principle of a fascist dictatorship to destroy the Constitution with the cry 'duties come before rights'.

      As for the media, they no longer dare to say that it is a rumor and seem petrified. For lack of orders from their Elysian guardianship, they persevere in the omerta: we have, at the head of the State, a psychopathic-mythomaniac couple, perverse and criminal (the deaths of the vaxxins and of the ban on early treatment), but hush, for the security of the State we must not disturb his private life and reveal his lies and falsifications on his biography... For a long time, it was planned that Macron would run for president in early February. Apparently, while pollsters place him largely in the lead, he delays his decision... But why? At the same time, the propaganda continues to be in full swing. the accusatory inversion remains a leitmotiv : Macron would be anti-system [article from the Stratèges mail, January 31, by Eric Verhaeghe]. And it shows his intention to worsen the submissive state he has put in place, with duties to take precedence over rights, no less... [article from the editorial staff of France-Soir of February 1].

      Additional softening for the first of the rope "En Marche", the French have stopped following and start to sulk about his mandatory and generalized vaxxination. That of the children could not engage according to the wishes of the health defense council and the doubts about the effectiveness of vaccines make the imperative of the third dose unconvincing. It is as if they were beginning to realize that this whole official media-political charade is not only useless in terms of the epidemic, but has quickly proven to be dangerous and costly, with no real benefit to public health. That the Elysian Jupiter could soon jump...

      September 22, 2022. These words are of course specific to last February. The "withdrawal" only lasted from January to March and the awareness of the voters was more moderate than hoped for then. The feeling of being in a dead end remains very heavy. Although apartheid was lifted in mid-March, before the elections, non-Vaxx caregivers and firefighters have not yet been reinstated. Even if the invitations to vaxx for the over-60s persist, the population has forgotten the demented Macronian constraints of a year ago (even to the point of masking schoolchildren and their teachers!), while there are more Covid inpatients today (127 per million population on September 21, 2021 and 190 on September 21, 2022, graph). Remember...

    3. (D) Always the journalistic flabbergast and omerta.

      When will we get out of this? I learn this day, February 3, that on January 28, the supplement "Madame Figaro" of the newspaper "Le Figaro" (Dassault group) published an article typical of the women's fashion press, blissfully raving about Brichel. I don't know the exact content, other than this excerpt. On the same day, the right-leaning "Riposte laïque" website published a article by Daphne Rigobert reporting on the subject here in the following way :

      Silence rather than yet another lie?

      Nor did she take advantage of her two recent interviews on TF1 and RTL to finally clarify the situation, saying how unpleasant it was for her to be denied since she was equated with her brother. Mademoiselle (?) Trogneux has again deliberately chosen silence, a choice that will not interrupt the countless questions and investigations underway, as this subject fascinates so many French people and millions of others, not forgiving her husband for having stated that he wanted to "emmerge to the end" the non-vaccinated and for having declared them non-citizens.

      There are definitely a lot of people out there looking for Jean-Michel... which could invite itself into the campaign.

      I take the following from this :
      • The questioning about the true sexual nature of Brigitte Macron is now widely publicized and the case known. There are certainly still those who believe in a rumor, but those who know the existence of the file are probably much more numerous than the media silence may lead one to believe. What could be more eloquent than this strange silence in the face of an affair of state? What have journalists been reduced to? What happened to their claim of "counter-power" ? Do they now consider themselves to be accomplices of Macron, his close guard? This petrified press is probably a first in the history of the Fifth Republic... Why? The fear of reprisals from the power and the big bosses? However, the first journalists to emerge from this torpor would be proud of it... The question also concerns a fringe of these journalists and relays who could express themselves, such as the sites France-Soir, Le Courrier des Stratèges, Le blog du Yéti, Le Libre Penseur, Réseau International, Résistances Mondiale. What are they waiting for ? Only the sites Profession Gendarme (on several occasions, reprinting articles by Lionel Labosse), Marcel D (on December 15 here), Qactus (on December 16, January 6 and 11) and Geopolintel (on December 30 here) had the courage to expose the case. And the journalists of the "Canard enchaîné", will they continue for a long time to bury their heads in the sand, shaming their predecessors who were so courageous during the first two world wars ? Will we have to wait for the foreign press to get hold of the #brigittegate so that it finally breaks in France ? The truth will eventually emerge.
      • I find that the strategy of Riposte Laïque (which has already published an article of which an excerpt is included at the end of the chapter 12) is quite fine and could serve as an example to some of the sites cited above. It consists in doing the one who is exasperated by recurrent rumors while lining up elements that show their relevance, so that the reader understands what is going on and seeks to go deeper. The risk is indeed that this dossier on the true sexual identity of the "first lady" will be classified as "far right" or "complotist" or even "antivax". Francis Lalanne had the bravery to speak out as early as December and found himself even more excluded than before. Martine Wonner, Florian Philippot and others probably fear the same effect. They could ask for an end to this bad joke of a male first lady and for evidence, a blood test, old photos or anything that puts an end to this far too long masquerade!
      • And also vary the questions, do not stay on "Is she a man ?" : "Is she her brother ?", "Is her brother Jean-Michel still alive ?" "Why do not we recognize her on the photo of her first marriage ? Can she communicate another one ?", etc. The present file allows to ask a ton of them, precise, vague, diverted...
      • The information also needs to circulate more, talk about it around you, show photo comparisons, the voice comparison video, make it a topic of conversation (without forcing to convince, the revelation can be gradual, say that it is really disturbing, that it is strange that no reverse evidence is shown ...), broaden the topic to the unbearable lies, to the disregard of the excluded, to the accusatory inversions, to the analysis of the Italian psychologist... give the address of this page, distribute the pdf ...

      We know they are lying. They know they are lying. They know that we know
      that they are lying. We know that they know that we know that they are lying.
      And yet they persist in lying.

      Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

    4. (D) Craignos, yellow wigs!

      February 6. At the beginning of Chapter 22, I recalled that last December 26 I wrote  "we also have something to laugh about, to mock, to quip, to gripe about, and it would be wrong not to laugh at the backs of those who oppress us." And some don't shy away from it. From Lionel Labosse's Daily Chronicle, here are some illustrations :

      Yellow Wig Operation: Stop omerta, for a parliamentary commission of inquiry... Dedicated page.
      As a bonus, on March 14, the >>>song-clip>>> "The Twin Sisters" with music by Michel Legrand.

      Behind this amusing Craignos side, a very dark craignos side is being stirred up on Twitter, following the incarceration at the end of January of Jérémie Ladreit de Lacharrière, son of businessman Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière, for a recidivistic child pornography case, despite the support of Mimi Marchand. The latter two people are close to the Macron couple, here are some tweets dealing with this topic : 1 2 3 4 5 6.

      April 2. The Yellow Wigs are still going strong. For those who enjoy Hara-Kiri style humor and those who want to check it out, here's a >>>video>>> 54-second piece titled "Exclusive: Jean-Brichèle Trognon distributes Emmanuel Macron's election platform."

      Here's the thought of a 12th century "conspiracist":"Dubitando enim ad inquisitionem venimus; inquirendo veritatem percipimus", i.e., "In doubting we come to inquire, in seeking we perceive the truth" (Peter Abelard, Appendix B 16). Shortening the formula : "I doubt therefore I am", "Dubito ergo sum". René Descartes, in the extension, will pronounce his "Cogito ergo sum", "I think therefore I am".

      From July 2021 to March 2022, France led by Emmanuel Macron lived through a period of apartheid, with the discriminated against being those who refused the Covid vaxxin shots. They were no longer allowed to dispose of their bodies, to travel abroad, to go to restaurants, museums, libraries, to visit a loved one in hospital. Jobs were forbidden to them. Without any health interest, the mask was mandatory to go to a store and some streets, children had to wear it at school. One had to obey. We could no longer live like before. The excluded did not have the QR Code pass of the obedient citizens. We wanted to make them obey by force. To be, it was necessary to obey : "I obey therefore I am", "Obedio ergo sum".
      The French people have been duped by their president Macron. He wields lies to an extent that is barely imaginable. Even to the point of inventing his private life...

    5. (D) Freedom Convoys and Young Global Leaders.

      February 7. Most countries have gotten rid of the Covid pretexted constraints or are in the process of doing so. A handful of them are clinging to this totalitarian hold on the people. Italy, France, Austria, New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Canada... It is in the latter country that the popular reaction is currently strongest, with a "Freedom Convoy" occupying the capital Ottawa (article). Prime Minister Justin Trudeau even appears to have been on the run for several days. Listening to an interview with his half-brother, Kyle Kemper, I thought that someone very close to Emmanuel Macron might have said the same thing. Here's a transcript of an excerpt from that interview, reprinting a >>video>> of 3:31 minutes from the site "The Freethinker".

      Kyle Kemper (KK) - Look at what Toole [Erin O'Toole, Trudeau's political opponent] is doing compared to what Justin is doing. They're both pushing vaccination right now. And I don't even call it a vaccine, it's a fake vaccine. It doesn't provide immunity, it doesn't stop transmission, therefore it's not a vaccine. It is an experimental biotechnology, magnetic nanotechnology. I am not interested.

      Journalist (J) - Well it's interesting that you bring that up because I've been, sort of, following you on Twitter and I've seen some of the responses that you've been giving, not just to your brother Justin Trudeau, but to people who have been tweeting about him. I saw a tweet where you said... Your hashtag "fake vaccine" and your response "Investigate the vaccine, follow the money." This is way beyond Justin. So, having said that..., my question for you is  are you implying that your brother, our Prime Minister, is some kind of pawn ? Are you saying that he is controlled. What are your thoughts through this tweet ?
      KK - The Covid scam is a globally orchestrated phenomenon to... consolidate power and generate huge profits, facilitate more wealth transitions from countries to corporations. I don't know how anyone can deny that. Canada has spent over a trillion dollars, more money than the most unfathomable amounts of money!

      J - And so you think Justin Trudeau would support that. You think he would support it if he totally knew what the agenda was ?
      KK - I think in my heart of hearts, it comes back to the hypnosis condition. I really believe that he believes that what he's doing is the right thing even though he knows that it's the World Economic Forum [WEF] agenda. He believes it's the right thing to do. He believes the WEF, you know, the Great Reset [Great Reset], the 4th industrial revolution agenda. You'll own nothing and be happy and we're bringing in a universal basic income. We impose central bank digital currencies on people. We are putting social credit systems on the people. These are incredible... hysterical-tyrannical dreams. And in my opinion, they have been slowly implementing them. And it takes more than governments, governments are just an arm of that. Look at Big Tech, the media, Big Pharma, all working together in this giant, gigantic farce. There is a farce in everything we see now.

      Left Kyle Kemper during his interview. On the right, even in Canada, Jean-Michel is being sought...
      A "Freedom Convoy" is being prepared in France to Paris (article) and in Europe to Brussels (article).

      Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron, two Young Global Leaders, surrounded by Bill Gates,
      Global Leader of Tomorrow 1992, and Klaus Schwab, also below, pulling the strings.

      Let's go back to the World Economic Forum, led by Klaus Schwab, and its implementers, the Young Global Leaders. When the Covid epidemic broke out, more than 30 of these plotters were world leaders. Including Justin Trudeau. Add the vice president of Pfizer, the CEO of Moderna (Frenchman Stéphane Bancel, in 2009) and several McKinsey alumni (whom Trudeau called on, article). Of the ten most vaxxinant countries in Europe, five are led by Young Global Leaders (article, table). Boris Johnson, Mario Draghi, Ursula Van der Leyen, Christine Lagarde, Mark Zuckerberg, Volodymyr Zelensky, Jacinda Adern are among them. The director general of the WHO and the CEO of Moderna vaxxins too, in short a large number of Covid plotters... Of course, Emmanuel Macron is in it (class of 2012), Valérie Pécresse too (class of 2002) (list of American and French Young Leaders), the latter having probably been chosen to succeed the former as head of France. Complement.

      In early June 2022, on hidden camera, Klaus Schwab says, "We have them all in our bags, the politicians, the media and especially the experts and scientists" (article with 49-second video). July 8 : Eric Verhaeghe believes that Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne wants to implement the Great Reset program in France (article).

    6. (D) Brigades, Putin knows about Jean-Michel....

      February 8. After brigittology (Appendix A 5), brigolades? Will the presidential couple be the talk of the world for long ? The image of France...

      Informed of #brigitttegate, Putin practices physical distancing. According to tweets brigolos.
      Article from January 11 on the impact of brigittegate in Russia. Article from February 9 on the length of the table.

      And a great effort to try and close the distance on this photo from the Elysée website...
      Macron was presented with a choice: either he accepted a PCR test by Russian authorities and was allowed to get closer to Putin, or he refused and had to submit to a stricter social distancing. "We knew very well that this meant no handshake and that long table. But we couldn't accept that they would get their hands on the president's DNA" one of the sources told Reuters. [...] On Thursday, three days after the meeting between Macron and Putin, the Russian leader received Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. The two men shook hands and sat next to each other, separated only by a small coffee table. [article from February 11]
      I conclude, at face value, that Macron is forcing the French into drastic constraints
      but that he refuses them when he goes to a foreign country.

      When Macron was in Russia, Putin had a man in a skirt escort Macron home. A way of telling him "My boy, I know your wife is a transsexual, I don't argue with gays, go away" [tweet from February 11] (>>>video>>> of 19 seconds). The failure of negotiations was complete (article "Emmanuel Macron's diplomatic fiasco"), war broke out on February 24.

      April 16. I found more tweets about this long table on a Russian site. As a result I put together this pdf file that contains about 30 images.

      September 20, 2022, at the United Nations headquarters in New York. Photo Lev Radin - Pacific Press, link.

    7. (D) Jean-Michel and Brigitte Trogneux's complaint together...

      February 17. Yesterday, Natacha Rey and Amandine Roy (who interviewed Natacha on December 10) received a bailiff's deed announcing that a complaint has been filed against them by Brigitte Macron, her brother Jean-Michel (!) and her three children, as indicated in Appendix A 41. Natacha Rey presents it to us this way on her facebook account :


      I announce that the complaint that had been filed against me for "defamation" by Brigitte Macron's office has been requalified in the end to : "infringement of privacy" and "infringement of image rights". Yes, you are not dreaming! What a satisfaction to see my investigation finally recognized at its true value, extremely serious work, supported by numerous proofs and indemonstrable arguments, and to see me thus cleared of accusations of "fake news", "lies", "false rumor", "calumnies" and other "false theory".

      Apparently, Brigitte Macron advised by the inenarrable Jean Ennochi (the fake news hunter who lies faster than his shadow !) gave up the idea of suing me on the first ground, knowing that she was sure to lose it, in view of all the elements I have (some of which have not yet been revealed) and all the legitimate questions they are quite incapable of answering, in order to dismantle my thesis... or rather the TRUTH.

      A bailiff came to my home yesterday and left a notice in my mailbox in my absence, so that I could pick up some documents at his office, in this case a summons before the 17th chamber of the Paris Court. 30 double-sided pages. I thought it was a joke or a delirium tremens when I discovered the content. In spite of the intolerable pressures and judicial persecutions that I continue to undergo (seriously affecting my state of health), I could not help but burst out laughing - as did all those who read it - so grotesque are the accusations and so much of the grand guignol.

      There is absolutely no more talk of "transsexuality", "gender reassignment", "imposture", "dissimulations", "secret of state", "fake biography", "imaginary ex-husband", "fake photos" or that turn out not to represent the right people as on those of the communion, the campaign leaflet or the wedding... but of distribution of photos (belonging to the public domain, that I did not take without their knowledge), of enlargement, colorization, comparisons with the help of a software of restoration or facial recognition.. without their authorization! YES, you read that right!

      That's not all.... ! If I am not reproached for having demonstrated that Jean-Michel was Brigitte and vice versa (the most important point of my investigation though!), I am accused of having spied on him, of having been intrusive, by trying to get in touch with him, by questioning his neighborhood, the shopkeepers or the people of the district, in order to know if they knew him and if he lived well in this building of the 14 rue des Vergeaux in Amiens, where NOBODY has ever crossed him and knows him (I can reaffirm it to you, since it is the strict truth !) to have claimed that Tiphaine Auzière, Laurence Auzière and Sébastien Auzière were not Brigitte Macron's children, whereas I have NEVER claimed that, on the contrary, having never questioned Brigitte's paternity, so much her children resemble her ! Voluntary misunderstanding in order to play on words and distort my words! This is anyway my freedom of expression and opinion.

      No mention of the fact that I suspect another woman to be the real mother of the children, on the other hand, her name not appearing anywhere. Master Pinocchio included Jean-Michel (who now only exists virtually) in the plaintiffs, at the request of B-M/J-M who has been illegally surfing on both identities for a long time, as a transsexual cannot erase all administrative traces of his past. When one checks more closely, one realizes certain things... I won't say more at this time, but be aware that more cases will be coming out before June.

      [...] In all, the Trogneux/Auzière are asking me for more than 50.000 € in damages for having shown their public photos on the YouTube channel of a medium, who is also summoned to court at the same time as me for the same reasons! You will judge for yourselves.

      In 2016, Emmanuel Macron needed to create buzz to prepare his candidacy for the presidential election. The celebrity press pandered to the perversity of a crude divorce followed by a phony complaint that made the front page of these papers on September 21 and, of course, then evaporated...(link). The context is different, but the complaint against Natacha Rey, which was more widely reported, sounds similarly false...

      Natacha Rey can indeed be reassured and I would not be surprised if the complaint is withdrawn or dismissed after the election (the hearing is set for June 15). There is precedent : 1 2. I believe that ultimately it is addressed to other people, the journalists who would like to cover the case. Even if, the newspapers cited are not directly the object of a complaint, they must understand that the Auzière family is united around this notion of a private life that would be untouchable, even when it is mendaciously public. After the election, another strategy could replace the one that has been invariable for two months: denial, denial, denial...

      France-Dimanche, February 2022

      Since then a second complaint has been filed, see in Appendix D 18 (with an excerpt from the first complaint). June 16. It was only a preparatory hearing, with an exchange of written documents, in preparation for a future "pleading hearing." The rest in Appendix D 27.

    8. (D) Brigittegate has become an open secret.

      February 21. In "Facts & Documents" n°504, Xavier Poussard reports on the echo met by the disclosures on Brigitte Macron :

      While after four days the #JeanMichelTrogneux was "deleted from trends by Twitter moderation" [there was] an amplification of the "rumor" internationally starting on December 20 with the Daily Mail followed, two days later, by Reuters for a dispatch that was picked up worldwide. It can be pointed out here that from an external point of view, there is no "rumeur" (a woman suspected or accused of being his brother) easier to "debunk". It would have been enough, to immediately extinguish the fire, for a snapshot of Brigitte Macron at the side of Jean-Michel Trogneux, alone or with their children (on the occasion of a Christmas Eve for example) was published by the Élysée via an anonymous account, and taken up, under the #JeanMichelTrogneux, by all the accounts linked to La République en marche. We can also be surprised that Tiphaine Auzière did not rise to the occasion, as she systematically does when Brigitte Macron is mocked on her physique [example].

      [...] While the Reuters report (22 December 2021) was picked up by almost all the international press, the first Turkish news channel a Haber (21 December 2021) devoted a story to the case, as did the Russian state news channel Rossiya 24 (formerly Vesti). While the Reuters report (22 December 2021) was picked up by almost all the international press, the first Turkish news channel a Haber (21 December 2021) devoted a story to the affair, as did the Russian state news channel Rossiya 24 (ex-Vesti).

      [...] Since then, the "affair Jean-Michel Trogneux" has fueled dinners in town, especially in the gay Tout-Paris, on the theme "his wig askew", "a thing like that", etc. Emerging part of the iceberg, the general burst of laughter on the set of Laurent Ruquier (On est en direct, January 15, 2022), during the passage of the Spanish actress Victoria Abril who came to promote the play "Drôle de genre", the story of a leading politician who discovers that his wife is transsexual : "No relation to the polemic of the moment" laughs Laurent Ruquier, joined in a burst of frank laughter by Léa Salamé and, under the cape, by Stéphane Guillon and by Philippe Besson. It is surprising that the latter, hagiographer of the Macron couple ("A Novel Character", Julliard, 2017), rewarded by an appointment to the French Consulate General in Los Angeles (appointment retracted by the Council of State), was not indignant at the mocking echo given in a flagship program of the public service, to a rumor as odious as it is violent.

      Thus, #brigittegate has become a polich secret that is only exchanged between trusted people, without sharing it openly in public. Comedians are having a field day ("Emmanuel Macron, his wife is Patrick Juvet", Laurent Gerra on January 3 on RTL), everywhere in France and abroad, people are laughing at the strange Madame Macron and the couple's obstinacy in denying what is now obvious to anyone who knows...

      And, in all seriousness, the media news is going on as if nothing had happened. They serve us a Macron great favorite of the presidential election, super president, wowing everyone in France and abroad. "By dint of being postponed, Emmanuel Macron's declaration of candidacy resembles a mirage: we think we see it, but it evaporates when we get close" (article). Far from these lowly contingencies, he has made it his mission to prevent Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The setbacks inflicted on him by Putin do not stop him, his priority remains to safeguard peace in Europe...

      "Presiding "until the last quarter of the hour": Emmanuel Macron, who is multiplying consultations on Ukraine, should push the question of his candidacy as close as possible to the deadline set by the Constitutional Council on March 4, 2022, a deadline that worries several of his competitors." (article). "But the president of the Republic has no use for competing whining. [... He lets]furthermore the contenders for his office fight it out to get to the second round when he, himself, is comforted in his duties by all the polls with about 25% of the vote in the first round and around 55% of the vote in the second" (article).

      Candidate or not, Emmanuel Macron is guaranteed to fall from his artificial cloud and carry quite a pot... Is Edouard Philippe's time coming ?

      Tweet from Facial.cupping, March 2022.

    9. (D) From one election campaign to another...

      February 26. In 2017, Emmanuel Macron's election campaign relied heavily on his love affair with Brigitte. "How the media manufactured candidate Macron," is the title of a article, of which this is the lead illustration and excerpts.

      The dailies Libération, L'Obs, Le Monde and L'Express total more than 8,000 articles mentioning Emmanuel Macron from January 2015 to January 2017; by comparison, the total number of articles mentioning Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Arnaud Montebourg and Benoît Hamon in the same dailies and over the same period of time amounts to only 7,400." [...]

      Macron the romantic. Notice to the suckers and the ambitious among the high school students: sleeping with your French teacher seems to be a good way to make the headlines for several weeks. At least that's what one might think, given the number of covers and articles dedicated to the minister's love life. The celebrity press is not the only one to have focused on the sentimental life of the minister. The case of Brigitte Macron has become a hotly debated issue in the political press. The romance of the Macron couple, reminiscent of a form of courtly love to the French? This is what Le Monde and Le Figaro suggest, according to which the relationship between Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron helps explain the success of the Minister of the Economy among the female electorate.

      Le Figaro Madame : "Brigitte Trogneux has thus become the "great romantic" and "ideal son-in-law" guarantee of the candidate. Far from the classic image of the "political seducer" who flirts with the artistic milieu. Closer, therefore, to the French and the female electorate".
      Le Monde Politique: "A 16-year-old first-grader, winner of the general French competition, he fell in love with his teacher, Brigitte Trogneux, mother of three children and twenty years his senior. All of France now knows the romance that so appeals to the female electorate."
      Liberation: "The reversal of ages within the presidential couple in swimsuits is both a sign of egalitarian progress and a tradition maintained."

      In 2022, the Macronist magazine covers are much less numerous, the couple is no longer highlighted, Brigitte appears worried, she is discreet, "in the shade"... She who had been seduced by a 16-year-old high school student in first grade became a sex offender who hijacked a 15-year-old (Appendix A 10). The age gap, which was 20 years old, has grown to 32, and there are still large dark areas to be discovered about each of the 2007 bride and groom... With or without the outgoing president, who is still delaying his decision, the electoral campaign is now very much blurred by an unforeseen current event: the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Does Macron find there the opportunity to be a candidate without campaigning or debating, by posing as a unifier, above the fray? In the meantime, Covid is stopped as a disease, not as a pretext, the vaccine pass continues, the mask obsessives are still there...

      Of course the key difference between the 2017 and 2022 campaigns is Macron's record. With in particular a health policy of France that has cost more than 600 billion euros (article), for a result among the worst. The media hardly mention it...

    10. (D) André-Louis Auzière: is talking about him making him exist?

      This Thursday, March 3, the "suspension" of the vaccine pass is announced for March 14 (article) and Emmanuel Macron declares his candidacy for the presidential election (article). What a coincidence... It was the same day that two articles about the "first lady" appeared in Paris Match and Gala. The article in Gala, confines itself to the now usual unargued denunciation of "transphobic rumor." The Paris Match article, signed Sophie des Déserts (actually the paparazzi Sébastien Valiéla under the control of his agency director Mimi Marchand), on the same frame, delivers some unpublished information :

      [Speaking of the Figaro Madame" article] Nothing about the exercise of power, nothing about the foul rumor saying she was a transsexual that inflamed social networks and dumbfounded the foreign press. She still reacted on RTL, pointing to the damage in her family, before relativizing : "I took five and a half days to make these rumors disappear with a lawyer experienced in the exercise. So you imagine for others ..."
      Brigitte Macron, always impeccable. First Lady haute couture, apricot complexion, golden helmet finely woven from her extensions that she speaks so naturally, as well as her false lashes that hem her azure eyes. [...]
      [Speaking of Mimi Marchand] "Mimi" rendered so many services - notably to prevent the paparazzi, the tabloid snoopers, from approaching her former husband, André-Louis Auzière... He had become depressed, recluse in psychiatric clinic. The communicant cleaned up his trail on the Internet, set up, with Alexandre Benalla a surveillance system at the doors of his room until his death at Christmas 2019.
      "Mimi" has always been loyal, respectful of the photo archives of the presidential couple, early digitized by her care, generous with their grandchildren that she covers with gifts. You don't let go of a friend like that.

      With Mimi Marchand, in the BFM TV documentary "Brigitte Macron the influential" (>>>video>>> of 52 min 11, 2019).
      With Alexandre Benalla, to whom she sent text messages (photo Ludovic Marin / AFP).

      So, Brigitte finds it degrading to wear a wig, preferring to pretend "extensions" (see end of chapter 12) (the opinion of Natacha Rey, tweet of March 5), and she finds it rewarding to ask two thugs sentenced by Justice to prison terms, Mimi Marchand and Alexandre Benalla, to take care of her family's private affairs at the expense of taxpayers (at least for Benalla). Is there not reason, there, to open a judicial investigation for use of public funds for private purposes ?

      Wikipedia on Mimi Marchand : "Head of several paparazzi companies, she has worked since the early 1990s for many press titles including Gala, Paris Match, Public, Closer and Voici. Her personality, her professional methods and her legal troubles have earned her a sulphurous reputation". It is to her that Brigitte asks for protection against the paparazzi and it is to her that she entrusts her photos. She even lets her sympathize with her grandchildren. Jean-Michel is definitely very twisted...

      André-Louis Auzière "depressed, reclusive in a psychiatric clinic": Brigitte delivers a scoop here... Which, apparently, does not please his daughter Tiphaine Auzière. She has just published this tweet : "Can't accept that my father's memory is undermined. The information of @ParisMatch today is wrong. My father has never been "recluse in a psychiatric clinic" monitored by a security device".

      We will see if this difference is erased or accentuated, but the important thing is elsewhere: did André-Louis Auzière exist? To this question, in the present state of our knowledge, we answer no. And neither Brigitte nor Tiphaine provides the slightest information to the contrary. They talk as if he had existed. In their play (the "legend"...), yes, but in real life ?

      This affair has been making a lot of noise on the French Internet for almost three months now (very little abroad), but Paris Match readers are reassured, the super-lawyer has put an end to the rumors after five and a half days of intense work...

    11. (D) Brigolade: song "He had just turned 14".

      March 5. Dalida's song "Il venait d'avoir 18 ans", with music by Pascal Auriat and Jean Bouchéty, was a big hit in 1973. Here it is reinvented by Coccyx Grue on lyrics and Marie-Line Weber on vocals, under the title "Il venait d'avoir 14 ans" (knowing that it would be more like 15 years old, cf. Appendix A 10) :
      >>>song>>> 2:53 mp3.
      // copy and paste pdf : //
      Posted online March 18: the >>>clip>>>, hang on!...

      Marie-Line Weber: "Life is a joke to cry with laughter and the passing years make me want to laugh more and more, to perhaps dry the tears of the past. From laughter to tears it's just a step."
      And don't miss his >>>song/clip>>> "We're Singing" of 4 mn 02 with lots of Saturday demonstrators (directed by Martin Loizillon, actor and coordinator of ReinfoCovid Ile de France)...
      He had just turned 14.

      He had just turned fourteen
      He was as handsome as a young fawn
      A line that is erased
      It was winter of course
      And I counted as I ogled him
      My pheromones
      I tidied up my wig
      On my tits I put stucco
      He got scared
      When I looked at his face
      I felt my superego quivering
      For that minor
      He had just turned fourteen
      It was the most beautiful argument
      To force him
      We didn't talk about love
      He knew nothing about love
      He was trying hard
      I made him see at the cinema
      My best film in large format
      Some people like it hot
      In the hollow of a premeditated bed
      I tasted, titillated
      This artichoke
      He had just turned fourteen
      But he wasn't innocent
      Little scoundrel
      And while he was getting dressed Without a qualm. How could I refuse to invest
      So much wealth
      He told me "It didn't hurt me."
      This will go down in our annals
      One drunken night.
      I tidied up my wig
      A little bromide on my thing
      By imposture
      I was proud as I seduced him
      For I was three times fourteen

      April 1. A new song by Coccyx Grue, this time with music by Michel Berger, inspired by Luc Plamondon's lyrics, "La chanson de Ziggy" becomes "Jean-Bri, une prof pas comme les autres". Here is Marie-Line Weber's interpretation :

      Jean-Bri, a teacher like no other >>>song>>> 2:58 mp3. And, from April 4, the >>>clip>>> !
      Jean-Bri iel's name is Jean-Bri
      I'm crazy about iel
      She was a teacher like no other
      We like money, it's not our fault
      Even though I know
      You'll never love us

      Jean-Bri iel's name is Jean-Bri
      This is my seventh heaven
      Iel set my first trap
      He's the one who set me up in high school
      It was four in the afternoon I laughed and he cried

      (But) Jean-Bri iel's name is Jean-Bri
      This is my only home I'm selling France for Attali
      We did the great reset
      Yes I know we like money Don't try to forget me... but

      Jean-Bri iel's name is Jean-Bri
      That's my main thing
      She was a teacher like no other
      We like money, it's not our fault
      Even though I know
      You'll never love us

      This is a Yellow Wigs (Appendix D 4) production (page).

      Excerpt from the video "We're Singing"

      May 14. Here's another one of those productions. Coccyx Grue's new song is a cover of "Comme d'habitude" created in 1967 by Claude Francois, with music by Jacques Revaux and Claude Francois, based on lyrics by Gilles Thibaut and Claude Francois. It is renamed "Encore cinq ans". Marie-Line Weber is still, happily, singing :

      Five more years >>>song>>> 4 min 11 mp3. And the >>>clip>>>.
      I get up
      I take my pills
      You look straight ahead
      As usual
      On you and whatever it takes As usual As usual
      And then I dress up quickly I'm cold, I straighten my back
      As usual
      Five more years
      All day long
      I'll play pretend
      Five more years
      I'll smile
      Yes Another five years
      I'll "that is."
      Five more years
      Receiving roses
      Five more years
      And then old age will come
      With its arthritis
      You will have played
      At the council of defense
      As usual
      Alone I will go to the clinic
      Sewing up my relics As usual
      But five more years
      Even at night
      I'll play pretend
      Five more years
      You will reign Five more years
      You'll fuck up Five more years Five more years
      You'll go to bed... In front of the moguls Playing the game We'll pretend
      Five more years...

      Lionel Labosse has opened a page on his site about "anticovidist songs," including several others by Marie-Line Weber.

    12. (D) Emmanuel present at the deliveries, what a family!

      The information made noise on social networks in late January. It was not denied in the article of Paris Match of March 3. Here it is presented on February 2 by the comments of Njama on Agoravox:

      New explosive revelation! After Brigitte's "vapors" (the "mental load" after the birth of her 3rd child...) : "Question: are there any of you fathers or stepfathers who attended the birth of your daughter(s) ? This is just to see if I missed anything..." [tweet from Maryline Maubois]

      This question follows a January 24, 2022 publication of a article in the people magazine Gala: "Brigitte Macron : when my daughters had their children Emmanuel was with me in the delivery room". No but how is it possible !!! what a family ! Is the crazy lady of the castle still in her full faculties ? Excess of hormones? Cocaine?

      And this is not a fake since this quote is taken from the latest book by Laurence Benhamou "Le solitaire du palais" published by Robert Laffont on January 22, 2022, AFP journalist, one of the two accredited by the Élysée, a book that traces the five-year term of E. Macron that she follows everywhere since 2017.

      Who can believe for one second that a "beau-père" Emmanuel - lover of his (supposed) mother, of the age of his daughter Laurence - could have attended the births of Brigitte's daughters, Laurence and Tiphaine having had 2 children each, as at the side of his daughter-in-law wife of Sébastien Auzière their brother who also had 2 (?) !!!

      From customary sources in every family we know that for simply a few decades "ONLY ONE person" can accompany a woman giving birth, a person who is most often the husband, or cohabitant, but who could be the mother in case of defection of the latter, or even another person "expressly designated by the parturient", provided that he or she would be consenting himself or herself... any midwife or obstetrician could testify to this.

      How could "iel" have forgotten these very basic maternity admission requirements? And / or how could the 2 sons-in-law or daughter-in-law have "agreed" to such a rape of a *** most extreme moment of marital intimacy*** with all shame... to share it with a stepfather, patch !!!!!!!!!

      This assertion "when my daughters had their children Emmanuel was with me in the delivery room" is one of the most far-fetched in this file ! It falls under psychiatry !

      In many other ways, Macron's attitude is psychiatric. His very solitary mode of governance, as shown in this book review of the quinquennium (it will be ultra-solitary, with only his Macronella if he is re-elected), has caused serious drifts guided by his unreasoned hatred towards certain categories of the population. We saw this with his exclusion of the non-vaxxed (Appendix C 6) and before that with the ultra-violent way he fought the yellow vests (article). Not to mention the most catastrophic record of any president of the Fifth Republic....

      Nothing stops Jean-Michel: he even gives details about his first delivery in a article from "Actu People" on September 13, 2020. As for Emmanuel Macron, he said in 2017  "We chose not to have children" (link). Er his mother knew "that it was not serious, not essential, that Manu not have children" (same link). In August 2022, a article in Gala headlined "Brigitte Macron's gynecologist"...

    13. (D) Jean-Michel Trogneux to conquer the world.

      Tweets from the morning of March 8 with excerpts from television broadcasts in Greece and Lebanon

      Italy, Albania, Russia, Lebanon, Brazil, Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Spain, China... The whole world is gone to know that Brigitte Macron was born Jean-Michel Trogneux and that she lies brazenly to hide it ... It was predictable but the infernal couple does not care and still believes it can represent France... As for the French, for the most part, chloroformed by their propagandist media, they do not know or believe a rumor...

      Left: tweet from the evening of March 8: "China talks about it in its newspaper". Right: already in December... (link, another link)

    14. (D) The notion of truth is fundamentally foreign to him.

      Reminder from January 4, 2022: "The unvaccinated, I really want to fuck with them. And so we're going to keep doing it,
      all the way. That's the strategy
      ". Signed Emmanuel Macron.

      As could be expected, the accusatory inversion is at the center of the electoral campaign of Macronella's student. He who started to make children's lives miserable wants to continue, he who forbade us to decide for ourselves, he who instituted segregation claims to want to unite... This resonates with these words of Xavier Poussard in December 2020 [F&D492p3] :

      It is extremely painful to (re)immerse oneself in Emmanuel Macron's biography, not because he sometimes lies, but because the very notion of truth is fundamentally alien to him. Indeed, his lies are not "ordinary" little arrangements with the truth, exaggerations or lies of omission. In his case, they are indeed those big lies that a child normally stops telling when he enters college. On February 1, 2017 on TF1, thus in front of all of France, Emmanuel Macron thus refers to Amiens by speaking of "his" constituency. Now everyone knows and can easily verify that he has never been elected and that he has never deigned to run in any election until then.

      Until 2012, the whole of Paris believed him to be a normalist. He was presented as such in the first portraits devoted to him. After verification, it was established that this was not the case and that he had failed the competitive examination twice. We could also talk about his philosophy thesis on "the general interest" [sic], directed by Etienne Balibar. This thesis obviously does not exist and Louis Althuser's disciple told "Marianne" (October 10, 2014) "have strictly no recollection of it."

      In "President Burglar" (Fayard 2020), Corinne Lhaïk praises his "chutzpah," a Hebrew term for impudence. But she forgets to mention that Emmanuel Macron's lies would have socially disqualified him from the beginning without the protection of his omnipotent sponsors.

      And another anecdote [F&D495p11]:

      Emmanuel Macron told everywhere that he was cueed cold during his velo ride at Le Touquet (with "Brigitte") by François Hollande's phone call on August 26, 2014, announcing the news of his appointment as Minister of the Economy. The day before, however, he answered questions from journalists of the "Point" (published on August 28) for what will become his first interview given to the press as a minister...

    15. (D) Macron's hairpiece.

      To the left the evolution of Emmanuel Macron "s hair (left photo: 1 2]. On the right some netizens are messing with his head (tweet).
      To the hashtags #Macron Liar, #MacronWePrendForCons, #JeanMichelTrogneux was added #MacrouteLaMoumoute.
      Not to mention #MacronEstUnPsychopate, #MacronLeFou, #MacronDegage, #MacronDehors and of course #Brigittegate.
      And still #MacronBadPresident #MacronDestitution, #MacronDictator, #MacronTheMytho...

      Advised by Brigitte, expert in wigs and extensions (end of Chapter 12), dreading to become like the bald Alain Juppé or the half-bleached Edouard Philippe (who, themselves, assume their change of physique), Emmanuel swallowed his facade to better get reelected. Priority to appearance. Details came to us through the blog of Etienne Duhamel. After gracing Brigitte's husband with articles headlined "Loi Avia: Macron installs Internet censorship in France worthy of China", "After 5 years of Macron, France on the verge of bankruptcy", "Macron is not from the right. He is a totalitarian communist", he published this March 8, 2022, a noticed article titled "Emmanuel Macron wears a wig". Here it is in full :

      After investigation, we are able to affirm that Emmanuel Macron wears a wig since 2019. Specifically, a gold-priced hairpiece of blond or brown human hair, depending on the season, which he sticks on the top of his head and is changed every month.
      The hairpiece turn was made in 2019 when his baldness became untenable compared to the image of dynamic, young and modern man he wanted to give.
      Very soon, we will embellish this article with visual evidence of this sad reality.
      The question of the financing of these Macron wigs is open because the hair complements that he uses are cut to measure on human heads so as not to make a stain and to correspond more or less to his previous hair situation, even if the gain in volume is obvious, as well as the disappearance of extremely hollowed gulfs.
      Macron was careful not to tell us about this well-kept secret, as well as his photographer "Soizig de la Moissonnière" (paid a fortune just to photograph him), who tries to make us believe that we have James Dean at the Elysee when without artifices, we are closer to Sim or Alain Juppe.

      To return to our hypotheses about Emmanuel Macron's biological father (Chapter 23), baldness being often hereditary, Jean-Michel Macron was bald, Joseph Doucé too, to a lesser degree.

      A reader points out to me that after Louis XI, who wore a headdress, the kings of France have all resorted to the wig, which a president of the Fifth Republic has never done. Even if it is an accessory, it is a new symbol which shows that our Republic is dying...

      On the left: "They finally assume! The new hair order is on the march, Manu and Jean-mi explain everything in their new book..." [tweet from March 15, 2022]

      March 15. The aforementioned article by Etienne Duhamel has just been censored by Médiapart in the name of freedom of expression. It was a crime of lèse-majesté, an insult to the King... Médiapart has become a guardian of the power in place.
      His censorship of an article by Laurent Mucchielli on the adverse effects of vaxxins had provoked indignation in 2021. Also the testimony of Enzo Lolo. There, it's laughable...

      Early August 2022 (Ignace)

      On March 17, a article from Libération explained the causes of the censorship, according to Médiapart  "As we were busy with other subjects, such as texts on the war in Ukraine, we decided not to spend much time checking if it was real hair", "we chose to depublish it for fake news". In addition we are taken for fools who would believe that everything published by Médiapart would be verified and who would find that the comparison of photos from 2018 and 2022 would not show the addition of hair. If it's not a hairpiece it's implants (and it would surely have been seen...), it doesn't change much... How could Médiapart fall so low?

    16. (D) Tweets, brigades, malice and hypocrisy....

      Three Brigolo tweets from March 2022. In the center is the singer's lookalike Patrick Juvet.
      On the right retouched photo, the original photo, from AFP / Mandel Ngan of June 6, 2019, is repeated in part below right.

      Even though it's getting harder to post a tweet dedicated to #jeanmicheltrogneux (tweet), this hashtag is still widely popular and there are some gems, especially in the humorous genre.

      In the political and media class, chilliness remains the order of the day, one especially does not risk using this sacrilegious hashtag. We know but we keep quiet, sometimes letting a smile, an innuendo, a touch of malice or a marked hypocrisy show through. On March 18, Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris and socialist candidate for the presidency of the Republic, tried her hand at a dig at Brigitte, which was not very disturbing in substance since she is still considered a woman... In an interview with Closer, she talked about her couple with Jean-Marc Germain, their age difference of 7 years, and took the opportunity to tackle the "wife" of the candidate Macron  "I don't feel like a cougar", "In contrast to others, I could never have fallen in love with a teenager".

      This sentence provoked strong reactions. Socialist Julien Dray won the award for best watchdog by tweeting "Inadmissible and intolerable. The Socialist Party cannot accept and defend such a statement by Madame Hidalgo !", and so much the worse if, in doing so, he considers admissible and tolerable the crime of sexual assault on a minor. The columnist Kevin Bossuet was the most ridiculous by speaking of an "insult towards Brigitte Macron who is a respectable woman" (tweet), where there is neither woman nor respectability. The most vicious (like Jérôme Godefroy, tweet) want to sink the refractory to indirectly threaten those who would stop bowing to presidential lies and cover-ups. On the forums and social networks, the reactions are quite different, often of the kind "For once I agree with Hidalgo"... Not for long, because in this world where hypocrisy reigns, you have to quickly fall in line. The same evening of the publication, Anne Hidalgo felt obliged to deny any reference to the presidential couple (tweet, article).

      The yellow vests and the arsonist firefighter in December 2018., the anesthesiologist in June 2020.

    17. (D) Was brigittologist Isabelle Ferreira drowned?

      Anna Summer had published on February 18 on a article where she considered as "false information" that "Brigitte Macron, born Trogneux, would actually be a transgender woman whose birth name was Jean-Michel". She published this March 23, on the same site, a article titled "Isabelle Ferreira who was going to reveal information about Brigitte Macron was found drowned". Here it is [with a photo of a article from May 9 on and I color, below, in red a sentence that questions. What exactly is this "obligation" ?] :

      This is a disappearance that will cause a lot of ink to flow on social networks. After the arrest of several yellow vests at home as well as lawyers and military, a committed citizen has just been found 400 kilometers from home, dead in the middle of winter, by "drowning". One of her friends is testifying, and it's absolutely heartbreaking.

      Isabelle Ferreira, a committed citizen, was about, according to those close to her, to make revelations about Brigitte Macron. She even had an appointment with journalists for an interview but she did not go to the appointment. Normal, she was already dead, far from home, "near the parking lot of the Rance dam, sea side".

      And that's what Ouest France [on March 11] says. Yes, because she still had the right to an article in a major French newspaper, which is not in the habit of devoting articles to every death by drowning or to every suicide. But let's move on. The article does specify "that it was a drowning". But takes care to add. "It could be an accident or suicide but there is no evidence of third party intervention. An autopsy has been performed. The complete results are not yet available, but the first elements confirm that the drowning was recent. The woman had arrived the day before in Saint-Malo where she had rented a hotel room."

      And to make the narrative perfect, the journalist adds that she was in a precarious situation (while she had just supposedly paid for a hotel room and transportation), that an "investigation has been entrusted to the police to trace the background of this woman, who lived in the Paris region, and the circumstances of her arrival in Saint-Malo. Her situation seemed to be precarious. She was taken care of by the Samu social in Paris".

      According to those close to her, she was going to make revelations with the help of a journalist about the Jean-Michel Trogneux affair. It is probably a simple coincidence, a chance. But if thousands of citizens are questioning and investigating at this very moment, it is probably not for nothing. Moreover, Amandine Roy who is being sued by Brigitte Macron for having interviewed Natacha Rey who explained that she thought that Brigitte was actually a transsexual, also paid tribute to Isabelle Ferreira. The most surprising, is one of the sms sent by Isabelle at the beginning of the year [January 19], now public. One of her friends also tells what just happened. We leave it to you to judge for yourself.

      I just found something HUGE!!! The statute of limitations changed with the Schiappa law of 2018 and she can now be charged until Macron is... 48 YEARS !!! We need a delegation of yellow vests to write to the prosecutor with great fanfare with the media and the whole mess to get her indicted.
      The principal of the Jesuit high school of La Providence d'Amiens had the obligation to notify the prosecutor, according to the Article 40 of the code of criminal procedure [clarifications : 1, 2] ; but he didn't do it and his parents are bragging that they didn't file a complaint according to the Law.

      Even stranger is the testimony of the person who was contacted by the police to announce his death. He publishes :

      This Wednesday, March 9, the police in Saint-Malo call me and tell me that Isabelle Ferreira is dead, that they found me in their last contacts and that they are looking for her family. She would have drowned, and it would be accidental. I am very surprised that she suddenly went 400 km away and went swimming in early March. I wasn't thinking about the dangers of tides or waves on walkers. In any case, her phone was not damaged by the sea then.
      My last contact with them was on Friday, March 4, when she called me before 9am to come to the 10th district to film something she didn't want to talk about. I told her I didn't have time and she asked me for the contact details of Olivier who does the Gilets Jaunes demonstration website. I give Olivier her phone numbers and at 12:10 pm I get her last text: "Thank you Luca. You're a real pal! Big big kisses. Isa". With Olivier, we hadn't talked about this until this announcement. He told me that he had called Isabelle at the end of the morning, and that she asked him to come with her phone to film, and she gave him an appointment in front of the Grand Rex at 6pm, but also at 9pm as he could only later, before he contacted her to cancel. But neither to him nor to me, she didn't make any sign of life in the afternoon. I saw that at the Grand Rex that night there was a show by comedian Paul Mirabel. These days, she was focused on the "sexual assault" of the teacher Brigitte Trogneux towards the minor student Emmanuel Macron. Contrary to what is written in the article Ouest France, she was not housed by the Samu Social but by the prefecture of police, following in 2018 domestic violence of his roommate, born in Saint-Brieuc (70km from Saint-Malo).

      The big question that hundreds of Internet users are asking tonight is "what was Isabelle Ferreira doing in Saint Malo ?" And many are worried to see the hashtag #IsabelleFereira disappear from Twitter. Worse it is already no longer suggested in automatic typing, which indicates that there is indeed a problem somewhere. But where? That's the question.

      On March 25, the official view was explained in a article from France Bleu Bretagne. In few words : "Circle, there is nothing to see and Brigitte Macron is obviously a woman".

      April 3. Nothing new either way. Everyone will be able to make up their own mind after reading these two articles.

    18. (D) Complaint by Jean-Louis Auzière against Natacha Rey

      In Appendix D 7, we had seen that Natacha and Amandine Roy were targeted by an invasion of privacy complaint, with a hearing on June 15. They also received another complaint with a hearing on April 5. This time, it is Jean-Louis Auzière and his wife Catherine Audoy who are suing her for defamation. Here are excerpts from what Natacha Rey said on March 22 on her Facebook account, reactivated after a month of censorship (with lost history):

      As you may know, I have received 2 summonses for 2 proceedings, one of which will take place on April 5 at the Court of Lisieux (1st hearing only and we will ask for cancellation or postponement for various formal defects and anomalies) which will oppose me to the diabolical Auzière couple, protected by the Elysée. [...]

      These big rich people close to the power and to the Trogneux-Auzière children dare to claim from me, through their lawyer, astronomical damages, for having emitted a hypothesis, spoken in the conditional tense (it is necessary to try to find a rational explanation to the Brigitte -Jean-Michel/André Louis Auzière mystery, with the clues we have, since we have been lied to about everything since the beginning) and stating some implacable truths like the fact that the wedding photo of the so-called "Brigitte Trogneux" is a photo trick, a cruder montage, a BIG fake that leaves no doubt. [...]

      But bad faith and arrogance will be well and truly on display in this trial of the pot of earth against the pot of iron! If they could put me in jail, believe me they would, as long as I would bother them! I've already been held in custody 2 times TOTALLY illegally according to my lawyer, who will ask for compensation. They want war, they will have it, because I will not calm down, given that I am in my right, did not commit any crime, no offence ! These corrupters and manipulators do not scare me, will not stop me, and I still have many surprises in store for them. [...]

      On March 31, Amandine Roy presented on her site a few pages of the two summonses :
      1. 6 pages of the second complaint with a hearing on April 5. Jean-Louis Auzière and his wife Catherine Audoy accuse Natacha Rey and Amandine Roy of defaming them, particularly because Natacha Rey believes that Catherine Audoy would be the surrogate mother of Brigitte's three children. In my opinion, she only expressed this as a hypothesis by explaining how it was very credible. If Mr. and Mrs. Auzière had accepted to answer her questions, which were quite simple, she could have expressed herself differently, she had no choice and acted honestly without any intention to harm. As for Amandine Roy, she only interviewed Natacha Rey.
      2. 6 pages of the first complaint with a hearing on June 15.

      In my opinion, it is not a coincidence that the second complaint takes place before the elections. The fact that Brigitte Macron was born a man will be considered irrelevant, while it is the primary cause of the interest of Natacha Rey for the Auzière couple. Justice is thus putting the cart before the horse by dealing first with a side issue without Brigitte. The big media will be caught in the trap by associating defamation and Brigitte Macron, while the latter will be erased by the judges. This complaint was drafted on the basis of a statement of facts drawn up by a bailiff acting at Brigitte Macron's request. She is therefore, indirectly, involved in this complaint. Knowing her perverse side, one can even assume that she is the one who triggered it, for the reasons I have just expressed.

      For the first complaint, I stand by my opinion of the Appendix D 7, I think it will be withdrawn or cancelled. Natacha Rey and Amandine Roy are accused of infringement of the right to privacy and infringement of the right to image, against Brigitte Macron and her three children, regulars of the celebrity magazines, and against Jean-Michel Trogneux, who we will be very interested to finally know ! It's all a bunch of hot air. I believe that Brigitte Macron and her lawyer have thus elaborated a real strategy to obtain convictions on the sidelines in order to dissuade other journalists from addressing the substance of the subject.
      April 23. I find that Natacha Rey is often clumsy, too exalted, but she is courageous and much more honorable than the journalists and bloggers who claim to be anti-Macron but remain hidden and refuse to talk about the pedo-criminal who became first "lady" of France, co-responsible for the appalling abuses of her spouse. Natacha has just published this statement : "Orders coming from the Ministry of the Interior have been given so that I can no longer express myself on the major social networks, such as Youtube, Facebook, VK or Twitter. This is not serious, I absolutely do not need it to carry out my mission". Are we still in a State of Law when we muzzle citizens without a court decision ? Without even allowing the victim to defend himself? Where is the freedom of expression? While the Macronian lies are spread everywhere...

      May 2. The illumination of the new Chapter 27 confirms my impression. The first complaint is incidental, the second is more serious, as it points to a very likely error by Natacha Rey, which I have shared with many other brigittologists : Catherine Audoy is in fact not the mother of the three Auzière children, and she is within her rights to take offense that this was alleged (if not that there were other ways to act). I think she will have no trouble proving that she is not the mother of the three children (DNA analysis, for example). The fact remains that to err is human, that Natacha Rey was acting in good faith and would have corrected her statements if she had been told the truth, a truth that the Auzière couple know and persist in hiding. In this respect, the defense should turn against them.

      The above article of May 10, 2022 from the newspaper "Pays d'Auge Infos" revives the subject of "transphobic rumors" by presenting Jean-Louis Auzière and Catherine Audoy as victims, they who had triggered Natacha Rey's police custody in a very inappropriate way. If we are to believe pages 11 to 13 of the "Gazette de la Justice de Proximité" of the Lisieux judicial court of April 2021 (pdf), Jean-Louis Auzière would nevertheless be a super-conciliator. So why didn't he ask a colleague to settle the dispute ? This is very revealing of the double face of this character. On May 19, the newspaper "L'informateur" picked up the article and its author, Julien Lagarde, added a paragraph featuring the voice of Natacha Rey's lawyer and indicating that this is a "Trogneux Affair." Finally a journalist who makes an effort to inform. It has become so rare that it is good to underline it... He did not even dare to indicate the link to the present file... September 15: The case has been postponed to October 11, 2022, when the case will be discussed on its merits.

    19. (D) Le Canard Enchaîné and Le Monde, two ways to disinform

      When we remember the place that Le Canard Enchaîné attributed in its former issues to the spouses of the presidents of the Republic, we are surprised that Brigitte Macron is so little present in its current pages. When one remembers the mockery of the physical appearance of some politicians (Sarkozy's heels...), one is surprised by the silence on Macron's hairpiece. Times have changed, the Canard treats the Elysée's tenant with an unusual deference. He probably knows that Brigitte and Jean-Michel Trogneux are the same person because, otherwise, he would not have failed to castigate those who propagate such an idea. He had not deprived himself of the opportunity to attack the Saturday demonstrators: "Most often, their processions bring together an indigestible conglomerate where battalions of the far right and far left are mixed together, all of which is embellished with a yellow vest sauce and a farandole of conspiracy theorists of all stripes. Carried away by their delusions, some [...] pissed off by the syringe [...] fake news"... [extract from The Duck Year page 54 on July 2021]. Macron had to applaud with both hands, it helped to better control the unions and the left...

      Let's continue with the "big gap" of the protesters "denouncing both the restrictions imposed on civil liberties since the beginning of the epidemic and the health pass, which aims to limit these restrictions". Yes, you read that correctly, Le Canard was telling its readers that the health pass, i.e., apartheid, was increasing civil liberties ! He was practicing the accusatory inversion like Macron... Still in "The Canard Year 2021", it is headlined "Anti-vax completely sick" (described as "nervous of the syringe", again the accusatory inversion), "France-Soir, machine à délires". There would be no "alternative solution" to vaxxins and "Adverse effects have proved infinitely rarer than the number of road accident victims", thus denying the pharmacovigilance figures (in 2021 on one side 86.821 cases recorded including 22,600 serious cases according to the ANSM, see Appendix C 16, on the other side 2,947 deaths and 67,141 injuries, link).

      At the end of March 2022, the Canard has still changed its tone, it even starts to become conspiracist. It goes so far as to unite its voice with the anti-vax and anti-Macron to teach its readers about the role played by McKinsey, as if it were a novelty. He thus recognizes that there has been a sort of conspiracy in the rich countries to force vaxxination. Mc Kinsey is an important cog in the wheel (Appendix C 13), it's good to recognize it, we'll have to dig deeper to reveal the role of Young Global Leaders (Appendix D 5), Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, the WHO, Big Pharma, the media... But we're far from there, the Duck is not yet ready to give itself a big "Pan on the Beak".

      "McKinsey: the incredible myopia of the French tax system" (reminder: "Facts & Documents" had revealed it ten months earlier, but it's a banned newspaper), "McKinsey's tax ideas", "The vaccination has already seized the government", the articles go on and on. Here's a video, taken from a tweet, showing a Canard revelation about the role of McKinsey consultant Maël de Calan (and supporter of Valérie Pécresse, article) in the "sanitary" policy of the French government :
      >>video>>> of 1 min 46

      Mediapart and other media are doing the same as Le Canard by ignoring brigittegate. And there are the others, the few fringe media outlets that are talking about it and the mainstream media that choke on rejecting with horror the news as an obviously false rumor, quite often labeled as transphobic. I wrote about this in Appendix D 3. It was mostly in December. it has calmed down since. And now Le Monde devotes on March 31, for its subscribers a article entitled "The first lady and Jean-Michel Trogneux, itinerary of an infamous infox". Infamy is a word that Le Monde has never used to describe the government's provax policy, which has nevertheless caused thousands of deaths due to lack of care and dangerous injections. What is infamous i